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Submitted by Mr_Lineberry on Wed, 2021-03-10 02:24

The ACT Party has shown itself, yet again, to be the true "thinkers" in NZ politics. Today they have released - (I am presuming David Seymour didn't email just me? Eye haha!) - a plan for the future of the coronavirus. Makes interesting reading.

ACT has produced what the Government hasn’t been able to, and what New Zealanders have been asking for: a plan for the immediate, and longer-term, steps of New Zealand’s response to COVID-19.

Not only did ACT release the most comprehensive COVID-19 policy of any political party six months ago, we’ve been thinking ever since about innovative ways to respond to the trends in the global pandemic response.

The plan we’re releasing today – COVID 2.0 Response Plan – is a picture of how the country should respond to COVID-19 over the next six months.

It responds to four trends in the global COVID-19 situation:

1. Vaccination
2. Public fatigue
3. New variants
4. Innovation

It is underpinned by five principles in response to those trends:

1. Transparency
2. Fast technology uptake
3. Risk-proportionate responses
4. A culture of admitting failure and seeking improvement
5. Improving wellbeing by balancing COVID and non-COVID objectives

We’re confident that following this strategy will make New Zealanders safer, more prosperous and, eventually, more connected in the COVID environment.

It makes 15 policy recommendations: seven immediate changes to get New Zealand to herd immunity without further lockdowns; five short-term changes to prepare us for a post-vaccine world; and three medium-term measures for how we can operate in the post-vaccine environment.

Among seven proposed immediate changes ACT says should be made are:

Compulsory COVID Tracer app use including Bluetooth functionality to improve contact tracing
Introduce daily PCR saliva testing and the use of Datamine’s ëlarm technology to the border and MIQ workforce to alert them to early signs of infection
Begin establishing an Epidemic Response Unit modelled on Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Centre to replace COVID-19 response leadership by the Ministry of Health
Reactivate Parliament’s Epidemic Response Committee
Short- and medium-term measures designed to prepare New Zealand for the months and years ahead include:

Progress work on a vaccine passport
Rolling out wider use of screening tests
Begin work on a Business Travel Network aligned with rules already promoting business travel to the likes of Singapore and Taiwan
Beginning work on a digital fence system for some self-isolation, taking pressure off the existing MIQ network and introducing a risk-based traffic light system for MIQ.
This is not a look through the rearview mirror, but a constructive playbook for the future of our country.

Investigating and doing these things requires the Government being prepared to put the effort and resources into them.

Whatever that resource may be, ACT’s view is the cost will be considerably less than further lockdowns caused by inadequate security measures at the border, including far too infrequent testing and patchy contact tracing.

ACT’s position all along has been to propose sound policy solutions to the challenges we face while holding the Government to account.

We think New Zealanders will see this suite of proposals as in the country’s best interests and worthy of both investigation and investment.

Yours sincerely

David Seymour
ACT Leader, MP for Epsom


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Our friends in the ACT Party have redeemed themselves after the amusing - yet confuzzling - original post a couple of weeks back; here is their newsletter for this week....

Hard to find material

If you would like to read Roger Partridge’s latest excellent column, it is here on Chris Trotter’s blog. Normally Roger’s columns appear in the Herald. This one, a thoughtful critique of the Government’s proposed New Zealand History curriculum, did not. Meanwhile a powerful video from Mothers Matter, designed to promote maternal mental health, has been ordered off the air by the Advertising Standards Authority. You can still watch it online here.

Podiocracy (noun a system of government where all power rests in a podium)

David Seymour opposed the Government’s rushed gun laws alone against 119 MPs. His simple message: It’s not about guns, it’s about the law. If the Government can take away someone else’s rights in just nine days, without asking, why would you think your rights are safe?

We should have seen the warning when oil and gas exploration was banned by podium announcement. There wasn’t so much as a Cabinet paper to back the announcement. (We can’t prove there weren’t letters from a class of children taught by a NZEI member).

As the story goes, first they came for the licensed firearm owners. Now it is the property investors. Those who tell them to cry me a river of crocodile tears really should pay more attention. They could be next.

The problems with the podiocracy are three. The diktats don’t actually achieve their goals. They divide the community, persecuting sections of it. They require further measures to fix their mistakes.

Licensed firearm owners were hurtfully made the foil of the Government’s political theatre post March 15. As we know, the ban was ineffective. Only a quarter of the firearms estimated to be banned were handed in. Meanwhile gun crime has gotten out of control with enough gang shootings in New Zealand to fill the LA Times, and the Government is undertaking a second buyback already.

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has told us that banning oil and gas exploration didn’t help reduce carbon emissions and may even hurt. We have visited Taranaki, as with licensed firearm owners, people feel assaulted by the Government of inclusion and kindness.

Natural gas is a good fuel for reducing carbon emissions, but the Government’s scared the industry off our shores. There is more coal in our future thanks to the podiocracy’s lack of foresight, and crazy adventures such as ‘pumped hydro’ besides.

