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My thoughts on various topics....

Socialism 101

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Imagine if you had spent your life living paycheque to paycheque; struggling financially. You have numerous dreams, things you would love to buy or do, but always a bit short of readies.

Then one day the Managing Director of your company stops by your desk and says "I have been keeping my eye on you for years; love how you always turn up on time, work hard, get the job done, do your best. I want to reward you with this cheque for $150,000 to show my appreciation. Oh and it's a 'gift' so tax free. Enjoy!!". Needless to say you are speechless; all your Christmases have come at once. You start thinking of that longish list of things you want to buy or do but never had the money.

The jetski, the holiday, the new clothes, the new car, the $75,000 lump sum into your Kiwisaver, the television set, the new lounge suite, paying off all your outstanding bills, you can pay your rent and utilities up a year in advance and really get ahead in life. You are over the moon at how well you are appreciated by your employer. This has made it all worthwhile.

At lunch you are still on your high and mention to the others in your team who are in the lunchroom that you just received a cheque for $150,000 and all the things you're going to do with the money. And your colleagues - Bob, Jill, and Tony - all burst out laughing. "We got our cheques last week, but ours were for $200,000" they inform you. Suddenly you go from a high to outrage; 'what the f**k??????' you think to yourself; Tony's a drunk and I have to cover for him most weeks! Jill is always late and can't work the new computer, I am always having to show her how; and Bob is simply incompetent, can't even file reports in the correct place!!

You are furious at this apparent betrayal; how little your boss values you; how could he pay them more than YOU?? - God this stinks to high heaven!

(Understand what Socialism is now? Eye haha!)


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of the funniest, but also the saddest, things about the left is how they have brainwashed young people into becoming activists. These people completely lose their minds; they are genuinely deranged and engage in mentally ill behavior. The ability to have supposedly rational people (and their parents, and upbringings, would indicate they are) engaging in hysteria is Salem Witch stuff; from The Crucible. This sort of activity was popular about 4 years ago during the early days of the Trump Presidency as vast numbers of pampered white upper middle class brats were videoed howling at the moon and completely taking leave of their senses; it's back folks!

Here is another example of it ....



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to see more and more conservatives not acting like cowering, feeble, spineless cowards - but fighting back against the filth.

"Gov. Greg Abbott (R) called on state legislators to bring him a bill declaring Texas a Second Amendment Sanctuary following executive actions on gun control announced by Joe Biden Thursday. After Biden imposed six new measures aimed at making it more difficult for Americans to obtain guns, Abbott shot back that “Biden is threatening our 2nd Amendment rights. He just announced a new liberal power grab to take away our guns,” Abbott declared on Twitter, adding, “We will NOT allow this in TX. It’s time to get legislation making TX a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State passed and to my desk for signing,” the governor stated.


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has been strong criticism of the following...

1. A requirement to stand in line - perhaps for hours - and no one allowed to give you food or water.

2. A requirement for photo ID

3. A cut off date which cannot be altered

4. A requirement to appear in person, not remotely

5. A requirement to pay a tax in order to participate

6. The difficulties all of the above create for poor black people

7. The deterrent it creates for poor black people

Is this criticism of the new Georgia voting laws which came into force last week, you ask?
Is this evidence of "Jim Crow" (instituted by the Demoscum Party) returning from the grave?
Is this evidence of the end of the world, perhaps?
Is this evidence of virulent racism of breathtaking proportions? these are the requirements everybody needs to undertake in order to check in and board any flight with Delta Airlines Eye

It seems not quite everything is.... "unacceptable and don't match Delta's values"



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somebody please explain to me when rabbits started getting infected with coronavirus?!?


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love the Arkansas State Legislature! marvelous folk!

The best law on the books in that fine American state is the one surrounding the issue of surrogacy. In short, the law makes Arkansas the best place in the world to enter into a surrogacy arrangement - so everybody can have a family; have made use of it on several occasions haha! The law also makes it clear that the man (ie: me) is the sole parent of the child; cut and dried.

Arkansas has also the 2nd best law on the books with a strong stand against the Trannie hoax; calling "B*llshit!!" on the load of old cobblers which everyone has bought into for several years, and passed a law which stops this nonsense in its tracks. No attention seeking children get their lives ruined, no show off sicko parents get to destroy the lives of their children to impress their friends. The notion there are more than two genders is preposterous, just as the notion a 7 year old knows his own mind is utterly preposterous (I can assure you from daily experience haha!)

The idiot Governor disgraced himself by vetoing the bill, simply to impress socialists - (akin to throwing your children at a hungry lion in the hope it'll be too full by the time it gets to you) - but the legislature overwhelmingly overrode that veto. Thank god for Arkansas!

Question Of The Day...

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In all of history, has yelling "Stop! Thief!" ever actually worked?


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the CEO of the socialist airline (Air New Zealand) on Duncan Garner's show this morning; what a wanker! the impression he gave me was of someone very deceitful; his eyes. Seen that before with a couple of con artists with larcenous intent. Concerning. He then confirmed it by bemoaning not having seen his three children (who live in Australia) for two years, and thinks sooooooo much of them he will visit them by cashing in...... his free flights! Shocked (he views his children as some sort of tax deduction?!?)

Anyway, with this grifter in charge here is what a future Air New Zealand ad will almost certainly be.....(get ready to barf!)

"We are building a company where transgendered vegan pilots can fly in gluten free safe spaces at four times the speed of sound. We believe that hydraulic systems on supersonic aircraft running on soy milk will save our planet so our grandchildren will live long enough to protest ideas we cannot even dream of, and tear down statues of heroes yet to come"

David Lewis

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has yet another brilliant daily email....

Media companies build narratives.

But, at a deeper level, they are building a world they want to live in, and they want everyone else to live in it, too… including you.

Your options are:

Live in their world or,
Build the world you want to live in
If you want to live in their world, that’s easy. Stop questioning The Narrative™, shut off your brain, and stop questioning things.

This is discussed in detail in the New York Times article, titled:

“Don’t Go Down the Rabbit Hole: Critical thinking, as we’re taught to do it, isn’t helping in the fight against misinformation.”

In their world, “misinformation” is whatever goes against authority figures and the official story. Your time is way too precious to spend it questioning authorities, and you should instead accept the official story and go about your day doing whatever it is the authorities think you should be doing with your time.

Any “critical thinking” shall either be done for you, or you can do it within defined parameters… set by authorities.

For example, in the article, the author recommends using this abbreviated fact-checking system:

“1. Stop. 2. Investigate the source. 3. Find better coverage. 4. Trace claims, quotes and media to the original context. Otherwise known as SIFT.”

On the surface of it, it seems very reasonable, very logical, and thus very easy to accept and follow.

In fact, who could or would argue with that approach, when presented that way?

But, such surface logic is always exposed as spurious when exposed to the unrelenting light of full, integrated, wide-scope honesty and accountability…. What the NY Times really advocates is searching in The Google, and using the top few results because “…the good information is usually near the top”.

The reality is… Google doesn’t know how to fact check. It ranks websites based on a linking algorithm, based largely on perceived website authority and popularity, not *accuracy* of said content.

Ultimately, the way we’re told to discover truth is to get less information, not more. And, to trust authority and “scientific consensus”, not our own minds and independent judgment.

More from the article:

“The four steps are based on the premise that you often make a better decision with less information than you do with more.”

If only Aristotle, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, von Mises, and Musk had taken the same approach, we wouldn’t be burdened with their radical “misinformation”, scientific and technological advancements, and insights.

Of course, you still have the right to worship authority in America, and thus are free to accept such authority and live by consensus.

If, on the other hand, you want to become a Rogue Citizen, it will require a complete and total shift in mindset. I don’t like the word “paradigm shift”, but I don’t have a better phrase for it. Being a “rogue” in today’s world means you will be branded as “one of them” — the “bad guys” — and you will receive no help, and no support, from the traditional power and influence structures. And probably, you will end up with a sling of arrows in your back at some point.

I realize I’m not exactly painting an enticing picture here, and I fully expect many (maybe most) people to shrug and reject at least some of the more radical elements of this approach.

Some of the rewards are somewhat unattractive to many. But, some are very attractive (to certain folks). For example, rejecting authority and consensus means you’re free to question authority, think for yourself, determine your destiny......


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as it may sound but since January 20th I have (boycotted probably isn't the correct word) - but I have taken a break from US news and politics. No Tucker, no Bill Whittle; nothing.

Was just so disgusted with the coup - and the cowardice of conservative America.

Until today! And pleasantly surprised to learn two things (for the first time). First, that there will be a recall election for Newsome; marvelous! Secondly, a new voting law in Georgia to prevent Demoscum stealing of future elections. Better late than never haha!

I have voted in California elections since 1996 - despite never having actually been there Sticking out tongue haha! - and one thing I will say is the elections are secure; periodically have to confirm my NZ address, and always have to provide a signed photocopy of my passport.

I may not like California election results, but voter fraud simply isn't possible. So good on Georgia for tightening things up so your neighbour's dog isn't voting - as blatantly happened in January


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freeway underpass; lots of teenage runaways standing around warming themselves by a fire. I walk by, everyone starts lusting after ; "oh our savior has arrived!" - they shout in unison. I see the kid who is celebrating his 16 birthday, sitting on a tire, looking forlorn; innocent and fragile. He sees me; our gazes lock...

One thing I am an expert on is 1990 still life paintings. I knew the artist long before he could paint. The sandhills were much bigger then; horses, cattle, expert stonemasonry all through the valley.

But why a cheese factory; why not chocolate or textiles? Those questions went unanswered as the dray horse pulled the wagon and deliveries were made.

He melts into my arms..."I am now legal Mr Human God - please take my virginity; I want to experience the greatest rapture of my young life"

A group of cattle men are busy taking 1000 longhorns from Texas to Kansas city, all very John Wayne; a spaceship is seen in the night sky with "Foo Fighters" on their stereo.

Nixon and Beethoven engage in bareknuckle boxing on the front lawn. The blood spurts everywhere; my money is on the composer. The 16 year old has a pleading look on his face. Get the impression if I don't take his.....Oh "This Must Be The Place" by Talking Heads starts playing; I love this song!!

An eagle flies overhead. Sharks are spotted in the Estuary swimming northeasterly. Is that really a firs5 edition you are reading; Bruce never said anything to me about it.

The sheriff's deputy covers the face of the victim; one of the street urchin kids OD'd on heroin. The Catholic Priest with the green hat asks to sodomize the corpse - sick f*ck.

The cattlemen have reached the Kansas border; buy a bottle or two of Bourbon and invite me to play drinking games and cards.

Oh look, the kid from Brazil is circumcized. The wolf pack travels in formation; conscious of potential dangers; on guard. Seeking prey from the sheep in the paddock.

The farmer rolls a cigarette. Maybe the next barn dance will reveal all; what use would a diamond be to him, anyways?

Daddy creeps up on a misbehaving Samuel with a belt in his hand; maniacal look upon his face; 1988 all over again, he wonders?


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the past week the Sydney Morning Herald has been running a sickening campaign attacking the Morrison government with a series of articles about the need to supposedly "protect" the womenfolk. Apparently women are fragile little petals who will break and shatter into a million pieces of a man says "Boo!" to them; unable to compete on equal terms; requiring special treatment - and therefore the sneering claims of misogynists ("better not leave the kitchen or something bad may happen") are, presumably, quite valid Sticking out tongue haha!

The lack of understanding as to how all this nonsense actually proves what women-haters have been saying for a century, is entirely lost on the woke Sydney Morning Herald. Breathtaking in their ignorance.

Anyway, the line they have been taking - that Liberal MPs and staffers are all sexual maniacs requiring strict controls to protect women - has had the effect on readers of.....precisely zero. None of these obvious beat up stories has made the Top 10 most read; all greeted with a huge yawn; Sydneysiders can smell B/S a mile away. How frustrating it must be in the newsroom that it's having no effect on anybody. Today they are reduced to having Peter Hartcher write an hilarious editorial about how Scott Morrison is finished; oh yes indeedy! on his last legs! (no doubt they are cringing at ALP headquarters)


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As a word to the wise...

1. Coronavirus is a hoax.

2. The vaccine contains HIV; this has been shown to be manifestly true by tests conducted on it.

3. It is designed to murder vast swathes of the worldwide population, to assuage the insanity of certain billionaire sickos (Turner, Gates, Soros etc)

4. If you act like a Slave-Pig, up on your hind legs going "Oink! Oink!", and obediently complying - (as you've spent your life doing) - with whatever the Guv'mun tells you're a dead man walking.

5. Any questions?


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have long dismissed that dreadful Ardern woman is nothing more than a silly 8 year old girl - and with good reason! Her inability to engage in fairly basic logical thought; to see why simply wishing something to be so cannot suddenly make it so; the sort of stuff the average moronic 8 year old girl does. Ardern hasn't progressed beyond 1988 - the days of Lange's "cup of tea", Dave Dobbyn singing "Loyal", Lindsay on television every night; Ron Reagan was in the White House.

She's a sort of modern day Veruca Salt! - a figure of fun; not to be taken seriously (I never have) haha!

Anyway, a perfect example of her infantilism is the increase in the minimum wage to $20 per hour from today. Whilst playing with dolls and thinking she is some kind of 'fairy princess', in a world of make believe, increasing the minimum wage works perfectly (so there! you big meanie); it also works perfectly when the current Cabinet used to debate it in the University common room when they were 18 years old and knew it all. By magic they eliminated poverty. It was all so easy....(in a world of make believe).

However, here on earth in the real World what has happened today is an economic and social disaster. A generation of young people have just been consigned to a life on the dole, various people already on the breadline will be joining them as businessmen shed staff, and the long term consequences are horrific to contemplate.

The fact is most people are employed by businessmen; most people are not on the Wellington gravy train scamming the taxpayer. Few businessmen take seriously the notion that a teenager fresh out of high school should be paid $800 per week; add into the mix other groups of rubbish - (Maoris, Islanders, Negro immigrants from BongoBongo Land, tattooed bearded filth, odious 'Karen' females returning to the workforce, working class Irish catholics etc) - and it's so laughable as to not being worth debating. No businessman takes such nonsense seriously. It wasn't that long ago you could employ a servant full time for $320 per week!

One interesting side effect - apart from mass unemployment - of this increase could well be a dramatic improvement in productivity. As businessmen find they can get along just fine and dandy with three staff instead of five whilst pocketing the money saved as a dividend - (the rich getting richer, as nature intended! hahahaha!!) - it may turn out to be the answer to a long term, structural problem with the New Zealand economy: that far too many people are employed vis-a-vis the economy's size. Maybe some good will come out of this nonsense?

Oh dear

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G. Gordon Liddy has died. He was a great American patriot and his death should sadden everybody. After a career in the FBI he was employed by the White House in 1971 to hunt down filth, and was outstandingly successful in this capacity; unfortunately he and others were caught during the Watergate break-in. If only President Trump had employed 20 guys like this *sigh*

Here is his biography on Wikipedia........

George Gordon Battle Liddy (November 30, 1930 – March 30, 2021) was an American lawyer, FBI agent, talk show host, actor, and figure in the Watergate scandal as the chief operative in the White House Plumbers unit during the Nixon administration. Liddy was convicted of conspiracy, burglary, and illegal wiretapping for his role in the scandal.[1]

Working alongside E. Howard Hunt, Liddy organized and directed the burglary of the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate building in May and June 1972. After five of Liddy's operatives were arrested inside the DNC offices on June 17, 1972, subsequent investigations of the Watergate scandal led to Nixon's resignation in 1974. Liddy was convicted of burglary, conspiracy, and refusing to testify to the Senate committee investigating Watergate. He served nearly fifty-two months in federal prisons.[2]

He later joined with Timothy Leary for a series of debates on multiple college campuses, and similarly worked with Al Franken in the late 1990s. Liddy served as a radio talk show host from 1992 until his retirement on July 27, 2012.[3] His radio show as of 2009 was syndicated in 160 markets by Radio America and on both Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio stations in the United States.[4] He was a guest panelist for Fox News Channel in addition to appearing in a cameo role or as a guest celebrity talent on several television shows.

Liddy was born in Brooklyn, New York,[5] to Sylvester James Liddy and Maria (née Abbaticchio). His maternal grandfather was of Italian descent. Liddy was raised in Hoboken[6] and West Caldwell, New Jersey. He was named for George Gordon Battle, a New York City attorney and Tammany Hall DA nominee who had mentored Liddy's father.[citation needed]

Liddy spent grades 1 through 3 at the Academy of the Sacred Heart. He was enrolled in the fourth grade at SS Peter and Paul Parochial School. He was enrolled in St. Aloysius Parochial School at the sixth grade level in September 1941. He graduated in 1944 and in September of that year he entered Saint Benedict's Preparatory School in Newark, New Jersey, from which he graduated in June 1948, aged 17.

