Comrade Herr Hartwich and the Anti-NZ Initiative

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2020-11-14 06:46

There's not much of New Zealand in NZ Initiative. Its staff are mostly imported, and its Executive Director, Oliver Hartwich, is German; his English remains, in spite of my best efforts, unintelligibly, robotically Germanic in the manner of a John Cleese spoof. Ordinarily, as a libertarian, I wouldn't be bothered by any of this, and would regard it as part of life's rich tapestry; in this instance, however, I am more than bothered: Herr Hartwich and NZ Initiative are pursuing a Sorosian globalist agenda that couldn't be more anti-liberty if it tried to be.

Herr Hartwich said not so long ago that he wouldn't want to live in a society that required a commitment not to campaign against alcohol as an immigration criterion. I know first-hand that Herr Hartwich has no such scruples against Sharia Law and those who would behead me for saying this ... if they hadn't already pushed me off a tall building for being gay.

To be fair, Herr Hartwich is conflicted. As a sufferer from Trump Derangement Syndrome he has seen fit to denounce Orange Man Bad for his, Orange's, actions against the pernicious Huawei, Big Tech wing of the Chinese Communist Party. (For the record, to his face I call Oliver "Huawei Hartwich.") But on which side of the Islamo-Marxist spectrum will Oliver come down ultimately, since the two are competing for world domination?

In the latest NZ Initiative newsletter, Insights, Herr Hartwich says:

Pfizer’s announcement of a potentially effective Covid-19 vaccine opens a path back to normal life.

Whoa! No mention of Operation Warp Speed that made this possible? Or that Operation Warp Speed was an initiative of Orange Man Bad, one that he drove relentlessly and with astonishing success?!

Then we get this pearl:

Joe Biden’s election could herald a calmer and more constructive global trade environment, not least through reviving the WTO.

The WTO, of course, is the globalist cabal that enabled Communist China to become a thriving economy at the expense of civilised countries while remaining a totalitarian banana republic.

Joe Biden is a gangster, bought and bribed by Communist China, whose crimes are as abundantly documented as they are disgustingly ignored by the Woke-Fascist media. As well, Bolshevik Biden is proposing to repeal Orange's historic tax cuts and de-regulation that enabled the American economy to roar back from the Communist China Virus with an unimaginable 33.1% annualised growth rate in the third quarter. Yet the supposedly pro-free-market NZ Initiative has nothing to say about that?! Biden will be "calming"? I suppose, in a way, he will. He will, as per Soros' intent, kill civilisation—and being dead is, by all accounts, quite calming.

Me, I'd rather be stressed. And Herr Hartwich and the Anti-NZ Initiative: you make me sick!