It’s Trump or a Green Government Commie Take-over

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Submitted by Olivia on Mon, 2020-11-02 02:28

By Olivia Pierson

With less than one week to go before election night in the U.S.A, it has become abundantly clear that this election is a titanic battle between communism and capitalism. And here were folks thinking that communism was consigned to the scrapheap of history after the Cold War ended.

If people don’t get this, or doubt it, thinking that statement of mine oversimplifies the struggle taking place, then they are just not paying attention to the details of what is actually occurring in the times they live in, or they simply do not comprehend either of these two economic systems well enough to see how the winner of this election will impact the American way of life.

President Trump has run a formidable campaign with the energy of a man half his age, which, considering that only three weeks ago he was diagnosed with COVID-19, is a Herculean achievement which is typical of the natural capabilities the man has displayed over and over in his last four years as President.

I have never seen anyone more worthy of, or naturally suited to, the demanding role of POTUS in our time than Trump. He is the alpha-male of alpha-males.

By contrast, Joe Biden, several years Trump’s senior, needs to take a few days off after every debate (or night out), so Barrack Obama took to the stump in order to campaign for his former Veep while Biden rests and reorients himself after the stresses of the last debate. Whenever Biden does emerge, he sounds like Oscar the Grouch on steroids. Meanwhile Trump, who thrives when challenged, is knocking off three rallies per day all over the country! We know that’s his happy place.

During the last debate, Trump managed to pressure Biden into boldly showing his true policy colours concerning America getting rid of ALL fossil fuel energy. Biden admitted that this was indeed his plan, though he calls it “transitioning,” but the sudden admission he confessed to is entirely consistent with his many previous statements about banning fracking, and the use of fossil fuels altogether as breaching some code of morality.

In fact, it is much worse than this – and 1000 times more insane.

As Trump pointed out in the debates, Biden still endorses the absurd piece of proposed legislation titled “the Green New Deal” on his campaign website, and this happens to be true.

Biden’s website states:

“Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face. It powerfully captures two basic truths, which are at the core of his plan: (1) the United States urgently needs to embrace greater ambition on an epic scale to meet the scope of this challenge, and (2) our environment and our economy are completely and totally connected.”

Biden’s running mate, Karmala Harris (along with all the other Democrat presidential primary candidates who ran this year), is also on record for sponsoring the GND, which is nothing less than a total, green government take-over of the American economy which may take as much as 90 trillion dollars to implement if enacted.

Biden said in the debate that he favours the “Biden Plan” which he claims differs from the GND, but the only difference is the timeframe in which the policies will be forced down America’s collective throat. The GND sets the goal for 100 per cent clean energy (wind and solar) by 2030, the Biden plan sets its goal for 2050 – but the policies are indescribably wicked, for they will turn the country inside out and capitalism will no longer be sustained as the economic system of America. The deal needs something akin to an autocratic dictator to even begin to put into action, for the policies themselves are totally fascistic:

– The elimination of all fossil fuel industries – oil, natural gas and coal.

– The elimination of nuclear energy

– The elimination of “combustion engine” buses, boats, planes and 99% of cars

– The replacement of airplane travel with high speed rail, to make flying unnecessary

– The elimination of “beef” farming, so meat-eating is phased out

– All buildings; factories, apartment blocks, retail shops and houses to be gutted and retrofitted

– A government job for life

– A government provided “safe, affordable, adequate” house for all citizens

– Free education for all citizens

– Economic security for all who are “unable or unwilling” to work (that’s the official wording)

– Free healthcare for all citizens

The GND calls for “massive investment” repeatedly throughout its ridiculous proposition, claiming that it can be paid for in the same way that FDR’s New Deal was, plus the 2008 bank bailouts and extended quantitative easing. The word “investments” stands as a euphemism for the high taxation of the rich, i.e., millionaires and billionaires, to say nothing of the American middle class which will be taxed at a much higher rate in a multitude of ways – especially if they own a small to medium business which relies on fossil-fuelled power, which is nearly everybody.

