Woke-Fascist Mob Cancels Mario!

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BY: Robert Petrone

Flags In South Philadelphia's Mario Lanza Park Bearing Image of The Tenor Were Replaced with an Image of a Bird. Attorney Robert Petrone reports this week, the flags in South Philadelphia's Mario Lanza Park bearing the esteemed Philadelphia tenor's face were replaced with flags with a cartoon bird on it.

Petrone wants to do something about it. "I propose the below letter be sent to Friends of Mario Lanza Park signed by whoever tells me to affix their name," he says. His email address is robertpetrone@yahoo.com. Here is the text of his letter.

Dear Ms. Mell,

It has come to the attention of the Italian-American residents of Philadelphia that Mario Lanza's image has been removed from the flags adorning the park that is named in his honor. We the undersigned are appalled that this was done without consideration for the community, during a time when we are in great pain at the recent and repeated removal of the likenesses of Italian-American icons all over the city, including (1) the removal of the statue of the first and only Italian-American mayor of Philadelphia, Frank Rizzo, whose administration as Chief of Police integrated the police force by putting both African-American and Caucasian officers together in the same squad cars and promoting the first officers of color to administrative positions, (2) the boxing up of the statue of the first civil rights activist of the Americas, Christopher Columbus, at Marconi Plaza, and (3) the obliteration of the names of Columbus and many prominent Italian-Americans at the base of the Columbus monument at Penn's Landing.

Despite that misguided historical revisionists have slandered Mayor Rizzo and Christopher Columbus of late -- slander that has been debunked categorically of late -- no such slander has ever been levied against Mario Lanza. There can be no other reason for the continuation of this course of conduct than blatant Italophobia.

That Friends of Mario Lanza Park, entrusted as stewards of the park and its contents, would be so insensitive to the community in this regard, is unforgivable. Our community demands that Mario Lanza's likeness be restored immediately.


SOURCE: Primo Magazine


What Woke-Fascist "De-Centering Whiteness" Looks Like

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The Ethnic Cleansing being promoted by the New Zealand School of Music in its self-proclaimed enthusiasm for Only Black Lives Matter (currently looting, rioting and burning in Philadelphia) originated, of course, from American Academia and Media. It boasts about "De-Centering Whiteness" (note American spelling). That means, of course, dropping such pesky white males as Bach, Beethoven and Brahms down the memory-hole. Here's a supreme example of the execrable tosh being spewed by the Woke-Fascists. It is impossible to spoof; not even the most gifted satirist could make it up. Excerpt:

The past several decades have seen the world of American classical music reckoning with its racist and sexist history; as it has with many other areas of culture, that process has greatly accelerated over the past year. In my own corner of academia, the previous several months have seen an explosive focus on the inherent white supremacy and male-centrism within academic music research. This explosion was sparked by a lecture and an ensuing article by Philip Ewell, published in September, in which he calls out mainstream American music theory for its institutional racism. This flashpoint was preceded by work in similar veins by scholars like Ellie Hisama and Robin Attas, and subsequently brought into mainstream musical conservations by YouTuber Adam Neely and New Yorker writer Alex Ross.

College-level music pedagogy has responded by dramatically reconsidering which composers and musical traditions we do and don’t discuss in the classroom. The world of music theory has seen working groups designed to analyze and advocate for the music of composers with marginalized identities, accompanied by online resources of musical examples by these composers. If you’re a music teacher who’s been demonstrating some concept with a piece by Ludwig van Beethoven or Wolfgang Mozart, these resources will guide you to an alternative piece of music by, say, Elizabeth Cotten (the guitarist responsible for the “Cotten picking” performance style). Similar dynamics are increasingly evident within other musical fields, including music performance. The Metropolitan Opera, upon canceling its 2020–21 season, also announced that it would begin its next season with Terence Blanchard’s Fire Shut Up in My Bones, the first opera by a Black composer to appear on the Met’s stage.

Encouraging as it is, this trend is butting headlong into the Western European musical canon.

Full tsunami of sewage:


Oh Come Let Us Be Woke!

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Hilarious, except for the fact that this is actually going on, and formerly civilised countries are swarming with brainwashed, pampered little deformities like this:

Will All Opera Now Be Cancelled?

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Including Dame Kiri, who narrated this?


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It's more like "anything-civilized phobia"...

This is why I don't go to downtown Philly anymore...

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...it's a lost cause. Disgusting that they did that. First I've heard about it, though, because I simply can't watch the local news here, anymore, too much propaganda. (It's so bad that I can't even listen to rock radio stations. It's all gone woke with TDS.) And depending on how this election goes, I just might have to leave PA altogether.

Woke Arbitrary Madness

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I was dismayed to read this. How appallingly ignorant.

From my parents I have kept two Mario Lanza 45's. He was justly famous as a singer.

The madness and sickness of Foucault'd followers seems to have no end, limit or balance. Art and aesthetics are about the individual's sensibility, playfulness at being fully alive.

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