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I just thought this might be something fun to throw out there, but as writers what is the weirdest source of an idea you've ever had.

Since I suggested it I'm obviously going first.

I'd been developing a super-hero team book for a while and to some degree I was following the "Stan Lee/Jack Kirby format for a team,

Ie: mix and match the following traits/powers into between 4 and 7 characters and have at it

The Fearless Leader
The Genius
The Hot Shot
The Class Clown
The Big Guy
The (telekinetic) Girl
(this has since been expanded by writers such as chris clearmont to include such others prototypes as The guy that looks like Clint Eastwood, the Guy with Claws, The little girl in over her head, the native american character with either shamanic powers or warrior like powers and the black character with electrical powers)

But I was trying to develop a character who I could sacrifice (ie that I could kill for plot significance but wouldn't miss).

Around this time since I was developing mainly young female characters I bought every issue of every teen girl magazine published that year (Seventeen, YM, Cosmo Girl, etc) and my idea came in the form of an article in an issue of Seventeen magazine.

I read a story about a girl who has this fatal disease that's slowly hardening her organs and making her incredibly weak... the weird thing is a list of other symptoms is "decreased appitite/prolonged weight loss" "tightening and smoothening of the skin leading to giving the eyes a mild asian slant" and other such symptoms. Here was a girl who was slowly dying at a very young age whose illness was transforming her into one of the most beautiful girls in her school. As a result in some contexts jealousy was more unbearable than usual (she couldn't take the stares/remarks from older people when she had to use the powered cart to move around the store because the pain was too much and she was too weak).

I took this girl's story and used it for the germ of an idea. A young girl is transformed into something more strong, fast, smart and beautiful than any of her classmates and is made miserable for it. Ironically I came up with this idea before I was an Objectivist (I've since expanded on the original basis but at the time I was uninflunced by such concepts as "hatred of the good for being the good")

Originally my plan was to kill her off, but since I've done several rewrites I'm going to have her around to do many many more stories with.

That was my weirdest moment, what's yours?


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