Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA Technology, Signals the Worst-Case Scenario About COVID-19 Vaccines

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Submitted by Olivia on Tue, 2021-08-03 00:39

Author: Teodrose Fikremariam

This is only shocking to people who have not done their research about mRNA “vaccines” and are in the dark about their checkered history. Past studies on ferrets and cats should have been enough to subject these yet unproven and unsafe boosters to the full 10-15 year timeframe required to develop safe and effective vaccines. Even though the initial results were promising, once the lab animals were challenged with SARS pathogens, they were wiped out as they developed a deadly condition called Antibody-Dependent Enhancement or ADE. Leveraging a virus that was almost certainly man-made, biotech corporations went all in to validate a treatment that works in theory as they gamble with the lives of billions of people in the hopes that everything works out.

Not only are authority figures treating humans like test subjects, they are flat out peddling medical misinformation only to turn around and malign those of us who call out their fabrications. Their latest distortion is that people who are “unvaccinated” are the sources of the mutations when the reality is the complete opposite as Fauci confirmed this week. Last year, Oxford and AstraZeneca teamed up to develop their booster and then deployed them in the UK, South Africa, Brazil and India. Those four countries are the sources of the variants. This is where “vaccine” propagandists will spout the ever disingenuous “correlation is not causation” trope.

Close to 11,405 deaths and more than 62,000 severe injuries attributed to mRNA and adenovirus “vaccines” in the United States alone yet politicians, pundits, medical professionals and the establishment writ large insanely keep conditioning people to get jabbed. Back in April, I wrote an article in which I warned that humanity could very well be facing a global holocaust if ADE emerges among the billions of people who have been “vaccinated” thus far. What Dr. Malone did was authenticate, with qualification, my worst fears. I don’t write this to gloat or to somehow say “I told you so”; I have family members who were “vaccinated” so being proven right about my concerns will come at a cost that I cannot bear to think of.