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My thoughts on various topics....


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amusing movie which came out about 30 years ago is called "Other People's Money". The main character, played by Danny de Vito, is a 1980s corporate raider known as "Larry the Liquidator" who is always seen eating donuts and smoking cigarettes. One day the lawyer of a company he is seeking to buy walks into his office; she turns out to be a young, attractive female, and he immediately has the hots for her. He offers her a donut and she replies "No thanks, I'm not hungry".

His response is "Since when do you need to be hungry to eat a donut?"

This sums up a misguided attitude problem I often find when criticising various aspects of socialism, Big Government, and tyranny: people make various excuses for not taking stand, not taking action.

To paraphrase the movie: "Since when do you need to be a libertarian to oppose socialist tyranny?" Shocked

The reason we live in a far more restrictive, more oppressive, less certain, often more frightening, nation than our grandparents is because of socialist tyranny begun in the 1930s and extended ever since; it only happens because good men do nothing, because those who are victims of this evil refuse to take a stand, refuse to counter it, refuse to fight back in a meaningful way.

Instead of viewing opposition to socialist tyranny as the sole preserve of libertarians (an odd view, but many hold it) why not simply view things which are wrong, that involve coercion, that involve the government taking away rights and stealing what is rightfully yours - everything from your money, to your ability to fish in a river, or climb a ladder without infantile rules, to regulations on whom you can employ and at what salary - and replacing it with collectivist notions of "fairness", as being wrong .....and fighting back against it?


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promised here is the 'Road Movie' of Mott The Hoople on tour in 2019. Number 3 covers the time they were in Cleveland, Ohio - the concert we saw - so rather intriguing to see what they were doing then. Well worth watching!!


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the Demoscum in America have a conscience? It's a question I have often pondered (also used to wonder the same thing about various "libertarians" - *cough*splutter* - in NZ haha!).

Do they have an inner voice providing a sense of right and wrong? a sense their conduct is immoral? a sense they have betrayed any fragment of humanity they (presumably) possessed at one time? Do they consider there is a line you should not cross?

As they endorse - without question - the opinions and conduct of various KKK grand dragons in leadership positions, or murderers (remember Teddy?), or rapists (Bill), or pocket money from communist dictators, or tolerate the destruction of property, or the murder of whistleblowers, or the rape of children on Epstein's Island, or disdain hardworking honest people, or enrich themselves by selling national security secrets, or beat their wives, or any number of appalling criminal undertakings, and cheer from the rooftops those who do these things.

And then they attend the book launch where such evil is lauded by enablers - for a huge advance.

And take part in the panel discussion on a fake news media outlet where the worst of the worst is dismissed as a 'conspiracy theory' of no particular consequence.

And hobnob with celebrities to normalize and legitimize the worst of the worst.

Is there a point where they end up like "Jenny" in the movie Forrest Gump - completely decadent, degraded; in despair at what they've become; standing on the balcony considering jumping off? In short: do they possess a conscience, a moral compass, a sense that what they do is actually wrong, they way it would with you and I, dear reader (assuming, for the sake of argument, we would actually engage in any of the above).

I have, sadly, come to the inescapable conclusion of....."No".

Sad, really....

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the filth couldn't be bothered with this travesty. Bill Clinton was caught sleeping through Biden's speech! haha!


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temporary resident of the White House - Joe Biden - has been inaugurated. What a crock. What a travesty. Nobody turned up - (showing the conservative boycott is working!) - to dignify this criminal enterprise, although a huge crowd was in Palm Beach to greet President Trump.

Imagine an Inauguration where there is no actual crowd; what sort of people degrade themselves like this? and try to pretend this is some sort of great victory for them personally? no wonder they need to have meaningless titles - ("...that's DOCTOR Jill Biden") - to give themselves any sense of self worth.

In July 1975 (according to author Richard Ben Cramer) the young Senator Biden had it made known he was open to being in favor of anything; all he wanted was a title (US Senator, for instance), a mansion to live in, a plane to fly around the country in; vacations with the jet set at the Vineyard or French Riviera; and plenty of booze, hookers, maybe the occasional line of coke (to get the day going). If he got all that (due to not actually believing in anything) then you got.....whatever you wanted. And so corporate America donated to his "expenses fund" - which promptly bought a mansion in Delaware, rented a small 4 seater plane, and paid for all sorts of other things Joe felt he was entitled to.

This did lead to the occasional embarrassing incident. Joe would be handed a list of votes to cast in the Senate by a staffer ("Yes to this; No on that; Yes; Yes; No; Yes - oh and better vote Yes on that because they promised us a check by the weekend"; the Senator (who, as I say, didn't actually believe in anything) would comply without bothering to ask any questions. One day in 1976 Joe dutifully voted "Yes" on a measure 'Big Tobacco' wanted, and 25 minutes later "Yes" to funding an anti smoking campaign; when you take money from both sides you don't dwell on the nitpicky stuff, do you?

