And Right on Cue, the Democrats Have Cheated

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Submitted by Olivia on Fri, 2020-11-13 22:33

By Olivia Pierson

Back in July, I wrote a piece titled “As Surely as Night Follows Day, the Democrats Will Try to Cheat” Donald Trump out of the 2020 election. We are now watching this unfold – but even I could not have guessed how open and brazen that cheating would be.

I wrote:

On top of this chicanery, while milking that almighty catch-all excuse of the current COVID pandemic, Democrats are trying to force all 50 states to swiftly legislate for en-masse mail-in ballots instead of the usual face-to-face voting at a booth.

Mail-ins are notoriously prone to error in the form of voter pressure from friends and family members, unverifiable identities and time delays in the postal system. Then there’s the practice of ballot harvesting, where one person drops off hundreds of collected ballots at a time for the count, rather than only an officially designated person acting for the voter. In many states this practice is illegal, since it opens the door to fraud and coercion, as well as delaying accurate election results on the night.

Democrats have proved themselves to be so deranged about all things Trump – and so desperate in their dirty tactics to win at any cost, as surely as night follows day, they will cheat.

While we were watching the vote tallies come in on election night, the first fishy occurrence was Trump’s soaring lead in Florida, followed by a delay in vote counting. There was an obvious delay in announcing Trump had won the state.

Next, FOX News announced prematurely that Biden had won Arizona, but we were looking at the screen which was showing that Trump’s vote tally was higher than Biden’s. Flicking over to CNN, they were far more conservative and had not called Arizona for Biden. Out of the blue, Virginia was suddenly called for Biden when only a small portion of the vote had been counted. This just didn’t make sense.

Then Twitter started to heavily censor Trump’s tweets – you could click on them to view, behind their “false information” warning, but they could not be retweeted or liked. A disgusting thing to do to the President of the United States as things started to go pear-shaped for the Democrats.

Trump’s lead began to gain in Nevada, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Minnesota and we noted a graph showing the Chinese yuan take a dive.

Early votes had been counted first, favouring Biden, but that was expected since the Democrats had pushed hard for their people to early vote – and by mail. But as Trump’s numbers soared higher, suddenly vote counting was suspended – Georgia announced that they were all going home to go to bed and would return in the morning to begin counting again. This was remarkably odd. Then internet news began to run the story of a water-pipe bursting in the State Farm Arena where Fulton County absentee votes were being counted, yet, to this day I have not seen a photo or any video of how that may have been a sound excuse for counting to be halted. They continued the ballot count in secret after sending Republican observers home for the night.

On the important state of Ohio, Trump won comfortably with 53% to 45%, but again, it took a long time to be called for him.

Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania were clearly showing a very comfortable Trump lead, which was the opposite of what had been predicted in the throng of polling. These states were not called on the night due to the volume of mail-in ballots which were yet to be counted, they said.

The following morning, it was discovered that Michigan received a massive dump of ballots during the wee hours, yet voting had been suspended and people sent home – which meant no Republican oversight of the counting (scrutineers). Suddenly, Biden’s numbers improved by exactly 138,339, which was the total of the ballot dump. Not one of those dumped ballots was counted for Trump. Zero. Obviously fishy.

These sudden votes favouring Biden, in a state which Trump was winning, were noted by journalist, Sean Davis. Twitter was quick to censor his tweet, and anyone else who raised questions about it. The Decision Desk HQ, having been questioned on this unlikely anomaly, claimed it was “a data error,” as in a typo – an extra zero added to Biden’s tally from this one dump alone. Had Sean Davis not noticed, this would have passed for accurate vote counting, but one has to ask, where else and how often did this happen?

As I write this, Biden overcame Trump’s lead and won Wisconsin and Michigan and is now ahead in Pennsylvania.

However, numerous claims of voter fraud are now being alleged from all over the country, especially in the battleground states.

In Philadelphia, a video shows a woman counting ballots in the lunchroom, not on the counting floor, and she claims that the “supervisor,” whose name she could not remember, had gone home.

In Wisconsin another big ballot dump was reported, which again 100% favoured only Biden, with Trump again getting zero, lifting Biden’s vote tally so dramatically that it created one hell of an impossible vertical line on a graph and eliminated Trump’s 4% lead over him. President Trump has demanded a full recount of Wisconsin. Rightly so.

Pennsylvania is counting large troves of ballot dumps with no postal stamp, which means the day of sending is untraceable, and so is the place where they were sent from. A whistleblower explained that he heard the supervisor give orders that all ballot dumps coming in on the 4th, 5th and 6th of November, were to be stamped by hand to read the “3rd of November.” Republican observers were moved to behind fences 60 feet away – it was only after they bitterly complained that they were handed binoculars, but this is obviously fishy as hell.