Liddy was educated at Fordham University, graduating in 1952. While at Fordham he was a member of the National Society of Pershing Rifles. Following graduation, Liddy joined the United States Army, serving for two years as an artillery officer during the Korean War. He remained stateside for medical reasons. He returned to New York City in 1954 to attend Fordham University School of Law, earning a position on the Fordham Law Review. After graduating from law school in 1957, he worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) under J. Edgar Hoover.

In Denver, on September 10, 1960, Liddy apprehended Ernest Tait, one of two persons to be a two-time Ten Most Wanted fugitive.[7] At age 29, Liddy became the youngest[8] Bureau Supervisor at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. A protege of deputy director Cartha DeLoach,[1] Liddy became part of director J. Edgar Hoover's personal staff and became his ghostwriter.[8] Amongst his fellow agents he had a reputation for recklessness[1][9][10] and was known primarily for two incidents.[11] The first was an arrest in Kansas City, Missouri, during a black bag job; he was released after calling Clarence M. Kelley, former FBI agent and chief of the Kansas City Police.[1][11] The second was running an FBI background check on his future wife before their marriage in 1957,[1][11] which Liddy later referred to as "purely a routine precautionary measure".[12]

Before leaving the FBI, Liddy pursued his contacts for bar admissions. Furthermore, his admission to the United States Supreme Court was moved by Solicitor General Archibald Cox.[13]

Liddy resigned from the FBI in 1962 and worked as a lawyer in New York City until 1966. He was then hired by District Attorney Raymond Baratta as a prosecutor in Dutchess County, New York, after interviewing and providing references from the FBI.[8] In 1966, he led a drug raid on the Hitchcock Estate (then occupied by Timothy Leary) in Millbrook, New York, leading to an unsuccessful trial. Although the case generated much publicity, other lawyers complained that Liddy received credit for something in which he played a relatively small role.[8][9] He was also reprimanded for firing a revolver at the ceiling in a courtroom.[9][10] A Liddy-directed politically motivated[clarification needed] drug raid on Bard College in 1969 involved, among others, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, who later formed the band Steely Dan and wrote the song "My Old School" about the raid. Liddy is referred to in the lyrics as "Daddy Gee."[14]

During this period, he ran unsuccessfully for the post of District Attorney. In 1968, he ran for the United States House of Representatives in New York's 28th congressional district. Employing the slogan "Gordon Liddy doesn't bail them out; he puts them in", he lost to Hamilton Fish IV in a close race.[12]

Beginning in 1970, he worked with Egil "Bud" Krogh, Gordon Strachan and David Young as an aide to Domestic Affairs Advisor John D. Ehrlichman in the Executive Office of the President. He nominally served as general counsel to the finance committee of the Committee to Re-elect the President (CRP) from 1971 to 1972.[15] Subsequently, Krogh, Liddy, Young and Erlichman were indicted for conspiracy to commit burglary in September 1973.[16]

In 1971, after serving in several positions in the Nixon administration, Liddy was moved to Nixon's 1972 re-election campaign in order to extend the scope and reach of the White House "Plumbers" unit, which had been created in response to damaging leaks of information to the press.[17]

At CRP, Liddy concocted several plots in early 1972, collectively known under the title "Operation Gemstone". Some of these were far-fetched, intended to embarrass the Democratic opposition.[18] These included kidnapping anti-war protest organizers and transporting them to Mexico during the Republican National Convention (which at the time was planned for San Diego), as well as luring mid-level Democratic campaign officials to a house boat in Miami, where they would be secretly photographed in compromising positions with prostitutes. Most of Liddy's ideas were rejected by Attorney General John N. Mitchell (who became campaign manager in March 1972), but a few were given the go-ahead by Nixon administration officials, including the 1971 break-in at Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office in Los Angeles. Ellsberg had leaked the Pentagon Papers to The New York Times.[19] At some point, Liddy was instructed to break into the Democratic National Committee offices in the Watergate Complex.

Liddy was the Nixon administration liaison and leader of the group of five men who broke into the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate Complex. At least two separate entries were made in May and June 1972; the burglars were apprehended on June 17.[20] The purposes of the break-in were never conclusively established. The burglars sought to place wiretaps and planned to photograph documents. Their first attempt had led to improperly-functioning recording devices being installed. Liddy did not actually enter the Watergate Complex at the time of the burglaries; rather, he admitted to supervising the second break-in which he coordinated with E. Howard Hunt, from a room in the adjacent Watergate Hotel. Liddy was convicted of conspiracy, burglary, and illegal wiretapping.[21]

Liddy was sentenced to a 20-year prison term and was ordered to pay $40,000 in fines. He began serving the sentence on January 30, 1973. On April 12, 1977, President Jimmy Carter commuted Liddy's sentence to eight years, "in the interest of equity and fairness based on a comparison of Mr. Liddy's sentence with those of all others convicted in Watergate related prosecutions", leaving the fine in effect.[22] Carter's commutation made Liddy eligible for parole as of July 9, 1977. Liddy was released on September 7, 1977, after serving a total of four and a half years of incarceration.

In 1980, Liddy published an autobiography, titled Will, which sold more than a million copies and was made into a television movie. In it he states that he once made plans with Hunt to kill journalist Jack Anderson, based on a literal interpretation of a Nixon White House statement "we need to get rid of this Anderson guy".[19][23]

In the mid-1980s Liddy went on the lecture circuit, being listed as the top speaker on the college circuit in 1982 by The Wall Street Journal. He later joined with LSD proponent Timothy Leary on a series of debates billed as Nice Scary Guy vs Scary Nice Guy on the college circuit as well; Leary had once been labeled by Liddy's ex-employer Richard Nixon as "the most dangerous man in America." The lectures were the subject of a 1983 documentary film Return Engagement. Liddy remained in the public eye with two guest appearances on the television series Miami Vice as William "Captain Real Estate" Maynard, a shadowy former covert operations officer whom Sonny Crockett knew from his military service in South Vietnam.[24]

In 1994 the British documentary company Brian Lapping Associates sent producers Norma Percy and Paul Mitchell to interview many of the conspirators for its series titled Watergate in which an unrepentant Liddy talked frankly about his role. He was filmed at home while sitting in front of his sizeable collection of firearms, coolly handling a pistol and describing "how he had been ready, if ordered, to go straight out and kill Jack Anderson, the Washington columnist."[25] It was made clear that, at the time of filming, the gun collection was registered in his wife’s name, since he was ineligible for a license.

Liddy appeared in the 1993 Golden Book Video release of Encyclopedia Brown: The Case of the Burgled Baseball Cards as Corky Lodato. In Miami Vice, he acted with John Diehl, who would later go on to portray Liddy himself in Oliver Stone's movie Nixon (1995). Liddy's other TV guest credits include Airwolf, MacGyver and the short-lived The Highwayman. Comic book author Alan Moore has stated that the character of The Comedian (a.k.a. Edward Blake) from his graphic novel Watchmen was based in a large part on Liddy.[26] In the 1979 TV adaptation of John Dean's book Blind Ambition, Liddy was played by actor William Daniels.

In the early 1980s, Liddy joined forces with former Niles, Illinois, policeman and co-owner of The Protection Group, Ltd., Thomas E. Ferraro, Jr., to launch a private security and countersurveillance firm called G. Gordon Liddy & Associates.

In 1992, he emerged to host his own talk radio show. Less than a year later, its popularity led to national syndication through Viacom's Westwood One Network and through Radio America, in 2003. Liddy's show ended on July 27, 2012.[3]

In 1999, Liddy was sued for defamation by Ida "Maxie" Wells, a secretary whose desk at the Democratic National Committee Headquarters at the Watergate was said to have been a target of the last Watergate break-in in order to find evidence related to an alleged prostitution ring kept in Wells' desk. Wells' suit accused Liddy of defamation.[27] Liddy denied the allegation, and the judge dismissed the suit, commenting that "no 'reasonable jury' could have found in favor of the plaintiff." [28]

In addition to Will, he wrote the nonfiction books, When I Was a Kid, This Was a Free Country (2002), and Fight Back! Tackling Terrorism, Liddy Style (2006, with his son,[29] Cdr. James G. Liddy, along with J. Michael Barrett and Joel Selanikio). He also published two novels: Out of Control (1979) and The Monkey Handlers (1990).

Liddy was one of many people interviewed for the biography of Abbie Hoffman, Steal this Dream, by Larry "Ratso" Sloman.

Liddy acted in several films, including Street Asylum, Feds, Adventures in Spying, Camp Cucamonga, and Rules of Engagement. He appeared on such television shows as The Highwayman, Airwolf, Fear Factor, Perry Mason, and MacGyver. He had recurring roles in Miami Vice and Super Force, and guest starred in Al Franken's LateLine. On April 7, 1986, he appeared at WrestleMania II as a guest judge for a boxing match between Mr. T (with Joe Frazier and The Haiti Kid) versus Roddy Piper (with Bob Orton and Lou Duva).[24]

Liddy co-starred on 18 Wheels of Justice as the crime boss Jacob Calder from January 12, 2000, to June 6, 2001.

Liddy appeared on a celebrity edition Fear Factor, the show's series finale, on September 12, 2006 (filmed in November 2005). At 75 years of age, Liddy was the oldest contestant ever to appear on the show. Liddy beat the competition in the first two stunts, winning two motorcycles custom built by Metropolitan Chopper. Liddy also appeared as a celebrity partner for a week in April 1987 on the game show Super Password, playing against Betty White.

He was also an interviewee in the documentary The U.S. vs. John Lennon as well as a commercial spokesman for Rosland Capital, selling gold on television commercials.[30]

Liddy was married to Frances Purcell-Liddy, a native of Poughkeepsie, New York, for 53 years until her death on February 5, 2010. She was an educator.[31] The couple had five children and twelve grandchildren. Liddy died on March 30, 2021, at age 90, at his daughter's house in Fairfax County, Virginia.[32]


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a few hours another tax year comes to an ignominious end. For the 26th year in a row I have made (yet) another "loss" from my business activities - (I know: gutting!) - and won't be troubling the tax authorities for another year

One of the best ways to avoid paying any of the silly income taxes which are levied in New Zealand is to make donations to charity. Many folk are under a huge misapprehension about this, thinking that 'charity' means giving food or lodging to ghastly poor people and tramps (ie: the city mission), when in actual fact a very small percentage of registered charities in NZ undertake such revolting activities.

Churches (yes, yes I know Sticking out tongue haha!), sports clubs, museums, art galleries, music organizations - and various other things - are "charities" for tax purposes; your donations result in a 33.33% tax credit and there is still time (you have until midnight) to find a couple of organizations you think rather highly of and donate money to them to trouser the tax credit.

The other thing about New Zealand is we do not have a capital gains tax. So why not take that out for a spin?

Let's say you earned $100,000 in legitimate income; let's say you play the sharemarkets of the World and made, say, $300,000 in tax free capital gains. The income tax on $100,000 is $23,900. You could make $72,000 in donations (from untaxed capital gains) to various favourite charities (Chamber Music NZ, various NZ Jewish organizations, Surf Lifesaving, or the free Charity Hospitals, for instance). You then cop a tax credit of.....$23,997 to offset against the $23,900 you owe! haha!

It genuinely astonishes me that so many folk have vast assets, huge capital gains - untaxed money - whilst handing over their hard earned "income" dollars to the taxman. Madness! why not make use of the tax free money in a way which means you keep all the taxable money? in the words of that Helmsley woman "taxes are for little people" - and she was sooooooooooo right!!! let the little men, the losers, chip in obediently like slaves; people like us never should, no man with any gumption should ever act in such a pathetic, degrading fashion.


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this is interesting.....

1. A virulently left wing government is re-elected in New Zealand

2. They unleash a truly bizarre agenda of dogma, ideology, and series of failed policies

3. Central to that is Housing

4. They are basically making an "all in" bet on housing succeeding.

5. They also start supporting Communist China in so many areas

6. In contrast to, say, Australia; a major Chinese critic

7. Meanwhile, across town.....

8. A billionaire tycoon owes various US investment banks around $5 billion

9. A couple of less than subtle chaps take him to lunch. For a wee chat.

10. Suddenly, to universal astonishment, it is announced that timber will no longer be supplied to two major building supply companies

11. Throwing a huge spanner in the works of a proposed house building program

12. Knee capping said government's cornerstone policy after a mere 4 days

13. Any housebuilding undertakings are now - in effect - ended. Before they began.

14. Along with the credibility of said government.

It may sound a bit far fetched, except for one itsy bitsy thing: the CIA lacks imagination! Sticking out tongue - similar tactics were employed elsewhere, at other times; it's sort of "obvious" what is going on. Unsubtle, unimaginative. Par for the course.

(are you thinking what I am thinking?)


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I finished my latest diary - (came to the end of the book); so ends book (volume?) 83 of my occasionally interesting but certainly well chronicled life. Been keeping a diary since 1985. One thing which I have always done in case my diaries should come into the wrong hands is use a series of euphemisms - code words - so nobody would know what I was talking about. Some examples are -

1. Danish Beef Exporters Association - (for sexual conquests)

2. Moondog Radio Show - (money)

3. Riverboat repairs - (being pissed)

4. Invercargill Baseball Club - (my customers)

5. Communist Newsletter - (libertarian activities)

6. Cane 'em - (NZ Government)

7. Porky - (Maoris)

8. Rebus - (Agatha Christie novels)

9. Gas Chamber - (poor people)

10. Playmate - (classical music)

All good fun! Anyway, I was flicking through some old volumes - trip down memory lane - and had completely forgotten something; an event had slipped my mind!

Yesterday was a notable "anniversary" - (in the unlikely event anyone doubted I actually am a dominant alpha male, or a great Sex on Eye Sticking out tongue haha!) - because on March 29th, 1997 I had sex with the largest number of guys in a single day ever. That day I rooted 11 (not a misprint) different guys at the old Menfriends gay sauna; yes I know - veeeery impressive! This was when it was in Lichfield street, the original venue, before being destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. Had a few 4s and 5s since then (as you do) but never come anywhere near repeating 11 in a single day. Ahhhhhhhhhh....the joys of my wayward youth.


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this is what I enjoy doing....


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dear friend David Lewis has another daily email which you will enjoy - will be nodding your head as you read.....

My “arch enemy” Dave Ramsey was recently interviewed about the idea of a stimulus plan.

I’m not sure why, and I don’t know how often he does these kinds of interviews because I don’t follow him that closely anymore.

But, he did end up saying something interesting in the interview:

“I don’t believe in a stimulus check because if $600 or $1400 changes your life you were pretty much screwed already. You got other issues going on.”

It got me thinking about how so many businesses owe their survival to those PPP loans.

Don’t get me wrong.

Lots of businesses probably needed them because they were forced to close down shop because the government said so.

At the same time, those same businesses also didn’t have any savings. Most businesses — especially restaurants — have maybe days or weeks of cash on hand.

Not enough to survive a year of not making money.

In fact, I’m willing to bet most of those businesses who are in trouble now thought it was dumb to save up a year’s worth of expenses.

After all, if you run a successful restaurant or whatever, you’re not inclined to think you’ll not be making money at some point in the future.

But what happens if you aren’t?

That’s why those folks are in trouble now.

I think in the Myers-Briggs test, those people would be “S” people. I’m not an expert by any means in that stuff, but I think those who have “S” in their personality type find it hard to think outside of the present moment. It’s hard to plan for the future or even think about it. I’m not here to cast moral judgment on those folks. It is what it is.

But it does make sense why so many folks would be caught off guard by that.

Anyway, regardless of your personality type, you need your business open. You need income.

One $1,400 check ain’t gonna help.

Even $100,000 or even $1 million or more of PPP or EIDL loans aren’t going to help you.

But this is what a lot of people are doing. They’re going down this road of being indebted to the federal government.

They believe they’re doing the best thing possible.

Government has somehow convinced private businesses to do the same thing that the government does: when in trouble, borrow more money.

How amusing.

In my heretical opinion, the government can’t manage money — despite employing an army of economists and accountants, it can’t balance a budget, it runs a deficit every year, and… have you seen the national debt lately?

I mean, they can’t intelligently manage money even accidentally. By the government’s own admission, the Social Security program is the most efficient government program in existence by a wide margin, and… it’s *still* going broke.

