It's Been A Funny Old Day....

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Submitted by Mr_Lineberry on Sun, 2021-01-10 21:52

If you have been like me and watching events in America during the last couple of months with a sense of frustration and occasional anger - you're obviously not alone.

In a funny sort of way I am not feeling particularly angry about the events of last Wednesday, and here is why -

1. Since June of 2015 the media didn't hurt Trump at all.
2. Fellow Republicans didn't beat Trump in the 2016 primaries
3. Trump won a rigged election against Hillary
4. The fake Rush Hour Collusion hoax didn't harm Trump
5. The number of other hysterical, infantile, nonsense didn't harm Trump
6. He was re-elected last November in a landslide, as we all know
7. The Trump campaign never lost a Court case
8. No Judge heard any case; not one witness, not one piece of evidence
9. Because it was unarguable and irrefutable
10. No State Legislature in a stolen state certified the results for Biden

So in over 5 and a half years nobody laid a finger on us; not so much as a fingernail! They threw everything at us in an unprecedented fashion and it bounced off the President like Superman.

No, it took a traitor in our midst; it took "Fredo" to betray us. Pence refused to obey the Constitution (which is vague, but clear) and follow the precedent set by Thomas Jefferson in 1801 because he didn't want to upset his swamp creature friends. The traitor. And that is what it took.

Having experienced something similar in my own life (but let's not go there) I know how the President must be feeling, but that is what happens from time to time when you have "little men" around you. Shame, really.

As for the peaceful protest on the steps of the Capitol.... if there are those among you who - in all seriousness - think there was a riot, or violence, taking place; watch the video. I watched it "live" (and was fully expecting the reporter and his brave cameraman to be killed!). This is unedited, unbiased, merely showing what was happening at the epicenter of things.
Has the stuff you have seen been unedited? unbiased? factual? (hint: no, of course not)

After watching this footage you can only conclude that it was a legal, peaceful protest.

For 200 years (probably longer?) every single day someone or other has protested at the Capitol about an issue they have a bee in their bonnet about; legal, acceptable. This footage shows that occured last Wednesday too. For every criminal loon who stormed the building - ie: entered it - 5000 peaceful protestors did not.

Where is the rioting? Where is the violence? - please, show it to me; you've spent 4 days been 'shocked and appalled' at the "Riot at the Capitol" which you've been brainwashed into obediently thinking took place, so please show me where it is; $50,000 if you can do so Wink

The camera doesn't lie....

The camera doesn't lie....

The camera doesn't lie....

(but politicians and TV3 news do haha!)

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Is this some sort of joke that I don't "get"?!? Shock

"President Trump granted a full pardon to Clarence Olin Freeman. This pardon is supported by former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the Office of the Pardon Attorney. Mr. Freeman was convicted in 1965 for operating an illegal whiskey still. He received 9 months imprisonment and 5 years’ probation. Since his conviction and release from prison, Mr. Freeman has led a law-abiding life. He has expressed sincere remorse for his illegal activity and remains mindful of the valuable lesson his conviction taught him. In the approximately 55 years since his conviction, he has built a stable marriage, founded a thriving business, and contributed positively to his community. He has earned a reputation for honesty, hard work, and generosity


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I were President Trump I would also pardon everyone in Federal prison - let them all back out on the street - along with everyone awaiting trial in Federal Court.

This would be the ultimate "F**k You!!" to the filth as all murderers, drug barons, Mafia "Godfathers", tax heroes, white collar fraudsters, terrorists, sex maniacs, and numerous other rotters are released as punishment for the travesty of the last 10 weeks. It would serve the left wingers right, too!


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"Official" election results are in -

Donald Trump 79 million votes
Joe Biden 68 million votes.

This is much in line with what I had predicted - including on this website - and sounds about right. A landslide for President Trump. Unarguable. Not open to any debate.



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blame me folks - I voted for James Bradley! Tongue hahahahahahaha!!!


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Great Bill Whittle hits the nail on the head. We require idealism, and men of action prepared to go out and speak of it.

Well worth 9 mins of your time....

Political Donations

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The way the scam works is something like this: -

1. You are a politician
2. You receive donations
3. Your wife, or other insider, forms an entity (a limited partnership, a Delaware LLC, or similar) which hides its true ownership
4. That entity then engages in "advertising placement" - trousering a commission from media outlets for doing so.
5. Or offers "political consulting services" to your campaign.
6. The commissions for media placement, around 7%, or the consulting fees, is a nice wee earner for the politician.
7. You get the general idea folks

This is how people arrive in DC with $3 in their pocket and leave 20 years later fairly rich. This also explains to you why politicians with safe seats (in some cases without an actual opponent!) raise vast numbers of money when they don't appear to require it. If you are a congressman from (who cares?), and raise, say, $1 million for your campaign; the entities mentioned above place, say, $600,000 in advertising - and cop 7% as a commission; your consulting entity charges your campaign, say, $200,000 in "fees". Doing this every two years adds up after a while! haha!

