Criminalising Hate Speech - an Affront to Our Natural Liberties

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By Olivia Pierson

Nothing is more uninspiring for a writer like myself to turn my attention on than the current administration of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. But, for the sake of highlighting an issue of wide-reaching impact on our nation’s future, I’ll momentarily hold my nose to articulate the sheer depth of this mentally underdeveloped girl’s ignorant stupidity.

As Ardern seeks to criminalise all criticism of the religion of Islam by shamelessly using the Royal Commission Inquiry into the Christchurch Mosque shootings of March 2019, people would do well to see past her sincerely insincere, flakey platitudes.

Ardern and her woefully woke, radical government are bringing much harm to this land of ours.

Many of the most salient aspects of the inquiry have now been classified for 30 years or more, such as:

“Swathes of information previously classified as top secret, and material gathered from hundreds of interviews - including with the terrorist, ministers past and present, public service agency heads and affected communities.

Many interviews, including with Ms Ardern, are subject to 30-year suppressions.
The interview with the terrorist has been permanently classified.”

This only serves to keep New Zealanders permanently in the dark about exactly how and why that bloody massacre was shockingly perpetrated upon the Muslim community in this country.

The NZ Herald states in an article that:

“New Zealand’s security agencies had deployed ‘an inappropriate concentration of resources’ probing Islamic extremism when the Australian-born gunman attacked two mosques on March 15, 2019, a Royal Commission of Inquiry concluded in a much-awaited 792-page report released yesterday.”

Security agencies did not deploy “an inappropriate concentration of resources probing Islamic extremism,” because what happened in Christchurch was insanely unusual and I’m not going to let this nonsense pass. Our prime minister is desperately trying to paint Tarrant’s massacre as some kind of mythical, white supremacist norm, which is a lie.

As we all know by now, with far greater frequency, these types of murderous massacres are commonly carried out by the adherents of Islam with a frightening repetition upon Western civilians, to the point where it has become a glaring stereotype that we are highly aware of. And that’s the point of Ardern’s very creepy attempts to bring in hate speech laws – she’s gaslighting the public in an effort to try to make them doubt what they already know to be true. Islam is the kingdom of kingdoms regarding terrorism in our time, hands down.

Our security agencies were just doing their job with a litany of hard facts at hand.

Muslim leadership in New Zealand, along with our UN shill of a prime minister, would do well to acknowledge this conspicuous point: that there is a violent norm regarding terrorist massacres and it happens to be from within the Islamic faith. They should speak to this fact honestly and directly, instead of glossing over it by lying about the dangerous “discrimination” Muslims face in their daily lives from Kiwis. Us.

Ardern likes to talk a big empathetic game about “They Are Us: We Are Them” and all that shallow piffle. She is the one who is pushing a “Them and Us” narrative by bullshitting the uninformed that Kiwis, as they are right now, represent some huge threat to Islamic immigrants if she doesn’t quickly change the laws to force us all to shut our mouths.

This is terminally sick and twisted on Ardern’s part, especially as she has an agenda to bring in more and more Islamic refugees from the many refugee camps, at our tax-payer expense; people who could be repatriated to countries who share their militant faith, like Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Jordan, Bahrain, Turkey and all the other 50 odd Islamic nations of the Ummah, which ought to look out for their own brethren, if leaders were serious about alleviating their plight.

But no! Ardern wants them brought here and to do it in a way which meets her soppy “safe space” Millennial criteria. To do this, she thinks longstanding laws in New Zealand, such as our cornerstone principle of freedom of expression, have to go.

This outright betrayal of our democratic liberty, and that of our children and grandchildren, is enormous. Ardern is showing us that she is wholly unworthy to be the leader of a strong, thinking, free people. She is instead embarking on some form of neo-fascist governance – as if lockdowns and government-initiated bankruptcies during the so-called pandemic were not enough fascism for us to swallow over the last nine months.

Never forget that within just four weeks of the Christchurch massacre, Islamic jihadists committed an even worse atrocity: the Sri Lanka Easter bombings, which targeted Christians in churches and hotels, killing 269 people and injuring 500. They made Brenton Tarrant’s evil look like child’s play because Islamic jihadists have become very skilled at this kind of mass casualty terror. Ardern was close to silent on this evil event, which followed so closely on the heels of the smaller evil event which happened in her own country – and that was unconscionable.

In truth, Muslims are one of the most fawned over minority groups in all Western nations – and Ardern wants to fawn over them even more by persecuting NZ citizens who would criticise an ideology – as if criticism and slaughter are one and the same concern. How thoroughly malicious of her, and how dare she taint those who critique by way of reason with the same twisted brush as those who murder by way of their chosen, plotted actions.