Why anyone in their right mind want to copy that sort of institutionalized failure as a business model is beyond me.

I just don’t get it.

I know that’s going to trigger some folks.

That’s not my intention.

So, like it, hate it… troll me if you have to.

Shoot the messenger.

It won’t change anything.

Anyway, that’s all i got today.


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1000 views! I had no idea when I commenced this blog it would be so popular. Thanks chaps! Laughing out loud

Musical Interlude - Bonus

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Despite its "obscurity" (to put it mildly! haha!) this is my favourite Ian Hunter song - You Can't Live In The Past.

Being Friday I suggest you pour a wee drinkie, sit in your favourite chair, watch the sunset, and push play.....


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Australian left wing media is quickly moving beyond the pale with the Christian Porter Affair. A series of stories in the Sydney Morning Herald today take the "we all know he's guilty, but can't say so" line. Appalling.

Only David Crowe in an Editorial provides any sort of balance - pointing out a similar allegation was made against Bill Shorten, former Labor leader. He also notes the media and opponents gave Shorten a fairly easy ride. Although the tone of Crowe's Editorial is still that Porter is guilty (we ALL know he is, comrades) and they even provide the phone number of Lifeline at the bottom of the article (wink wink).

But I recall when the Shorten allegations were made - you were attacked as engaging in smears if you mentioned it!

The double standard, the obvious "Liberal means guilty/Labor means innocent" attitude - with little done to disguise such an attitude - is actually quite sickening and degrading. These people are soooooo loathsome, aren't they?


Mr_Lineberry's picture

are always better across the Tasman Sea haha! (have you noticed that?). My faith in the future of Australia has been restored.

Let me give you a brief background - a woman alleged the Attorney General, Christian Porter, raped her in 1988; she is deceased having topped herself last year. Porter denied the allegation last week. The left wingers are all handwringing and engaging in the usual fake stuff. Porter consulted lawyers regarding the attacks upon him. The CEO of the law firm (the usual incompetent feminazi promoted because she was a woman "to make it look good") immediately emailed the 2000 staff expressing horror the Firm was providing legal services to Porter. In this she was eagerly supported by 'the usual suspects' (such as the Sydney Morning Herald) on the left.

Anyway - the law firm partners aren't standing for any of it; this nasty bitch has been fired! hahahahahahaha!!

According to the Australian Financial Review - "...MinterEllison board chairman David O’Brien had told chief executive Annette Kimmitt her services were no longer required following a meeting on Tuesday.."

The law firm's partner who Christian Porter consulted, a man called Bartlett, is quoted as saying “I would have thought that a majority of our partners would believe that everyone is entitled to a presumption of innocence and legal representation”. - this in response to the email this silly cow sent to the entire staff, basically saying Porter was guilty and how appalling it was they were giving him legal advice.

Two things spring to mind - first, how shocking that a major law firm has people working for it who work against the interests of clients; two, that in New Zealand and America the firm would have stood by the CEO and ended its relationship with Porter immediately!

How refreshing, how marvelous, how exhilarating that people are fighting back against 'Cancel Culture' and the left wing mob!!!! This is another example of why I love Australians so much; the finely tuned Bullshit Radar, the sense of fair play, the sense of right and wrong - qualities long since lost in New Zealand. Let's hope this is the first major victory - first in a very, very long list of victories - in the war against the left wing mob in Australia, that further eviscerating of the filth is undertaken.



Mr_Lineberry's picture

I have just been informed I made a dreadful error of judgement. The details are not important, suffice to say my strong criticisms of a couple of people was mistaken. They did in fact do a certain undertaking at the time requested; I hadn't noticed. Feeling awfully embarrassed about this. Sorry chaps.

Musical Interlude

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Time for a break from all the loathsomeness of contemporary New Zealand, wouldn't you agree?

The marvelous, brilliant Ian Hunter performing at the Isle of Wight Festival in 2013. Amazing when you think of how old he was then (and now!). Great musician!!


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in 2004 I moved to Wanganui; marvelous place. After a lifetime plagued by a certain medical condition I finally found a specialist (in Wanganui of all places! haha!) who was able and prepared to treat me. So I relocated to the River City and spent 3 or 4 days per week with this Doctor chappie submitting to his various experiments. To cut a long story short - it was a slow, often painful process, but it worked!

By moving to Wanganui I was several hundred miles away from friends and business associates, and rather pleased about that. No longer having irresponsible folk around was a blessed relief.

What I was unaware of for some considerable time was a childish whispering campaign going on, accusing me of all manner of bizarre things. The most serious of these accusations I later sued over and was awarded a couple of hundred thousand in damages (the other party is literally a "proven liar" haha!). There was other, less serious - and actually quite amusing - whispering occurring including the claim I was the instigator of some kind of James Bond spy ring (; that I was rooting half of Wanganui; that I was skimming profits from under the nose of the IRD (okay, that one was true Eye haha!); that I was running a brothel (!); that I was buying up lots of commercial real estate in Wanganui; that Wanganui was where I had "hidden all the loot!". You get the general idea.

Breathtaking isn't it? Hilarious isn't it?

Anyway, my point is this: like all malicious gossip it was (presumably) meant to hurt me, to damage me; an attitude of "Aha! now people will hear the evidence! about him". Except I didn't know a thing about it; I really had cut myself off from everybody and was blissfully unaware of anything being said.

Therefore I was roaring with laughter earlier this week reading Michael Bassett's essay on his website free-speech-and-the-new-zealand-herald.

The NZ Herald and the left wing milieu were all patting each other on the back - "Aha! we canceled him! we got him brovvers" - for having pulled a blog post from the Herald website; except the only person who knew nothing about it was.......Michael Bassett Sticking out tongue

Read this was rather evocative because like me in 2004 Michael Bassett had no idea what was going on, no idea anything had occurred, didn't even know his essay was on the NZ Herald website, and as the wankers congratulated each other was blissfully detached from the entire caper. You really do have to wonder about some people; little people; losers.....


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have previously posted a couple of things from our dear friend David Lewis from Monegenix. Here is his daily email today (slightly edited for relevance)....

Back when I was a kid, I remember riding my bike down the street, with no helmet or safety gear at all.

Parents made me walk more than a mile to school.

Had to fend for myself (more or less) against bullies.

When I got my driver’s license, cell phones weren’t as commonplace as they are now.

No kid had one, and even most adults didn’t have one.

Smart phones weren’t even a thing.

Maybe you could buy a palm pilot or the early blackberries or something but it wasn’t anything like today’s smartphones.

As a result, when I told my parents I was going somewhere, they said “goodbye” and probably something like “be home by 5pm”.

That’s it.

Total freedom.

And, this wasn’t in the 1940s. This was in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

And when someone in class got chicken pox, mom would invite everyone over for a “party” so that *everyone* would get sick.

Or… you would just get it in school.


I *still* have chicken pox scars.

Contrast that to today.

It’s the complete and total opposite of my childhood.

For a year you were told:

You can’t go to school.

You can’t go to church.

You can’t go to gramma’s house.

You can’t go to your friend’s funeral.

You can’t leave your home.

And… if you do somehow get permission to leave your house, you were told:

Where you can go.

Where you can’t go.

How long you’re allowed to be there.

When you have to leave.

How far apart you have to be from everyone you meet.

Which way to walk.

What to wear.

What you can (and cannot) buy.

What you can (and cannot) do once you get to wherever you’re going.

In other words the complete opposite of the very limited freedoms that even underaged children got just 20 or 30 years ago.

And, today is the mild version.

Can you believe there are some folks who are begging, pleading, practically demanding that they (and everyone else) be subjected to even more of this nonsense?

Anyway… switching gears a bit.

There’s only one type of permission I ever really want and that is a “permission slip” to spend more money when I get old, sick, and need a nurse to cart me around in a wheelchair.

[cut him off here - just one sentence where he touts for business]

But doesn't it make you want to cry?


Mr_Lineberry's picture

I was a nasty, mean spirited, obnoxious bitch who treated everyone like shit. I was. I can't deny it. But those unctuous royals called me out on it! seriously! Just when the entire staff were ready to quit, everybody in a state of utter misery at having to endure my conduct - they called "Bullshit" on my behavior. Because I was black. Yes Oprah, that's the only logical explanation for them doing so.

Not only that Oprah, but one senior Royal - (I am sure you know whom I mean) - eats black babies at least once a week whilst wearing women's lace panties; he also has a torture chamber under the Palace which is full of slaves who've been brought over from Africa. Oh! Oh! Oh! and he curb crawls the streets of London kidnapping homeless urchins; they are taken back to the Palace and used in medical experiments. Yes! actual medical experiments. Oh and then he chops them up with a meat cleaver and sprinkles their remains on the garden. Oh! oh! and guess what? he also financed Bin Laden's attacks on 9/11; he was the Mr Big ultimately behind those attacks.

I know - it's all so shocking. I was as appalled as you clearly are Oprah, but it's all true; I have seen it all with my own eyes. I was as shocked, as you clearly are, when I first witnessed this and the other 109 times and, well, it just leaves me speechless at the inherent wickedness of the Royal family. They are wickedly wicked in their wickedness. I just wish I had known all this beforehand; before my illegal marriage 3 days before the actual wedding.

Those, those.... racists!"


Mr_Lineberry's picture

have always been in two minds about the Royal Family. I like Prince Philip and his hilarious one liners; great chap! I also think Prince Edward earns his keep with vast amounts of charity and other work; he has also led a fairly dull private life compared with his siblings, which must be a relief to his parents.

On the other hand I'm an American citizen who lost a couple of ancestors in the Revolutionary war.

One was presumed killed in battle (nobody entirely sure what actually happened to him), the other was quite the war hero; had 27 confirmed kills of British Red Coats. He was also gay; got caught red handed - (literally rooting a teenage Minuteman) - was court martialed and executed. That's George Washington's gratitude for you! The funniest aspect of the whole caper was the euphemisms they used in the 1770s during the court martial hahahahahahahahaha!!!. My family has also been part of the furniture in Pipe Creek Township, Indiana since the civil war; buried so deep we are like tics! (I must admit to finding it ever so slightly unnerving, when visiting, to think that - literally - half the people are my 'cousins').

So yes, two minds about the Royal Family.

Therefore, imagine my horror - complete horror - to discover that tomorrow night on Channel 3 they are running the stupid interview with Megan and Harry. What horrifies me in particular - and makes me 1000% behind the Queen and Royals in this transatlantic spat - is....(I need to pause here to 'recover' my composure)....Channel 3 are showing the interview instead of Married At First Sight Australia Shocked Shock

What. The. F***????

I am appalled.

Absolutely appalled.

The only show worth watching on television gets bumped to show these two spoilt brats whining about their lot in life! It's appalling. What kind of a World are we living in when such heresy is allowed to occur? I am speechless; well, almost.


Mr_Lineberry's picture

oddity about New South Wales, compared with New Zealand, is Neville Wran. He strode the stage for a decade (1976 to 86) as Premier, hugely popular, whatever he wanted - he got; a colossus who dominated Australian politics in the late 70s and early 80s far more emphatically than, say, Malcolm Fraser. It could easily have been him rather than Bob Hawke who emerged in 1983 as Prime Minister (notwithstanding the fact Wran himself didn't want the job haha!); if Wran had said "I should succeed Bill Hayden" it's hard to imagine him not having done so; even Keating and Richo were wary of Neville Wran 40 years ago.

Then he abruptly retired in 1986 and......disappeared from view.


35 years later he is a distant memory.

Compare that with Rob Muldoon who still influences government policy after all these years, (although not necessarily in a good way haha!); politicians for decades in New Zealand are terrified of being labeled "Muldoonist" and often tailor policies, speeches, even press releases, to ensure it doesn't seem like something Rob Muldoon would have done. As a lifelong Muldoon admirer I find such things a bit childish, but there we are. Muldoon endured, Wran did not.

Anyway, many moons ago on I wrote an essay about Neville Wran where I queried how someone who got elected Premier of NSW with $3 in his pocket (after an expensive divorce), left office incredibly rich. Before going on to die of old age one of the richest men in Sydneytown. If they weren't "on the take". I (more or less) said that he was.

And.......yet again; vindication! Sticking out tongue

In the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday they ran a story which lifted the lid on some of the shady stuff Wran was into - and you heard it here first, folks!

Makes interesting reading. I realise such conduct is inconceivable in New Zealand - blatantly perverting the course of justice!! - but in the Sydney of those days (and today?) it was commonplace. Shocking!

"...Magistrate Kevin Waller gave evidence that he was with Chief Magistrate Farquhar when Farquhar’s secretary said, “The Premier is on the phone”. Not long after, Waller ran into Jones, who was shaken and upset. Jones told him Farquhar said, “Wran has been on the phone” and that the government did not want Humphreys committed for trial. Farquhar’s deputy also gave evidence that Farquhar directed him to put Jones on the Humphreys case and that Wran didn’t want him committed..................Wayne Evans, then a police prosecutor (later a magistrate) was at Central Local Court at 3pm on the day of Humphreys’ committal when he saw Premier Wran in the court car park standing by the Ford Falcon belonging to Chief Magistrate Farquhar. A little later he saw Wran go through the back entrance into the court complex. Another prosecutor also saw Wran at the court that day. Evans made a note of their sightings and the other prosecutor witnessed his signature. Evans mentioned the sighting of the premier to other people and the following morning the detective in charge of the Humphreys matter was heard yelling and swearing “that f... Wran is trying to interfere with my brief.” ..........."

Elijah Logic

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Whenever I pray I find I am talking to myself...... therefore I must be God


Mr_Lineberry's picture

63 year old single man propositions young women for sex. what?!?

This fuss over Andrew Cuomo is a load of envious, sanctimonious rubbish - by people who are probably jealous he's getting laid and they are not (the usual story!). The woman doing the TV interviews is a frigid, hate filled, feminazi who has been brainwashed by her equally frigid man-hating teachers and Mother. You can always tell. Their hate filled rants and victimhood is because they try to deny human nature and it turns them mad haha!

For once I support Cuomo and he should not resign, bow to the filth, the mob. A non story.


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I lead - others follow!

After posting my huge number of concerns about the My Food Bag IPO everyone else jumped on the bandwagon - Brian Gaynor, Bob Jones, RNZ news, that business show on channel 3 - all wrote or profiled much the same things as I was saying. Vindication. Oh and the IPO (predictably) flopped spectacularly on Friday; God people are so stupid, aren't they? your Kiwisaver fund manager just lost even more of your retirement money Sticking out tongue


Mr_Lineberry's picture

to the story below about My Food Bag....

Here is an article about the IPO in the NZ Herald

Some matters to ponder....

1. A company making $800,000 in profits (their figures) values itself at $450 million (I am going to pause here to burst out laughing)
2. Even Petricevich didn't have a hide on him thick enough to pull THAT kind of scam! Sticking out tongue
3. Or is it $8.2 million in profits? (once again - their figures); there seems some doubts about this.
4. But not to worry because, by a truly amazing coincidence, profits will magically rise to $20 million (their figures) - once you've handed over your money (ahem)
5. Phew!
6. Even at $20 million the Price Earnings Ratio is a whopping 22 (and a bit)

Do I need to draw you a picture here folks?


Mr_Lineberry's picture

may have heard that "My Food Bag" has an IPO (they will list on the sharemarket) in a couple of weeks.

What happens in an IPO is this -

1. A company has existing shares, and shareholders.
2. They issue additional shares to the public
3. The money people hand over to buy the shares goes to the company as capital
4. The better the investment, the greater the number of shares
5. And vice versa.

For instance, let's say your company was making $10 million per year. Let's say you sought to value it at $100 million. Let's say under the new capital structure you get, say, 50 million shares. Let's say the IPO issues 100 million new shares at $1 each. The company now has 150 million shares - 50 million owned by you; 100 million owned by your newfound friends - trading on the sharemarket at $1 each. The company has $100 million in cash (minus some fees involved in the IPO) to fund expansion plans.

Knowing a great deal about this sort of thing I would like to issue a word of caution; there are a number of things which trouble me about this IPO including -

1. When all the new shares are sold a surprisingly small percentage will be owned by the new shareholders
2. The existing shareholders will still own (between them) a significant percentage of the company
3. This often indicates it's more about enriching existing shareholders than enriching new ones
4. The price for the shares is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy out of proportion to what the company is worth.
5. Even with a great deal of new cash in the bank

For this IPO to make much sense for the new shareholders, a significant percentage of the New Zealand public would have to use My Food Bag on a daily basis - subcontract out cooking dinner! - and, more importantly, the competition of My Food Bag not increase their market share.

