The Human Rights Commission Wades into the terra nova of Housing- Human Rights and Material Benefits

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Submitted by Graham Hill on Thu, 2021-08-05 22:32

From the Epoch Times 3 August 2021:

"New Zealand’s Human Rights Commission, a veritable Alexander the Great ever in search of lands to conquer, has launched an investigation into what it calls a “massive human rights failure.”

Has the New Zealand government, then, been indulging in the arbitrary arrest of critics, their torture and the institution of kangaroo courts, hitherto unnoticed by the rest of the world?

No. The “massive human rights failure” is the country’s supposed housing crisis. Not to be outdone, the United Nations special rapporteur on the right to adequate housing called the situation “a human rights crisis.”

A UN Special Rapporteur has been at work:

The U.N. [Special] Rapporteur said, “The housing conditions [in New Zealand]—high rates of homelessness, inaccessible housing stock, unaffordability, and escalating rents, substandard conditions including overcrowding, a lack of social, affordable, and community housing for those in need, alongside an abundance of unaffordable family dwellings available for homeownership—are all inconsistent with the right to housing.”

Material benefit rights are an area of interest to the present Human Rights Commissioner according to his Wikipedia entry.

David Boyle in his book Broke pointed to the commoditization of housing and money by banks as the culprit in the UK. "Assetization" is a global trend post-GFC. Our government has facilitated a bifurcation of wealth in this country, as articles on BFD by Dr Bryce Edwards: the "K" shaped recovery and the fact the poorer people and non-home owners- like Me- are now $9,000 per annum worse off than they were pre Covid. One doubts that the Special Rapporteur was going to point the finger at the government.

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