2 + 2= 4 is racism etc etc

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Submitted by Graham Hill on Mon, 2021-01-25 02:59

Professor Jonathan Turley's Blog Site carries regular free speech items (' Why burn books when you can ban them?" and academic lunacy. Today, taking up the 2 + 2 =4 theme, which a Massachusetts maths professor had earlier descried as racist, the theme has been reprised and Turley notes, and he has written about the aberrant Dr Loomis before, as follows:

"Rhode Island Professor Denounces Science, Statistics, and Technology As “Inherently Racist”


Sadly, if going by the book licencing laws that John Milton opposed in the 1640s in The Aeropagtica, which ran till the 1690's it is possible we have another 50 years of this Woke extremist insanity. Although, some Democrats call for the deprogramming (note the 'de' prefix which Klemperer argues in his book on Nazi language, that it was part of NAZI vocabulary to use such prefixes) of Trumper's, such as the ideologically fogged AOC, one has to pause and think who it is that really needs the therapy in Room 101?

Progressivism's Hegelian religion has to find new targets and is an ongoing descent to minutiae and thence to the nanoparticle.


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Think it's more basic than that.

Take the Attlee government of the 1940s; various people said the right things - all the New Jerusalem crap - of the NHS and nationalized coal mines.

But when the puritanical Chancellor, Stafford Cripps, expected "middle England" to endure deprivation, rationing, and a puritanical lifestyle..... they rushed to vote Tory.

Urban middle class "liberals" believe in every fashionable cause until the point it costs them money, or lowers their living standard haha!

A meaning cf practical application

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Agreed. But these people seem very serious

Sayet talks about the modern inability to discriminate 'facts' to give priority to truth and accuracy.

Multiple meanings, from multiple narratives (discourses), is the hallmark of Neo Marxist Critical Theory.

So do we have 'a or any meaning' as against the hard fact of practical application? What one ideologue may believe for social trendy or to be agreeable in a group think group won't be believed in other areas of life: like how much money is in the wallet.

Bifurcated minds or more or merely moral preening Charlatans?


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Sounds a bit odd, doesn't it?

I suspect that like all left wing governments they will overdo things and lose the support of the middle class fairly quickly.

Afterall, nobody actually thinks 2+2=4 IS racist - just currently trendy to pretend you do in certain circles.

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