The numbers just don't add up folks!

The Price Earnings Ratio is 22 or 23 (seriously?!?); at joke levels for a new boy which isn't particularly speculative (ie: they have an existing, profitable, well known business which advertises on television everyday). This "smells"; it smells to high heaven. It indicates existing shareholders want to cash in their chips and leave the new chums holding the baby (the Food Bag?).

Have there been other IPO's which left the existing owners with a surprisingly high percentage of the company, and sold shares at a ludicrous price earning ratio of 22? .......Yes, Equiticorp springs to mind Eye

(But what do I know?)


Mr_Lineberry's picture

left wingers have taken leave of their senses - yet again. As they freeze to death in Dallas it's all the fault of 'warming' (*sigh*)

Night Music

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Parliament is back in session.

Now I speak for all New Zealanders when I say - that nobody likes an opinionated, uppity, Maori. "Nice" ones are great - marvelous folk - but the trouble making, attention seeking, show off Maoris? No way José!

Even Maoris themselves - notwithstanding the fact they all despise each other - like their MPs to be of the Mat Rata, Koro Whetere, Kelvin Davis variety: kids from the "special class" made good; barely literate, barely coherent. Harmless.

Exactly what most people expect a Maori to be like! haha!

However, ones like Hone, or Winston, or this turkey - ugh! trouble! Run for the hills!

As such, this creep should either sit down and "behave", or give back his $3000 per week salary (which I notice isn't oppressing him) and resign.

Either option is fine by me! But to pull these sort of stunts is just not on.

Tuesday Humour!

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Here is something HILARIOUS - which is further proof of how basically moronic the average Hun is. The old stereotype that the left side of the German brain doesn't work - is true; (where do you think stereotypes come from?).

The video is of Mott The Hoople performing on a German pop music TV show in 1973; something the band found bizarre (but oh so "German"?) was the audiences in Germany needed to be told when to applaud Sticking out tongue haha! - watch at 2mins 24secs when Ian Hunter has to prompt them into doing so. Hilarious! And people wonder why Brexit occurred?

This Sums It Up...

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Mr_Lineberry's picture


Mr_Lineberry's picture

friends in the ACT Party made their State of the Nation speech yesterday. A lot of ground was covered and you can watch it by clicking the button; the BFG website also has a transcript here - the-emergencies-labour-should-have-declared/

One thing which intrigues me is Seymour's mention of the huge divide between those over 40 and those under. He also mentions how 15 year olds today are basically 12 year olds of 2009 - the dumbing down is working spectacularly! An attribute of being an awfully superior person compared with everybody else (ahem) is the ability to follow facts wherever they may lead, rather than dismissing things because they don't conform to preconceived notions, or rigid dogma and ideology. I have spent several years analyzing these matters - trying all manner of scenarios to ascertain the reasons for it - focusing particularly on asking the question "What do all these people have in common? the common factor?" - and digging dry wells time and again when it comes to the obvious explanations.

I know it may sound a bit odd, and the dogma-graspers and ideological purists (who are never 'thinkers' or they wouldn't chain themselves to other people's ideas) will recoil in horror, but the answer is..... "Biblical". The only logical explanation, and the only way to answer the important question "What do all these people have in common?" (beyond glib one-liners), is to say that certain things mentioned in the Bible have come to life.

Shocking, I know, but it's the only thing which makes sense.

If you go back a generation (to when commie losers were trying to dumb me down at school) or two (when they tried it on you) it didn't work; we had a finely tuned Bulls*** Radar and weren't going to swallow the rantings of bearded communists and other filth. But then things changed - universal changes were ushered in - making it considerably easier for the con game to succeed; the key point is "universal". No matter how pernicious the propaganda 30, 40, 50 years ago you still had 2/3 of school pupils who were sane and rational. That is no longer the case.

There are some biblical references to all this, what happens when an entire population marches towards the gates of hell at double quick speed - and some fire and brimstone consequences which result haha! - and that's the only logical explanation; only explanation which makes sense; the only way ALL the dots are joined; only answer to the question "What do they ALL have in common?". As I say, the reason it didn't work in, say, 1979 is because a large chunk of any class of school pupils were fundamentally immune to commie propaganda - the bearded filth in walk shorts and a cardigan still tried but it was never going to succeed!

Anyway, yes a great State of the Nation speech by Seymour and ACT; they are clearly the only Opposition in New Zealand and doing a marvelous job of it, too. The only thing missing from ACT is a list of things which require abolishing - an official "Hit List" of things to be repealed in the first 100 days of a government ACT is a member of. For one thing it shows National voters who is really on their side - and guess who benefits from that? haha!

I do hope this MP with the sob story Maiden Speech doesn't get too dreary, doesn't become a bore; we don't want that - let's face it nobody gives a stuff about maori kids in foster homes. Personally I think she should stick to tax cuts, abolishing red tape, and protecting property rights: matters of interest to ACT voters.


Mr_Lineberry's picture

for the first time in nearly 2 years - (we fled the city in disgust in February 2019) - I was in the Capital taking care of some business matters. It hasn't changed, alas, still a sewer.

(As an aside, the Cozy Cake Shop in Manners Street only charges 90 cents for "Yesterday's" cheese scones and iced buns; so that put me in a good mood Sticking out tongue haha!)

Anyway, there I was, in the Capital for the meeting with my idiot stockbroker. As usual he was sniffing around for tips, as usual wondering how I manage a 100% success rate of making profits on every trade; as usual wondering why he can't make so much as a dollar on the Sharemarket (pfft! loser!). Something which really surprised him and he kept asking and asking about it, was a trade I made during lockdown. After 5 or 6 days in lockdown at a pleasant, but rather down-at-heel, motel in Mosgiel (YOU try doing that with a Maori husband and 5 children! eekkkk!!) and being bored to tears, and fed up with everybody's whining (the way they carried on you'd think I was personally responsible!) felt it was time for some fun.

So I bought 5000 shares in Royal Caribbean (the Ocean Liner folk) at $23 a share and sold the shares a couple of months later for $60. Easy tax free money haha! But my broker seemed convinced I must have "known" something; God knows what, but yes he spent much of the time asking and asking about it.

What stuck me during the meeting is how his behavior was all part of the "Wellington Disease". OF COURSE neither he nor anyone else in that city can succeed on their own. OF COURSE he can't make a buck in the market if left to his own devices. Wellington people are like that. It's a city populated by despicable parasites feeding off the tax dollars and hard work of farmers, businessmen, and other productive men; sickening. Woke wankers who think they are so clever and sophisticated because they follow the latest clever dick "ism" to fill in their empty lives. Pathetic.

It really is an appalling place, site of true crimes against humanity if you think the Wellington economy - and employment of 99% of residents - is entirely dependent on stealing from everyone else outside the city. And I am the only fellow who thinks there is anything wrong with this gangsterism! astonishing! (if anything the lack of calls for the abolition of Wellington is symbolic of the cowardice and insincerity of so called liberty lovers).


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are some other "Major Cabinet Reshuffles" from around the World.....


The US



Oh! Oh!

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Wow! I am yet again giving everybody "Tomorrow's News" early haha!

If you thought my essay yesterday about the ALP - Australian Labor Party - was in any way inaccurate, an opinion piece today in the Sydney Morning Herald confirms what I was saying. And the author - Shaun Carney - is the usual commie journalist Labor stooge; if their strongest supporters in the media can "see it", then you know they are rooted.

Do not be in any way surprised if the ALP lose 10 seats next year. What has happened in recent elections is the vagaries of Australian politics - various Labor MPs have managed to hang onto their seats simply because the Liberal party has been focused on its own marginal electorates, and because (foolishly) in 2019 the (Labor supporting) Press Gallery were ordaining Bill Shorten as the winner. I predicted otherwise and was proven correct. Next time the election campaign will be conducted with nobody predicting a change of government, and the Liberals targeting Labor held seats in a big way (they've already started).

Dobell, Eden-Monaro, Gilmore, Greenway, Macquarie, and Warringah in New South Wales will all be in play - and the odds must favor Scott Morrison; even that silly cow in Parramatta - Julie Owens - will be lucky to fluke a 7th election. Corangamite, Dunkley, and Indi in Victoria will also all favor Morrison, along with Blair and Lilley up in Queensland. Add in Cowan, out in Perth, and you have a Liberal landslide on a swing of only around 1.5% to the coalition.

The parallels with the 1950s, a period mentioned in the article below, and the last decade are astonishing. The ALP lost big in 1949, made a comeback in 1951 (like 2013 and 16) before (courtesy of the media hacks) convincing themselves the 1954 election was in the bag, a formality. They lost - to their own astonishment (although God knows why they were surprised) - and eventually the right wing of the party in Victoria and Queensland could no longer stomach pretending to be socialists, or advocating policies they didn't believe in, or engaging in rhetoric out of touch with the aspirations of the average Australian, and quit. This is why I believe 2022 will be similar to 1958 with a huge swing to the Liberal government.

The other problem they have - which is what happened after 1954 - is it would be mathematically doubtful (no matter what actually occurs) for them to win in 2025, and so the memory of the ALP as a party of government recedes, along with the perception they are the "designated losers" rather than the man in the street seriously believing they will end up with a Labor government. Not wanting to get ahead of ourselves, but it would be difficult in 2028 to convince the average person Labor is a credible 'party of government'. Even their very name seems anachronistic in this century.

What may astonish people reading this who live in New Zealand (or America) is Labor politicians in Australia engage in old fashioned "class warfare" rhetoric; they talk about "Bosses exploiting workers", "the big end of town", "comrades", "the workers", the "boss class" and similar such nonsense. Due to Labor politicians being middle class champagne socialists - noted for their lavish restaurant dining, foreign holidays in Europe, children in private schools, and residing in large waterfront houses - it causes most people to burst out laughing at its absurdity and insincerity. Most people realise it is cosseted middle class rich kids playing at being socialists - sort of like "Rik" from The Young Ones - and as a result they aren't impressing anybody, nor do they have any credibility.

Why they think changing their leader to (yet another) non-entity nobody has ever heard of outside of Canberra will make a difference, is beyond my understanding. The time to change leaders was during lockdown, when nobody was paying attention and the next election was two years away, not to copy the NZ National Party and do it basically on election eve! haha!

(The essay is in today's Sydney Morning Herald, as I said, the author is Shaun Carney)

Labor Party in danger of entering an electoral dark age

There was genuine pathos in Anthony Albanese’s parting remark at the press conference in which he announced his frontbench reshuffle.

“I will be the leader of this country after the next election,” he declared as he left the rostrum. Those words – inhabiting the ‘did I think that, or did I say it?’ space – reflected the pressure the Labor leader is under and the depth of his determination to hang on, no matter what. How many Australians, even the one-in-three voters who still give their first preference to the ALP, believe Albanese will be proved correct? Does he seriously believe it? He had just moved one of his strongest supporters, Mark Butler, out of the climate change portfolio, an abject admission of failure on a totemic and electorally crucial issue. Butler had been in charge of fashioning and selling Labor’s approach to climate change for more than seven years. Memorably, at the last election he produced a policy that was not costed. And yet, Albanese on his elevation to the leadership had kept Butler as Labor’s climate change spruiker.

Now, once again, Labor is going back to the drawing board on the issue, this time with Chris Bowen given the job of making sense of the ALP’s position to constituents in the inner cities, the coal regions and the suburbs. It has become an article of faith that climate change is the slayer of leaders on both sides of politics because it is true. Malcolm Turnbull, Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd were brought down by the issue or some parts of it. But only the Labor Party has paid a price. And it continues to do so.

Since early 2010, when Rudd as prime minister chose not to call a double dissolution election after the Senate blocked his emissions trading scheme legislation, the ALP has descended deeper and deeper into a dark age, comparable with the years after its disastrous 1955 split. It might not look that bad to some. After all, Labor did hold on to office in 2010, albeit as a minority government under Gillard and then briefly Rudd, before losing heavily in 2013. And in the 2016 and 2019 elections, the Liberal-National coalition has managed to secure only very slim lower house majorities. But all the way through, Labor’s primary vote has declined and certainly shows no sign of recovering.

It could have been different, if only Rudd had called that election in 2010. The political environment was febrile. Liberals were divided over the issue; two of the party’s senators had voted for Rudd’s ETS. Tony Abbott had used the division to knock off Turnbull as leader. The Greens had voted against the ETS and Labor voters were angry. At that point, the electorate wanted the climate change issue resolved. It did not happen.

Things fell away for Labor after that. Rudd put the ETS on ice, shaking public confidence in his government. Gillard replaced him. Before a subsequent election later that year, she promised not to introduce a carbon tax. Post-election, she teamed up with the Greens to put together a carbon tax. That was it for her government. Labor is yet to recover from the misjudgments of 2010.

The Liberals, by contrast, have been just as riven in the past 10 years but have a much happier story to tell. Labor’s leadership ructions in 2010 and 2013 hurt it badly. The Liberals’ deployment of the leadership conveyor belt, from Abbott to Turnbull to Scott Morrison, has not stopped them from retaining office.

This is why the 2019 election deserves to be seen as a watershed moment, as important politically as the elections in 1983 and 1996, which brought about changes of government. It showed that the default position for most Australian voters – not a big majority but enough to make a difference – is to opt for the Coalition. In 2019, they were willing to be swayed by Clive Palmer’s advertising and the ridiculing of electric cars and the retention of tax rorts because they might be able to take advantage of them one day too. They did not care that Morrison campaigned as a solo operator who was not offering them anything new or even talking about the future.

Unless the Labor Party disrupts this, offering a compelling case for change that is coherent and can be fully explained before the official election campaign begins, it not only stands no chance of electoral success, it will go backwards and lose seats. That would make it even harder to recover at the following election.

This is what an electoral dark age looks like. Labor went through just such a period under Bert Evatt and Arthur Calwell in the late 1950s and 1960s, plodding through, uninspired, with its constituent support groups atomised and unable to coalesce – and losing, always losing.

Albanese might genuinely believe he will be prime minister soon. But he needs his caucus to believe it too.


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am always happy to cop criticism. Receiving it doesn't bother me and I am always quick to admit mistakes and make relevant corrections. In recent weeks I have received a large number of private messages querying or criticising various posts I have written.

Some responses.

1. "THAT" photograph - a genuine error. It was on the computer. When I attempted to change by avatar photograph on here I simply clicked on the wrong thing! haha! Instead of clicking on the picture of me, it was a photograph of a young friend of Rawiri's (who is 17, not a child, BTW) which he had sent to me. Humblest apologies to all who got their knickers in a twist. I hadn't even noticed the error for a couple of days as I wasn't online.

2. Some people clearly haven't met any Maoris who live in the Hokianga region of NZ. If you had you'd agree with my descriptions of them Eye

3. Oil prices fell from $35 a barrel in 1981 to $14 in 1986 thanks entirely to Ron Reagan's policy to boost supply. The figures I used are here....

4. I clearly said Ted Cruz's father killed JFK as a joke.

5. You may very well think Phil Spector was innocent; just as you may well think David Bain, Scott Watson, Arthur Thomas, and OJ Simpson are innocent.

6. "Yes" I do believe the supposed coronavirus case in Whangarei was a hoax - to remove "housing" from the front pages. It worked.

7. Roger Stone's "Guest Post" are his own words and opinions, not mine, but I do agree with them.

8. I fully support John Banks - he is so right! should be given a permanent show on Magic Talk FM

9. The reason I cut off the David Lewis post is because the financial product he sells is Whole Life Insurance. That is a product which is unavailable in New Zealand (or Australia) for reasons I am unsure of. As such it is irrelevant to people in this part of the World to read someone basically touting for business.


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contrast to the situation in New Zealand I wrote about yesterday, our neighbours in Australia have no intention of imposing communism and destroying their economy and country.

Australian PM Scott Morrison is a marvelous fellow; he has given a (sort of) state of the nation speech to the National Press Club where he basically ruled out wanting to actually govern Australia in the way middle class busybodies in the NZ government want to over here; imposing rigid ideology, imposing their own opinions on everybody; passing that off as unanimous agreement for their insanity. Morrison said he doesn't want to rush around "reforming" things for the sake of vanity - to look busy. Prefers to let events take their course and treat everyone like adults.

Also, in contrast to the lunacy in New Zealand, he said this about the global warming hoax....“Our goal is to reach net zero emissions as soon as possible, and preferably by 2050,” Mr Morrison said this would depend on science and technology, such as driving down the cost of clean energy from hydrogen, rather than a “tax” in the form of a price on carbon. [quoted from the Sydney Morning Herald]

The contrast between the two nations cannot be clearer.

