Had Enough?

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Submitted by Mr_Lineberry on Fri, 2020-11-06 22:35

I watched the election results online on Right Side Broadcasting Network who had a live feed from an online channel called 'The First', so missed the outrageous behavior on Fox News.

During the lockdown I basically sat on a sofa in a shitty motel watching Fox News for 5 weeks haha! Fox coverage was misleading and anti Trump - except Tucker - (and even he looked bored to tears when broadcasting from his house). It was during this period when I threw my hands up in despair at them selling out to the left wingers and haven't watched it on TV since we went to level 2. I still watch Tucker - but only do that online nowadays.

I gather something like this happened.... Fox News had a commie as their election night 'expert'; when polls closed in Arizona he called it for Biden immediately (when 1 vote had been counted); this may have suppressed Republican turnout in Nevada or elsewhere due to the enormous audience they had that night. As I wasn't watching I don't want to comment on what actually happened, but what I will say is - sounds like "par for the course" with Fox News these days.

So have you had enough yet? had enough of the nonsense, the bias, the insulting of your intelligence, the manipulation they are subjecting you to? Eye

What has amazed me in recent times is the exponential growth of Conservative news channels online. Never thought it would catch on, and delighted at the success they are enjoying. So my suggestion is.... STOP WATCHING FOX and switch to somewhere else! I want to draw your attention to a number of these folk and how you can access them, not to tell you something you already know, but rather to inform someone else what they do not know.

Here are some conservative news and information channels which you should visit and see which you enjoy most -

Newsmax TV. https://www.newsmax.com/ (Sean Spicer)

One America News Network. https://www.oann.com/

The First. https://www.thefirsttv.com/ (Bill O'Reilly)

Blaze TV. https://www.theblaze.com/ (Glenn Beck)

There are many others, but I need to wrap this up - various people calling out to me as I write this! hahahaha! ....sorry guys, have to cut this short

Oh right

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his name is "Greg" Kelly - yes, good man; but otherwise, yes, hmmmmmm.... anti Trumpers.

One of the real troupers in recent times has been Alex Jones at Infowars. I know this may sound a bit odd, but it may turn out that Alex Jones is "John Galt" come to life! haha! Sticking out tongue

There are a vast number of things which for years were dismissed as 'conspiracy theories' that Jones would claim, and in the last few weeks - (hours?) - have ALL come true; an awful lot of conservatives and freedom lovers probably wish they had listened and taken precautions when they had the chance. It's getting to the stage where you are now hard pushed to find a single thing Alex Jones has been wrong about.

As such, his claim - which once seemed so wild and bizarre - which went something like "they will shut off communications; confine everyone to their house; give everyone a vaccine which is actually full of HIV; in due course the World's population is down to 1 billion" is starting to scare the living daylights out of me. Too many things he's been correct about. Talk of another lockdown and compulsory vaccine, Big Tech already shutting people down; eeekkkkk!!!!!!

So I suggest you go to banned.video and watch his daily show; or infowars.com, or newswars.com - it is now considerably more "accurate" than TV3 news or Channel 1 news or the NZ Herald.


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needs to be updated.

A word of warning.... Newsmax is NOT a friend of ours; they have run a narrative of "baseless claims of election fraud" for two months (although, curiously, ran a story on their website criticising their own narrative Shocked odd). There is one chap at Newsmax, Griff Kelly (or something) who is "okay" but otherwise part of the Never Trump media cartel.



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are sources of news that isn't fake...



Tucker gone

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within a year? that is what Red Eagle Politics is predicting. Also maps out the path to victory in Arizona for the President.


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Paul Joseph Watson has his own news site https://summit.news/author/pjw/ and also a youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channe...

He's a good man and you will enjoy watching and reading his stuff.

Candace Owens

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No introduction required Sticking out tongue haha!

And let's not forget our dear friends at Blue Collar Logic - Dave and Jason.


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fellow who will be familiar to many of you.... is Charlie Kirk. Cute, articulate, young, a freedom fighter. The production standard of his channel is not great - let's not pretend - looks like it's done in his spare room! but a lot of ground is covered and please subscribe and watch.


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always enjoy visiting this website, visit most days; Creative Destruction media. They do not appear to have much online content of their own, but have links from others.


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of you will be familiar with Diamond and Silk; two marvelous fillies who have informative and often hilarious online content. I dislike females as a rule, but these two are definitely an exception! haha! Interestingly this video, at 4mins 50secs, says EXACTLY what I have been telling you - turn off "a certain network" and they give various examples I have highlighted on this blog

A small

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but growing online channel - Real America's Voice. It doesn't appear to be as active as some others I have seen, or highlighted here, but has interesting content; worth subscribing to. If anybody knows more about these folk please let the rest of us know.




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is an interesting network which, I must confess, to not knowing much about. NTD News Network (which stands for New Tang Dynasty - whatever that means?!?). It "appears" to be some sort of anti-communist Chinese network based in the US, who also pride themselves on unbiased news coverage. As I say, know so little about them I cannot really comment - but some of their stuff is worth a look.


In the interests

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of covering the spectrum of conservative news and information channels, networks, available online; I want to draw your attention to some which attract criticism. You can make of them what you will. Personally I don't watch, or read their websites, but let's put them in this blog anyway. It could be they are in fact "too accurate" and are consequently smeared haha!

Breitbart - their firing of Milo was just caving into the mob after a hit-job. Cowardly. Not been back to their site since https://www.breitbart.com/
Also have a youtube channel.

Next News - another that gets criticized. Can't say I have ever been to their site or watched them online. https://nextnewsnetwork.com/

Dick Morris

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(yes THAT Dick Morris) has clarified the path to victory. Nothing has changed from what I and others were saying last week, but the moronry is wanking itself off over "President Biden" thinking the race is over. It isn't; far from it.