Now we turn to the Government’s surprise attack on residential property investors. The announcement that the so-called bright line test will now extend to 10 years was not only predictable but predicted.

David Seymour said in 2015: ‘… this tax is the acorn of a capital gains tax. It is a measure that will grow from two years to five to 10 to 15 years. You watch, it will eventually apply to a wider range of homes. It is the acorn that the National Party has planted that will grow into a full-blown capital gains tax.’


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sums up the future for most people quite accurately! haha! (weak, feckless, cowardly)

it is horrifying

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That's quite astute actually, Mr Lineberry. Where did it go? Was it not a real threat, after all?
Most people find it easy to believe their adversaries would use a crisis to further their goals.
But it is usually difficult for normal healthy people to contemplate that all the authorities and institutions they know are committed to evil and are actively creating crises with which to further batter us, impoverish us, make us incapable of neither independence nor resistance.
There is a cost to it, I'll admit. A type of innocence lost, when you wake up to it. It's horrifying. I resisted, too.


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thing which seems to have escaped everyone's attention for an entire year is "Islamic Terrorism". You remember terrorism? (hint: cast your mind back TWO hoaxes ago Sticking out tongue haha!) - it was used for 19 years as an excuse to declare wars, impose tyranny upon populations, and take away our liberties. To keep us safe don-cha-know.

Notice how it's no longer a problem? notice it disappeared faster than you can say "Jack Robinson" when coronavirus emerged? Apparently every Al Qaeda loon, every Mullah, every graduate of "Terrorist Training Camps", every member of every 'terror cell', woke up one morning in March 2020 and decided "our work is done". Phew!

But - like coronavirus - terrorism exists (*cough*splutter*); it was not a hoax.....a con game.....a grift....(right kids?)

Just curious

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Just curious, for those who believe in the reality of a new virus;
1) Are you aware of the reported spontaneous disappearance of influenza?
2) Do you believe in the spontaneous disappearance of flu?
3) Are you aware there has been no jump in the total rate of death, as happens when a new pathogen ravages a population?

Odious ACTurds

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This is unmitigated Woke-Garbage, both in its content and in its presentation. Especially the latter. A cringe-making set of platitudes and moronnialisms.

I did not receive this e-mail. I was cancelled by ACT months ago. Possibly because of my references to Seymour the Baby-Killer as "Gutless, Gormless Goofy." Now I would just refer to him, and the moronnial Woke-Fascists who have clearly taken him over, as odious turds. Note their total silence on the reprehensible Video Classification Bill to which I seem to be the only one to have tried to draw attention.

Compulsory contact tracing? The Association of Compulsion-Touters is back!

I don't believe the virus is a fraud. It's real, and it came from the Chinese Communist Party. But most people don't die from it: fewer than from conventional flu. The stooges of the Chinese Communist Party such as Comrade Jihadi Jacinda Podesta and Barmy Biden the Bastard President and all the rest of the Marxist Maskists are using the virus to scare and control us. They and their ilk—Hollywood, Academia, the Media, Big Tech, Big Business and Big Government (all in cahoots)—are the current Axis of Evil


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Fuck off is right.
Anyone still pushing the Scamdemic is either hopelessly dumb or 100% committed to the enemy’s cause. In either case, stop listening to them.
There is no novel virus killing people. They are simply taking deaths from flu, heart attack, etc., and calling them caused by their made-up fantasy. Flu is “gone,” look it up. Now, using your big brains, is flu really gone? Can that really be so after all this time? Use Occam’s razor — why is flu “gone”?
Why is there no jump in the rate of all deaths?
Fakest pandemic ever. Please wake up.

Vaccine passports. Fuck off

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Vaccine passports.
Fuck off ACT.


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do not misunderstand me; absolutely ANYTHING has got to be better than what we've endured over the last year from that silly little 8 year old Ardern girl; lockdowns and virtue signalling; so I support the ACT proposals in this email, but gosh some of the phrases are rather unusual.

Or perhaps it is just me? perhaps I am the outlier?

At the 2020 General Election the ACT Party received a healthy 5016 votes in the Southland electorate, my home region. Could it be the reason David Seymour produced this email and its 'interesting' terminology is because in rural Southland the terms "Digital Fence" and "Risk Based Traffic Light" aren't particularly unusual? - that in Gore, Otapiri, and Mossburn they speak of little else? Eye


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Am I missing something, or is this starting to sound like "Wank Words"?

Beginning work on a digital fence system for some self-isolation, taking pressure off the existing MIQ network and introducing a risk-based traffic light system for MIQ. - (what on earth is a "digital fence"?)


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Opps, lost me a bit here, too - "....daily PCR saliva testing and the use of Datamine’s ëlarm technology..."

(what language is he speaking?!?)


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must confess to having absolutely no idea what "...Compulsory COVID Tracer app use including Bluetooth functionality to improve contact tracing.." means Puzzled - notwithstanding my reluctance to endorse anything "compulsory", David S may have to explain what on earth he is talking about!

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