The 71% non reconcilaition: Michigan Wayne County Part 3

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Submitted by Graham Hill on Thu, 2020-11-19 19:47

In a post the other day I added a comment and have updated it twice, as the Republican members of the vote canvassing body, first refused to certify, then certified after duress was placed on them have now gone back to their original position.

Today's update:

2nd UPDATE 6:51 Am 20 November 2020 On Fox Lou Dobbs (the clip is available on Parler: interviewed a former Michigan Senator, Patrick Colbeck who attend the canvassers meeting. 71% of precincts in Wayne County do not reconcile. That means that more "people voted" who were not registered to vote.

Now the 2 Republican Commissioners now wish to resile from the certification.

Colbeck talks of serious intimidation, threats to life and jobs. There was a storm on social media of threats and abuse and labelling of racism. It would seem, according to Dan Bongino, that actual black and Hispanic voters had their votes watered down. I don't see how standing up for those voters, for vote integrity, can be styled racist. The slur is mob rule tactics.

Colbeck, a Republican, speaks of grassroots support and support from Sanders' Bernie Bros. As Colbeck points out they know what it is to lose votes.

It would seem that the threats to life, employment are ones likely to be ones of undue influence which overwhelmed the free will of the canvassers.

A 28 to 29% inflated vote above the numbers who are on the roll is a serious matter.

Added to which the Commissioner of the Federal Electoral Commission has considered the vote to be illegitimate.

Now things have moved on: affidavits have been sworn, which depose to threats and the certification is rescinded. In the current mob rule of 'cancel culture', this takes extreme courage. They carry the mantle for many as against the establishment elite few. The "iron triangle" of the Democrat Party, Big Tech/Corporations and MSM. The organisation of Fortune 500 Companies has threatened to intervene if Biden is not made President.

Even the CCP's Global Times ( has pointed out the disconnect between the people and the establishment elite in a well-reasoned article which echoes work by Fred Siegel and Joel Kotkin, along with Federalist Paper # 10 of 1788 by James Madison.

Read: Wayne County Reps Rescind Election Certification Votes Citing Bullying Threats and here

Are the Judges going to show some spine? The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has shown itself to be prone to word mummery and "grimgribber"-legal fantasy-and disingenuous reasoning, which is the distinguishing mark of the carpetbag low efficacy 'High Street' provincial lawyer.