One nation is run by white men who know how the World works, and know the average man in the street is not a baby - or a fool - and doesn't intend to have his living standards abolished so a few communists can wank off.

The other is run by ghastly, opinionated, silly little girls who still think they are in the 6th form. Only their opinion matters - notwithstanding their absence of any life experiences of any sort - and backed up by wet, wimpy, loser men who have hidden in academia for decades (and are also basically silly little girls, too).

One nation is rich and on the road to becoming even richer; the other used to be (sort of) rich and is now heading towards the third World because it is about to abolish the trees and then try and grow fruit. Yes, I realize that's impossible.

Another contrast between the two countries is in their respective politics.

In Australia Mr Morrison is almost certainly winning the next election, probably with a large majority in Parliament. The opposition ALP has not really been a "party of government" for 25 years. Apart from a short period in 2007 when Kevin Rudd managed to pull off a huge con game on the stupid, the Labor party in Australia has never really been in a position to win a Federal election since the spring of 1994 at the latest. They have the media, the Press Gallery, on their side (of course) but not the voters. In 2019 they obtained a pathetic 31% of the votes and are unlikely to better that next year.

A Labor party committed to silly ideology, class warfare, toxic political correctness, gangster trade unions, and oddball policies (which they had back in the 1950s) which embarrass their own supporters and confuse everyone else, does not a party of government make!

......except in New Zealand. The Labour party here should have long since been dog meat and also not a serious party of government since 1990 - but no. The NZ voter is so brain damaged they keep turning to the Labour party time and again to impose even more tyranny, even more evil, upon them. Blame for this must fall squarely on the shoulders of the National party who are prize bunnies (as 2020 showed!) unable to even decide what they believe in - let alone countering pernicious socialism. That the National Party had to hold a 2 day caucus meeting to try and decide what they believe in (that it isn't already known and self evident) says it all folks!

It must be said that New Zealand hasn't had a political leader providing a vision for the future (beyond the next news cycle) or for prosperity and the wellbeing of the people since Richard Prebble during the (previous) ACT party heyday of 1996 -2002. I put this down to timidity - don't scare the horses, do just enough to get elected, cross that bridge when we come to it. A strategy which hasn't worked particularly well for either main party over the last 30 years, and doesn't fool anybody outside of the Beltway.


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Of The Nation....

Some silly communist report has been released to butcher the free enterprise system in New Zealand under the guise of saving the planet. Or something. It's not true (of course) but they make it sound good and have the usual "If you don't agree you are a very bad person!" tag added on for good measure.

I briefly turned on Channel 3 this morning - Duncan Garner - mainly to check the time, and was sickened to see Federated Farmers "taking a knee"; bowing down to the utter insanity of the proposal to reduce dairy herds - capital stock! - by 15%. This is Mao 101: get your target to degrade themselves, bow to your will, start saying what you want them to. Evil stuff but all part of the con game. If anybody actually understood the consequences of these proposals they would recoil in horror; but they don't - so instead clap obediently along with the executioner.

The ACT Party is the lone voice against this, which is encouraging: they have enormously fertile ground in training their guns on the National Party who is all into Wokeness these days. It's covered at some length in the latest edition of Free Press....

ACT Alone opposed the Zero Carbon Act. When it was debated in Parliament David Seymour said it was “pernicious, because it introduces a level of central control over economic decision-making that this country has not seen since 1984.”

“The powers that are put in the hands of Cabinet and of a Minister, under this bill, take us back to a place that New Zealand has not been for 35 years,” Seymour continued, “and that is when we were under the Economic Stabilisation Act, where a Minister or Cabinet could actually make economic decisions about not just what the general rules of the game are but how much and at what price people could trade in different sectors.”

And so, it has come to pass. Yesterday’s release of a draft annual report makes the Polish Shipyard version of New Zealand look like a free market paradise. The report recommends that Government ban petrol cars, gas heating and gas cookers. Ban coal from industry, reduce the number of farm animals by 15 per cent, and make people live in higher density housing (but also build it from wood because cement production is very energy intensive).

For every stick there will also be a carrot, with the Commission urging the Government not only to ban some things but engineer new habits. For example the Commission recommends that the Government take steps to “increase the circularity of resources in Aotearoa.” The bonanza for make work schemes is only just beginning.

Perhaps worst of all, the various interventions won’t actually reduce emissions. So long as there are a certain number of credits for emissions each year, people will emit them one way or another. The Government banning one technology or subsidising another simply frees up credits for emissions in another way. It’s nuts.

Just to be clear about that last point. None of this actually reduces emissions. The Zero Carbon Act is simply a huge bureaucratisation of New Zealanders reaching their emission reduction targets under the Emissions Trading Scheme cap.

The National Party voted for this legislation, along with the Greens, Labour and New Zealand First. Business New Zealand is saying (to paraphrase) that they don’t think it’s a bad idea and look forward to working on it. Practically the whole country is blithely accepting a descent into central planning. An exaggeration? The Commission is quite clear when it says some industries will have to close, people will work in others.

What’s more, it imports economic isolationism from overseas. If other countries enjoy cheaper carbon credits, can New Zealanders buy them? No. (ACT’s amendments to the legislation back in November 2019 would have allowed this but every other party voted against these amendments). Allowing international credits would have been a safety valve against New Zealanders paying more to emit carbon than our foreign competitors, but the Zero Carbon Act is not about efficiency, it is about vanity.

The public (you) now have until March 14 to make submissions on the draft plan, and the Commission will take two weeks to consider your views before issuing a final report. After that, the law requires the Government to take action within eight months to either follow its recommendations of come up with its own equivalent plan.

There’s got to be a better way. Actually, it’s already in place. If the Government wants to reduce the net amount of CO2 and equivalent greenhouse gases emitted by New Zealanders, it need only say. It could set a number and leave the rest to individual choices. The only rules would be, if you emit you must buy a permit, and if you do something that absorbs CO2 equivalents, then you can get a credit.

That’s what the Emissions Trading Scheme already does. New Zealanders could reduce overall emissions based entirely on individual decisions. It would be a free enterprise approach instead of state control. Some people might choose to keep cooking with gas inside (it’s not clear if barbecues are banned or if restaurants will have to cook with electricity). Others might buy a large vehicle for a large family or for out on the farm. Of course, they’d have to pay more for emissions permits, but they would be free to choose.

That is the sensible alternative. Accept that the developed world had decided to decarbonise and will expect, through trade and other mechanisms, that New Zealand do the same. Then set about achieving it without paying more than the rest of the world (by being able to buy the same international credits) or enlarging one of the greatest problems we already have, dictatorship by bureaucracy (by using the market mechanism of price).

We believe that this will be one of the most important political battles of the year. ACT’s position has not changed since 2019. We recognised the central control, bureaucracy and waste for what it was back then. We always know where true north lies while other parties spin hopelessly. It appears ACT will have to fight this battle alone. We hope you are up for this challenge.

It's even worse than all that, folks!

I wrote a brilliant (ahem!) essay which was widely published and read back in 2014 pointing out the astonishing similarities with contemporary New Zealand and the Argentine a century ago. A nation which had been hugely wealthy (oh yes - the Argentine wasn't just filled with silly wogs, they were seriously rich circa. 1900) but then threw it all away astonishingly quickly. They fell for a personality cult, policies were enacted which destroyed the free enterprise economic system, at the moment the tax base to finance it diminished rather rapidly the personality cult driven Government engaged on massive spending. Disaster quickly followed - sort of like quitting your job on the day you're given a visa gold card.

In 2014 I said, prematurely, that it was difficult to see the personality cult side of it emerging and pondered that perhaps things wouldn't go tits up because of that. Oh boy! how wrong I was, how premature I was; the cult of Jacinda - like Peron in the Argentine last century - has added the final ingredient for disaster. Now they plan to turbo charge things.

What is so sad about all this is the full support of the National Party. Sir Robert Jones summed things up well in a blog post soon after the election pointing out National was not committed to freedom or capitalism in New Zealand (apart from about 6 months in 1991) and is run by Irish Catholics. So true, and explains why this support for economic disaster is happening. My only hope is more people see the light and abandon them for the ACT party; my other hope is ACT is smart enough to see it is National they need to focus attacking. We shall see.

We live in a country with a rapidly growing population - having gone from 4 million to 5 million people in 18 years - and it requires an expanding economy, particularly with exports, to maintain and increase the standard of living. To basically reduce the very things which provide that, to do it shamelessly because they hate capitalism, whilst being cheered on by an ignorant population who are about to enter a period of ingrained poverty, a dark age, is chilling yet...... unsurprising. I predicted all this about the average New Zealand when I was about 10 years old and the average New Zealander has (ahem) "lived up to ALL my expectations" ever since.

As usual the best thing to do is to protect yourself. I have been making plans with business interests and investments in Australia and elsewhere - have very little money (only about 1 year of living expenses in cash) in this country any longer - so will be completely unaffected by the coming inferno, but one wonders what is going to happen to those spending vast sums of other people's money buying houses, and otherwise doing the right thing, unaware they are about to be bankrupted as the chickens come home to roost. One wonders about school children who have no real future (it'll be over, Rover, long before they graduate high school) yet are fed an endless diet of socialist propaganda so they are kept unaware of how well off their grandparents actually were at one time. Will there be violence as the dominos start falling?

On the one hand I've always looked down on most people and their appalling values, behavior, ignorance, and accents. Had I lived a century ago my (sole) reason for not taking part in WW1 or WW2 would not have been pacifism so much as no intention of risking my life to "make a world safe for..." ghastly working class people, middle class office clerk types, snobby opinionated females, maoris, catholics, and all the other rubbish haha! Sticking out tongue As such a New Zealand circa. 2025 of impoverished, hungry, homeless, deeply humbled (after three generations of being up themselves) morons getting their just desserts with a brutal lesson in socialism, has its attractions with me being able to feel hugely smug and vindicated.

Perhaps every cloud will have a silver lining?


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is a marvelous financial advisor in America called David Lewis. Each morning he sends people an email with his thoughts for the day; usually great stuff! He has some interesting things to say in today's email about debt. I edited the end part out because he basically touts for business (which is, in any event, irrelevant for NZers). Oh, by the way - all the spelling and punctuation is his! Sticking out tongue

"..There’s an awful lot of chatter on the Innernet about the national debt and how all this borrowing will bring down the good ole U.S. of A.

My take?

I’m not too worried about the national debt.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like politicians spending money, and I don’t like paying taxes.

I’m more worried about command and control tactics of the government leading to out and out socialism.

The debt, qua debt?

Not so much.

I know those things seem related, but there’s a subtle (but important) difference.

The government issues debt via U.S. treasuries. Treasuries are like loans made to people and institutional investors, except the U.S. guarantees payment on its debts no matter what since it can theoretically tax everyone into oblivion to pay for its promises.

As bad as that sounds, there’s an important principle underlying debt and credit ratings that has a bearing on where all this is going.

When you go into debt, it means someone on the other side of that debt — the lender — trusts you to repay that debt.

In this case, the institutions and individuals buying the Treasuries have a legitimate reason to believe the government will pay off that debt or repay it at some point in the future.

In layman’s terms, deadbeats don’t get loans. Market forces prevent deadbeats from getting loans for the simple reason that no one wants to lend money to a deadbeat. And, people are throwing money at the U.S. government.

Another thing is low interest rates are associated with good credit risks. The only people getting 0% or near 0% interest rates are people with impeccable credit.

People with no credit or bad credit are the ones paying double digit interest rates. The government is paying very low interest rates on its debt because it’s a good credit risk.

Again, market forces control these rates (especially the long-term Treasury and bond rates).

I know this is the opposite of what you hear in the news.

That’s kind of the point: the news is fake and gives you fake impressions about how markets work (especially financial markets).

The way the news tells it, everything is top-down. All wealth, power, and control comes from the government.

The way markets really work is bottom up. Market participants buy and sell, engage in trade, and drive the economy.

This is why you never see a market devoid of market participants. Likewise, markets are never filled only with politicians and bureaucrats.

I know the Federal Reserve is supposed to control credit and interest rates and everything else. If it did that, it would mean markets don’t really work (which is why the Fed is able to have all this control).

I realize this is a very controversial subject for some. It runs counter to everything you’ve ever heard.

I dunno. In my way of thinking, markets do work. Yes the government gets in the way, yes there are way too many regulations, and yes government can lock everyone down in their homes for a year, but… getting in the way, and appropriating money, isn’t the same thing as being the fountain of wealth and the setter of prices (AKA the idea that “markets don’t work”).

I don’t know if any of that makes sense or not, but… there is a lesson in there on a “you and me level” and it’s this:

Debt isn’t good or bad. It’s a tool. Low interest rates generally mean you are a good credit risk (unless the interest is capitalized). The fact that someone is willing to give you a loan means you’re a good credit risk.

And yet… lots of folks are scared of debt.

They don’t like being under the thumb of a bank.

And yet… banks can teach you, me, and everyone else some very valuable lessons.

Like… how to swipe their overall framework and make it better.

Here’s what I mean:

[cut him off here because the rest isn't relevant]

An interesting take! if you want to read more of his writings, or sign up for his daily email go to


Mr_Lineberry's picture

... "your children need to get used to their stone-age culture, because if their stone-age culture doesn't change, these people will come through your bathroom window"....

Isn't that kind of true?

After 180 years (next weekend) the Maoris are still unable to get their act together; unable to feed, house, clothe their children properly; still criminals; still welfare bludgers; still can't organize a piss up in a brewery! haha! Compare that with thousands upon thousands of stories about immigrants arriving in NZ, working hard, getting stuck in, and five years later have become rich. What is the Maori problem if it isn't an attachment to a culture and language which is a cancer upon all infected with it?

You may not like fact; it may make you cringe; you have been brainwashed to think about "feelings" and "being kind" (and other 8 year old girl stuff that Ardern thinks), but we are not living in fairyland; this exists baby! this is reality - whether you like it or not! John Banks should be congratulated, not condemned.

Those attacking Banks are directly responsible for maori children going hungry - as we speak - and being bashed later today, and having no future beyond violence, crime and prison. YOU cause that by refusing (or pretending to, anyway) to accept that Maori culture is a pernicious evil which needs to be eradicated from this country. But of course because you don't really care, just want to virtue signal like a wanker, the next time you read of a maori child being bashed to death (probably within the next week) you'll tut tut but....nothing to see here folks.

The saddest thing about all this is nothing will ever be done about it; nothing. Ever.


Mr_Lineberry's picture

frustrating it must be for media people; you work for the Sydney Morning Herald, you run an endless stream of fake news, left wing propaganda, and 'class war' stories. You do this to encourage envy, assist the hapless unelectable ALP, and promote dissent within the New South Wales community. Except for one unfortunate doesn't actually work! Shocked

Imagine the frustration in the SMH news room "Those fucking ignorant ockers don't know what's good for them that is why we are here, but they are THINKING FOR THEMSELVES!" - before bursting into tears at the unfairness of it all; why can nobody see that socialism is for the best? that self reliance, earning a quid, making something of yourself, is wicked and evil?

For the fifth day in a row the fake or misleading left wing tripe isn't making much of an impact on their audience. Stories about private school fees (to promote envy), a front bench reshuffle for Labor (who cares?), coronavirus hysteria, the end of the World, everyone is racist (especially 'you!'), 200 years of bushfires occurred naturally but recent ones are entirely due to global warming (yawn), have all bombed spectacularly - not making the Top 10 Most Read list! haha!

Nobody is buying their nonsense, nobody is swallowing it whole any longer.

The name Nine Entertainment Company is so apt Eye


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1. You have recently been re-elected
2. Your housing policy is about to implode (again) and cause rents to explode
3. Again!
4. Causing widespread hardship and causing your support to evaporate
5. Again!
6. Proving you are nothing but a silly 8 year old girl who is out of her depth
7. Again!

Ugh! what to do? Shocked

The answer is simple......

1. Hire an actress
2. To play the role of the "victim"
3. Create a fake coronavirus case in Whangarei
4. Cause widespread panic
5. Everyone is so lobotomized they will believe it's true

The result: Housing is off the front page! Success!


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tale of two policies 40 years apart -

January 27th 1981 - Ron Reagan abolished restrictions on oil production.
The result? oil production rose, oil prices fell and remained low

January 27th 2021 - Biden imposes restrictions on oil production.
The result? (do I need to draw you a picture?)

The sad thing is: most of you still secretly believe socialist moral and economic propositions are correct and questioning them is a bit naughty.


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they are ALL at it now.....