In Detroit, Michigan, vote supervisors literally boarded up windows after removing all Republican scrutineers when they knocked on the windows yelling, “let us in!” Not fishy at all, huh? They were removed under COVID-19 restriction rules, where “health authorities” claimed there were too many people inside one space. Only 60 Republicans were removed.

These fraudulent events are only a smattering of what is now being reported – yet folks, even some Republicans, are saying that the President should “graciously concede the election.” Like hell!

He should absolutely not! And won’t. Not until every instance of alleged voter fraud has been investigated and/or punished by the law. This is America for goodness' sake.

This is even beyond anything to do with Trump, it’s a fraud on America’s future generations, and an assault on trust for the most sacred thing we must always protect - free and fair elections.

We knew the Democrats were going to use the Chinese plague to commit voter fraud on the American people through the mail-in system and ballot harvesting. It all makes sense now why Joe Biden hid for most of the year in his basement instead of campaigning. He knew he had this in the bag because the Democrats had a strategy to steal the election.

May the law smite them all! This is the most egregious thing I have ever seen take place in Western politics – and after the last four years of Democrat venality, that is really saying something.

Republicans must come together behind their President and fight this corruption to the stinking, oozy bottom of the Great Swamp of Washington.

Author’s Edit:
On November 10, Libertarian News posted this analysis with a detailed drill-down of mathematical data analysis from Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai showing how the Dominion voting machines flipped - and weighted - votes in some states to favour a Biden win. I encourage folks to watch the video before YouTube takes it down. https://www.libertariannews.or...

MIT. Scientists: Data Analysis of Election Fraud In MI Shows 69,000 Votes Were Transferred From Trump to Biden.

​"This same slope is observed in three of the counties that were analysed. It shows up in early voting data as well as election day data. The pattern is consistent spatially as well as temporally. There is absolutely no way this is the product of anything other than an algorithm.

Consider what this data is telling us. This data is telling us that the more likely a precinct is to be Republican, the more likely it is the Republicans in that district voted for Biden over Trump, and they did so at a mathematically perfect rate.

Relentless Rudy Perseveres

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Dirty Despicable Dem-Scum

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Doing what they do best: threatening to kill:

Rudy Lays Much Of It Out

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Including the Soros connection at the end:

Here We Go Again!

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Donald J. Trump
Look at this in Michigan! A day AFTER the election, Biden receives a dump of 134,886 votes at 6:31AM!

The Post-Midnight Biden Dumps

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Not unbelievable at all. Woke-Fascist Dem-Scum are evil!

From Orange's Twitter:

Donald J. Trump

Look at this in Wisconsin! A day AFTER the election, Biden receives a dump of 143,379 votes at 3:42AM, when they learned he was losing badly. This is unbelievable!

Sky OZ

Graham Hill's picture

An insertion, in [ ], is required: "How about "Only Black Lives Matter and PROFA [the paramilitary wings of the Democrat Party] Behave ..." There done.

Thanks to Mark Levin, 16 November 2020, podcast.

Sky News Australia Goes Woke-Fascist

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Listen to this fry-quacking, bird-brained bimbo. "Tensions Boil over into Violence"? How about "Only Black Lives Matter and PROFA Behave like the Fascistic Goons They Are"?!

Trump's "failure to concede"? There is a process, of which this unforgivably vacuous cretin is ignorant. That process is nowhere near complete.

This was not an election; it was the latest in a series of coup attempts:

1) Russia collusion (failed—the only Russia collusion was Hillary's)

2) Impeachment over Ukrainian quid pro quo (failed—the only quid pro quo was Joe's)

3) Systemic voter fraud hugely tilting the vote to Biden (outcome to be determined)

Pennsylvania Law Firm dumps Trump.. shameless cowards

Graham Hill's picture

I had wondered why the representation had been discontinued

A Pennsylvania Law Firm has ceased to act for Mr Trump in his electoral challenges: see this article:

Michael Mori, ex US Marines defence lawyer, in his book on Gitmo, described lawyers- in the context of improbale indictments- as being "in company of cowards."

What happedned to the Cab Rank rule? what happened to being guardians of the rule of law? (A hypocritical pronouncement if there was ever one) The partners must have been shoulder tapped - "Nice firm you have here…"- and then thought about their wallets.

But it is worse- the firm can act for Chinese interests- the firm has just told the world that it is not robust; it is not principled and when it comes to the wire it will betray the client and bolt.

On the election scam and the Dominion machines and the software (developed by the Chavz and Maduro government to manipulate election results), please listen to Dan Bongino's interview with Trump lawyer, Jenna Ellis, on the software problem and Rudy Guiliani. She is very informative:

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