This famous incident did, however, make Joe a laughing stock in the Senate - and Washington in general - for the next 45 years; not taken seriously; not respected; deemed a fool. Until today?

Biden will be a temporary President; 'Tippecanoe' Harrison-style temporary; the Deep State Coup is only halfway through folks - Biden will either be assassinated (as Bush tried to do to Reagan in '81) or else the 25th Amendment invoked due to his obvious senility. These psychopaths will stop at nothing to get what they want, be under no illusions about that. What is worse is their legions of enablers in DC, including the Republican party (with the exception of Matt Gaetz), Fox News, various conservative Think Tanks, and so many others; all part of the hypocrisy; all part of the grift.


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new documentary about Thomas Sowell is coming out next week. John Stossell has put this compilation together - please click and watch!


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really is both illuminating and pathetic - the Republican Leadership won't attend the President's farewell function.


"...Senate Majority Leader, soon-to-be Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy will both attend church with Mr Biden, Axios reports. It’s a snub symbolising a possible GOP establishment break with Donald Trump and a sign of unity for the country. Vice President Mike Pence is also skipping Mr Trump’s event but is reportedly not going to attend church with Mr Biden. Washington Post White House reporter Josh Dawsey tweeted that attending both Mr Trump’s event and Mr Biden’s inauguration would be logistically challenging for Mr Pence...."

Cowardly, treacherous, corrupt filth!

I have already taken action myself by changing my party affiliation in California from Republican. These people cannot live this down; cannot come back from this treachery.


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Some light relief at a time of great disappointment and dejection. Alex Jones hilariously satirizes the Q-Anon idiots in this marvelous video


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is when Joe Biden assumes the Presidency. He lost the election in a landslide, he is illegitimate; the sooner they get rid of him - the better!

The best thing to do tomorrow - and in the weeks ahead - is to ignore Biden. I did that with Obarmarx; odd as it sounds I didn't pay the slightest attention to him or his administration for at least the first 7 years of his failed Presidency. Am unable to mention a single thing he did because I wasn't paying attention!

Hopefully millions of others take the same view; hopefully (and I gather this IS happening) nobody turns up to the Inauguration, no protestors, and we just leave them in their echo chamber pretending they have achieved something important or worthwhile. The real Americans simply refusing to take part.

If anyone mentions Biden, just say "He stole the election; he's illegitimate". If nothing else it will get under the skin of everybody haha! Sticking out tongue (always fun!) but do not take part in a humbug of "Joe Biden US President"

Who Is John Galt?

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As events transpired he turned out to be Alex Jones from Infowars.

Remarkable as it sounds Jones was right about soooooo many things, on sooooooooo many occasions, his slogan "Tomorrow's News Today" was shown to be manifestly true!

You can view his daily broadcast - either live or delayed - at and it is well worth doing so.

Moorehouse Avenue....

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Pak-N-Save supermarket.


I was there beating the crowds; who should I meet but the young blonde kid Eye

If you've shopped there you know exactly the boy I mean haha! Nice guy. He has previously turned me down flat for sex...(well, it never hurts to ask, does it?)...and pretends to be utterly appalled by my blatant lechery. Pfft - whatever darling! Nobody is fooled by protesting too much.... Sticking out tongue - I can always tell when someone is madly in love with me ....(happens all the time!)

This morning he was carrying a box filled with (whatever) which seemed both fragile and important, so it seemed the perfect opportunity.... I rushed over and kissed him full on the lips (as you do!). Can't help feeling that was ever so slightly over the top.....

So that was my day - what has yours been like? Some music by our friends Mott the Hoople to take the edge off....

Guest Post - The ACT Party

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Free Speech is a Freedom, Not a Right

Free Speech is as big as all the other problems combined, because it’s the key to solving them. We must protect it from so-called hate speech laws the Government is threatening this year.

To give them credit, the Government recognizes a real problem. There are too many people saying too many nasty things, too often, to too many people. We should all work on, as the Queen says, “speaking well of each other and respecting different points of view; coming together to seek out the common ground; and never losing sight of the bigger picture.” But, empowering a Government department to go around punishing ‘hate-motivated’ speech is impractical and far too open to abuse.

The risk is we lose not only our freedom, but our problem-solving ability. In a healthy culture, you’re allowed to say unpopular things. Judging by her written speeches, Kate Sheppard may have been New Zealand’s best orator, but her views were radical for her time. One of our greatest achievements as a country occurred, and could only have occured, in a culture of free speech.