The Sydney Morning Herald is running a similar story to the rheumatic fever one below; bemoaning that lots of fat Abo's die 20 years earlier than wealthy white people. Clearly there is a left wing media campaign - it's obviously coordinated - to create fake issues in order to push the line that "You're racist!". Marxism 101, folks!

"....It takes less than 25 minutes to drive from Bidwill to Cherrybrook on the M7 motorway.

But there’s a yawning gap between those two Sydney neighbourhoods on the most basic of indicators: lifespan. In Bidwill’s local public health area the median age of death was 69 years between 2014 and 2018, analysis by the Public Health Information Development Unit (PHIDU) at Torrens University shows.

But up the road at Cherrybrook the figure was 88 years.

That 19-year longevity gap is emblematic of striking disparities in health and economic welfare across relatively small distances in Greater Sydney.

Virtually all Sydney suburbs with a median death age between 86 and 88 years – the highest band of longevity – were in wealthy areas to the city’s north and east.

However, three quarters of districts with the lowest longevity – those with a median death age of between 69 and 72 years – were in less wealthy parts of west and south-western Sydney.

The median age at death for the whole of Greater Sydney was 81 years between 2014 and 2018 (the median being the midpoint of all death ages in that period).

Professor John Glover, the director of PHIDU, said the “huge divide” across Sydney was driven by layers of socio-economic disadvantage which contribute to much poorer health outcomes in some neighbourhoods.

“Although disturbing, the statistics on median age of death hide as much as they reveal because they do not tell us about the life-long burden of poor health, stress and disability which is endured by many,” he said.

Kittu Randhawa, chief executive officer of the Community Resource Network, a peak body for social service organisations in western Sydney, said it is “a shame on our city” to have a difference in lifespans of almost two decades between suburbs located so close together....."

(you get the general idea)


Apart from begging the question "So what?", it quickly delves into sickening wankerism with numerous irrelevant statistics implying (as these things generally do) there is something virtuous about poor people, and wealthier folk should feel guilty about their cosy lives. We can only speculate on the number of Fairfax Media people who live next door to Aborigines, or whose children play with Aborigine friends, or who take any of these supposedly downtrodden miserable wretches into their homes in order to....(okay - we DO know how many! Sticking out tongue hahahahaha!!).

Hard to believe anyone will swallow such twaddle other than the "usual suspects" living in a 10 km radius of George St who are professional "-ism" followers and virtue signallers. The story hasn't made the Top 10 Most Viewed - probably because most Sydneysiders are too busy trying to better themselves to give a toss about losers who refuse to self help; have a finely tuned B/S radar for this kind of racket (unlike New Zealanders)


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lunchtime music....


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when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.....

It turns out the disease Rheumatic Fever is...(wait for it)....racist; (what else?). A truly bizarre essay by Dr Collin Tukuitonga, an academic at Auckland University (presumably he is qualified and not just a token?), and published on Mark Jennings' website Newsroom, addresses this issue and is also unintentionally funny because it unwittingly plonks a huge "elephant in the room" which would solve the problem.

We must change tack on ‘racist’ disease

Our approach so far in trying to end what Dr Collin Tukuitonga describes as a 'racist' disease - rheumatic fever - has not worked. It's time we try something new, he writes.

Acute rheumatic fever and the rheumatic heart disease it causes, long-known as a disease of poverty, is a blight on the wealth and prosperity of Aotearoa New Zealand. It is a symptom of the uneven distribution of power and resources in our supposedly egalitarian country.

As we move into a new year, albeit with Covid still rampant across the world and global politics causing unease and worry, surely it is time to look closer to home and find a new approach that will work for all to end this third world ‘racist disease’ that shames our nation.

I use the term ‘racist disease’ because acute rheumatic fever is endemic mostly in Māori and Pacific communities. It affects mainly the young, aged between five and 14 who live in cold, damp, overcrowded housing with poor access to health care and can mean a lifetime of poor health and missed opportunities. For some of our young men, it can mean the end of a promising rugby career and a potential path to economic independence. For their families, it can mean a lifetime of dealing with a monocultural and unresponsive health system.

It would be hard to find a more powerful statement against social, economic and cultural determinants of health in Aotearoa New Zealand. It is regularly described as the ‘canary in the mine’ for many other health inequities we have in this country.

The present Government has shown good intent to address this issue. The Labour Party’s 2020 election manifesto included an allocation of $55 million over four years to rid the country of this disease which the Prime Minister herself has described as a "national shame".

Most of this money will go to the Healthy Homes Initiative to tackle poor quality housing, which we know is significant to the development of rheumatic fever. This initiative sets minimum standards for heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture and drainage across the country.

It sounds promising. It's a sizeable budget and the Government has included additional funds to ensure rental accommodation meets the same standards. But will it work for all? Previous government programmes to prevent ARF and RHD have had little impact on Pacific families.

For example, a decade ago the Ministry of Health set up the Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme (RFPP). Initially, this programme focused on the prevention and treatment of sore throats, which are linked to the development of rheumatic fever.

The following year, in 2012, the government invested a further $65 million to expand the programme to meet newly introduced five-year rheumatic fever Better Public Services target. This target aimed to reduce rheumatic fever by two-thirds to 1.4 cases per 100,000 people between 2012 and June 2017.

Was it effective? The graph below (from the Ministry of Health website) shows the rate of Māori and Pacific people admitted to hospital with rheumatic fever for the first time between 2009 and 2019.

The good news indicated by the statistics used here is that, by 2019, the rates of rheumatic fever in Māori communities had reduced by 30 percent compared with 2012. Unfortunately, the Ministry’s statistics show rates for Pacific people had increased by 2019 compared to pre-2012.

So maybe it’s time to reconsider the approach for Pasifika? Maybe it’s time to look at giving Pacific families, communities and health workers ownership of decisions around ARF and RHD prevention. Perhaps, by owning the challenges and leading the changes, those families and communities most affected by these diseases can make a difference.

This may sound like speculation, but the statistics show clearly that we need a new approach. Informed and engaged communities are empowered communities; and empowered communities can be the most powerful innovation we have to address the ongoing scourge of ARF and RHD.

Some thoughts -

1. Is it the disease which is "a blight on the wealth and prosperity of New Zealand"?
2. Or (ahem) something else?
3. Does mentioning a programme established a decade ago - which failed - hint at the likelihood of new programmes succeeding?
4. Give Islanders "ownership" of taxpayer funds? Shocked - christ! we all know how THAT will end, don't we?
5. Is anybody being forced into a "monocultural" health system? are they not free to consult witchdoctors if they choose?
6. Because that worked so well 200 years ago, didn't it?
6. Could the reason they don't is because they know which side their bread is buttered on? are not quite as stupid as all that haha!

I guess the question I am pondering is - Would it not be easier to spend $55 million just eliminating Maoris and Islanders? Eye haha!


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is the Thomas Sowell documentary I mentioned the other day;


Mr_Lineberry's picture

The most extraordinary experience yesterday. I had been waaaay down south for the weekend to what is my home town, visiting a cute friend and sorting out a family matter.

Went into a local cafe for lunch and who should be sitting at the next table but an elderly, wizened, man who turned out to be an old school teacher of mine from when I was a boy.

Ugh! Creep!

Back then I used to always wear a nice suit and tie - (complete with burgundy coloured handkerchief in the top pocket!) - to primary school each day, regardless of the weather or anything else. Always have dressed immaculately.

Anyway, this schoolmaster used to think I was an arrogant, pompous little shit; I thought he was a bore who needed taking down a peg (or 3?); so I did.

I developed this marvelous, but hugely annoying (for him) habit of letting out a large "sigh"/groan of boredom whenever he had finished teaching something. I used to make twice monthly "official complaints" about him - writing to both the Principal and Chairman of the Education Board. A bit precocious at age 8 or whatever, but it had the desired effect. Also engaged in 1001 other subtle but devastating ways to wreck havoc. All hilarious fun for me!

So there we were yesterday, he recognized me; turned white; started getting rather odd; dropped things, accidentally knocked over his coffee spilling it over the table and floor. As he rose to mop up the mess he slipped (on the spilt coffee on the floor) and fell down hitting his head.

For old times' sake I let out one of my notorious, loud sigh/groans... Eye

Boy did that really set him off! He sat there, on the floor, holding his aching forehead and covered in coffee berating me in a quite extraordinary fashion about all manner of things, swearing and cursing me like a man possessed.

How undignified....

How degrading....

What sort of a chap bottles things up for four decades and behaves in such a way?!?

I will never understand ordinary people.....


Mr_Lineberry's picture

may well be some of you - naive little poppets - who believe coronavirus is a "real" thing rather than a fairly obvious hoax.

Coronavirus has been an excuse for a certain demographic of middle class women - bored, vacant, infantile - to suddenly have some purpose in their lives. They get to virtue signal! they get to show off! they get to play the victim (in the desperate hope somebody will feel sorry for them - spare a thought for them).

In the normal course of events these women are so annoying, so odious (the "Karen" of legend), their husbands all have either tarts or girlfriends on the side, their children want nothing to do with them, they have no friends due to their odiousness. They start on the wine by around 11:15am. They are rude and obnoxious to almost everybody - except when embarrassing everybody with their over the top (and unsuccessful) attempts to pretend they are part of a close happy family ("oh boy - Mum's drunk again" is the usual response from the children).

They spend their miserable pointless existences wasting the time of Doctors and others in a desperate attempt for somebody to feel sorry for them, to spare a thought (however temporarily) for them - everyone they know having long since headed for the hills. And if it is not Doctors it is the embracing of every "ism" that is currently fashionable in the vain hope they may find some sympathy, some meaning, some value, as they have to endure the misery their life comprises. All very sad. But surprisingly common throughout suburban middle class females.

And then along came Coronavirus - a gift from God if ever there was one!

Suddenly they could show off by using hand sanitiser, wearing a mask, and EVERYBODY could see them doing it! and know they are virtuous; important. Then they moved onto increasingly silly scenarios about catching Coronavirus "last October I met a person who had been to New York a couple of years earlier - so I am VERY concerned; need to take a test; wait for its results. If I die I shall be brave...."
If that wasn't bad enough, and being naturally odious people, they could point out other people's failings! they could loudly criticize (and bring much happiness) anybody not being as morally superior than they obviously are. Mainly because they told everyone how morally superior they are.

It was all such fun; it gave meaning to hundreds of thousands of irrelevant women throughout the land; it was almost as good as a glass of vino before lunch!

Except of course - it wasn't actually true. Coronavirus was at best a hoax, at worst the 'flu with a cherry on top; almost impossible to die from if you're under 80. Walking your doggie is far more dangerous.

So if you've been like me and roaring with laughter at the pathetic fuss which is being made of a supposed case of the disease in Northland during the last couple of days. Things had been off the boil lately for "Whangarei Karen" - (the Hubby and children had, predictably, ignored her entirely during the Christmas/New Year period) - but not now! She was at that Coronavirus testing station this morning - causing a traffic jam - and causing all sorts of fuss and attention seeking behavior; in her element. She's been screeching in pure agony with claims she's bound to be infected ("maybe NOW at long last the children will spare a thought for me?" ( Eye haha!) and has had the best day in months.

She's so happy she could scream!

She's finally starting to enjoy 2021!

She has something to complain about for weeks to come!

Thomas Sowell

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gives an interesting perspective on contemporary Black culture....

10 mins - important you watch this...


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marvelous essay at the Libertarian Republic. This is from Brittany Hunter, a gal who works at the Pacific Legal Foundation. Sad to think was once run like this - (I was the victim of it!) - back in the dark ages and it's rather amusing to read things like "To be truly open-minded, you must be able to consider all opinions, instead of condemning any thought contrary to your own" and realize some people quite genuinely think they actually do this! Sticking out tongue haha! (sure Eye....)


If there was a video documenting every second of my life, you can bet it would contain some pretty stupid comments I’ve made over the years. I would also probably be reminded of some opinions I no longer believe. If you’re being honest with yourself, yours likely would be equally cringe.

The things we have said in the past may not have been outrageously offensive, but we have all made comments, or held opinions, we later regret. We are, after all, inherently flawed creatures.

But imagine if one instance of poor judgment or one “fringe” opinion stuck with you forever. This is the problem our society is now facing with the prevalence of cancel culture.

In 2016, then-high school freshman Mimi Groves posted a video to Snapchat in which she used a racial slur. The video later circulated around her school, though it wasn’t met with controversy at the time.

Fellow classmate Jimmy Galligan hadn’t seen the footage until last year when the two were seniors—four years after it first made the rounds at Heritage High School. By this time, Groves had moved on to focus on her role as varsity cheer captain with big dreams of attending the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, a school known for its nationally ranked cheer squad.

For Groves, summer 2020 had been a time of celebration as she found out she had been accepted to the university’s cheer team. But her joy was short-lived when the death of George Floyd rightly outraged the nation, sparking a resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Like many teens, Groves used her social media platforms to urge people to protest, donate, and sign petitions in support of ending police brutality. It was then that her unfortunate video came back to haunt her.

“You have the audacity to post this, after saying the N-word,” one commenter, unknown to the teen, posted on her Instagram.

That’s when her phone began ringing nonstop.

Galligan had held onto the video made four years earlier and had chosen to celebrate Groves’ admission to UT by blasting the footage to every major social media platform.

As the video began going viral, public outrage ensued, calling for the university to rescind her acceptance.

Capitulating to the mob, UT removed her from their cheer team, a decision that resulted in Groves withdrawing from the school because of what she perceived as pressure from the school’s admissions office.

Make no mistake, making racial slurs of any kind is demeaning and inappropriate behavior. But is one comment made four years prior enough to ruin the future of a teen who hadn’t even entered adulthood yet?

The court of public opinion said yes, without giving Groves any chance at redemption.

Why People ‘Cancel’
Groves’ story is just one of many.

Cancel culture has become more widespread over the last several years than anyone could have imagined. When I penned this article on the topic two years ago, I had no idea the problem would escalate to the level it has reached today.

But cancel culture isn’t reserved only for those who have made distasteful comments in the past.

Today, those espousing any opinion that goes against “woke” rhetoric are ridiculed online, fired from their jobs, and some are banned from using popular social media platforms altogether.

One University of North Carolina Wilmington professor, Mike Adams, even took his own life after tweets construed as offensive pushed him into early retirement after years of service to the institution.

Jonathan Haidt, author of The Righteous Mind and co-author of The Coddling of the American Mind, has been an outspoken critic of the cancel culture phenomenon for some time.

“Part of a call-out culture is you get credit based on what someone else said if you ‘call it out,'” he said in a 2018 interview.

This virtue signaling, which is really just a means of proving to society how “good” and “moral” your views are, is only half of the equation, however. Cancel culture is also about personal destruction, which is obvious in Groves’ situation, since Galligan didn’t use this ammunition against her until the time was ripe for maximum harm.

“It(cancel culture) has reached a level of personal vindictiveness, where people go out of their way to find ways the things other people say could be construed as insensitive,” Haidt said.

Slurs and inappropriate comments aside, cancel culture has made people scared to share their opinions lest they be condemned for thinking “incorrectly” about any given issue.

The Costs Cancel Culture
We now live in an era where people are constantly looking over their shoulders, or computer screens, worried that whatever opinion they post might make them victims of cancel culture.

There is no opportunity to change one’s mind, nor is there room to defend opinions you genuinely believe. And this is a huge problem for any civil society.

Haidt spoke of the importance of protecting open dialogue so that we may live in a society filled with varying opinions from which to choose.

“One of the most important [aspects] is that people are not afraid to share their opinions – they’re not afraid that they’re going to be shamed socially for disagreeing with the dominant opinion,” Haidt said.

The odds are high that your opinions about certain issues will change over time. However, some may not, and you shouldn’t live in fear that your beliefs will be met with social condemnation and isolation.

We are no longer given the room to share our opinions today because we are no longer able to disagree with each other respectfully.

You’re not always going to agree with everything other people say — not your professors, your classmates, or your parents. In fact, you might even find that your own views change as you learn new things and grow as a person and adult.

But having the freedom to consider all opinions and decide what you genuinely believe is vital to the human experience and civil discourse.

There is a market of choice in all things, from what clothes you wear, products you buy, and what ideas you subscribe to.

When you go shopping, you might not like the first outfit you try. You might not even like the second or third. But trying on different looks, or opinions, allows you to think for yourself and figure out what it is you want, or believe.

To be truly open-minded, you must be able to consider all opinions, instead of condemning any thought contrary to your own. The free exchange of ideas pushes individuals to share unique ideas and allows for opinions to evolve.

