American Marxism by Mark levin

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Submitted by Graham Hill on Fri, 2021-07-23 20:51

The key to the pushback is knowledge, not bumper stickers. This book is the informative way of doing so and is an accessible text. The chapters break down into areas: race/gender/trans, media, Environmental- the degrowth movement, the Mob which is an excellent chapter on social activism and higher education, etc. It is a compendium of what is what and with footnotes to pieces to read.

If you already know stuff this book will still fill in some gaps

The Whitcoulls store in Nelson told me that Whitcoulls won't be stocking this book.

It has sold 400,000 copies since its release on 13 July 2021.

BFD carried a piece yesterday about "White Privilege walks of shame" in our Ministry of Education and $675K spent on US consultants...American Marxists. How does that work READ THIS BOOK.

Whitcoulls and Paper Plus are the MSM of the book trade and are happy to stock hagiography of the Bidens, Clinton, and the faux liberal but Marxist, Obama. There is no corrective to the left wing bias available such as Victor Davis Hansen.


I will write a review of it once I finish it this weekend.


A 'must read' to be added to one's quiver of self-armament.

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It's very gratifying to learn that there are many informed, enlightened, rational human beings in our midst. Self-validation of one's ideas and knowledge, as articulated by highly-learned, respected, passionate radicals, is a very nice experience - one that ought to be greedily indulged. Enjoy Levin's publication.

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