Of course, Free Speech is important every year. That's why the CCP never stops censoring the internet. Thing is, this year it’s our Government threatening to censor free speech.

The Minister of Justice wrote a one-page letter to political party leaders in December. He says the Government will crack down on ‘hate-motivated speech.’ Basically, he wants tougher penalties for more kinds of speech than what’s currently in the Human Rights Act.

If we’re going to fight this, we need to know what free speech is and isn’t. Some people think it’s the right to say whatever you want. Some people think it’s the right to have other people to give their time listening to you, or perhaps tweet on their platform.

But who wants to listen to tedious people who claim the right to bore us witless? The problem with all rights is that they only work if someone else plays along. Making speech a right only works if you can make some poor sucker listen.

Free speech is not a right but a freedom. Freedom is the ability to plan your future without others arbitrarily messing with you. When people are in conflict, the rules should be written down and clear so everyone knows what to expect. They should be able to know what the rules are, and the penalties for breaking them.

That’s the rule of law, and we get it from an early age. Try going to any Intermediate school at lunch time, change the rules half way through, and see what happens.

We already have some restrictions on freedom of speech that are compatible with the rule of law. You can’t incite people to commit crimes, you can’t threaten people with violence, you can’t be a nuisance (like shouting fire when there is none).

If you do those things there’s a good chance you’ll be convicted and punished. The maximum punishments are written in the Crimes Act. On the other hand, you also have clear defences, such as ‘I did not make a threat.’ There are other advantages. When the rules are written down, they apply equally to everyone.

That’s why hate speech laws are incompatible with freedom. There’s no way of consistently applying what’s offensive. Take the case of Sean Plunkett, who was fined $3,000 by the Broadcasting Standards Authority for ‘amplifying negative stereotypes about Māori.’ The finding was described as a “huge shock…” by the complainant!

The case shows the problem with hate speech laws. You don’t know if you’ve broken them until you are convicted. Whether other people think your views are offensive or might unreasonably influence others is so bland there's no real test.

In these shadows operate political prejudice. If you’re in the majority of opinion you are probably safe from hate speech laws. Your views will be accepted. It is minorities who need the protection of free speech.

Hate speech laws, on the other hand, are mob rule. They amount to the popular using the force of the state to silence the unpopular. They lead to conformity of opinion and blandness in life. They make us less human by suppressing our self-expression. They make our society poorer by suppressing the generation of new ideas and criticism of bad ones.

For those reasons, freedom to speak our mind under the protection of the rule of law is the foundation of a free society and should be our main priority. If the Government passes laws that allow punishment on the basis of opinion, ACT will petition for a referendum to reverse those laws. We hope you’ll help.

Guest Post by Roger Stone

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Events unfolding in the nation’s capital, inflamed by the steady stream of truly alarming totalitarian rhetoric from Democrat politicians, are making abundantly clear what the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security have in store under a President Joe Biden and a Congress controlled by Biden’s Democrat cohorts.

Any challenge to the results of the 2020 election, even those made pursuant to the United States Constitution, is now to be considered sedition. Any person who makes, or has made, such a challenge, to include members of Congress, is to be deemed a “domestic terrorist”.

To be clear, I was not at the Ellipse, in the march or at the Capital last Wednesday. I was as shocked at the events at the Capital as the rest of America. Within minutes of learning about the crimes committed I re-posted a comment by Ambassador Rick Grenell (perhaps the President’s greatest appointments along with Larry Kudlow) ,denouncing violence and calling for the arrest of the perps on my now departed Parler account. Shortly thereafter I made these same points in my own words. Yet CNN, ABC and the vermin at Mother Jones all insist my remarks about my faith in God on Jan 5 “incited ” violence. Jackals !

Under sweeping anti-terrorism provisions pushed under George W. Bush, many of which are patently antithetical to the spirit and letter of our Constitution, but which were nonetheless rushed into law under the consistently-abused pretext of “national security”, federal law enforcement officials are empowered to conduct warrantless searches of all communications and, without probable cause, indefinitely detain and secretly interrogate any person targeted for investigation under these statutes.

The agency which would serve as the instrument of this effort to target and, ultimately, destroy the lives of anyone who dares question the validity of the 2020 elections will be the radical left-wing Democrat controlled government of the District of Columbia.

Criminal charges brought by the D.C. government are actually prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia – in other words, the same office from which corrupt government attorneys conducted partisan-tainted criminal prosecutions against myself, Paul Manafort, General Michael Flynn and others singled out as targets of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel Russian collusion witch hunt.

Ensuring the success of any partisan persecution conducted by the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office, such cases are heard in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Out of all the Federal District Courts in America, this is easily the most biased, politically compromised venue of all, with more partisan zealots on the bench than all other venues combined.