Dissent is what makes democracy strong. Our Constitution has outlasted so many others because the Founders disagreed and debated with each other until they crafted a document that fostered “a more perfect union” than had ever been seen before. We would be wise not to forget the example they set.

Put simply, shaming others doesn’t work. It’s purely punitive, and self-aggrandizing. It also rarely changes a person’s mind and often further radicalizes their beliefs, widening the divide already growing in our country.

To foster a world where ideas can be freely expressed, Pacific Legal Foundation will be hosting an event this Friday featuring Haidt that will examine the many ways free speech serves as a central tenet of innovation, community, and civil society, and how we can preserve and protect this fundamental value that makes our society so extraordinary.

Without the ability to speak freely and consider all opinions, civil discourse cannot occur. In its absence, society as we know it will cease to exist and the divides between us will continue to grow


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pleasant weekend music....


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marvelous, thoughtful, essay written by Mike Shaner on the Libertarian Republic website. I am quoting part of it - you can click on the link to read the rest.


"..For as long as there have been rulers, there have been people who do not want to be ruled. And people who find such comfort in slavery view anyone not wearing those chains as indecent, insane, and dangerous.

The evolution of power in all its dark brutality, if seen from the mountain top, is a sight to behold. Torturous and murderous to be sure, but also a brilliance passed and perfected from generation to generation. The American system of tyranny is perhaps the most eloquently deranged of them all. To make a people so comfortable in servitude that they do not feel the weight of their chains is a feat that must be admired as much for the genius as condemned for the atrocity.

The conquering occurs in far away lands, blinding the public from the horrors of war. The mass imprisonment occurring far from the suburbs, allowing the populace to ignore its existence. But perhaps the most sinister of all is the theft that occurs in plain view—yet almost without notice.

Gone are the tax collectors of old. Imagine what the response might be, today, if everyone had to write a check to the government each week. As much as the system should be admonished, it also has to be admired. A person is less likely to cry out if he does not feel the pain. Death by a trillion tiny cuts. He doesn’t even know he is dying.

Instead of sending strongmen to your door every Friday, they conscripted private individuals—business owners—as agents of the state and tasked them with taking your money before you even see it. It is gone. You’ve lost it, but you don’t mind because you never even knew it was yours.

Anything taken by the threat of force is immoral theft. Taxes are taken, regardless of purpose or consent, by the threat of force. All taxation is theft. The most sinister of thievery is the income tax, because not only are they taking what is yours and making it theirs, but they are explicitly stating they are entitled to the product of your labor. They own your labor. What is the definition of slavery?

Nothing, with the possible exception of Federal elections, arouses the pandemic Stockholm Syndrome so much as pointing out these indisputable facts. And their favorite tantrum? “But who will build our roads?” As if it is morally justified to steal from me to produce something you want. It isn’t, but who would build our roads? I’m glad you asked. The answer is glaringly obvious. It isn’t hidden. It is written in history.

A Brief History Of Roads

The United States has existed without a Federal income tax longer than it has with one. It is an ironic side note that the first income tax was instituted by Abraham Lincoln, ‘The Great Emancipator’, (he also instituted conscription for the first time), but that income tax served only as long as the war and had nothing to do with roads. The first permanent income tax wasn’t enacted until 1913—but we had roads long before 1913. In fact, as long as there has been society, there have been roads to serve the vehicle of that time.

Private industry has always produced roads. Why? Roads are profitable. People have goods to sell and they need to get them to market. Trails were created by explorers. They were expanded by cowboys and ranchers who needed the eastern market to buy their beef. Miners and logging companies modernized them even further as society began to grow and demanded minerals and lumber to construct their towns. As the towns popped up, so too did the roads connecting them. A beautifully organic experience. The rise of a civilization with a standard of living the world had never seen before, born totally of the free market. As society evolved, so did the need for connection.

Consider for a moment what private industry has achieved, literally connecting the world and delivering it light from darkness:

In 1846, the first commercial telegraph lines were completed by The Magnetic Telegraph Company.
The first commercial telephone exchange was opened in New Haven Connecticut with 21 subscribers on January 28, 1878.
The commercial distribution of electricity began in 1882 when electricity was produced for electric lighting.
Private industry literally produced the automobile. And made it affordable.
With the new mode of transportation came a new need for conveyance. Modernized roads began to develop from town to town. New markets were emerging and entrepreneurs saw the need to connect them. They invested in new roads. Men with big dreams designed and built the roads that created a new economy. They literally built the infrastructure statists claim cannot exist without government theft.

The automobile became wildly popular and new opportunities emerged. New men with still bigger dreams built bigger roads. Carl Fischer conceived the first transcontinental highway in 1912. It ran 3,389 miles across 13 states from New York City to San Francisco. It was formally dedicated in 1913. One year later. 3,389 miles using 1912 technology. How long has it taken the government, in the cyber age, to fix that pothole down the street?

Not satisfied with the Lincoln Highway, in 1914, Fischer unveiled The Dixie Highway, which ran an astonishing 5,786 miles from Chicago to Miami. Fischer created the roads that connected east to west and north to south. All done without federal tax money.

“But, but, but… the world has changed—there is no way the needs of modern transportation could be met without government oversight!” Well, alright, let us assume that a system that brought us commercialized mass communication, electricity, air travel, television, video games, and (wait for it) roads, couldn’t provide more efficient road construction and maintenance than modern government. Let us assume that unimaginable concept for the sake of argument, we need the government to build our roads. Do we also need them to own our labor and steal from us to do so? The math says no....


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as usual I am correct!!

I told you all that Biden will be "Tippecanoe" Harrison-style temporary - (gone by Easter, at the latest) - and it's taken just two days for the deep state coup to get going; shot across the bow.

The strategy will go something like this.....

1. The story runs in a 2nd (or is it 3rd?) tier media outlet
2. This provides "cover" for it to be picked up by a tier 1 outlet
3. Then on a panel discussion on CNN (for instance) it will be mentioned as a kind of afterthought "oh, did you see that story in Politico magazine.....?"
4. This provides even more cover for TV networks, major daily news outlets, to run it as a lead story - in dramatic fashion - after conducting their own "investigation"
5. They then start barraging the VP with GOTCHA! questions of the "Do you think a US President suffering from dementia is an important issue?" variety
6. To remind everyone about the 25th amendment; soften everyone up for when the inevitable occurs.

Be under NO illusions folks this is a coup that has been undertaken; it is only halfway completed. The final aspect of it is yet to come.



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amusing movie which came out about 30 years ago is called "Other People's Money". The main character, played by Danny de Vito, is a 1980s corporate raider known as "Larry the Liquidator" who is always seen eating donuts and smoking cigarettes. One day the lawyer of a company he is seeking to buy walks into his office; she turns out to be a young, attractive female, and he immediately has the hots for her. He offers her a donut and she replies "No thanks, I'm not hungry".

His response is "Since when do you need to be hungry to eat a donut?"

This sums up a misguided attitude problem I often find when criticising various aspects of socialism, Big Government, and tyranny: people make various excuses for not taking stand, not taking action.

To paraphrase the movie: "Since when do you need to be a libertarian to oppose socialist tyranny?" Shocked

The reason we live in a far more restrictive, more oppressive, less certain, often more frightening, nation than our grandparents is because of socialist tyranny begun in the 1930s and extended ever since; it only happens because good men do nothing, because those who are victims of this evil refuse to take a stand, refuse to counter it, refuse to fight back in a meaningful way.

Instead of viewing opposition to socialist tyranny as the sole preserve of libertarians (an odd view, but many hold it) why not simply view things which are wrong, that involve coercion, that involve the government taking away rights and stealing what is rightfully yours - everything from your money, to your ability to fish in a river, or climb a ladder without infantile rules, to regulations on whom you can employ and at what salary - and replacing it with collectivist notions of "fairness", as being wrong .....and fighting back against it?


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promised here is the 'Road Movie' of Mott The Hoople on tour in 2019. Number 3 covers the time they were in Cleveland, Ohio - the concert we saw - so rather intriguing to see what they were doing then. Well worth watching!!


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the Demoscum in America have a conscience? It's a question I have often pondered (also used to wonder the same thing about various "libertarians" - *cough*splutter* - in NZ haha!).

Do they have an inner voice providing a sense of right and wrong? a sense their conduct is immoral? a sense they have betrayed any fragment of humanity they (presumably) possessed at one time? Do they consider there is a line you should not cross?

As they endorse - without question - the opinions and conduct of various KKK grand dragons in leadership positions, or murderers (remember Teddy?), or rapists (Bill), or pocket money from communist dictators, or tolerate the destruction of property, or the murder of whistleblowers, or the rape of children on Epstein's Island, or disdain hardworking honest people, or enrich themselves by selling national security secrets, or beat their wives, or any number of appalling criminal undertakings, and cheer from the rooftops those who do these things.

And then they attend the book launch where such evil is lauded by enablers - for a huge advance.

And take part in the panel discussion on a fake news media outlet where the worst of the worst is dismissed as a 'conspiracy theory' of no particular consequence.

And hobnob with celebrities to normalize and legitimize the worst of the worst.

Is there a point where they end up like "Jenny" in the movie Forrest Gump - completely decadent, degraded; in despair at what they've become; standing on the balcony considering jumping off? In short: do they possess a conscience, a moral compass, a sense that what they do is actually wrong, they way it would with you and I, dear reader (assuming, for the sake of argument, we would actually engage in any of the above).

I have, sadly, come to the inescapable conclusion of....."No".

Sad, really....

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the filth couldn't be bothered with this travesty. Bill Clinton was caught sleeping through Biden's speech! haha!


Mr_Lineberry's picture

temporary resident of the White House - Joe Biden - has been inaugurated. What a crock. What a travesty. Nobody turned up - (showing the conservative boycott is working!) - to dignify this criminal enterprise, although a huge crowd was in Palm Beach to greet President Trump.

Imagine an Inauguration where there is no actual crowd; what sort of people degrade themselves like this? and try to pretend this is some sort of great victory for them personally? no wonder they need to have meaningless titles - ("...that's DOCTOR Jill Biden") - to give themselves any sense of self worth.

In July 1975 (according to author Richard Ben Cramer) the young Senator Biden had it made known he was open to being in favor of anything; all he wanted was a title (US Senator, for instance), a mansion to live in, a plane to fly around the country in; vacations with the jet set at the Vineyard or French Riviera; and plenty of booze, hookers, maybe the occasional line of coke (to get the day going). If he got all that (due to not actually believing in anything) then you got.....whatever you wanted. And so corporate America donated to his "expenses fund" - which promptly bought a mansion in Delaware, rented a small 4 seater plane, and paid for all sorts of other things Joe felt he was entitled to.

This did lead to the occasional embarrassing incident. Joe would be handed a list of votes to cast in the Senate by a staffer ("Yes to this; No on that; Yes; Yes; No; Yes - oh and better vote Yes on that because they promised us a check by the weekend"; the Senator (who, as I say, didn't actually believe in anything) would comply without bothering to ask any questions. One day in 1976 Joe dutifully voted "Yes" on a measure 'Big Tobacco' wanted, and 25 minutes later "Yes" to funding an anti smoking campaign; when you take money from both sides you don't dwell on the nitpicky stuff, do you?

This famous incident did, however, make Joe a laughing stock in the Senate - and Washington in general - for the next 45 years; not taken seriously; not respected; deemed a fool. Until today?

Biden will be a temporary President; 'Tippecanoe' Harrison-style temporary; the Deep State Coup is only halfway through folks - Biden will either be assassinated (as Bush tried to do to Reagan in '81) or else the 25th Amendment invoked due to his obvious senility. These psychopaths will stop at nothing to get what they want, be under no illusions about that. What is worse is their legions of enablers in DC, including the Republican party (with the exception of Matt Gaetz), Fox News, various conservative Think Tanks, and so many others; all part of the hypocrisy; all part of the grift.


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new documentary about Thomas Sowell is coming out next week. John Stossell has put this compilation together - please click and watch!


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really is both illuminating and pathetic - the Republican Leadership won't attend the President's farewell function.


"...Senate Majority Leader, soon-to-be Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy will both attend church with Mr Biden, Axios reports. It’s a snub symbolising a possible GOP establishment break with Donald Trump and a sign of unity for the country. Vice President Mike Pence is also skipping Mr Trump’s event but is reportedly not going to attend church with Mr Biden. Washington Post White House reporter Josh Dawsey tweeted that attending both Mr Trump’s event and Mr Biden’s inauguration would be logistically challenging for Mr Pence...."

Cowardly, treacherous, corrupt filth!

I have already taken action myself by changing my party affiliation in California from Republican. These people cannot live this down; cannot come back from this treachery.


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Some light relief at a time of great disappointment and dejection. Alex Jones hilariously satirizes the Q-Anon idiots in this marvelous video


Mr_Lineberry's picture

is when Joe Biden assumes the Presidency. He lost the election in a landslide, he is illegitimate; the sooner they get rid of him - the better!

The best thing to do tomorrow - and in the weeks ahead - is to ignore Biden. I did that with Obarmarx; odd as it sounds I didn't pay the slightest attention to him or his administration for at least the first 7 years of his failed Presidency. Am unable to mention a single thing he did because I wasn't paying attention!

Hopefully millions of others take the same view; hopefully (and I gather this IS happening) nobody turns up to the Inauguration, no protestors, and we just leave them in their echo chamber pretending they have achieved something important or worthwhile. The real Americans simply refusing to take part.

If anyone mentions Biden, just say "He stole the election; he's illegitimate". If nothing else it will get under the skin of everybody haha! Sticking out tongue (always fun!) but do not take part in a humbug of "Joe Biden US President"

Who Is John Galt?

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As events transpired he turned out to be Alex Jones from Infowars.

Remarkable as it sounds Jones was right about soooooo many things, on sooooooooo many occasions, his slogan "Tomorrow's News Today" was shown to be manifestly true!

You can view his daily broadcast - either live or delayed - at and it is well worth doing so.

Moorehouse Avenue....

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Pak-N-Save supermarket.


I was there beating the crowds; who should I meet but the young blonde kid Eye

If you've shopped there you know exactly the boy I mean haha! Nice guy. He has previously turned me down flat for sex...(well, it never hurts to ask, does it?)...and pretends to be utterly appalled by my blatant lechery. Pfft - whatever darling! Nobody is fooled by protesting too much.... Sticking out tongue - I can always tell when someone is madly in love with me ....(happens all the time!)

This morning he was carrying a box filled with (whatever) which seemed both fragile and important, so it seemed the perfect opportunity.... I rushed over and kissed him full on the lips (as you do!). Can't help feeling that was ever so slightly over the top.....

So that was my day - what has yours been like? Some music by our friends Mott the Hoople to take the edge off....

Guest Post - The ACT Party

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Free Speech is a Freedom, Not a Right

Free Speech is as big as all the other problems combined, because it’s the key to solving them. We must protect it from so-called hate speech laws the Government is threatening this year.

To give them credit, the Government recognizes a real problem. There are too many people saying too many nasty things, too often, to too many people. We should all work on, as the Queen says, “speaking well of each other and respecting different points of view; coming together to seek out the common ground; and never losing sight of the bigger picture.” But, empowering a Government department to go around punishing ‘hate-motivated’ speech is impractical and far too open to abuse.

The risk is we lose not only our freedom, but our problem-solving ability. In a healthy culture, you’re allowed to say unpopular things. Judging by her written speeches, Kate Sheppard may have been New Zealand’s best orator, but her views were radical for her time. One of our greatest achievements as a country occurred, and could only have occured, in a culture of free speech.

Of course, Free Speech is important every year. That's why the CCP never stops censoring the internet. Thing is, this year it’s our Government threatening to censor free speech.

The Minister of Justice wrote a one-page letter to political party leaders in December. He says the Government will crack down on ‘hate-motivated speech.’ Basically, he wants tougher penalties for more kinds of speech than what’s currently in the Human Rights Act.

If we’re going to fight this, we need to know what free speech is and isn’t. Some people think it’s the right to say whatever you want. Some people think it’s the right to have other people to give their time listening to you, or perhaps tweet on their platform.

But who wants to listen to tedious people who claim the right to bore us witless? The problem with all rights is that they only work if someone else plays along. Making speech a right only works if you can make some poor sucker listen.

Free speech is not a right but a freedom. Freedom is the ability to plan your future without others arbitrarily messing with you. When people are in conflict, the rules should be written down and clear so everyone knows what to expect. They should be able to know what the rules are, and the penalties for breaking them.

