Silver was money and will be again

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Submitted by Jon Letendre on Wed, 2021-02-03 02:47

This article explains some of how and why [they] keep silver and gold prices artificially low. Their fiat, fake money system requires it, so they are rather committed to continuing.

#silversqueeze has the potential to greatly harm Wall Street fraudsters all while educating the people about the history of precious metals and how people used silver as money for eons before the banks.

One tool they use to manipulate precious metal prices downward is short selling. Several banks are very short silver. This means they have already sold short vast quantities of silver futures and now they face the eventual closing of their bets — that is, they must eventually execute huge buys in order to make good their previous short sales.

The banks have a number of tricks up their sleeves including selling back and forth amongst themselves, each time at a lower price, to create the appearance of organic downward selling pressure and dropping price.

As availability of physical silver dries up they will have to press these tools ever harder to get the same effect becoming more and more exposed to the inherent risk of their growing short positions.

Your role, if you choose to participate, is to acquire and hold onto physical silver. That's it. When you can afford a little more, acquire more. Visit a local coin shop. There are coin and bullion sellers online. Also remember that 925 sterling is 92.5% silver, so don't overlook auction sites and other marketplaces for old sterling utensils, candy dishes, bowls, bracelets and necklaces. Silver is silver.

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are quite correct - there is good money in silver!

My all time favourite movie is called "The Silverbears", starring Michael Caine, Louis Jordan, and a very young Jay Leno. Hilarious! about some gangsters who buy a Swiss bank and get involved in developing a silver mine.

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