Anywho, I am delighted to hear that various companies are now refusing to donate money to Republican politicians. Hopefully the rest of corporate America joins in!

What it will mean is lots of these Republicans will need to go to their supporters for donations - and have to account for their actions; Never-Trumpers won't do well out of that. In the Beltway it is terrifying and "big stuff", but in the real world is both no big deal and a chance for Republicans to return to their roots. After receiving money a decade ago from Tea Party Patriots - then doing the dirty during Trump's Presidency - it will mean those claiming to be conservative will be held to a much higher standard, with claims less likely to be believed without evidence.

I can see a situation whereby Republicans are told "introduce a bill into the House - and get 50 co sponsors - and make speeches and interviews going on record; only then will we believe you or support you".


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Of this what you will....

Personally I am unimpressed; didn't like it when Profa filth did it to Ted Cruz or Milo; don't agree with it when "we" do it.


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Hesitant to post the original video - the video that got the sicko fired; lots of swearing, lots of "disturbing" (to put it mildly) views expressed.

However, I have included a disclaimer so here it is...

Project Veritas

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Strikes again! James O'Keefe has gotten some loon fired from PBS.

But he has the right idea - stop whining and fight back!


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is PATHETIC Tongue

Should have said "Yes it was stolen - Biden is illegitimate; you people are crooks!" .....instead he's being asked to bow down and obey to the Demoscum Party line; what a coward; loser.


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610,000 viewers - Simon Dallow or Hosking would KILL for numbers like that Tongue

3:17 EST/9:17am NZ Time - 645,0000 viewers

3:18 EST - 683,000!!! jeepers!

3:20 EST - 718,000 viewers

3:31 EST - 801,000 viewers....amazing!


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too soon - President has been speaking for 2 minutes and viewers have soared to 565,000!!!!


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Jeepers, watching the President's speech at the Alamo, Texas on Right Side Broadcasting Network and there are 521,000 watching online!!!! Shock - this is about TWICE the previous record of viewers, and roughly THREE TIMES the normal number who watch a Trump rally on RSBN.

Yes, clearly Trump is sooooooooooooooooo unpopular Tongue


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Just as I was starting to get "wobbly" and question.....'things' - it turns out everything IS gaslighting, and NOBODY is buying it.

Numbers out from Rasmussen show Trump's approval rating is increasing; Pelosi and McConnell are highly unpopular; most opposed to Impeachment; most opposed to using the "mostly peaceful protest" as an excuse for tyranny. I also suspect most saw through the Demoscum hypocrisy and fake umbrage (vis-a-vis burning cities last year).

Folks - this is ENTIRELY a 'Beltway'/New York media creation; complete humbug; everyone is like us and knows a Grifter when they see one.


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Well, then..."miracles never cease..." I'll be glad if she's come around. "Better late than never..."


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Amy was on Hannity today, and I thought she was very good. Seems to have largely eliminated the moronnial fry-quacking and upward inflecting. Spoke of the enormity of trying to compete with the Big Guys who block you at every turn. Not the Bwook or Obleftivist line at all.

Here's more on who led the charge on Jan 6:

Yaron "Useful Idiot" Brook defends tech fascism

Jmaurone's picture

Apparently Yaron Brook and Don Watkins welcome their new technofascist overlords. From their Jan. 9 posts on Twitter:

"While far from perfect, I'm still thankful to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube for providing me with a platform to express my ideas and for helping me monetize...And all this, for free." -Yaron Brook

"THIS. I'm all for criticizing social media companies for their legitimate flaws--but only if you show gratitude for their virtues and you champion their freedom. Otherwise, cancel your account."- Don Watkins

Amy had her chance...

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"Wondered what Amy would say now about the orthodox Obleftivist line that Twitter, Amazon et al are private companies and so can censor whom they damn well please?"

I wrote the following article back when Amy Peikoff was defending so-called "free platforms", using Ayn Rand's arguments against her: "No, the government would not establish any censorship; it would not need to." Ayn Rand, "Government by Intimidation"

Now, I may not have a fancy law background like she does, but I can read the writing on the wall. A pity she didn't...

"Government by Intimidation", or, Free Speech on the Brink



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friends at Blue Collar Logic have given their views on recent events. Dave and Jason contradict each other. Dave's video yesterday was...well...frankly, he was being a c**t Tongue..... I guess it is healthy if we, the good guys, disagree on certain topics; quite a contrast to the robotic obedience required by left wingers! haha!

Here is Jason's take - 6 mins, well worth watching....