Democrats Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Edward J Markey wrote the GND and outlined its mission here.

Trump has already ensured that America is energy independent after just four years in office so far and it went a long way toward building an economy unmatched by anything we have seen in the last 100 years. Many Americans on both sides of the political divide do not want to see this change.

After Biden made his giant “gaff” in the recent debate (actually it was a true statement, but he forgot that he wasn’t meant to say it), telling Americans outright that he wants to take America off its dependence on the fossil fuel industries, his team have been trying to walk back the statement in a futile attempt to try and soften their outrightly commie intentions for the country.

In a recent interview for CBS News on the show 60 minutes, Karmala Harris was asked if she and Biden “had a socialist perspective?” Harris burst into the most infantine, phoney and grating laughter imaginable, through which she answered:

“No. It is the perspective of a woman who grew up a black child in America, who was also a prosecutor, who also has a mother who arrived here at the age of 19 from India. Who also, you know, likes hip hop.”

If anybody remembers the old biblical adage written by wise King Solomon in Ecclesiastes 7:6 – “For as the crackling of thorns under a pot, so is the laughter of the fool: this also is vanity.”

I refer you to Harris as Exhibit A of what this adage means.

Polls have shown that aside from COVID-19, the issue of law and order after the Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA looting, arson and mob-violence is the number one issue of this election.

But Democrats keep hiding their disgustingly anti-civilisation, anti-freedom, anti-individualism agendas behind fake, ginned-up race-war narratives, and Harris’ contemptible answer to the 60 Minutes interviewer exhibits that tactic perfectly.

Many Democrats are also now making a lot of noise about calling for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission along the lines of South Africa’s, after the African National Congress took power under Nelson Mandela, should Biden win this year’s election.

Imagine if Biden were to win and he fast tracks his version of the GND, as his website promises to do, in the first few weeks of his (or Karmala’s) presidency, coupled with public Truth and Reconciliation trials which Black Lives Matter would no doubt demand in the name of “reparations”? This would mean that the Democrats would’ve won the Cultural War which is engulfing America – and that the country’s future would look something similar to revolutionary France under Robespierre in 1792, if not Mao Tse-tung’s Chinese Communist Revolution of 1949. It’s no small coincidence that at many of the violent protests this year, mock guillotines were wheeled out by the mob.

Even if folks don’t rate Trump’s manners or tone highly, when they understand the sheer evil of what he’s up against in his enemies, they tumble to the realisation that he is the only thing standing between a free America as we all have known it, and a horribly dystopian, communistic, anti-capitalist new version of it – a continuation of the Obama legacy to “fundamentally transform America.”

For America to shine as the beacon of freedom and prosperity that its Founders intended for it to become, as it did, Trump, not Biden, must win this important election.



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Is normally pretty good, but there's a few peevish comments in this video.

He fails to understand (as do most people) a clear, fundamental, and consistent realignment in US politics over the last decade. This election shows it at its best especially in state and local elections where Republicans are the dominant party in the vast majority of States.... courtesy of black and Hispanic voters.

Look at the results in New York, Rhode island, and Illinois; the Republican party spent sixpence on their campaigns in those states and came within 5% of winning!

Smart demoscum know what's happening; smart demoscum saw it happen in the run up to 1994 and know what's coming. Smart demoscum can see black men, and Hispanics with families, being solidly Republican by 2030 (or earlier) and the demoscum party being an irrelevant cult based on the west coast and Vermont.

US events are a show — for exposure and change

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Obama left hundreds of federal judge positions open for Killery to fill, thinking she could only win. Trump has filled those positions. Even the severely corrupted SDNY and 9th Circuit have been cleaned up. He also has a friendly 6-3 Supreme Court. Enjoy the show, there is one possible outcome.

I do worry for you in NZ, however. We have had the upper hand against the global enemy in the US since at least 2015, but its puppets are still firmly in power in NZ.