But judicial bias is just the beginning, as this court routinely conducts cases tainted by stacked juries, arbitrary rulings hostile to any politically disfavored defendant, gross prosecutorial abuses, blatant conflicts of interest and a routine disregard for even the most egregious instances of juror misconduct, all of which inure to the detriment of any defendant pursued for political motives. I know about all of this firsthand, probably better than anyone in America, except perhaps General Michael Flynn.

As if the District Court is not terrible enough as a judicial killing ground for anyone who dares cross the leftist Democrat power structure in Washington D.C., the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals is a reliable rubber stamp for whatever partisan biases are inflicted below. Like the District Court, the federal Appeals Court in DC is the single most politicized and radical left-wing court of its type anywhere in the country. It has an unparalleled, now-undisputed record of flouting both the Constitution and the law in its heavily politicized decisions.

The recent placement of elected members of Congress on a “no-fly” list, enforced by the TSA at every airport in America, is absolute proof that corrupt left-wing zealots in positions of authority intend to impede the travel of duly-elected representatives of the people, despite their having been neither charged with nor convicted of any crime. Laura Loomer, who was on a post-campaign vacation in El Salvador and did not participate in the events of January 6th in any way was detained for questioning after arriving at the Miami Airport. Alex Jones was given an hour to leave DC or face arrest. Although I had no involvement in any of the events of Jan 6, a squad of DC police officers arriving in 20 cars and 4 SUV’s stormed my hotel to knock on the door of my room only to find I had checked out and left the City. Probable cause for this planned Gestapo like raid ? None.

In an Orwellian move, left-wing Democrats and the jackals among their media allies have twisted the plain meaning of words. “Violence” is speech when committed by BLM and “speech” is violence when it comes from Trump supporters. Political opposition from Republican members of Congress within the process prescribed by the Constitution is now deemed “sedition”, threatened with censure, expulsion and Ethics investigations. At risk of facing a rigged federal criminal prosecution in D.C. for daring challenge the 2020 election outcome are members of Congress like Matt Gaetz, Andy Biggs, Louie Gohmert, Jim Jordan, Mo Brooks, and Paul Gosar, as well as Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley and many others.

Anyone who questioned the results of the election is labeled as treasonous and accused of inciting violence despite the lack of any such words or actions. Among those who could be targeted for such prosecution are prominent Trump supporters such as former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani , Kimberly Guilfoyle, former New York Police commissioner Bernard Kerik and Donald Trump, Jr. The President should pardon them all and others. In fact Every House Republican should be pardoned except the 10 deserters.

This new and far more extreme witch hunt, exploiting extraordinarily broad prosecutorial powers that effectively nullify all of the constitutional safeguards due to any citizen under the presumption of innocence, can only be stopped if the President issues pardons to all those individuals at risk.

The President’s constitutional pardon power is absolute and incontrovertible, capable of being used whether or not there has been a prosecution for the pardoned conduct. Further, it is a categorically false and unsupported claim that a U.S. citizen must be formally charged or convicted as a prerequisite for executive clemency such as a pardon.

The Ford Pardon of former President Richard M. Nixon has demonstrated, without any successful challenge in any court, that the president has the sole authority to pardon any individual “for crimes he committed or may have committed”, which is precisely the language that must be used by White House lawyers in a series of pardons that are now imperative to protect a broad swath of Americans who had the audacity to support Donald Trump for president.

A narrow pardon of Trump family members plus Rudy will be attacked as self serving .The President’s pardons in this regard should not only include members of Congress but others .To pardon the leaders of his movement from Witch Hunt II is to thumb his nose at these bastards.

It is time for the President of the United States to use his constitutional authority to protect the America First movement from the diabolical, underhanded lawfare assault that the radical lawless American left is now scheming to inflict, in a grotesque subversion of our Constitution, the rule of law, and justice itself.


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I struck a chord with a few people with my post below about Mott The Hoople! Haha! Had a couple of messages about it.

Here is a video of them in concert in New York back in 2019. Apologies for the awful sound quality - but you get the general idea.

The songs are pretty much what they were when Rawiri and I saw them a few days earlier in Cleveland except All The Way From Memphis was halfway through the show, (rather than part of the encore).

It's quite amazing to think Ian Hunter was coming up 80 years old - proving there's hope for us all!

The actual band members are Hunter, Morgan Fisher (chap playing the piano), and Ariel Bender (the beret, and what appears to be a tail, playing the guitar).

During the tour Fisher made a "home movie" which I shall post in a day or two. It shows a lot of what touring (as septuagenarians!) is like. Intriguing to see the parts from when they were in Cleveland. What the home movie does show is what a nice guy Ariel Bender is; some of the things he says are hilarious, and he tells quite a number of interesting stories.

