The US Quandary over Civil Liberties and its equivocation over ¡Cuba Libre!

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Submitted by Graham Hill on Thu, 2021-07-15 23:36

Both Dan Bongino and Mark Levin have respectively made points about President Biden's National Constitution Centre speech made earlier this week. That prima facie the administration is seeking to define and create enemies of the state.

That seems to point to the enemies being over 50% of the US population who do not wholeheartedly support the Democrat Party's Marxist flavoured agenda or question the 2020 election and support electoral integrity measures.

This is inflaming the 6 Jan riot beyond what it was. Not one person has been charged with insurrection! Why? Because at law there was not and could not be one. There was no activity of insurrection (no actus reus). There was no mental intention (mens rea) for one either given the disparate groupings involved. The charges are of trespass and wilful damage nature.

Gaslighting 6 January as an insurrection is to create a shibboleth political narrative. It is dangerous and Biden's divisive speech exacerbates the 'truth problem'. Low levels of trust in the media and government are not good things when added to the arbitrary application of law in the USA. Machiavelli in his Discourses observed that a state which is partial in its application of the law is on a slippery slope in terms of public trust and therefore longevity is compromised.

For example, the 600 arrested over 6 Jan are without bail awaiting charges and in solitary confinement, away from home states and subject to abuse, while BLM/ANTIFA rioters were mostly let go. The 600’s treatment comprises serious breaches of civil liberties.

The partiality of law is also seen in the ducking for cover by the US Supreme Court in refusing to grant leave to hear cases over the breaches of Article 2.1,2 of the US Constitution involving the separation of power and the efficacy of state legislatures to do their job.

The Georgia audit of the 2020 election has now shows a case exists which the Courts earlier had not granted leave to hear. Questioning the election has thrown up issues in Arizona as well. Cases of electoral fraud have also been prosecuted. E.g. Texas, but have had little media coverage.

Faith in the Courts has been lost. The partiality of justice is evident in the weaponising of law as shown in the case of the New York State's A-G and the Manhattan DA's political crusade over Trump corporation tax has largely proved to be an errand in the wilderness. The Democrat A-G had campaigned on the ground of putting Mr Trump in jail in her election for the office . She ought to have recused herself from the case but those traditional ethical grounds are brushed aside in favour of the exercise of political will

The social consequences of Big Lies, which Solzhenitsyn, wrote about are palpable and rot the state. The President is slaying down the pathway for incitement (or stirring up as the HRC would have it) by demonising people by stating that 6 Jan was even a worse event than the Civil War. The Civil War had casualties of over 700,000 and involved the destruction of some towns and cities with Atlanta being a notable example. The President’s comparison is fatuous and recklessly made. It is a speech that should go down in the Annals of US history as one of grotesque infamy.

Mr Posobeic in the attached Tweet discloses a very worrying trend of the Biden Administration.

Add that to the Democratic National Committee of the Democrat Party, from a Politico report, argues for the state to have the ability to read people's emails and SMS texts. The NSA’s intrusion into Tucker Carlson’s texts and emails illustrates that they are doing this de facto.

This is then backed up by Ex FBI Director Frank Figazzi, who seems to be intensely conspiracy-minded, has argued on MSM TV that members of congress should also be investigated and surveilled. That is a bewildering and astonishing statement to be made in a Constitutional Republican Democracy and abrogates the constitution’s protections.

The foregoing frames a context for the Biden Administration’s position on Cuba given its own encroachments of citizens' civil liberties.

The Democrats have not called out the oppression in Cuba and unanimously would not support a resolution by the Republicans to do so.

The White House press secretary first stated the protests were over covid and medical supplies then later has said the protests in Cuba are over ‘economic mismanagement' and that the White House supports the right to protest.

As Dan Bongino rightly points out there is NO RIGHT TO PROTEST in Cuba and that is the very point of the protests, which are calls for liberty- ¡libertad! Not calls of end the mismanagement, not for covid supplies but the end Communism. Civil liberties as we know them (or may use to know them) do not exist in Cuba.

The lack of commitment on the issue of Cuban liberty speaks volumes for the present state of the US polity and its present trajectory. The Democrat Biden Administration wants to do what a socialist totalitarian state like Cuba does.

The Great paradox is this: The US is heading to a socialist type totalitarian state: the Cuban people want liberty.

Is New Zealand going to call out the present oppression in Cuba?

The value of Liberty should never be underestimated nor lost sight of and always be should be sought and guarded.

Graham Hill
Nelson, 16 July 2021