Biden Normalcy is Obama 3 which is the reason for and cause of Trump

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Submitted by Graham Hill on Mon, 2020-11-30 10:25

Ben Shapiro puts the Biden- back- to -normalcy in context and why it is a terrible idea and I set out quotes from his article in The Daily Signal:

"The media spent four long years suggesting that President Donald Trump was steeped in corruption, ensconced in partisanship, enmeshed in dangerous foreign policy fiascos. The media assured us that they would defend democracy from Trump’s brutalities, that they would spend every waking moment fighting to prevent anyone from accepting Trumpian standards as the 'new normal.'

"Instead, the media suggested we needed to return to the old 'normal'—by which they meant a system in which the media and Democrats worked hand-in-glove together to lie to the American public about the content of policy (“If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor!” — former President Barack Obama); in which conventional wisdom was treated as gospel truth, no matter how wrong it was (“There will be no advanced and separate peace with the Arab world without the Palestinian process” — John Kerry on Israel); and in which cozy relationships between corporations and government were considered de rigueur."


"It was a system in which constitutional boundaries were routinely overridden in the name of left-wing policy priorities; in which nasty rhetoric by Democrats was written off as a natural byproduct of the right’s innate evil; in which alternative news sources were treated as conspiracy outlets."

"Meanwhile, the media will continue to cover Biden in sycophantic fashion. This week, The Washington Post, formerly a newspaper, ran an entire piece devoted to the wonders of the New Biden Era, titled “Washington’s establishment hopes a Biden presidency will make schmoozing great again.”

"The piece celebrated the old normal as “respect for experience and expertise,” as “civility and bipartisan cooperation,” as an opportunity to “bring people back together.” One wonders what sort of peyote the editorial staff of The Washington Post must be ingesting in order to remember the Obama Era so fondly; then, one quickly realizes that they’re simply high from huffing Democratic flatulence."

"The old normal wasn’t good. That’s why Donald Trump was elected. It’s why Democrats nearly lost the House, and why they seem poised to not take back the Senate despite Trump’s personal unpopularity. The old normal stank of cronyism and oligarchy, of corrupt relationships between the Democratic infrastructure and the Democrats’ praetorian guard in the media".

Ben Shapiro rightly, I think , adds that a back lash will come again. It is evident in holding onto the Senate and taking House of Representative seats. If Biden does get in it will be a reprise of Obama's second term with Executive Orders (the famed pen and phone) and seeking to use the Court to legislate what cannot be got through the legislature. The some 300 cases has worked well for the Democrats and turning state electoral laws by Court decision or consent orders/decrees (meaning cases have not been argued as in Georgia) and contrary to the US Constitution. The law changes are invalid.

Spiked Online normally a cheer leader for the demos against the schmoozing Elite Establishment , has surprisingly has stated the election was a victory for democracy and that Trump is having a Tantrum at Democracy. This myopically misses an important aspect of law and politics. Democracy is shouldered and sits within the rule of law. It is not a stand alone thing. Associate Justice Felix Frankfurter that Democracy requires a due process and that is law.

But what happen up and just before the election were unconstitutional law changes that favoured the Democrats and mail in voting. Those law changes whether by judicial legislation through Court decisions or by State officials legislating by consent orders, both means in violation of US Const Art2 Section 1.2 institutionalised both the risk of fraud and/or enable actual fraud. Further, it was also, as is being argued, in breach of the equal protection clause because it meant that two groups of voters were treated differently.

Mail in voting as experienced in the UK was open to fraud and ballot factories; the EU is against it. Canada,- the home of Dominion Voting machines- and the irony here is great, counts its ballots by hand.

If the Supreme Court disallows votes, and Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz is of the view that the legal challenges have good prospects of success on the Constitutional arguments, voters are disenfranchised that then falls on the Democrat inspired unconstitutional law changes. If the Court does not disallow votes then voters are also disenfranchised by the unconstitutional law changes which facilitated unlawful votes. The former option is in my view in accord with the rule of law and the Constitution.

Then as Mr Shapiro suggests there will be a back lash against Biden, but equally there will be one against the Court for failing to up hold the constitution. T

Aristotle's many are not in humour to have their votes and voices muted in favour of a media-Democrat party-Big Tech complex created 'Zombie of Obama Regime past'. A moribund and divisive regime as ta 2016 with its bureaucratic and technocratic experts claiming that they are above politics. Like Plato's totalitarian Philosopher Kings hearing, in their own voices in their minds, the non partisan voice of the esoteric mystery of the "higher calling" as espoused by the deluded Hierophant James Comey, who set it all out in a book.

The same group, the few, still despises the many and Don Lemon's recent Goebbels like stereotyping propaganda on CNN is but an example as is the opinion that Trump supporters need to go and be reeducated.

The Hierophants seem to give the impression that only they can know- by conventional wisdom which Shapiro justly ridicules- who is fit for the sacred office of Chief Executive and what the best foreign policies are e.g The Iran Deal.

MSM has been fawning and sycophantic, in describing the office picks for Biden's administration- largely a group of Obama retreads ( "who repeat the failed polices" a second time around: who have been hiding out as expert talking heads for MSM- in terms of being non-partisan, experts people who have long worked together. The uncritical and erroneous characterisation is syrup laden bloviation without any merit which does not even bear a fleeting glance.

The Obama -Biden regime failed in 2016 and more likely to do so now. The clock cannot be turned back as was found with the reprise of the French monarchy. Hopefully the lie us up.

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