The only disappointing aspect of this concert - and you can see how pissed off Ian Hunter is - occurs at 18 mins 34 secs when the idiot doing the "voice over" part on the song Honaloochie Boogie completely f**ks it up! Shocked - astonishing!

He managed it fine during the concert we saw, so it's hard to see what went wrong, but it would be a bit disappointing if you'd paid $50 for a ticket and one of your favorite songs got stuffed up by an incompetent musician.

So sit back, click the button, and be transported back to the 1970s.....via 2019


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news has the most shocking and evil article on its website I have read for some time. Apart from the risible claim of "unbiased" media - (presumably suggesting, even more laughably, TV3 news is in such a category) - it claims our money doesn't belong to us but to the socialist state.

It calls on the media and politicians to stop talking of "taxpayer money" - we're all slaves donchaknow - and gives them a jolly good telling off for doing so. So there (you racist!)

To add supposed credibility to this proposition some failed academic is quoted at length. Why his insanity dressed up as "academic research" is more worthy than several centuries of contrary academic research is not mentioned.

Have a read if you can be bothered, then sit back and wait for a fully justified barrage of criticism of this garbage by the ACT party - the champions of taxpayers, as well as freedom, in NZ. Pfft....yeah right! Sticking out tongue


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of popular music, have you been taking part in the immoral, disgusting mass wankfest paying tributes to Phil Spector? (thought so).

Whilst doing so have you -

1. Spared a thought for his victim?

2. Given a slobbering tribute to her?

3. Or can even remember her name?

(didn't think so.....)


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not a great fan of popular music - that's for the lower orders - must confess to always having been a closet fan of Mott the Hoople (look them up Eye haha!); something about them is awfully fun. We saw them perform a couple of years back in Cleveland, Ohio during their 'Mott the Hoople '74' tour of the USA which was a most enjoyable night.

Today is the 5th anniversary of the death of Dale "Buffin" Griffin, drummer in the band; he'd been ill for some years prior to expiring in 2016. To mark the occasion here is the song "I Am A Cadillac" from the classic, universally praised, album "Mott" from 1973. One of the odd things about this song is it sounds soooooooooo different to almost all of their other music; was written by Mick Ralphs who also sang the lead vocals.

Click the button and enjoy!


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have always thought a statement is never particularly interesting or worthwhile unless a sane, rational man could argue the exact opposite. If you can't then it is just bland, boring twaddle!

Take a statement like "I work for the best company in the country; our products are the best, our quality the highest, our staff the most competent". This is an example of bland boring twaddle because no sane, rational man could argue the exact opposite (hint: to either your Boss, or a group of customers haha!).

However a comment such as "Camping in Wyoming is the worst thing ever; here are 10 reasons why"; well, now we are delving into the world of 'interesting' and 'worthwhile' statements! For a start you need to engage in "thought" to come up with 10 reasons - (thought?!?) shocking and unusual, I know - but you need to then think of a second group of 10 reasons in order to argue the exact opposite. All this makes for a hugely interesting and fun undertaking.

You should try this; just for the exercise: commit to a single day (tomorrow?) where you will ONLY make statements which a sane, rational man could argue the exact opposite.

Will you take up the challenge? can you get through an entire day? could this be an interesting exercise in ascertaining whether or not you are actually a 'thinker', the "intellectual" you think you are? or an interesting person, or not? whether others find you interesting? whether others actually think you say bland boring stuff they don't really bother listening to? - take the challenge! Sticking out tongue


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2nd amendment is there to protect the 1st amendment because in 1776 Red Coats were breaking down doors in order to enforce tyranny.

Things are different now; more subtle. On the one hand the State isn't stupid enough to break down doors to impose tyranny, oh no; they aren't stupid, they know "we" have guns and simply aren't going to take their nonsense any longer. On the other hand, conservative America also aren't stupid, are not going to be provoked into grabbing guns and....storm the Capitol and hang a few traitors, for example.

The second war of independence, war against tyranny, has already started and is basically an underground conservative movement of silent boycotts. I have received several emails in recent days urging support for boycotts of various corporations, sporting events, media outlets, and numerous others who comprise the filth. And it is working! In recent days the Twitsewer share price has been in freefall - Dorsey has lost a billion dollars personally! - with Fecesbook and several others also under pressure.

The "Fort Sumter" moment was the banning of; the problem was a lack of preparedness for it - hence the mad scramble in the last few days - there was also the possibility Trump would emerge with a second term making the 'Conservative Underground' unnecessary. Now we know where we are going the organizing, the exponential growth, will become focused and devastating for the left.