KASS by Charlie and Brandon

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Excruciatingly effective job of exposing the antics of the Woke-Fascist Marxist Maggotry:

Left Wing Logic

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Neither the FBI, the DEA, the NYPD organized crime unit, or any other law enforcement, ever managed to place a kilo of heroin into the hands of John Gotti for distribution in the United States; therefore Gotti must be (ahem) INNOCENT (*cough*splutter*).....Shock

When the left trot out the glib one liner "where is the proof of voter fraud" - (that short of a signed confession from someone in Philly who was filling out blank ballots at 3am on Wednesday - it didn't happen) - they are basically running a logic like that mentioned above; they would presumably express utter astonishment the Gambino crime family engages in heroin trafficking (or is even a criminal organization?) because no one proved Gotti had ever touched the stuff!

I gather Olivia, Lindsay, Graeme et al like to (for reasons unfathomable to me) engage these loons in 'debate', but I suggest you don't bother. Their logic is so pathetic it isn't worth debating. Please, folks, do not respond to such nonsense; do not debate such nonsense; do not play these games.

KASS Impassioned Commentary ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... from Rowan Dean of Australia's Sky News after the Criminal Biden and Fake News's preemptive strike today:


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Am more confident now than at any time since 4pm nz time Wednesday (10pm eastern) and the President was miles ahead.

A very significant development Daily Caller and Wire have on their sites and online broadcasts - but may well be entirely ignored by the other media - is Justice Alito signing an order basically impounding ballots in Pennsylvania.

I was listening to Glenn Beck a couple of days ago (or three? it's all a blur haha!) Rudy was being interviewed and said something which Glenn (and I) found bizarre. He suggested getting entire categories of ballots - several hundred thousand worth - set aside. Thrown out. What made Rudy think that was possible?

I think the reason Trump is shutting up and letting Rudy and other Trump partisans do the talking, and why senior Republicans from McConnell to Graham to Cruz are also silent is because they..... "KNOW " Wink

Alito is signing paperwork, but are kavanaugh, Thomas, Gorsuch, and Coney Barrett giving a few Republicans in DC a wink as they anticipate revenge for being smeared during confirmation hearings?

Justice for Robert Bork? (look it up)


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Ha-bloody-ha! Tongue ....despite being a liberty lover, if they had ads for booze, guns, or tarts - I would not want my 6 year old seeing them.

Notice how when posting videos I give little warnings if required?

I hope you are right, Mister

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I hope you are right, Mister Lineberry. The enemy are well organised and steps ahead of their opposition. What has come of the Russian investigation corruption? Seemingly nothing. It’s as if they can do what they want and simply get away with it.

Dem-Scum Election-Stealing a "Time-Honoured Tradition"

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I'm old enough to remember Kennedy stealing from Nixon via Chicago in 1960. Nixon knew but didn't challenge, in order to spare the nation the trauma of protracted litigation. Here we have electoral fraud on an unprecedented scale. Orange Man Bad must fight this to the end:

Rod Blagojevich: Democrats have been stealing votes for years

Cigar Advert Is the Best Part!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

I hope you buy your son some for Xmas! Wink Evil


Mr_Lineberry's picture

What is the matter with you?? Why didn't you give us a heads up Rudy was flogging off cigars - and smoking! - at 11mins 18secs??

Jesus Christ Lindsay!! - my son was sitting here watching that with me and I get blindsided; should have warned me.

Apart from that unfortunate advert... He is spot on; be patient, we will get these states back legally. I am not particularly worried; difficult month ahead but Philly, Detroit, Milwaukee and Atlanta cannot survive the voter declarations and signatures being analyzed.

We all know what's been going on, just going to take a wee bit of time.

In the other video, great to see Newt again; rather missed him in recent months. But yes, clearly Sean doesn't seem to know where he works! Haha!

Newt Mad as Hell

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Kerre positively loves Linz

Richard Wiig's picture

Kerre positively loves Linz and Mark, but not so much Olivia. Must be some bitchy female jealousy at play.

Rudy on the Warpath

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Presidential Election 2020

Chris R's picture

 I have been a keen follower of Bill Whittle for quite some years. This week he has gone beyond his usual and impressive depictions and revealed a visceral mistrust in his own country's electoral process....he is furious and convinced the election was foretold, rigged and corrupt.

