An HBL Member on the Election

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Submitted by Mark Hunter on Tue, 2020-10-13 16:44

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“We could survive four years of a Democrat president ...”
"[But under Trump we would] break into two tribes that cannot cooperate and communicate.”

Your side is going to utterly perish during Trump's second term. Bye.

The US is formally in a state of war

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Watch a Youtube video sometime (kavanaugh graham hearing law war) of (now) United States Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh's exchange with Senator Graham at Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing two years ago.

Per Kavanaugh, we in the United States are currently in a formal state of war. Wherever in our constitution or laws you see "except in time of war," you can read it as: "except for right now."

He explains that Congress has never rescinded the broad declaration of war it made in fall of 2001. Therefore, as we are in a formal state of war, the US Military may detain (wherever they may find them) and subject to tribunal by US military officers any person who knowingly plays any role in any organized action against the United States.

but there will be death camps

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Excellent, Mark. Thank you.

I like how you calmly explained the obvious for those still fast asleep, that "Lock her up!" is not an endorsement of the initiation of force against mere political opponents but rather an acknowledgment that Killery participated in conspiracies committing sedition and treason. "Lock her up!" is a demand for the return to objective justice that applies to all.

Unfortunately, death camps in the near future are not fantasy. Death camp concerns are very real for you and I if the team Trump is on loses to the one HB is on.

Death camp concerns are especially real for all participants in the conspiracy to erase duly-elected-President Donald Trump that we have watched play out over the last four years. The new Supreme Court, with Coney-Barrett, will in the near future give a constitutional green light to the arrest and military tribunal of all participants in the attempted coup, probably on the same day we learn that some such arrests have already occurred and some have already been executed.

The Supreme green light will consist of findings that the tribunal process is objective, fair and just, and that the arrestees are/were knowing conspirators who took part in an undeclared organized insurrection against the United States and are/were therefore illegal enemy combatants whose civil rights were forfeited and who may legally and rightfully be subjected to US military tribunal and execution.

You can find public-source information on the recent expansions and re-buidlings at gitmo, our naval base on Cuba, over the past few years. We are getting out of wars yet building up gitmo. There are only about a dozen publicly-acknowledged prisoners at gitmo yet the build-outs are for much, much more. You can find information on rather large troop deployments, military police in the many hundreds, to gitmo in recent years, again way out of proportion with publicly-acknowledged inmate counts. Even gitmoTV, expressly for the tribunal viewing pleasure of US citizens, has been announced and is on the way.

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