Don't buy on Amazon; don't watch knee taking sporting events; close your accounts on this, that, the other; don't shop here, there, or there; don't donate to Never Trump "conservative" Think Tanks staffed by those who secretly despise you; stay away from virtue signalling chain stores who demonize conservatives. This is how the war is being fought and it will only snowball as it gets organized. No guns, no violence, and no particular publicity on the fake news filth. There will just be announcements that - to general astonishment - major corporation X "...has filed for bankruptcy"; this will be seen as a great trophy in the War on Tyranny and quickly moving on to putting the next one out of business.

It all comes down to this -

1. "We" are just better people
2. "They" need "Us", but we certainly don't need them
3. When they don't have us giving them money, or other support they require, they will end up the loser
4. This is how we win, this is how we reclaim our nation

They won't send Red Coats, and we won't have Minutemen; on both sides it is more subtle; the difference is their tactics are widely discredited and obvious, and simply don't work anymore. What worked with Watergate (a total fake scandal of nothingness) has been greeted with a yawn today as Trump's so called 'Impeachment' is dismissed by basically everyone as preposterous.

If you really are sick and tired of tyranny and "not going to take it anymore" then.....don't. Join the silent conservative underground, redirect your money away from the enemy ("yes" even if it means a bit of inconvenience to drive 10 mins to another store, rather than your usual laziness by just doing what you always do because it's convenient), and simply stop indulging these evil, evil people. They need "you" but "you" don't need them and that is why victory for us is inevitable.


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Just the ticket if you are off to Church this morning....


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must confess to being madly in love with Dick Cheney; I am. I freely admit it; and for good reason. When war clouds were gathering in December 2002 - and not being a fool - I bought 15,000 Haliburton shares at $9 each. Can't remember where I got the money; must have borrowed it, or stolen it - (or something?!) - but four months later as bombs rained down on Baghdad the share price was $35. Have a signed photograph of Dick Cheney beside my bed haha!

Despite this I think his idiot daughter has rather let everyone down and should resign. Her vote for the fake, illegitimate impeachment - and the false claims she made to justify her vote - are not only wrong, provably so, but so out of step with the views of her constituents.

She is a member of the House of Representatives - which means her conduct should "represent" her Wyoming constituents, not dictate to them. She simply cannot remain in a leadership position of a party when she opposes the views of the overwhelming majority of members. With any luck a primary opponent will emerge very quickly and she can pay the piper for her treachery; send a message to others they are also not welcome.



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couple of years ago, on our last visit to America and having watched the Netflix series, we went to Lake of the Ozarks. It is just amazing!

The real America, where there are lots of real Americans. Had a marvelous time fishing, hunting, making new friends; hard to believe it's a dam, a kind of mega Lake Dunstan.

This video gives you an idea of what it is like...(cute boys Eye haha!)


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is one of my all time favourite movies - The Wild Geese. It stars Richard Burton, Richard Harris, Roger Moore, and numerous other brilliant actors from that period.

The plot is simple enough - a business tycoon engages the services of a group of mercenaries to rescue a deposed African leader.

It is the film version of an unpublished novel which was itself a fictionalized account of a real event; in the late 1960s mercenary "mad" Mike Hoare was engaged to rescue former Congo PM Moise Tshombe by Tiny Rowland, head of Lonrho. Supposedly.

Mike Hoare was an adviser as the movie was being made and the actor who plays Tosh was one of his mercenaries in the Congo a decade or so earlier.

I realise it all sounds a bit far fetched, but apparently it's all true!

One aspect of the movie has always confused me, and it is this - at 1hr 45mins they prepare to leave the village and head to the plane. Richard Burton's character merely says "we can't take the vehicles" but it is never explained why that is; why they can't take the vehicles.

Having watched the movie about 20 times over the years I still cannot ascertain the reason.

If you want to watch just click the button and enjoy!


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The Paradox

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On the conservative, libertarian side of US politics we think for ourselves; are not robots and obedient slaves like the Demoscum and left wingers in general.

Ted Cruz therefore leaves me in a paradoxical situation. I agree with absolutely everything he says - speeches, TV interviews, his podcast - he really speaks my language and it is refreshing in the age of the RINO to hear someone telling the truth, telling it like it is. Apart from during his 2016 Presidential campaign against the President, I find myself nodding my head rather vigorously whenever Cruz speaks. Marvelous!

But peculiar as it probably sounds, especially to left wingers who have this bizarre need to slavishly follow leaders whom they plonk on pedestals and convey supernatural qualities to - (however preposterously in the case of non entities like Norman Kirk) - I don't like Ted Cruz. There is something about him I just don't like. A kind of slimy creepiness which makes my skin crawl and no matter how much I try, which is 'not much' Sticking out tongue - simply cannot pretend to like Ted Cruz: the man.

