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Today, Joe Biden, the so-called ‘leader’ of the so-called ‘freest county in the free world,’ on a platform to the so-called ‘United Nations,’ lied his head off for 30 minutes. Portraying the height of the mind/body dichotomy, he proceeded to espouse his alternative reality in no uncertain terms.

So here we are, the epitome of the evolution of the modern western world, and the culmination of over two centuries of what began as the gift to us from the Founding Fathers: a great experiment for ‘the best possible government.’ We’ve arrived at the biggest, most vacuous babbitt to ever appear on the end of a nuclear button. It’s a grim picture – one I cannot accept as the manifestation of the highest possible human potential, and sadly, one that is as far removed from the stature and vision of the Founding Fathers, as is possible to be.

The sheer magnitude of Biden’s departure from reality, from the unequivocal consequences of his biased, self-righteous myopia on every aspect of governance that he has touched since his inauguration, to his apparent absence of self-awareness while delivering hyperbole and lies, is really beyond the pale.

What I heard, what I witnessed, is the decrepit embodiment of the collapse of the free world. Biden is it. I grew up expecting progress toward prosperity - something much different from the devastation that resulted from human flaws that led to the War-to-end all-Wars. Biden has certainly put an end to those hopes. Anyone who believes that there is a ray of sunshine in the future world as seen through the pinocchios of Biden’s rhetoric, is doomed to squander what remains of their time to live an actual human life.

This display of shocking disregard for truth, reality and humanity, ought to jolt anyone out of their somnambulism and have them question the very premises under which they have been here-to-for subjected in the name of good citizenship, good governance, deferment to the leader, deferment to the so-called authority, ‘for the good of the people.’ Biden is to be rebuked on every count. There are no redeeming features. It is time to walk away – time to stand alone on one’s own judgement, and take back the reigns of one’s own life.

To paraphrase the words of Ayn Rand: “I am not brave enough to be a coward and deny reality.”

Biden said he will return to “relentless diplomacy,” just days after he gave France the middle finger in the latest trade deal with Australia; just days after his indefensible botched, unilateral withdrawal from Afghanistan -- people died because of him, and unknowable thousands will be killed in the coming weeks and months because they worked with Biden’s ‘allies,’ allies whom he failed to consult or respect during this fiasco. But now, he wants ‘diplomacy’ from his "great friends."

He wants: “dignity,” not “naked political power” to be the touchstone of future ambitions. He wants a “peaceful, prosperous future for all people,” and “new ways of lifting people up around the world.” But, evidently, this doesn’t apply to the Afghan people who have been thrust back to primitive barbarism as a result of Biden’s own failings.

He wants: “partners … to work together as never before.” He’s correct, he never worked together with 'his' partners, but he anticipates they will be clambering for a seat at his table, now that he alleges he is ready for it. He wants to: “prioritize rebuilding our alliances,” now that he, alone, singlehandedly and determinedly (in his own mind), without his 'partners' has fixed all the past tensions of the world. ?Who does he believe he is - Jesus Christ 2.0?

He wants: “better health, better outcomes for all the people of the world." But not, apparently, for the millions of U.S. citizens who will be enslaved to pay for his largesse.

He wants global focus on the “borderless climate crisis,” all the while his borderless immigration policy jeopardizes the health and outcomes of every U.S. citizen as well as immigrants dying to get into the U.S.

He wants: “good paying (climate) jobs for every country,” but not apparently for the U.S. citizens who have been displaced from good-paying jobs in the energy industries he’s closed down in the U.S. nor the businesses that will never reopen after the pandemic lockups.

He wants: “global opportunity to compete fairly,” while hamstringing U.S. citizens with the bill for his “doubling down of public climate finance” that he’s offered up to help underdeveloped nations to “adapt.” Evidently Biden is impervious to the sacrifices that he has burdened unsuspecting, disarmed, unborn generations with to provide for his largesse. Nor does he compute the non-competitive position this puts the hard-working, generous U.S. citizens in.

If the Premier of China had had the audacity to stand up on this global platform and declare he was going to fix all the world’s problems, manage all future technology distribution, manage all health issues, all financial issues, across the world, and send the bill to his people – I wonder what reception such an admission would have garnered. Yet Biden, in a stunning display of what may be called a ‘Covid bubble of one,’ can get away with this litany of bull shit.

The only saving grace is knowing that Biden rarely, if ever, follows through on any of his proclamations. Now that he’s had his moment in the spotlight, let’s hope he returns home to change his diaper and have a very long nap.

To anyone who can kindle a remaining ember of ‘dignity’ and recognize bull shit when they hear it, I urge you to fan that flame of individual sovereignty, and stand up and proudly, unequivocally declare:


[And the self-preserving anti-dote to madness run-amok: Bitcoin.]


Evidently the Russian Federation rep needed some air!

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