Election Integrity Hearing in Arizona Yesterday

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Submitted by Olivia on Tue, 2020-12-01 01:56

The testimony on display here in Arizona is, once again, staggering in what it says about election fraud in this “election." Remember Fox News called Arizona prematurely (and first) for Biden.

The moral courage of Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis is commendable!

Full hearing:

"Good Riddance, Bill Barr!"

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"You Are So Deep In The Swamp, Bill ...

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... that you cannot see beyond your fellow-reptiles!"

Judge Jeanine, liberated, to Attorney-General William Barr.


There is something very odd..

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about the sheer brazenness of this obvious fraud - these creatures must know they’re under cameras, no?
Sidney Powell keeps repeating “they’re sticking this right in your face,” and they are.

Unless they just completely O.D'd on TDS, lies and venality - and forgot themselves.

Rudy's Masterly Summation

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NZ Trump Derangement Syndrome HQ KiwiBlog says Rudy has gone from hero to zero. Au contraire, he has gone from hero to super-hero. KiwiBlog is just Woke, wimpish controlled opposition; a pathetic, effete apologetic quack. Rudy is the real deal, fighting for Western Civilisation at a time when the Wokers are too timid even to use the term for fear of being called "White Supremacists" or something equally daft and vile:


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And remember on election night, the story about State Farm Arena having a burst water main?
Mockingbird media in play.


Today from Georgia

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Truly astounding. Poll-watchers and media dismissed at 10 pm on the pretext that counting has ended for the day; then, counting continues of ballots, thus far hidden hidden under a rectangular table, till 1 in the morning:

And from today in Michigan

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Here is where every human must step up. First, take the time and trouble to listen to all this. Whatever it takes. Don't kid yourselves that the pathetic prosaicness of your everyday lives takes precedence over human civilisation itself. Second, speak up against it. If you don't speak up, you're just as evil as evil's direct perpetrators.


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The evidence that machines were connected to the internet with traffic heading off to Frankfurt further adds fuel to irregularity.

It would be interesting to know the time it takes and how many ballots can be scanned and processed. If, say, 20,000 ballots are processed in micro-seconds that may or would point to data manipulation in addition to race weighted percentages being invoked.

As Dan Bongino said this morning in his podcast, the scamming of the election necessarily raises "the predicates for inquiry". As he said you reap what you so. Take Nevada for example and note the table in this Washington Examiner article from Bongino's show notes:https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/historically-strange-spike-in-incomplete-nevada-voter-files-casinos-as-home

The fact that MSM, legacy media and Big tech are still maintaining "a fair election" and failing to cover, let alone investigate, in the face of evidence to the contrary is alarming, and it may result in MSM will reap what it has sown.

If the election is reversed- by the SCOTUS applying the constitution and/or Congress voting on 6 January 2021- I think we can expect to see a storm if Trump is back in the White House.

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