Dr Micahel Anton's Political and Logical fallacies of the Left's Propaganda explained

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Submitted by Graham Hill on Tue, 2021-07-27 20:45

Both these writers tell us things worth knowing and our own "Dear Government" may also use them from time to time. Best to be able to pick it out and know what is going on

The US Democrats and the left, however, seem more sophisticated and adept. Despite that we should know about them. Being informed is half the battle.

These help us steer through the fog of "gaslighting", spin and propaganda.


Next, Michael Knowles book Speechless (2021) is a fascinating must-read. One finds out how indebted to Niccolo Machiavelli Antonio Gramsci was, and that does bear thinking about.

Importantly , Mr Knowles’s section of the "Euphemism Mill" where our terms of language are changed into normative no-fault implied jargon terms.

For example, the therapeutic "youths involved in justice" rather than youth offenders or delinquents, exempts personal responsibility or culpability. It is a matter of cosmic social justice.

The idea of euphemism mills is usefully drawn from Stephen Pinker's The Blank Slate. As Knowles relates it, the new jargon terms become trite and we always see- even at the outset- the truth that they seek to hide or fudge.

The human mind has the capability to defy reason but it always breaks free. This is also the case for what Michael Anton relates as well

Alexander Pope in 1709 had already figured this out as his idea of ‘sense’ included common sense, knowledge, proportion and judgment which was a foil to ‘wit’, the mind's thought.

The tale of the 'King's New Suit of Clothes' remains apposite.

Knowles, like Dr Anton, usefully point out on free speech and related issues where conservatives often fall into the traps and lose the argument.

Graham Hill