AG Bill Barr’s Betrayal

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By Olivia Pierson
First published on theBFD 17th December 2020

So Hunter Biden has now been subpoenaed over his dealings with dodgy Ukrainian oil company, Burisma, along with two dozen other entities, some Chinese, resulting in four separate investigations.

The potential president-elect, Joe Biden, continues to bark the scripted line: “I’m proud of my son!” whenever anyone dares to ask him about Hunter’s troubling record of lucrative, overseas business deals using little else but his father’s political status.

It has only just been confirmed for the first time this week that Hunter Biden has in fact been under investigation by the Justice Department for two years. Rudy Giuliani was right about him all along.

The most shocking thing about this information coming to light is that Attorney General Bill Barr, who resigned three days ago (read: was fired by Trump), fully knew about the serious nature of these investigations, yet kept them concealed from the American people throughout the entire election cycle, and much longer.

There are already those saying that Barr was just acting professionally and with great prudence upon some discretionary protocol that the DOJ cites about not “influencing elections.” But make no mistake. Barr hugely influenced this year’s election by holding his silence. It was a heinous sin of omission – the very definition of Edmund Burke’s observant adage:

“All that’s required for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing.”

The rumours about investigations into Hunter’s profitable deals with Burisma and CEFC China Energy, while trading purely on his family name (which he admits to in an ABCinterview from 2019), popped up intermittently throughout Joe Biden’s 2020 election campaign, but nearly all media outlets suppressed the rumours, except Fox News, until even they too followed suit.

President Trump wanted the topic aired during the infamous debate which Chris Wallace was meant to moderate, but instead manipulated for Team Biden. The laptop of Hunter’s had just surfaced and been placed into the hands of the FBI with damning emails clearly alluding to Hunter’s scurrilous dealings with the Chinese and his petulance at kicking money up to “The Big Guy” (Joe Biden). But to Wallace’s eternal shame, he would hear none of it instead – he boorishly shut Trump down by claiming that he wanted to talk about something “more substantial,” i.e., climate change.

Basically, Biden lied throughout the entire election campaign, denying Hunter had ever done anything wrong, and even if he had he didn’t know about it, while also Keeping Mum that serious investigations were afoot. It is inconceivable that the Bidens had no knowledge of this. The family, with the help of a totally complicit media, referred to any allegations about Hunter’s dodgy dealings as a Russian disinformation campaign. They kept it from the American people, as did Bill Barr and the rest of the DOJ and FBI.

Allowing this major deceit to play out was yet another way that Democrats stole the election from the American people.

Barr owed it to the U.S. Congress as soon as he came into office early in 2019 to inform them that the oft’ drug-addled Biden princeling was under serious investigations, and Barr also owed it to the citizens whom he knew were possibly about to cast votes for the patriarch of a corrupt family syndicate, which made tens of millions of dollars from foreign entities through Joe’s political status alone. The former vice president was always compromised with foreign governments and still is.

This is an egregious national security issue.

Now, the Chinese Communist Party’s tactics of two million spies infiltrating the world’s major companies and institutions have been revealed, along with the massive SolarWinds Orion products data breach hack into major federal institutions including the U.S. military, the U.S. Postal Service and the DHS, plus many of the Fortune 500 companies.

These are sophisticated hackers backed by some mysterious “nation state” – at the very same time when the compromised – and let us not forget, cognitively impaired, Joe Biden is transitioning as the new president elect. This smacks of aggressive opportunists pushing their newfound luck very hard in the face of America descending into confused, feckless weakness:

– ongoing countrywide lockdowns
– gross authoritarianism
– hobbled/failed businesses
– a highly contested election with in-your-face voter fraud
– a deeply divided citizenry
– an uncertain future
– an obvious lurch toward unchosen socialism

These conditions are tumultuous, therefore perfect, for horrifically bad actors to toy with the country’s problems in order to drastically exploit them.

Trump lost a lot of money upon his election to the presidency – not that it’s going to harm him given his billions, but these low-life, craven little crooks like the Bidens, the Clintons et al, who use political office to amass family wealth because they could never earn it off their own energy and smarts alone, are a breed of officeholders whom Cicero may have had in mind when he warned over 2000 years ago that “politicians are not born, they’re excreted.”

Tens of millions of people adore Trump with such a staunch and immovable affection because he isn’t a politician as such – he’s always the hot-shot, straight-talking, funny, iconic, celebrity billionaire in a suit and tie with a New York accent, a Self he never alters for anyone rich or poor, high-born or low, white, black or brown. He’s always just quintessentially himself with everybody.

Now America is in dire straits, as the fakers, frauds and phoneys chomp at the bit to take over the leadership of a once great civilisation. Sadly, unforgivably, Bill Barr helped directly to put them there.

Here Are the Traitors

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Edit: Pooooooof!! Down the memory hole! 1984!

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