A Union Worth Joining?

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2021-05-05 08:57

Latest from the former Free Speech Coalition. I'd urge all SOLOists to join but to maintain vigilance, scepticism ... and a willingness to walk away. These guys, unlike the co-founders of the UK Free Speech Union, have rabid Trump Derangement Syndrome. They not only denied, but lampooned the idea that Trump was the only person who stood between Western Civilisation and George Soros/Chinese Communist Party/Iranian Ayatollahs/Woke-Fascist Academia/Woke-Fascist Hollywood/Woke-Fascist Media/Woke-Fascist Silicon Valley and others of their despicable ilk. They have remained silent as the New Zealand School of Music has committed itself to the terrorist group Only Black Lives Matter. Their lawyers have pocketed most moneys donated to their cause. Their poster-boy, Don Brash, militantly supported Beijing Biden the Bastard, the most evil and illegitimate President ever, against Trump, the best ever. They may claim to uphold the right to be eccentric and offensive, but they sidelined me—undeniably eccentric and offensive—from Day One, even as one of their number assured me that they all regarded me as their "conscience." If they come after you for your union dues, which they undoubtedly will in short order, demand accountability from them. Unions elect officers, for one thing. And they require that there be transparency as to how their dues are spent. And they don't virtue-signal by proffering an alternative name in fashionable Maaaaaahdi and blathering on about "diversity" and "tolerance."

"I disagree with what you say but defend to the death your right to say it" does not mean, "I renounce my right to call you evil." And it does not mean, contrary to what follows, that private employers are not entitled not to employ Woke-Fascists.

New trade union launched to promote free speech.

The Free Speech Coalition is relaunching as a trade union under the name “Free Speech Union” and has successfully registered under the Employment Relations Act.

“That name is not ironic”, says Dr David Cumin, a founding member of the Union’s Council. “We think it says crisply just what is now needed to defend freedom of speech. We need to stand with people being intimidated, cancelled, de-platformed, piled on by social media, doxxed and threatened with bankruptcy if they seek legal protection.”

“Becoming a bona fide union is important because defending freedom of speech has come to need the collective solidarity, the mutual support, the kind of activism that made labour unions so important over 100 years ago.”

“For the last two years, the Free Speech Coalition has been campaigning to prevent the growth of anti-free speech case law and legislation. The Coalition was founded in response to the statements by the Auckland Mayor and actions of his Council in banning two controversial speakers from hosting a talk at a publicly owned venue. The founding members of the Coalition saw the greatest threat to New Zealand’s tolerant and diverse culture of free public discourse as coming directly from the power of the state.”

“But over the past few years, it has been impossible to ignore the rise of a culture of intolerance of free speech,” says Dr. Cumin. “We have seen it expressed in the increasingly frequent instances of people suffering employment consequences for perfectly legitimate expressions of free speech. The University of Canterbury dragged one of their academics through a lengthy disciplinary process for a paper critical of New Zealand Universities’ connections to the Chinese Government. A high school teacher was doxed by a blogger and investigated by his employer for wearing a MAGA hat at an Auckland BLM rally. An Auckland Transport staffer was harassed and intimidated on social media for a comment on a private Facebook group.”

“We’ve seen too many examples of people being ‘shut down’ for controversial views. We must defend the rights of workers to be able to express their personal beliefs without the threat of losing their job. We need to promote a culture of tolerance, including for those we disagree with. A flourishing civil society, where all New Zealander’s feel they can contribute their ideas and engage in robust and even controversial debate, is only possible when employers know that disciplining workers for stepping out of line is not an option.”

“If you fear being punished by your employer for exercising your right to free speech, if you feel you may be targeted by the media or online mobs for comments expressed in a personal capacity, if a petition could be launched calling for you to be fired; or if you want to help protect those that might be, then join the Free Speech Union today.”

New Zealanders who agree with the Union's Statement of Values are encouraged to join, support, or volunteer via www.fsu.nz


Media contact:
Dr David Cumin
021 369 282

A Union Worth Running a Mile from

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Another most excellent epiphany for Cam Slater: the Free Speech Union are sham, controlled opposition. Next, I hope he'll call out Seymour as evil as he did Jihadi Jacinda Podesta. Jab! Jab! Jab! at gunpoint is Seymour's wet dream. Stephen Franks's "you brought it all on yourself" to Cam is exactly what Seymour said to Lee Williams. These scum-buckets are reading from scripts.

I have posted this on BFD:

Juana: the FSU is indeed a sham. As a member of the original Steering Committee I have documentation showing all the money initially raised from the public went to Stephen Franks's law firm and Jack Hodder QC. Every so-called press release from them is simply a demand for more money. They won't touch cases where they might offend Woke sensibilities. Aside from what Cam has mentioned, they were utterly silent when the NZ School of Music got hijacked by the terrorist group Only Black Lives Matter. These are slimeballs. In addition to no longer running their mercenary bilge, you should not give oxygen to Seymour, who's a part of the scum-scam. He's as evil as Jackboots Jacinda. We do have to wonder where, apart from money fleeced from the innocent public, the rest is coming from. Soros (Open Societies Foundation or an off-shoot)? Pfizer? The Chinese Communist Party? Others? All of the above?

The Union

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Dr Cumin is corect on many points.

The UK Free Speech Union certianly is a different animal. This new entity is likely to have the same spots.


Anyone seriously reading USA news- not NZ MSM or hearing luandered news via CNN, NYT and WaPo on Morning Report- will be aware that TDS is having severe consequences- being that which put Biden in- in the first 100 days of Biden: potential war in the Middle East; the potential invasion of Taiwan; US inflation is about to roar into life;having been fuel sufficient the US is looking at fuel shortages and prices increases; an assymetical justice system; a corrupt MSM; social media censhorship; timber prices have increased 300%; Southern Border is a debacle and a humanitarian crisis; Secretary of State's Blinken's humilation in Alaska; 11,000 workser losing theri jobs on Day 1 on the Keyston XL1 pipeline; now a cyber atatck ont he Colonial Piple line that supplies 45% of he Atlantic Seaboard and NE; rule by Executive Order; breaching of the Constitution..advancing of neo marxist agenda; weaponised DoJ/FBI are back in play; criitial race theory being approaved in Washington State...

All this will knock on to us here in NZ Did the beltway mupppets not think ahead? One commnetator said Biden was innocuos and Harris "a nice looking girl" Yikes. A beltway FSC lawyer member told me 'But Trump is vile..." Fooled by the US MSM spin and unable to accept a contrary opinion. The alternative is a federal republic without the bananas with lawlessness on teh edge. The point of no return has probably been passed. Thomas sowell thought it was with Obama. The Leninist tactics of Soros have been very effective.

I have family in the USA and hope it can be retrieved. The litmus test will be whether the Mid term elections take place in 2022.

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