The reasons for this (amongst others) are the following -

1. He's a Canadian (he's about as American as London Bridge!)
2. He has a stupid name (who names a child Rafael?!?)
3. He is uncircumcized (which always tells you everything Barf! you need to know about a chap!)
4. His father murdered JFK (just my little joke)
5. Then there is that stupid beard

My dislike of Cruz the man reached its pinnacle on election day 2018 when, on another website devoted to political debates, I urged conservatives in Texas not to vote for Cruz - despite the strong challenge from Beto - and if I had resided in the Lone Star State would not have voted for him myself. That post raised more than a few eyebrows amongst my friends! haha!

So yes, it is certainly a paradox; agree with him virtually 100% of the time yet dislike him almost as much. He is someone I definitely wouldn't want babysitting my children!

For those who are unaware - his podcast on is called "Verdict With Ted Cruz", his co-host is Michael Knowles from Daily Wire.


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October of 1973 there was what is known as the 'Oil Shock' where some Arab countries in the Middle East placed an embargo on oil to the West sending the price skyrocketing and hitting western economies like a front tire blowout as inflation soared to unprecedented levels causing enormous economic damage.

Over the next decade and a half there was much handwringing by Western governments; numerous policies to combat inflation were introduced (predictably, they all failed); living standards fell as prices inexorably rose. Not much fun for those who lived through it.

The exception, however, was Japan. They knew their economy was entirely dependent upon imports - they imported everything except rainwater! - and the oil shock was the worst thing imaginable (okay, that was a matter for debate in Hiroshima, but you know what I mean) and they were powerless to do much about it. And so unlike the West.....they didn't.

The Japanese government told its citizens they had a couple of difficult years ahead, government spending was quickly reduced, and people were told they would just have to live with inflation until it worked its way out of the system; just batten down the hatches and crack on with it. The Japanese complied as inflation rose substantially and unleashed havoc on their standard of living and economy. I do not want to understate the effect this had upon the average person in Japan - 20% inflation was no joke; housewives doing their shopping were horrified when prices had risen 5% since the previous week; businessmen started sweating when suppliers told them prices of necessary services were rising the following day. There was a sense of panic (insofar as the inscrutable Japanese do panic) and vast numbers of people spent twenty, thirty years of savings in a couple of years just to make ends meet.

As I say - this wasn't a joke!

However, after some often frightening times during 1974/75/76 with a raging fire of inflation scouring its way through the Japanese economy and national psyche, suddenly it was all over; overnight prices collapsed and inflation disappeared - and hasn't been back to Japan for a visit in 44 years. In the 1976 calendar year inflation was 23.8%; by the March 1977 quarter it was 0.7% - it was that quick.

As the West spent another decade trying one failed socialist policy after another to deal with inflation the Japanese were eating their lunch and buying up their countries.

Sorry for the history lesson, but my point is this - maybe the Japanese model for dealing with inflation should be adopted for other unforeseen and devastating events which affect the nations of the World; coronavirus, for instance. Perhaps telling elderly people and those with poor health to use a bit of commonsense, whilst borders and the economy is open for business is the way to go? there will be a few casualties along the way but life goes on.

Instead of the socialist model of seeking perfection - perfect people; perfect results - with endless "crackdowns" on everything from poverty to crime to coronavirus cases is not the way to go. The cost is too high. The results too uncertain. Perhaps the way to go is to let nature take its course and we will all be far better off in the long term......even if it means attention-seeking champagne socialists can't show off and virtue signal.


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guys have all the luck.... Eye

Musical Interlude

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Just the thing to get the juices flowing...


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all time favourite British actor is Ray Lonnen; he's just marvelous!

He appeared in numerous UK television shows in the 1970s, 80s, 90s always as the tough, principled chap doing what was right.

The peak of his career was probably the TV show "The Sandbaggers" in around 1979 where he played a spy; James Bond-esque. If you are at home on a wet weekend search for it on YouTube and binge watch the 20 episodes.

Lonnen, like so many of the best actors, was never able to parley his talent into becoming a major star, alas (God knows why he didn't replace Roger Moore as Bond in 1987).

In 1982 he starred in Harry's Game, adapted from a novel by Gerald Seymour, about attempts to track down an IRA assassin during "The Troubles". Another excellent performance you will enjoy.


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of the truly dreary aspects of my life is having to occasionally - (*shudder*) - visit the 'far now', Rawiri's family, in Opononi, in the Hokianga region. True horrors nobody should be subjected to; picture the scene: holidaying (!) for two weeks in the third world surrounded by Maoris and all their crap. The boozing, the parties, the 1940s decor, the lack of facilities, the criminals, the bad accents, the weed smoking, the collectivism. It's even worse than I am describing and can really get on your tits after a while!

