Real Racists Reveal Their Hand

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2021-05-23 07:25

There's a Woke-Fascist Maori racist in Parliament named Debbie Ngarewa-Packer. She is an avid promoter of the current Labour regime's head-long lunge into Brown Supremacy, as is Apartheid Ardern herself. Ngarewa has taken to launching petitions calling on private companies to sack employees she deems to be "racist." She is at the vanguard of the Woke-Fascist Cancel Culture. Her latest target is a pesky blighter from Christchurch named Lee Williams, who—when he is not suspended by YouTube for telling the truth—has been at the forefront of those exposing Apartheid Ardern's recently-revealed, hitherto-secret agenda to turn New Zealand into a shit-hole country like Zimbabwe. Lee is not remotely a racist or White Supremacist or any of the other things the Woke-Fascists call him. The Woke-Fascists themselves are the racists and bigots in this equation.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” We live in a time of universal deceit. Woke-Fascists are the ultimate liars. They believe in lying. In their grotesque universe, there is no truth, only "narratives"—and their mission is to make their own evil narratives stick. To them, evil is good, ugliness is beauty, fetus-murder is "choice," male is female, reality is "fluid," freedom is slavery, perception is reality, Islam is a religion of peace, savages are civilised, headbanging caterwauling is music, fry-quacking is speech, the Global Migration Compact is "non-binding," the U.S. election of 2020 wasn't rigged (and if it were that would be a good thing), Beijing Biden the Bastard is legitimate, etc., etc., etc..

Woke-Fascism is the over-arching evil of our time. Lee Williams' employer caved to Ngarewa's Woke-Fascist bullying and "suspended" (sacked) him. So far the controlled opposition in NZ—National, ACT, the Free Speech Union et al—have been silent. Don't hold your breath. Follow the money and realise these flaccid fawners will never speak up when it matters.

The Taxpayer-Funded Grotesqueries Behind It All

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The Uglification of Everything has never been quite this ugly:

Lee's Go Fund Me Cancelled

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This is the evil Woke-Fascist shit-hole country we live in, courtesy Jihadi Jacinda Podesta Apartheid Ardern:


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The same CEO expecting 20—30 million losses? Crikey. His company culture is truly rotten.

Disgusting on the part of Synlait

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I’ve written to the acting CEO via email to express my revulsion.
Dr John Penno.

For what it is worth, William’s petition is here:


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The issue is not the issue. We are all agreed on the issue: slavery bad and it was abolished. The issue is Western Civilisation simpliciter.

Have the Woke considered that they have been colonised by the social construction of Woke Neo-Marxism and its cult of critical race theory.

Folding the past into the present and the present into the past is fatuous, lazy and unintelligent. The 2014 enslavement of Yasawa women most of whom are still living truly warrants attention.

Nor do the Woke seem to be troubled by Marx's racism...oh I guess they say he was "a Man (A white German man at that of the German Empire) of his time..."

More Woke-Fascism on Steroids

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Hard on the heels of news that Woke-Fascist music professors at Oxford want to ban sheet music as racist, we hear this. Shades of the Ethnic Cleansing programme being implemented at the New Zealand School of Music, proud endorsers of the terrorist mob Only Black Lives Matter.

Too hot to Handel: Royal Academy of Music could dump artefacts from composer linked to slavery. Pianos made with colonial ivory could also be disposed of as the conservatoire looks at decolonising its collection

By Craig Simpson 22 May 2021 • 6:00pm

The Royal Academy of Music could dispose of “problematic” musical instruments and artefacts as it seeks to “decolonise” its collection.The institution, founded in 1822, is the UK’s oldest conservatoire, and its on-site museum in London holds a collection of 22,000 artefacts significant to the history of music. But instruments held in the museum could be disposed of by the Academy in a planned review of its 200-year-old collection in the spirit of decolonisation. Pianos made with colonial ivory and artefacts linked to Messiah composer George Frideric Handel, who invested in the slave trade, could potentially be problematic. The Sunday Telegraph understands that “there will undoubtedly be some items in the collection, which has been built up over two centuries,” that the Academy “will want to look at more closely through a decolonisation lens.

“We intend to collaborate closely with the Academy’s equality, diversity and inclusion group in doing this, with a view to highlighting, reinterpreting and disposing of some items.” The Academy said the review would also help to bolster inclusivity and free up more space for teaching.

The museum’s collection, including 18th-century pianos violins by Stradivari and Amati, will be assessed based on their donors, makers and the origins of the raw material they are made from. Ebony and ivory, used for piano keys and violin fingerboards, were profitable colonial commodities, and ivory in particular was often marched to the African coast using slave labour. Alongside instruments, the planned review will examine portraits, sculptures, photographs, postcards, and other documents. A vast collection of Handel manuscripts are held at the museum along with sculptures and portraiture of the 18th-century composer, and these objects could also come under scrutiny due to his investment in the slave-trading Royal Africa Company.

The portraiture, and furniture, of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart held at the museum may also be scrutinised as his father, Leopold, was patronised by wealthy slaving families while touring the UK. ...

Full article here:  

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