Hunter Biden's not make a ripple in NZ MSM

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Submitted by Graham Hill on Mon, 2020-10-19 21:41

The revelation from Hunter Biden's emails has had an explosive effect in the USA raising issues of RICO like contemplated corruption and the national security risk of Mr Joe Biden- i.e. susceptibility to blackmail by the states he is beholden to.

The money involved is substantial.

These allegations are serious and go to whether Joe Biden is fit to be President. It raises issues of conflict of interest- the USA or the family's bank account? Yet, the rule of law, the propriety of political action, is sidelined in the partisanship.

FaceBook (two of its "censors- content regulators - have worked with the Democrats or have been an advisor to Joe Biden) and Twitter censored the New York Post articles and US MSM has virtually adopted a "nothing to see" here approach.

The revelations have not been covered in NZ to hardly at all. RNZ's web site has nothing on it and Stuff's "copy and paste' article recites a Democrat talking point from the left leaning Bloomberg. Rcalling Michael Bloomberg stood as a Democrat nominee. Uncritically, copying and pasting- acting as mere cyphers- does not exemplify journalistic integrity and independence of thought.

The access to information is critical for people to be informed. By not reporting on this and other matters we end up, as I have this morning, with someone saying I cannot belive this to be true. Why? Because the media has not reported and has taken the US MSM lead in Trump derangement syndrome biases. Deceit and misrepresentation may also occur by silence and omission.

Getting to the bottom of things, discussion and analysis, and the truth is vital in a democracy. We do need to know some things are true and others false. A culture of lies is a disaster as Solzhenitsyn observed. The fact that a US maths lecturer denies 2 + 2 = 4 is because to do so is to hold that is 'white knowledge' is fatuous. Stem is under threat because of partisan politics and critcal theory. Truth and knowleldge are under threat.

What happens in the US is important to us as an exporting country reliant on US$ values. The historical example of the mismanagement of the US economy following the 1929 crash led to world wide depression.

In war, so it is said, truth and journalism are the first casulties. The cultural war is no exception. Journalism has joined what Harold Bloom in 1995 called the School of Resentment which fuels social activism known by its Marxian misnommer, the reductionist formula, social justice.