What particularly annoys me; really sticks in my craw; is the Maori fashion of pretending every other man is a 'cousin' and female an 'auntie' - what utter nonsense, but that's their story and they stick to it. Over the last few years we would be plonked with some of Ra's "cuzzies" next door to his parents house and then the twilight zone would be activated.....

One curious result of having to do this every year is I am now utterly CONVINCED there is a God: He is clearly punishing me for my atheism Eye

Anyway, this year having made our way there in December (alas, had to take the socialist airline - Air New Zealand - from the Auckland to KeriKeri leg of the journey, rather than the private enterprise airline Jetstar), and having made a killing out of coronavirus hysteria on the sharemarket, decided we would all stay at the marvelous local hotel; best decision I have made for quite some time. It is at Omapere, quite close to Opononi - only about 10 minutes drive away - and was most impressive. Rawiri was a bit shocked at first but I said "you can either stay here with me and the children, or with your parents and pretend to be a Maori for a week or two". He chose 'civilisation' - and, predictably, did his parents and siblings whom I had also booked in! hahahahaha!

Two weeks lying by the pool (being served drinkies by the cute maori bartender), walking, fishing, swimming in the sea, socialising with the "far now", flirting with the cute maori guys in the area - (as an aside, for someone with a longstanding reputation for lechery - married Ra when he was 16 - it's amazing how susceptible to flattery, charm, and flirting these guys actually are! haha!) - and having an enormously enjoyable holiday in what is a beautiful part of New Zealand. Ironically, always felt the Hokianga is wasted on the locals! haha!

Here are some photographs of the hotel ......


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Has been 100 years since Agatha Christie had her first novel published; an entire century! Remarkable. I wanted to mark the occasion by posting the TV drama version of "The Mysterious Affair at Styles".

When published in January 1921 it was hardly a bestseller; Christie earned the grand total of 25 pounds in royalties from the book.

It was a good first effort; established a formula which was repeated for the next 55 years with enormous success.

There are a couple of drawbacks - the dialogue between various characters is exaggerated and rather silly; you may also want to question the plausibility of a person having a blazing argument and immediately changing their Will (really? seriously?).

Christie dealt with the "plausibility" issue immediately, for all her subsequent work, although she didn't solve the "silly dialogue" matter quite as quickly.

Her second novel "The Secret Adversary" also has over the top (childish) dialogue between Tommy and Tuppence when they first meet. Took Christie until her third novel to nip that in the bud.

So sit back, click the button, and enjoy....


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All this talk about invoking the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution - which (supposedly) gives Cabinet members and the VP the power to remove a President - is being done not, as everyone thinks, in order to remove President Trump from office, but rather to make everybody aware of that part of the Constitution; get them talking about it; 'normalize' it.

The reason is simple and obvious: for when it's invoked to remove Biden.

The talk now is so it isn't a shock when the real coup is put into action in due course. Nobody seriously believes it will occur in the next week or so (there's the slight matter of the million Trump supporters returning to DC but this time bringing their guns and nooses); it's just another con game.

There is something in the back of my mind; a little voice; an instinct, which still does not believe Joe Biden will be the US President. Seriously, things are so bizarre, so blatant, will only believe it when I see it. Can see Biden either suddenly (ahem) dropping dead in the next few days, or of him standing aside on the grounds of his age and senility in favor of Harris. If I had a spare million dollars and the TAB were taking such bets I'd be more inclined to place it on "President Harris" than on "President Biden".

An understandable outpouring of 'national mourning' for the dead Biden would be a way to unite the country; silence angry conservatives. Be rather bad form, bad taste, not to join in (however insincerely); November '63 and all that. Don't put anything past these sickos and their insanity! "Satanic" doesn't begin to describe the Demoscum leadership and their apparatchiks.

The other thought - (okay, bear with me here folks Eye haha!) - which leads me to not quite believe there will ever be such a thing as "President Biden", is a scenario like this:

1. Pence perhaps asked President Trump last week "So any idea of when you're planning to retire?"
2. The President, not realizing what he was actually being asked, foolishly gave an honest reply of "January 20th, 2025"
3. Pence clarified (giving Trump one final opportunity know) by then asking "Don't you mean your 76th birthday? June next year?"
4. Trump gave the wrong answer, yet again.
5. Pence only then - a week ago from now - decided to do the dirty on him; until then was more than happy to "do a Thomas Jefferson" and only count Trump electors in contested states.
6. The 25th Amendment is invoked in the next few days
7. Pence becomes President
8. Invokes the Insurrection Act and other legislation declaring Martial Law
9. Harris becomes VP (so she's happy)
10. Mitch remains Majority Leader (so he's happy)

This is real "House of Cards" stuff, I know - but as I say, just don't see "President Biden"; just don't see it

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