What passes for News- RNZ's Trump Derangement Syndrome

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Submitted by Graham Hill on Sun, 2020-11-01 07:14


"Look, I won't pretend to be impartial - I moved to New Zealand in 2006, and Donald Trump has created an America I hardly recognise, a con man's ignorant fantasyland. I hope he loses the election decisively, and this whole episode is seen as a misguided wrong turn for America."

Might not the 'con man' be the Democrat contender? The man who changed the near civil tone of SCOTUS Appointees to personal destruction hearings starting with the late Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas J and on...

The candour if not being impartial is most welcome: misunderstanding the US Constitution is not.

If it were not for how the senate is appointed, an intended design in the union, the interior would be subject to coastal dominance, and largely disenfranchised. But of course the people who live in the interior don't matter to the writer of the article.

The existence of Trump is a function of historical causation from the previous 8 years, now exacerbated by the left ward drive to socialism. Cubans, Nicaraguans, Venezuelans and Eastern Europeans look on that with justifiable horror from historical experience.

It is presently a tight race, and US MSM is pushing for Biden. It has to be doubted if Biden, should he win will survive for long and fall to Nancy Pelosi's 25th Amendment Commission and be sent home for mental capacity.

The election does have, as the writer says, an existential element, from the non Democrat and "progressive" side it is about the survival of the Constitutional Republic given the proposals of packing the Supreme Court for ideological conformity and judicial legislation; adding two states- DC and Puerto Rico, dismembering the Electoral College and having senators appointed differently. The executive, the legislature and the Court are not the property of a party but of the people. The constitution's sources from Stoic elements to Montesquieu was designed to hold back faction and popular furor.

One will never see on RNZ's web site a view from the other point of view or even a glimmer of what Trump has achieved in office.