Mouthpieces for Election Riggers

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Submitted by Mark Hunter on Thu, 2020-12-24 03:04

New on ARI Watch:

Mouthpieces for Election Riggers
- Yaron Brook & Gregory Salmieri -

Quoting Salmieri about claims of vote fraud:

“... given my assessment of the characters of the people [Trump, Giuliani, Powell ...] involved and my assessment of the [legal] system ... I dismiss these claims without looking into them, and I think it’s perfectly valid to do that.”

As long as, he goes on to say, you acknowledge that you haven't looked into them, which makes your dismissing them OK.

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Sun Tzu taught: Appear weak

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Does Team Trump appear to be suffering total chaos?
It should, that’s the appearance they are aiming for.

President Trump is a lifelong student of Sun Tzu.

Sun Tzu taught to appear strong and prepared when you are weak and to present yourself as suffering great chaos when you are strong, prepared and ready to strike.

Enemy combatants

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These scumbags are with the enemy.

Indeed, at this late date everyone you see talking like these bags of shit are spiritually and intellectually and/or financially and blackmailedly attached to the enemy.

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