A miscellany of Quotes and Terms from the 2020 US media

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Submitted by Graham Hill on Fri, 2020-10-30 02:01

As I read US on line media I gather on a note pad expressions, turns of phrase and quotes. Some of the below I have referenced to the author and others I have not, but none are mine.

Cry Bullies;


Semantic overload ( a linguistic Trojan horse, e.g. terms and nouns like Black Lives Matter, Transition Integrity Project, ANTIFA.)

Performative Allies (song birds)

Revenge Porn;


Klugeocracy; (A useful term: “In other words, to Teles, America is becoming a kludgeocracy in that our government is constantly applying patches to existing policy instead of creating new policy. The laws and regulations that get passed are "quick fixes" that are palatable in the short term, but fail to address underlying issues, or otherwise fail to generate any benefits outweighing their complexity in the long run. Instead, the complexity is patched with more quick fixes, and more, and after some time, we get the Internal Revenue Code, [or RMA] which is now so complex and fluid that it is difficult to determine even how long it is: https://english.stackexchange.....

Chernyshevski (‘the worse the better’, communist slogan)

Kompromat – (information for blackmailing- e.g. Hunter Biden’s lap top)

Identity Socialism- (From Dinesh D’Souza)

Racial Nihilism- (race is a construct)

“ [The politically correct’s preference for] Euphemism rather than grapple with descriptive adverbs.”

‘People should not believe everything they think.’

‘Celebratory parallax’ (Michael Anton- The coming coup article or his book The Stakes)

“The whiny woke wine woman- the frigid Karen’s” (Woke feminist journalists. Schlicter 12.10.2020) Townhall

Felonia Mill House von Pant Suit- a name for Hillary Clinton;

‘A Pantsuit Pinocchio’- a descriptor for Kamala Harris.

‘The narrative must live’ (a racket/hoax, e.g. Russian Collusion.)

Malice shamming

The centre of malevolence gives rise to betrayal (Jordan Peterson. Some lawyers manifest this)

‘The disintegrationist vision’ ( Presumably referring to “peaceful” looters etc.)

‘Nothing but narrative and no facts.’

'Another day and another narrative untethered from reality.'

The Cringevention, (a name for the 2020 Democrat National Convention)

“A veritable who’s who of failures..” (Laura Ingraham commenting on the second night of the DNC 2020 )

‘All sizzle and no steak at the DNC ‘(Laura Ingraham a variant of “All gong and no dinner.”)

Reality inversion.

“His eyes are windows to an empty sky” (A description of Joe Biden)

‘The square circle theory of news media.’

“Perhaps the Nobel Prize committee has noticed… that the world has long since reached Peak Greta; the Doom Pixie has delighted us all quite enough.”

(Dr Sir James Delingpole QC in Breitbart London, 9 October 2020, discussing why the Nobel Peace prize has eluded Greta Thunberg this year. The last clause is sublime. )

Finally a New Zealand one:

Advisor, ‘Voices Insights’ (From a NZ MSD October job advert circular)

(Graphic from Sydney Powell's web site Creeps on a Mission.)