The Cure for the Critical Race Theory Distemper

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The Cure for the Critical Race Theory Distemper

Dr Walker (1928 to 2018) was Martin Luther King' jr's right-hand man and a great man in his own right.

I cannot think of anything more uplifting, moving and intellectually apposite for our times and an antidote to the toxicity and nihilism of CRT racism.

The extended quote below comes from a 2015 article co-written by Dr Walker with Mr Klinsky. The learned Reverend's words speak for themselves.

"Even more fundamental, though, is education of the heart: the explicit realization that every person deserves an abiding and equal respect for the spark of divine light inside of them. This light is innate; separate and independent from race, wealth, ethnicity or any other identifier.

Today, too many “remedies” – such as Critical Race Theory, the increasingly fashionable post- Marxist/postmodernist approach that analyzes society as institutional group power structures rather than on a spiritual or one-to-one human level – are taking us in the wrong direction: separating even elementary school children into explicit racial groups, and emphasizing differences instead of similarities.

The answer is to go deeper than race, deeper than wealth, deeper than ethnic identity, deeper than gender. To teach ourselves to comprehend each person, not as a symbol of a group, but as a unique and special individual within a common context of shared humanity. To go to that fundamental place where we are all simply mortal creatures, seeking to create order, beauty, family, and connection in a world that – on its own – seems to bend too often toward randomness and entropy.

The large answer emerges from a million small acts of private understanding, private kindness, private creativity – acts that nobly succeed, or that nobly fail."

Dr Walker and Stev Klinsky, 'A light Shines in Harlem, Real Clear Politics, 24 September 2015.

The article was about Charter Schools that Dr Walker and Mr Klinsky had set up in Harlem. Those who mowed down Charter Schools in NZ committed an atrocity in learning.