That’s the rule of law, and we get it from an early age. Try going to any Intermediate school at lunch time, change the rules half way through, and see what happens.

We already have some restrictions on freedom of speech that are compatible with the rule of law. You can’t incite people to commit crimes, you can’t threaten people with violence, you can’t be a nuisance (like shouting fire when there is none).

If you do those things there’s a good chance you’ll be convicted and punished. The maximum punishments are written in the Crimes Act. On the other hand, you also have clear defences, such as ‘I did not make a threat.’ There are other advantages. When the rules are written down, they apply equally to everyone.

That’s why hate speech laws are incompatible with freedom. There’s no way of consistently applying what’s offensive. Take the case of Sean Plunkett, who was fined $3,000 by the Broadcasting Standards Authority for ‘amplifying negative stereotypes about Māori.’ The finding was described as a “huge shock…” by the complainant!

The case shows the problem with hate speech laws. You don’t know if you’ve broken them until you are convicted. Whether other people think your views are offensive or might unreasonably influence others is so bland there's no real test.

In these shadows operate political prejudice. If you’re in the majority of opinion you are probably safe from hate speech laws. Your views will be accepted. It is minorities who need the protection of free speech.

Hate speech laws, on the other hand, are mob rule. They amount to the popular using the force of the state to silence the unpopular. They lead to conformity of opinion and blandness in life. They make us less human by suppressing our self-expression. They make our society poorer by suppressing the generation of new ideas and criticism of bad ones.

For those reasons, freedom to speak our mind under the protection of the rule of law is the foundation of a free society and should be our main priority. If the Government passes laws that allow punishment on the basis of opinion, ACT will petition for a referendum to reverse those laws. We hope you’ll help.

Guest Post by Roger Stone

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Events unfolding in the nation’s capital, inflamed by the steady stream of truly alarming totalitarian rhetoric from Democrat politicians, are making abundantly clear what the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security have in store under a President Joe Biden and a Congress controlled by Biden’s Democrat cohorts.

Any challenge to the results of the 2020 election, even those made pursuant to the United States Constitution, is now to be considered sedition. Any person who makes, or has made, such a challenge, to include members of Congress, is to be deemed a “domestic terrorist”.

To be clear, I was not at the Ellipse, in the march or at the Capital last Wednesday. I was as shocked at the events at the Capital as the rest of America. Within minutes of learning about the crimes committed I re-posted a comment by Ambassador Rick Grenell (perhaps the President’s greatest appointments along with Larry Kudlow) ,denouncing violence and calling for the arrest of the perps on my now departed Parler account. Shortly thereafter I made these same points in my own words. Yet CNN, ABC and the vermin at Mother Jones all insist my remarks about my faith in God on Jan 5 “incited ” violence. Jackals !

Under sweeping anti-terrorism provisions pushed under George W. Bush, many of which are patently antithetical to the spirit and letter of our Constitution, but which were nonetheless rushed into law under the consistently-abused pretext of “national security”, federal law enforcement officials are empowered to conduct warrantless searches of all communications and, without probable cause, indefinitely detain and secretly interrogate any person targeted for investigation under these statutes.

The agency which would serve as the instrument of this effort to target and, ultimately, destroy the lives of anyone who dares question the validity of the 2020 elections will be the radical left-wing Democrat controlled government of the District of Columbia.

Criminal charges brought by the D.C. government are actually prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia – in other words, the same office from which corrupt government attorneys conducted partisan-tainted criminal prosecutions against myself, Paul Manafort, General Michael Flynn and others singled out as targets of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel Russian collusion witch hunt.

Ensuring the success of any partisan persecution conducted by the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office, such cases are heard in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Out of all the Federal District Courts in America, this is easily the most biased, politically compromised venue of all, with more partisan zealots on the bench than all other venues combined.

But judicial bias is just the beginning, as this court routinely conducts cases tainted by stacked juries, arbitrary rulings hostile to any politically disfavored defendant, gross prosecutorial abuses, blatant conflicts of interest and a routine disregard for even the most egregious instances of juror misconduct, all of which inure to the detriment of any defendant pursued for political motives. I know about all of this firsthand, probably better than anyone in America, except perhaps General Michael Flynn.

As if the District Court is not terrible enough as a judicial killing ground for anyone who dares cross the leftist Democrat power structure in Washington D.C., the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals is a reliable rubber stamp for whatever partisan biases are inflicted below. Like the District Court, the federal Appeals Court in DC is the single most politicized and radical left-wing court of its type anywhere in the country. It has an unparalleled, now-undisputed record of flouting both the Constitution and the law in its heavily politicized decisions.

The recent placement of elected members of Congress on a “no-fly” list, enforced by the TSA at every airport in America, is absolute proof that corrupt left-wing zealots in positions of authority intend to impede the travel of duly-elected representatives of the people, despite their having been neither charged with nor convicted of any crime. Laura Loomer, who was on a post-campaign vacation in El Salvador and did not participate in the events of January 6th in any way was detained for questioning after arriving at the Miami Airport. Alex Jones was given an hour to leave DC or face arrest. Although I had no involvement in any of the events of Jan 6, a squad of DC police officers arriving in 20 cars and 4 SUV’s stormed my hotel to knock on the door of my room only to find I had checked out and left the City. Probable cause for this planned Gestapo like raid ? None.

In an Orwellian move, left-wing Democrats and the jackals among their media allies have twisted the plain meaning of words. “Violence” is speech when committed by BLM and “speech” is violence when it comes from Trump supporters. Political opposition from Republican members of Congress within the process prescribed by the Constitution is now deemed “sedition”, threatened with censure, expulsion and Ethics investigations. At risk of facing a rigged federal criminal prosecution in D.C. for daring challenge the 2020 election outcome are members of Congress like Matt Gaetz, Andy Biggs, Louie Gohmert, Jim Jordan, Mo Brooks, and Paul Gosar, as well as Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley and many others.

Anyone who questioned the results of the election is labeled as treasonous and accused of inciting violence despite the lack of any such words or actions. Among those who could be targeted for such prosecution are prominent Trump supporters such as former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani , Kimberly Guilfoyle, former New York Police commissioner Bernard Kerik and Donald Trump, Jr. The President should pardon them all and others. In fact Every House Republican should be pardoned except the 10 deserters.

This new and far more extreme witch hunt, exploiting extraordinarily broad prosecutorial powers that effectively nullify all of the constitutional safeguards due to any citizen under the presumption of innocence, can only be stopped if the President issues pardons to all those individuals at risk.

The President’s constitutional pardon power is absolute and incontrovertible, capable of being used whether or not there has been a prosecution for the pardoned conduct. Further, it is a categorically false and unsupported claim that a U.S. citizen must be formally charged or convicted as a prerequisite for executive clemency such as a pardon.

The Ford Pardon of former President Richard M. Nixon has demonstrated, without any successful challenge in any court, that the president has the sole authority to pardon any individual “for crimes he committed or may have committed”, which is precisely the language that must be used by White House lawyers in a series of pardons that are now imperative to protect a broad swath of Americans who had the audacity to support Donald Trump for president.

A narrow pardon of Trump family members plus Rudy will be attacked as self serving .The President’s pardons in this regard should not only include members of Congress but others .To pardon the leaders of his movement from Witch Hunt II is to thumb his nose at these bastards.

It is time for the President of the United States to use his constitutional authority to protect the America First movement from the diabolical, underhanded lawfare assault that the radical lawless American left is now scheming to inflict, in a grotesque subversion of our Constitution, the rule of law, and justice itself.


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I struck a chord with a few people with my post below about Mott The Hoople! Haha! Had a couple of messages about it.

Here is a video of them in concert in New York back in 2019. Apologies for the awful sound quality - but you get the general idea.

The songs are pretty much what they were when Rawiri and I saw them a few days earlier in Cleveland except All The Way From Memphis was halfway through the show, (rather than part of the encore).

It's quite amazing to think Ian Hunter was coming up 80 years old - proving there's hope for us all!

The actual band members are Hunter, Morgan Fisher (chap playing the piano), and Ariel Bender (the beret, and what appears to be a tail, playing the guitar).

During the tour Fisher made a "home movie" which I shall post in a day or two. It shows a lot of what touring (as septuagenarians!) is like. Intriguing to see the parts from when they were in Cleveland. What the home movie does show is what a nice guy Ariel Bender is; some of the things he says are hilarious, and he tells quite a number of interesting stories.

The only disappointing aspect of this concert - and you can see how pissed off Ian Hunter is - occurs at 18 mins 34 secs when the idiot doing the "voice over" part on the song Honaloochie Boogie completely f**ks it up! Shocked - astonishing!

He managed it fine during the concert we saw, so it's hard to see what went wrong, but it would be a bit disappointing if you'd paid $50 for a ticket and one of your favorite songs got stuffed up by an incompetent musician.

So sit back, click the button, and be transported back to the 1970s.....via 2019


Mr_Lineberry's picture

news has the most shocking and evil article on its website I have read for some time. Apart from the risible claim of "unbiased" media - (presumably suggesting, even more laughably, TV3 news is in such a category) - it claims our money doesn't belong to us but to the socialist state.

It calls on the media and politicians to stop talking of "taxpayer money" - we're all slaves donchaknow - and gives them a jolly good telling off for doing so. So there (you racist!)

To add supposed credibility to this proposition some failed academic is quoted at length. Why his insanity dressed up as "academic research" is more worthy than several centuries of contrary academic research is not mentioned.

Have a read if you can be bothered, then sit back and wait for a fully justified barrage of criticism of this garbage by the ACT party - the champions of taxpayers, as well as freedom, in NZ. Pfft....yeah right! Sticking out tongue


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of popular music, have you been taking part in the immoral, disgusting mass wankfest paying tributes to Phil Spector? (thought so).

Whilst doing so have you -

1. Spared a thought for his victim?

2. Given a slobbering tribute to her?

3. Or can even remember her name?

(didn't think so.....)


Mr_Lineberry's picture

not a great fan of popular music - that's for the lower orders - must confess to always having been a closet fan of Mott the Hoople (look them up Eye haha!); something about them is awfully fun. We saw them perform a couple of years back in Cleveland, Ohio during their 'Mott the Hoople '74' tour of the USA which was a most enjoyable night.

Today is the 5th anniversary of the death of Dale "Buffin" Griffin, drummer in the band; he'd been ill for some years prior to expiring in 2016. To mark the occasion here is the song "I Am A Cadillac" from the classic, universally praised, album "Mott" from 1973. One of the odd things about this song is it sounds soooooooooo different to almost all of their other music; was written by Mick Ralphs who also sang the lead vocals.

Click the button and enjoy!


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have always thought a statement is never particularly interesting or worthwhile unless a sane, rational man could argue the exact opposite. If you can't then it is just bland, boring twaddle!

Take a statement like "I work for the best company in the country; our products are the best, our quality the highest, our staff the most competent". This is an example of bland boring twaddle because no sane, rational man could argue the exact opposite (hint: to either your Boss, or a group of customers haha!).

However a comment such as "Camping in Wyoming is the worst thing ever; here are 10 reasons why"; well, now we are delving into the world of 'interesting' and 'worthwhile' statements! For a start you need to engage in "thought" to come up with 10 reasons - (thought?!?) shocking and unusual, I know - but you need to then think of a second group of 10 reasons in order to argue the exact opposite. All this makes for a hugely interesting and fun undertaking.

You should try this; just for the exercise: commit to a single day (tomorrow?) where you will ONLY make statements which a sane, rational man could argue the exact opposite.

Will you take up the challenge? can you get through an entire day? could this be an interesting exercise in ascertaining whether or not you are actually a 'thinker', the "intellectual" you think you are? or an interesting person, or not? whether others find you interesting? whether others actually think you say bland boring stuff they don't really bother listening to? - take the challenge! Sticking out tongue


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2nd amendment is there to protect the 1st amendment because in 1776 Red Coats were breaking down doors in order to enforce tyranny.

Things are different now; more subtle. On the one hand the State isn't stupid enough to break down doors to impose tyranny, oh no; they aren't stupid, they know "we" have guns and simply aren't going to take their nonsense any longer. On the other hand, conservative America also aren't stupid, are not going to be provoked into grabbing guns and....storm the Capitol and hang a few traitors, for example.

The second war of independence, war against tyranny, has already started and is basically an underground conservative movement of silent boycotts. I have received several emails in recent days urging support for boycotts of various corporations, sporting events, media outlets, and numerous others who comprise the filth. And it is working! In recent days the Twitsewer share price has been in freefall - Dorsey has lost a billion dollars personally! - with Fecesbook and several others also under pressure.

The "Fort Sumter" moment was the banning of; the problem was a lack of preparedness for it - hence the mad scramble in the last few days - there was also the possibility Trump would emerge with a second term making the 'Conservative Underground' unnecessary. Now we know where we are going the organizing, the exponential growth, will become focused and devastating for the left.

Don't buy on Amazon; don't watch knee taking sporting events; close your accounts on this, that, the other; don't shop here, there, or there; don't donate to Never Trump "conservative" Think Tanks staffed by those who secretly despise you; stay away from virtue signalling chain stores who demonize conservatives. This is how the war is being fought and it will only snowball as it gets organized. No guns, no violence, and no particular publicity on the fake news filth. There will just be announcements that - to general astonishment - major corporation X "...has filed for bankruptcy"; this will be seen as a great trophy in the War on Tyranny and quickly moving on to putting the next one out of business.

It all comes down to this -

1. "We" are just better people
2. "They" need "Us", but we certainly don't need them
3. When they don't have us giving them money, or other support they require, they will end up the loser
4. This is how we win, this is how we reclaim our nation

They won't send Red Coats, and we won't have Minutemen; on both sides it is more subtle; the difference is their tactics are widely discredited and obvious, and simply don't work anymore. What worked with Watergate (a total fake scandal of nothingness) has been greeted with a yawn today as Trump's so called 'Impeachment' is dismissed by basically everyone as preposterous.

If you really are sick and tired of tyranny and "not going to take it anymore" then.....don't. Join the silent conservative underground, redirect your money away from the enemy ("yes" even if it means a bit of inconvenience to drive 10 mins to another store, rather than your usual laziness by just doing what you always do because it's convenient), and simply stop indulging these evil, evil people. They need "you" but "you" don't need them and that is why victory for us is inevitable.


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Just the ticket if you are off to Church this morning....


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must confess to being madly in love with Dick Cheney; I am. I freely admit it; and for good reason. When war clouds were gathering in December 2002 - and not being a fool - I bought 15,000 Haliburton shares at $9 each. Can't remember where I got the money; must have borrowed it, or stolen it - (or something?!) - but four months later as bombs rained down on Baghdad the share price was $35. Have a signed photograph of Dick Cheney beside my bed haha!

Despite this I think his idiot daughter has rather let everyone down and should resign. Her vote for the fake, illegitimate impeachment - and the false claims she made to justify her vote - are not only wrong, provably so, but so out of step with the views of her constituents.

She is a member of the House of Representatives - which means her conduct should "represent" her Wyoming constituents, not dictate to them. She simply cannot remain in a leadership position of a party when she opposes the views of the overwhelming majority of members. With any luck a primary opponent will emerge very quickly and she can pay the piper for her treachery; send a message to others they are also not welcome.



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couple of years ago, on our last visit to America and having watched the Netflix series, we went to Lake of the Ozarks. It is just amazing!

The real America, where there are lots of real Americans. Had a marvelous time fishing, hunting, making new friends; hard to believe it's a dam, a kind of mega Lake Dunstan.

This video gives you an idea of what it is like...(cute boys Eye haha!)


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is one of my all time favourite movies - The Wild Geese. It stars Richard Burton, Richard Harris, Roger Moore, and numerous other brilliant actors from that period.

The plot is simple enough - a business tycoon engages the services of a group of mercenaries to rescue a deposed African leader.

It is the film version of an unpublished novel which was itself a fictionalized account of a real event; in the late 1960s mercenary "mad" Mike Hoare was engaged to rescue former Congo PM Moise Tshombe by Tiny Rowland, head of Lonrho. Supposedly.

Mike Hoare was an adviser as the movie was being made and the actor who plays Tosh was one of his mercenaries in the Congo a decade or so earlier.

I realise it all sounds a bit far fetched, but apparently it's all true!

One aspect of the movie has always confused me, and it is this - at 1hr 45mins they prepare to leave the village and head to the plane. Richard Burton's character merely says "we can't take the vehicles" but it is never explained why that is; why they can't take the vehicles.

Having watched the movie about 20 times over the years I still cannot ascertain the reason.

If you want to watch just click the button and enjoy!

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