All Laid Out Here

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The reason Sleepy Joe hid in the basement all the while. The fix was in. Pelosi said weeks ago "We have it in the bag." The Steal was years in the making:

One of the great mysteries surrounding the presidential election of 2020 has now been solved. For months, people on both sides of the aisle noted the huge discrepancy between the campaign styles of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Trump was a dynamo, sitting for interviews, holding press conferences, participating in an ever-increasing series of rallies across the country.

Joe Biden, by contrast, rarely left his basement and when he did it was to address 10 or 15 carefully screened supporters or pundits who were coached about what they could say. Even Biden’s supporters, the innocent ones, marked the difference and were concerned. How could their candidate win when he basically refused to campaign?

We now know the answer.

Biden didn’t really campaign because he—or at least his handlers—knew the fix was in. They knew that compliant polls would cook the numbers to show that Biden was 10, 15, or even 17 points ahead nationally and in all the battleground states even though he was more or less tied or even behind. The psychological, which means the political effect of that, was to insinuate an element of unreality into the whole campaign and to present the public, and the pundits who were there to spoonfeed them, with a false narrative about the performance and therefore the prospects of the two candidates.

The committee fielding Biden also knew that the media was almost totally on board with a Biden candidacy. This was clear during the campaign when an overwhelming majority of media coverage was both hostile to Trump and almost comically careful about Biden.

Consider the conspiracy of silence about Hunter Biden’s laptop or the revelations of Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski. With the exception of a few dissident outlets, there was an extraordinary conspiracy of silence about these and other stories critical of Biden’s behavior. (Special praise goes to the New York Post and to Tucker Carlson for bucking the trend and bringing these stories to the public.)

That most of the media was all-in for Biden was also clear during the election itself. Fox News notoriously acted as a cheerleader for Biden. They refused to call Florida for Trump for hours after it was clear that he had won it. They then ceded Arizona to Biden, though it was by no means clear that he had prevailed there and some voters were still in line at the polls. Fox eventually walked back its call (sort of), but only after the damage to Trump’s momentum had been clocked. Two days after the election, Fox refuses to call Alaska and other states for Trump even though it is crystal clear that he has won them.

Finally, the forces arrayed behind Biden knew that the whole bureaucracy of the state—the poll workers and postal workers in battleground states, for example—would be on board for Biden and would be carefully coached in deploying techniques to manufacture or suppress ballots, as necessary, and skew the vote.

We see all this playing out before our eyes—or, rather, we see the external manifestations of the massive effort to queer the election for Donald Trump.

Last time, in 2016, the establishment was not ready for Donald Trump. They were complacent because they just knew that Trump could not win, that Hillary Clinton was a sure thing. So they were both careless in covering their tracks and lazy about mounting a serious ground game against Trump should he win.

When he did win they screamed and stomped their tiny feet. They paraded around the Washington Mall in pink hats meant to resemble female genitalia in order to protest against Trump’s crudity. Less than 20 minutes after Trump was inaugurated the Washington Post informed its readers that the push for impeachment had begun.

But the fact remains, the establishment and its media megaphones were blindsided. They thought a Trump victory was impossible. This time, they knew that it was not only possible but probable, and they prepared accordingly.

Biden’s supporters, from Mitt Romney and Bill Kristol down to Chuck Todd, Chris Wallace, and the unsung destroyers of Trump ballots and fabricators of Biden ballots, all girded their loins and were prepared for a reprise of Trump in 2016. They were ready. But here’s what is surprising them: so was Donald Trump.

It is touch and go, but writing now, Anno Domini Guy Fawkes Day 2020, I think that the president will prevail. That is to say, the legitimate ballots will be counted, the illegitimate ones will be discarded, and Donald Trump will be president for four more years. Get ready, though. Victory will not come without a fight.


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Watched it on Right Side Broadcasting - a conservative online TV network - and quite enjoyed the coverage.

