Orange the Magnificent Does What He Always Does!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2020-11-10 08:26

It's reassuring to see Orange the Magnificent, aka Orange Man Bad, fighting back. For a brief period it seemed as though he'd been cowed. Possibly he'd been gob-smacked by Fox's betrayal as much as the rest of us had been. Fox took its lead from the weasel Wallace, who took the lead in declaring Arizona for Joe China.

It's also reassuring, and unsurprising, to see Orange's 72 million voters not doing what Woke-Fascist Biden-voting Dem-Scum do: riot, loot, burn and kill. Orange-men and -women do not do those things. Woke-Fascists do.

Let's just remind ourselves: this latest coup, via hundreds of thousands of ballots for Biden only—not possible!—dropped off at 4 am in swing states, with supervision disallowed, is just that: a coup. It is treason. Occasional Cortex and Evil Edgy-Butt want retribution against those who draw attention to it, and against those who have supported Orange in the past! Edge and Occasional, and the Woke-Fascist sub-humans from The Swamp who support them, are the real fascists here.

That Occasional Cortex thing...

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really is the limit - evil, vindictive, ignorant, vacuous, nasty little Marxista. One day in the future I determine that she’ll be up against the likes of a presidential contender of the calibre of Candace Owens. Candace would eat her alive, because Candace is good, formidable, brainy, sharp, combative and more than anything, a true patriot. May these rotten little evildoers like AOC be smitten from the Earth!

CNN calls for Black listing

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A call for healing and unity by Biden (in a moment of Toobinisming) has sprayed cant political therapeutic phrases and words that are semantic over laden: Democrats and its operatives call for ostracism, exclusion and proscription of those who hold a different position.

Unity means compliance with critical theory, more and more identity politics, BLM, Socialism, impoverishing the working class and middle classes by reversing the tax cuts; eviscerating the US Constitution and foreseeable creating a one party state where the party controls all wings of government and not the 'We the People".

Nolte on Breitbart on CNN's Jake Tapper a former White House PR man for Democrats: The call by Tapper is chilling because the line between social proscription and incarceration or execution seems close.

There is a move to curtail free speech from Biden miions as Profeosor Turley on his blog discussues:

The heading 'Shredding our Democracy". Turley is a liberal and Democrat but even he is dismayed by what is happening and supports the President's quest for democratic due process.

One NZ Blogsite writer was happy to have Trump consigned to the "dustbin of history" without thought to the consequences, which we are now starting to see.

Big tech has moved against Dan Bongino, Mark Levin, Bannon, National Pulse for reporting on voter fraud.

Both these pieces point to a bleak future. Sky News Australia is cover the news well. Stuff, in its typical slavish cut and paste mindset, over the weekend merely swallowed the far left and woke AP's "4th Estate's Vanilla coup piece. AP's stylebook has writers spelling black with a capital B and white with a lower case w. So we have a very credible- NOT- news source.

Fred Siegels, Revolt Against the Masses is being played out in part. The silk stocking establishment political elite in payback mode. That establishment also includes the Alphabet intelligence community too. Chuck-We are going to remake America- Schummer hard warned Trump about it in 2017. We know that, as John Brennan is back in the fray too.

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