The simple fact is: Biden CANNOT win a recount in Pennsylvania; too much fraud, too many illegal ballots, too many civil war veterans, have all cast ballots. We know it; they know it; it's not worth discussing or debating. Similarly Biden cannot win a recount in Georgia, Arizona, or Nevada for the same reason. Why it was all a bit bogus in Georgia wasn't so much to flip it for Biden, but to get Perdue under 50% for a run off (Noo Yawk Socialists think they'll win a run off).

The other VERY significant development is Republicans in the Pennsylvania State Legislature - ie: the people who have been the VICTIMS of the corrupt Demoscum machine in Philly for generations. The things they are saying is interesting; not cravenly caving like Romney et al. They see an opportunity to give the thorn in their sides the biggest screwing in history (to show there are "no hard feelings") by either ordering a recount and have it conducted properly, or else the nuclear option of simply awarding Trump the 20 votes. Notice how nobody in the Pennsylvania Republican party is ruling that out? if it wasn't on the table they would have done so.

I know many of you are Auckland and Wellington Libz; I know you read all my posts; I know you wish you were me Eye - and I know you are cheering a Biden "victory", as failures in life everywhere are; but the very people who are required to be on board for Biden to win are the very people who have been screwed by Biden and the Demoscum for years: Supreme Court Justices smeared as rapists, sexual harassers, etc; Republicans in Pennsylvania who have seen numerous Statewide elections go down the lavatory because of the Demoscum machine in Philly; etc. etc.

Stay tuned for a Trump second term.....one way or another.

Have a read of this - the sort of thing you won't see on any other network Eye (are you STILL watching Fox? Sticking out tongue I bet you all are you little snakes haha!)


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Very sad. So disappointing and so unnecessary.

Sean ...

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... is a traitor as well. He and Laura both, for months now, have shied away from mention of Soros. They are putting their salaries ahead of whatever principles they once held. Yes, evidently Jeanine has been cancelled. What will Jesse do? I won't hold my breath re Gutfeld. Again, too Narcissistic when push comes to shove to give a damn.

I'd love to see the original memo.

Creepier and creepier...

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I saw a news flash - on News max - that Judge Janine was cancelled by Fox because she intended to cover voter fraud.

All rather peculiar, but even even further proof Fox has gone full retard off the reservation. One of their most popular shows canned without hesitation.

In my opinion Tucker needs to quit first thing tomorrow and do his own thing online. Then we can all wave goodbye to the whole rotten network.

Imagine an online network with Sean, Tucker, Judge Janine, Dan Bongino, Candace Owens, Mark Levin and Greg Gutfeld. It'd be marvelous!

If you ever needed proof!!

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I understand Fox News have done it again. Breathtaking. And perhaps now - now - you will shrug your shoulders, realize what Fox is (there's no future tense in this), and go elsewhere.

But here is Newsmax from 90 mins ago; 7am NZ time; 1pm eastern.


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Is Buck Sexton, whom some of you will recall as a guest on various Fox shows, on First TV. As you can see the production standards are high; worth watching.


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May be those who are worried some of these channels are twopenny ha'penny operations, and I can understand the concerns, so take a look at this from news max.

The production is excellent, host professional; story very relevant. This was live at noon our time.


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Addition to news and commentary channels/sites which are attempting to be an actual network - TV but online - there are a lot of sites/channels dealing in commentary based around one person.

Dan Bongino is one excellent example.

He does a daily "Dan Bongino Show" which gets uploaded about 6am NZ time, and it's great to watch. He's a good man.

He has been apoplectic for three days; absolutely furious. Also been scathing of Fox coverage on election night (which is how I first heard of it) and hinting he may well be quitting his Hannity appearances!

Apparently Sean - (I haven't watched since lockdown ended) - like Tucker has been expressing a bizarre criticism of the Arizona call....which has not impressed Dan one little bit.

So if Dan is prepared to tell them to get knotted - and suffer financially - surely "you" can also leave them to it and go elsewhere?!?


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Give details of conservative news websites, and YouTube.com channels - there may well be some small but growing one the rest of us haven't yet heard of.

Conservatives, freedom lovers, need to stop subscribing to Fox News; stop watching. Also remember that part of your monthly cable TV (known as "Sky" in NZ) goes to CNN, MSdnc, RT, BBC world, and other commie bastions.

Let me assure you - you won't miss out! You can see/hear coverage pretty much 24 hours per day on the channels mentioned on this blog. If you really "must" watch news all day and night it may require doing so across a few different channels, but I assure you there is an alternative to Fox.

We are not infantile, pathetic left wingers who engage in boycotts or "cancel culture": I am not so much saying " boycott Fox" as "leave them to it and go elsewhere".


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about that folks....

There are a few things I don't DO: I don't do misbehaving children; I don't do children engaging in baby talk instead of speaking properly; I don't do spouses interrupting me when I am busy; I don't do "feelings"; I don't do moronic contemporary idioms; and lots of other B/S haha! It's a dominant alpha male thing Sticking out tongue

Anyway, as I was saying - all those sites I mentioned above youtube channels where you can watch a lot of things for free, but otherwise have a fairly small monthly subscription fee. So subscribe to them on youtube and watch them instead of Fox! problem solved!

Other important sites are -

Daily Wire https://www.dailywire.com/ (Ben Shapiro et al)

Daily Caller https://dailycaller.com/ (founded by Tucker)

War Room https://pandemic.warroom.org/ (Steve Bannon)

Town Hall https://townhall.com/ (Katie Pavlich et al)

Red State https://redstate.com/

PJ Media https://pjmedia.com/

World Net Daily https://www.wnd.com/

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