Joe Biden Is a Brazen Liar, a Criminal and a Politician!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2020-10-28 06:50

Watch this before it gets cancelled from YouTube: Tucker Carlson's stellar interview with Joe and Hunter Biden's former business associate charged with facilitating some of Joe's sell-outs to hostile regimes for cash. Given the nature of the world we're in, with multiple generations now devoid of both any ability to concentrate and any vestige of a moral compass, this interview, alas, won't make any difference to anything, especially given the absence of any real journalism in this Orwellian Woke-Fascist environment where truth and falsehood are officially indistinguishable since there is no truth. Not so long ago this interview would have been cataclysmic—and rightly so:


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Is right to post this. Tucker's show yesterday (Friday) was a bit chilling.

But has anyone been watching the President's rallies today? He is hinting - using words like "treason" - could be he wins on Tuesday and on Wednesday Barr goes after everyone!

Could be some people in handcuffs by next weekend.

Bobulinski had Q-level access

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Bobulinski enjoyed Energy Dept Q-level security access during his career in the United States Navy.

Fake News—Enemy of the People

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Here Tucker points out that when those who would ordinarily, all things being equal and civilised, hold the ruling class to account and keep the electorate informed, choose instead to collude with that ruling class to cover up the worst scandal in American history, that is an even worse and more apocalyptic scandal. When truth is replaced by "narratives," reportage by the commentary of Woke-Fascist group-think, facts by (hurt) feelings, it's all over:


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dear friend Dave Morrison does it again!


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hits a home run! wonderful Right Angle episode you'd be silly not to click the button and watch.


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of the stuff is pretty shocking - but great that Tucker has exposed this evil. Great interview

Video blocked?

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Here's full interview, on YouTube; at least, for now:

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