Mr_Lineberry's picture

video Lindsay - that fellow knows his stuff. The instigators must think everybody is stupid!

A tricky one regarding the ban, Parler, Peikoff; the private business can do what it wants argument; sure people who have thought about such things far more and far longer than me will enlighten us. Sure sounds like gangster tactics doesn't it? also sounds like Big Tech thinks it can do whatever it likes with nothing to fear from the DoJ. Imagine having complete impunity from all laws to do whatever you wanted knowing you were protected. Bet if someone like Zuckerburg committed murder it would be immediately "debunked" as a "conspiracy theory".


Lindsay Perigo's picture

I saw that Tucker interview as it aired. Wondered what Amy would say now about the orthodox Obleftivist line that Twitter, Amazon et al are private companies and so can censor whom they damn well please?

Michael Yon

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Former Green Beret, veteran war correspondent, says violence on Jan 6 was spearheaded by Antifa (Profa) in Trump drag:

Peikoff @ Parler

Jmaurone's picture

"So I read somewhere (gateway pundit?) that Amy Peikoff was the Parler spokeswoman; is it that Amy Peikoff?"

Could there be any other?

From Jan 8th:

"JUST IN - Amy Peikoff, responsible for policy on #Parler, just said on the Tucker Carlson show, if their internet hosting provider takes down the servers, it's the end of the platform."

Confirmed it's her, check her Wiki page:


Jmaurone's picture

Can't even pretend. There isn't an honest, non-gaslighting bone left in their bodies. I refuse to even give these cretins the time of day, let alone a counter-argument; you cannot reason with the unreasonable, and they deserve no consideration anymore, except as a threat (double for the turncoats in the GOP).


Mr_Lineberry's picture

is pretty shocking isn't it Lindsay?

I really don't know what to think about it all. Although a member I haven't done anything on Parler for several weeks - and find it difficult to navigate; not user friendly, in my opinion; also think it could take up far too much of my time which is better spent earning a quid. But, generally speaking, Parler seems fairly harmless.

Doesn't seem to me that a ban will work in the end and will simply assist the conservative cause in the long run; afterall prior to the 2004 election the conservative movement easily communicated with each other sans social media; can happen again.

Amused to see this has cost the head of Twitsewer a fortune - probably a billion dollars! Tongue - as the share price has tanked; same for Fecesbook and Zuckerburg. They sure live in a bubble if they don't know how the advertising market works. Go back a century and the JP Morgan people thought they were above everyone else; untouchable. All came crashing down in October '29 and the Morgan family and Partners never really recovered from that.

So I read somewhere (gateway pundit?) that Amy Peikoff was the Parler spokeswoman; is it that Amy Peikoff?

Big Lies

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Noteworthy how the Woke-Fascist outlets previously classifiable as journalism but now simply shills for the Far-Left Dems are treating it as a given that Orange Man Bad incited the riot. In fact, as pointed out here, he enjoined hundreds of thousands of peaceful attendees at his rally to "peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard." When he subsequently made a video telling the protesters to "go home in love and peace" Twitter took it down!


Mr_Lineberry's picture

Isn't it Lindsay? The virtue signalling; the wankerism. Ironically pelosi was correct about whiteness; it was white, anglo-saxon values that prevented the Capitol being burned down and numerous traitors and criminals being hung from lampposts! Haha!

Imagine what would have happened if it had been half a million angry blacks or Maoris Tongue haha haha!!

This on Parler

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Parler was going to be deleted by Amazon nearly an hour ago. It's still up. Here's a recent post germane to the Profa-led "riot":

Edit: And ...... poooooof!!!! ..... cancelled as threatened. Woke-Fascist Big Tech and Big Corp, government-protected, have struck again.


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and let's just get something crystal clear folks.....

Storming the Capitol - and lawbreaking in general - is never acceptable or justified. Please don't try and justify the small number of criminals and wankers who entered the building, scared the living daylights out of everyone, caused damage, and broke various laws.

As it was happening I expressed my horror to Rawiri; condemned them then - 8 o'clock Thursday NZ time - and I condemn them now. We - the good guys - are not savages; we are not criminals; we are not like THEM and their criminal behavior burning various cities last year. We are decent people; respectable people.

But it is perfectly legal and acceptable to protest on "the steps of the Capitol"; everything short of actually entering the building. That was fine and watch the video I posted to see it was peaceful and non violent


Mr_Lineberry's picture

you don't quite get the "Fredo" reference (*sigh*); it is from the Godfather 2 movie. Here is a screenshot of the moment Fredo has betrayed his brother and realizes he's made a terrible mistake.....


Mr_Lineberry's picture

and when I say "for every 1 criminal loon who stormed the building, 5000 did not" and were peaceful - this proves it; in reality it was probably 1 in every 6000!

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