If Ardern proceeds with this, she will make an absolute mockery of the precious concept of “citizenship,” for citizens have natural rights given to us by Nature’s Creator, freedom of expression being one of the most central and enduring since democracy was practised by the ancient Athenians and before Christianity was even a thing, let alone Islam. This bringing back of blasphemy laws is not for hurt or offended Christians to use, but is an artificial hot-house to see a deeply foreign religion thrive in a country where normally it wouldn’t.

Islam still has a much worse track record on human-rights abuses toward girls, women and homosexuals than Christianity has ever been guilty of in the last 200 years. Even our dear old friend of Dorothy’s, Oscar Wilde, wasn’t thrown to his death off the nearest tall building in 19th-Century England. And I don’t know of any Christians who seriously think their daughters' lives would be better or cleaner upon having their clitoris’ removed - and the one, tiny minority Judaeo-Christian tribe living in Ethiopia who may have a tradition of practising such a vile thing does not count - they obviously took the practice from the dominant Muslim majority around them.

Female Genital Mutilation is now a feature in Western nations, including New Zealand, because of Islamic immigration. How Ardern can countenance such an imported problem arriving through the borders of our liberal democracy just beggars belief, but I’m entirely through believing that “leaders” who hook their ideologically woke wagons to a religion as anti-liberal as Islam are innocent in any way. There’s an anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-civilisation game hugely in play, resetting the total agenda and it’s entirely loathsome.

Our nation needs to wake up and start acting like upright human beings who care about our fading liberties, instead of ignorantly trying to live on like dumb sheep being led to the slaughterhouse of Wokedom, modern Britain-style.

Tragically, the sun has set on the great British Empire, our Grecian, spiritual motherland. Don’t let it set on New Zealand when the course of our country is yet so very young and impressionable. It’s the only home we Kiwis have and our natural liberties are not Ardern’s – nor any minority religion’s – to steal from us.

There is!

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It's called wearing masks!

If only there were some ritual

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If only there were some ritual they could force on us to symbolize and concretize our acceptance of our submitted and silenced status.

Three Years' Jail for Criticising Islamo-Fascism

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Now the Woke-Fascist regime of Comrade Jihadi Jacinda Podesta has revealed the extent of its intended destruction of free speech. It's total. This is the Thought Police on super-steroids. I've said all along the primary purpose of the Labour regime's Orwellianly-named hate speech laws is to criminalise criticism of Islam, which specialises in hatred. So it proves to be. Three years in ail for faulting the religion of stonings, beheadings, mutilations, gay-killings and Jihad with a world Caliphate as its objective. Yes, in theory you could go to jail for criticising Christianity or Buddhism as well, since the new law criminalises insulting anyone of any religion. This only underscores how disgusting these proposals are! Didn't we just get rid of our blasphemy laws?! No one should be jailed for expressing an opinion!!

We're about to commemorate ANZAC Day, in honour of those who gave their lives in WW1 and WW11 on behalf of the relative freedom of speech that we enjoyed, but will enjoy no longer if these repugnant proposals become law. Labour's third leader, Peter Fraser, was jailed for dissident opinions in WW1, but as Prime Minister led the Kiwi resistance to Hitler in WW11. Winston Churchill, speaking of Fraser's and his coalition wartime cabinet's performance, said that New Zealand "never put a foot wrong" in that civilisation-saving effort. He would be ashamed of and repulsed by the treason of Woke-Fascist Jihadi Jacinda Podesta and her embracing of Hitlerian totalitarianism.

Yes, excellently said. I'm

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Yes, excellently said. I'm not so sure that it is blasphemy laws that are being established though, because you can guarantee that you'll still be able to blaspheme Christianity. It is Sharia that is being implemented.

Not Just Stupidity

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Excellent, Lady Olivia. But I think you let Jihadi Jacinda Podesta off too lightly. She's not merely ignorant; she's evil. Her vapid vacuities are real enough, but underpinning them is a deeply malignant Marxist malevolence. It's all the more insidious because it's masked by a phony smile and the nauseating "be kind" bromide, which most of the sheeple, alas, are taken in by. Scowling Big Brother has been replaced by smiling Big Sister. Note that she's of an ilk: Occasional Cortex, Chamelea Harris, Crooked Hillary, Illhegal Omar, Sharia Tlaib ... hideous, satanic squawking creatures with agendas as diabolical as their visages. There's nothing kind about any of them. They are the true haters. Haters of humanity. Haters of the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They want mandatory misery.

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