What is annoying me is Tucker and Sean bemoaning the premature Arizona call! ....ummmm, well, tut tut Sherlock! Shock - it's YOUR bloody network that did it!

Personally I think the Pennsylvania and Georgia state legislatures should announce they are not dignifying this corruption - and intend to select Trump's slate for the electoral college.

(What's good for the goose is good for the gander! If "they" can do whatever they want, so can we!)

Funny Thing ....

Lindsay Perigo's picture

On election night I felt very early on something was "off" with Fox. I then sought an alternative and alighted on Jay Sekulow and his team. It was excellent. Then we started to hear that counting had been suspended in certain swing states, where Trump was doing well. Then Jay announced he'd be going off camera for five minutes. Son Jordan confided that his dad had had a call from the White House. Jay came back about 30 minutes later to say the steal was on, as we were to see when counting resumed.

So there has been an ongoing coup attempt against Orange Man Bad, of which the attempted steal is the latest manifestation; and, evidently a coup at Fox as well, which has now gone hopelessly Woke.


Mr_Lineberry's picture

you enjoyed it Lindsay - click "subscribe" on his youtube channel and you'll find a lot of videos you will enjoy. Bill reminds me of you!


Lindsay Perigo's picture

Loved that Bill Whittle! Don't think I've ever seen him before. The "blood pressure" sequence reminded me of myself: "If your blood's not boiling you're a waste of space!"


Mr_Lineberry's picture

Saw on fox the story about Republican scrutineers being locked out - and now we know why (see my post below).

Glad a lawsuit has been filed.

Do these corrupt Demoscum officials seriously think they can get away with this? It's called "over-egging the pudding". There are simply too many votes for Biden for it to be plausible.

If it was, say, 10,000 votes or even 20,000 votes they could have slipped them through - claimed it was housewives in Oakland county ("suburban women") who viewed Trump as vulgar. If the ballots had then voted Republican for the Senate and other elections it would have been plausible.

But 70,000?!? And they lock out Republican scrutineers to commit such an obvious fraud?!? (Who the f**k is this supposed to fool? Tongue haha!).

I am on the other side of the WORLD and spotted it; spotted the numbers didn't make sense.


Mr_Lineberry's picture

Just discovered where they stole Michigan: Oakland county (suburban Detroit).

Biden has 438,000 votes - 70,000 more than the best ever previous result for a Demoscum candidate, and this in a place with a slightly declining population. All those fake mail in ballots and where Republican scrutineers were made to "social distance" so they couldn't see fake signatures all in the same handwriting.

So THAT'S where they did it; I knew they'd try it on somewhere....


Mr_Lineberry's picture

Watch this - Bill whittle throws a massive wobbly haha!

Disappointed Fox is f**king the President; calling Wisconsin instead of saying it's disputed.

Something which, in all seriousness, never crossed my mind - is Nevada. Trump has gained votes there, maybe a lot of Hispanic support like in Miami and Texas?

North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania (and presumably we've won Alaska) puts us on 268. Maybe Nevada saves us?

Orange Man Bad Has Won! But ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

The Filth will possibly refrain from their planned rioting, looting, burning and killing, pending recounts, 1 am drop-offs and all other panicked attempts by Dem-Scum still to win the election by the only means possible: stealing it!

Edit: Looks as though the steal is on!


Mr_Lineberry's picture

Should make herself available to the UK media and really get stuck into mahuta. 24 years in Parliament, zero achievement; highest paid welfare beneficiary in NZ haha!

Compare hungry Maori children, maori unemployment, maori homelessness in her electorate - yesterday - with, say, the last national govt. Or 1996. Mahuta is an easy target - prove she is a token, but doesn't really care about her own people Tongue (shooting fish in a barrel once you rattle off stats)


Mr_Lineberry's picture

Made the Daily Mail in Britain!!

Oh marvelous. All publicity is great publicity! Now sit back and watch "libertarians" announce they disassociate themselves from this racist person in their midst Tongue haha!!


Mr_Lineberry's picture

Notice Chris trotter criticizing Olivia's post yesterday; didn't bother reading his article, just saw the headline.
Perhaps he can explain why DC is being boarded up against rioting Biden voters if they aren't commies?


