Woke-Fascism Wins in New Zealistan

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2020-10-17 10:04

Feeling obliged to watch the election results, I had, for the first time in years, to tune in to New Zealand television. I have never seen or heard such a line-up of fry-quacking grotesqueries. No words exist to describe their evil. The leading grotesquery, Jihadi Jacinda Podesta, won. No surprise there. Straight out of 1984. Hatred, from the larynx, with a smile. The hyperventilating commentators, breathless with orgasm, ejaculating about the imperative for Jihadi now to deliver on climate change and all the rest. That is, cancellation of capitalism, individual liberty and free speech—that is what they're panting for, and what they'll now get. It's also what they deserve. Enjoy, Filth!

Philip D

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Sorry to sound thick, but what is all this? What is this index thingy?

'In the 2019 Islamicity

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'In the 2019 Islamicity index, released earlier this year, New Zealand is ranked first overall, followed by Sweden, Iceland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark and Ireland. The top Muslim-majority country is United Arab Emirates (UAE) at 44.'

Yep, top ranked Muslim-majority country comes in at 44...


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I have been reading a truly extraordinary book by Marilyn Waring about her political career.

(For those unaware, Waring was elected to Parliament at 23 years old, in 1975. She was famously "outed" as a lesbian a few months later. She was a national mp until 1984 when she retired)

I was shocked at Jim Bolger's book, but he has the excuse of genetic defects; Waring, however, is simply mad!

In short, Waring - 23 years old, no life experience, no job, no qualities - was frustrated that middle aged men who had fought a war, built businesses, run farms, raised families, didn't take her particularly seriously.

These stupid, ignorant, hicks and rubes not only didn't realise the Oracle in their midst, but kept preventing Marilyn Waring from .....ummmmmm....committing murder of babies, or destroying families.

Those evil racists and sexists! Tongue

This is 230 pages of sick, sick stuff that could only be written by somebody lacking in self awareness, and who was completely out of their depth.

The book is probably more interesting for what it doesn't contain, than what it does. The Moyle affair was glossed over in a couple of sentences (!), for example. She mentions sharing an office with Edward Latter - former (temporary) MP for Marlborough - but forgets to mention his....ummmmm....colourful...ummmmm...(okay, it's not for me to tell the story Wink haha!) before Muldoon shunted him off to be ambassador to Canada.

If you're interested in 1970s NZ history I guess it's worth a read, but it really is a left wing potboiler.

If people think Golriz

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If people think Golriz Ghahraman is bad, wait until they get a dose of likely new MP, Ricardo Menéndez March. A woke-fascist, so stupid he worked ten years as a film projectionist yet, couldn't see what digitalisation would do for his 'career. So when made redundant had to become a waiter.

Sky TV Australia

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Much better. Reminding us that Comrade Jacinda is in the pockets of the Chinese Communist Party:


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Great summing up philipD! They are all so odious and taking orders from the PM's press officer.

I remember election night 1990 watching Lindsay hosting it and making bitchy digs - ("Prime Minister, if you've led your party to its worst defeat, wouldn't that mean literally anyone else could have done better?") - when interviewing PM Moore live on air Tongue

Hilarious! Nearly choked laughing!

Patrick Gower, Tova O'Brien,

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Patrick Gower, Tova O'Brien, Hilary Barry, John Campbell, Luke Malpass, Jason Walls and that fatty, forgotten her name, she's on TV1 and should have been shot for wearing an appalling orange dress for one of the debates. There's no hope there.

Can only suggest watching *that* interview where Gower looked retarded when taking on Southern and Molyneux. Lifts the spirits, if only briefly...

"My Friends...

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We have had a great result; 10 seats up from one and probably 200,000 votes by the time the last ballot is counted. My thanks to all who supported us - and we will soon demonstrate you made the correct decision.

Our objective now is to promote the free enterprise capitalist economic system, lower taxes, free speech, rights to gun ownership, charter schools, abolishing red tape for businesses and farmers, property rights, and so many other things. With a larger team the job becomes so much easier.

Our first objective is to destroy and replace the national party as the opposition. Our coalition is over for good. In 71 years and 5 governments these charlatans, these grifters, haven't reversed a single socialist labour policy. Over the last 3 years they've voted for labour's agenda 90% of the time because they are a socialist party who have conned you for four generations. Enough is enough.

They also despise you - the national party voter whom they have conned. They genuinely despise you. Act will replace them, consign them to history with Equiticorp, Gold corp, JBL and other shameless con artists - to become the one true vehicle for freedom in our nation. Which we are. The sheer number of 119 to 1 votes in Parliament proves it, proves who is on your side and who is a communist grifter.

So enjoy a celebration tonight, and tomorrow we begin our moral crusade to bring freedom to a nation desperately in need of it"

(The victory speech David Seymour should have given)


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I have been watching channel 3 and it's been breathtaking - everyone blissfully ignorant of the economic storm about to hit, and shocked that "meanies" like Winston and Judith would be mentioning it.

Mainlining the kool-aid.

Isn't Paddy Gower awful? Classic example of what I often point out: the genetic defects of Irish Catholics. He's so obviously riddled with them.

Don't suppose it was any better on channel one.

Now sit back, watch the dollar collapse, watch the dominos fall, and endure the economic slump of 2021...(you *sniff* big meanie)

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