Twitter user Political leanings

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Submitted by Graham Hill on Wed, 2020-10-28 21:57

Nissam Nicholas Tableb has talked about the importance of the 10% in "flipping" social opinion and movements. How a small minority can bring about a revolution.

The Pew Research Centre Differences in How Democrats and Republicans behave on Twitter has come up with data on Twitter users traffic and their political affiliation: The tracking of behaviour is important because it shows that a 10%, albeit a minority, has 93% of the traffic on Twitter. The minority can construct what appears like a majority opinion, as J S Mill uses the term in On Liberty.

The significance is that often online US news comprises Tweets. Add to that the unelected Twitter's appallingly arrogant presumption of what people should see and censoring what it does not like is a matter of serious concern. Particularly when governments, and the UK has talked about it in 2019, look at dabbling in social media to thwart "fake news" "disinformation". The latter may now mean "things we don't like."

Pew Research Center