Mr_Lineberry's picture

the sanctimonious "we will govern for all New Zealanders" claim by that silly Ardern woman didn't last long Tongue

That’s right Mark...

Olivia's picture

“or we’re going to lose it.”

Here in NZ after our embolden the Wokies election:

"An author has had her books pulled by Mighty Ape after comments she made on Twitter about new Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta

Mighty Ape NZ confirmed to the world on Twitter that they had made Olivia Pierson's books unavailable, after her comments on social media.”

"A Republic, If You Can Keep It"—Benjamin Franklin

Lindsay Perigo's picture

"We need to take a firm stand for our republic—or we're going to lose it"

—Mark Levin:


Mr_Lineberry's picture

Watched all 5 today too. Finale one brought tears to my eyes.

I have been watching them on "Right Side Broadcasting Network" - do a YouTube search for their channel. They are having their own election broadcast tomorrow, too.

Here's the Last One

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Orange the Magnificent's final pitch. Whatever happens tomorrow, we shall be able to savour memories of four glorious years when The Filth didn't rule:

What a Ride It's Been!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

That Florida "peaceful protest" ran till about 1 am. 5 rallies and he's dancing!

The Election

Graham Hill's picture

Is it not an odd thing that our own oil/gas industry was squashed. To be self sufficent in gas/oil is a strategic necessity. The US was meeting emission levels that were below what the Paris Accord stipulated and was a net exporter of oi.

The election is also about:

1. the coastal elites v the interior, the hollowing out and impoverishment of the interior has been simply immoral, added to which is the disdain-hatred- of the interior as Deplorables;

2. Those who work with their brains and iPads v those who make things and work with their hands;

3. Those who have had their minds shaped by neo Marxism critical theory and pursue constructed (Neo Platonic idealism) theories v those who think inductively based on evidence- the division which boils down to Socialism/Communism v old fashioned Liberalism and Conservative values- the value of telling the truth of family, of history and past human experience and distilled though based on that experience;

4. Collectivism v individualism- social justice v actual justice, the rule of law and due process. The Constitution- Justice Felix Frankfurter said that without 'fairness' and due process one does not have democracy. The Progressives plan to dismantle the Constitution looks like a giant step to take over the government and its branches and impose Identity Socialism. The Marxist critical theorist always expose power as bad but what they propose is a grab for power at the expense of civil rights and liberties, right down to how many people one can have in your home!

I was laughed at and scoffed- then marginalized - for saying earlier in the year by a Wellington liberal- beltway- Trump- is -vile -"'splaining-elite" that the US republic was on a precipice but it now seems more apparent.

National Pulse today carries a story that Micahel Bloomberg is funding a "Don't accept the election result campaign and the Transition Integrity Project has been advocating taking it to the streets and another group is actively seeking "action" in DC tomorrow. Shops etc are being boarded up.

Sir Robert Jones has opined that Biden is innocuous. If you only read NZ MSM you can be forgiven for that opinion. The failure by MSM and Big Tech has never been more apparent. The attitude after arrogance and ignorance, is that you don't need to know, you don't need a free press and free speech (thus freedom of conscience) and privacy becasue we have the TRUTH. It cannot happen here you say? When teh firearm issue was alive in 2019, our PM said we need to change people's behaviours-that means one's opinions and how one thinks.

Timely article by Olivia.

Trump is blamed for divisiveness, hate and tyranny but it seems to have emanated from the bitter losers of the 2016 election: the state oligarchy, the Democrats and the Alliance of Bias: the media and Big tech.


Mr_Lineberry's picture

Marvelous article Olivia!!

I watched all five of the God-Emperor's rallies today; what a marathon. We are sure working hard for every vote.

Notice the size of the crowds? unprecedented in the modern era; truly amazing. The enthusiasm is infectious.

Did you see my prediction on

58% Trump
40% Biden

517 electoral college votes for Trump

Trump wins 47 States - all but Delaware, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

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