Summary - HAD ENOUGH BS - Presentation to local MP Kaikoura - Stuart Smith

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Submitted by Judi McFarland on Wed, 2021-09-22 11:14

Hi Mr Smith,

As follow-up to our meeting this morning, I herein summarize the points I brought to your attention. There is a lot more I could say, however for purposes of retention and hopefully follow-through, I’ll keep it simple:

1. Education – I support Vouchers for Choice. Of course there needs to be choice where vouchers could be utilized. In NZ at present there is no choice for our youth. I would like to see Vouchers to be given back to the parents to offset some of the cost of home-schooling. Parents would thereby have the option to design a curriculum that fits their values and priorities for their own children’s future.

2. Te Reo – it is a travesty that this ideology is being ruthlessly and relentlessly foisted on our youth. They don’t want it, they are not engaged in the progoms and they are being forced to endure an inexplicable, incomprehensible nativism that they see no value in. The outcome is that children are simply closing their minds, and this flows through to all school activities. “What’s the point?” is not a good mantra to be indoctrinating our next generations with. Not many kids want to be maori wood carvers, and those who do, can learn this skill on any marae on a Saturday morning.

3. New Zealand’s name – the subterfuge and stealth of the hijacking of our country name is unacceptable, as well as the very idea of changing the name to a contrived Polynesian word. New Zealand has a proud heritage of being a successful melting pot of many cultures, successful until the past decade when division, racism and suspicion has come to dominate all discourse. This discourse has been led by the government intent on forcing the population to accept by default, a system of two nations within the former New Zealand territory. This is unacceptable. I don’t support the push for racism, nor the push for the name-change. All reference to aoteoroa should be removed from any and all government communications. The government has no right, authority nor jurisdiction to take over the national identity of an evolved society.

4. Along with the country name-change, I want to express my dismay and objection to the forced maori wards, despite the overwhelming majority of people who said NO. The government has no right nor jurisdiction to usurp the will of the people. I don’t know where this dictatorial power allegedly comes from, but it is unacceptable and politicians should put a stop to it.

5. I am concerned with the National debt that the government is forcing upon every family in NZ. They do not have a mandate to mortgage our children, grandchildren and unborn children for spending that has no place in a free country. For instance, the government should absolutely NOT be making grants of our money towards maintaining a Media that then promotes the government propaganda towards its preferred agenda, for instance the push for maori language, the push for house-arrest, the push for winners versus losers as the government determines. For example, the government goes around the country dropping our money in their pet projects, eg: Blenheim library, Dunedin railroad, for which ratepayers are then forced to finance the balance of the project costs. Our rates are going up 5.8% this next period, when the Council adamantly declared that the library was fully funded. It was not, it is not. The government simply made further debt necessary and forced additional financial burden on citizens. This has to stop.

6. I mentioned the Tax System – it is so complicated that it’s necessary for us to consult and engage expensive accountants just to get through the process and file in compliance with the moving target each year that is the tax system. This is unacceptable. A tax code must be simple enough for any person off the street to be able to comply without the added cost of professionals, in order to stay out of jail.

7. StatsNZ – I mentioned I was looking for the latest suicide numbers of our kids between 10-18, and the Stats NZ site has only numbers up to 2015. That’s 6 years in arrears. I would expect a government entity to provide REAL TIME numbers of any statistic of inquiry. Where is the push for an up-to-date system that has actual value? How do we keep the government accountable when it has this abysmal record of lethargy and condescension towards citizens who have a right to remain informed. In addition (I didn’t mention this, but it is relevant along the same lines of data availability): where is the government system that enables any NZer to remain informed about their representatives – where is the real-time data showing MP’s activities, expenses, products, services performed, Bills submitted, outcomes, where they benefit their constituents? We have a right to know what our money is being spent on, and we ought to be able to get it on any day of the week.

8. I mentioned the GRID – what is being done to ensure readiness for the push for EVs, such that we will not be subjected to closures, failures, rationing of power. The push for exponentially-increased power use as the government mandates EV use, is potentially a travesty that will cause actual deaths through weather conditions which a lack of power access will only exacerbate. This is a life-and-death issue that the government has conveniently shoved aside in its push to gain woke brownie points on an international platform; and it’s not the life-and-death issue that they claim is a climate issue – it is rather, a government-made catastrophe in the making. It has to stop.

9. I spoke of a solution to direct NZ towards a more technological/industrial base to cover for the miserable failure of the government push to make NZ a tourist mecca. We need self-sufficient, technologically advanced business and manufacturing that can generate high-paying, productive employment for a next generation of kids who would be thus incentivized to get an education in the STEM curriculum, and further, to remain in NZ as their country of choice. I suggest a trade delegation to ISRAEL, which has demonstrated and has a proven track record of generating productive manufacturing born of innovation, competence, science and skilled people. Let’s find out how they do it, and implement the same philosophical base here that leads to progress and prosperity.

10. The National debt is climbing at around $353,000 every four minutes,(StatsNZ) thanks to this government’s irresponsible spending. Where is the accountability for this spending, and where is the cost/benefit report that shows we will get a return on this debt, either through new businesses generated or investments made into infrastructure that will pay each NZer back? We have to provide an impact report to our local council if we want to erect a fence on our own property, but this government doesn’t have to show the cost/benefit return of this runaway spending. It is unacceptable.

11. Health – I didn’t get to the Health issues, but suffice to say this government is forcing through a wholesale takeover of the current system, by creating another behemoth, as well as further dividing the country into two separate systems along racial lines. We are not permitted to use racism in any aspect of our lives, yet here we have a government intent on dividing us through this very aspect of skin color. This is absolutely unacceptable. We do not want to set up apartheid which will, in the future, cause unimaginable harm to our future generations. It is amazing to me that the government insists on “UNITE against Covid” yet force DIVIDE through race as government policy.

12. I didn’t touch on the government’s anti-capitalist, anti-business push. Not only do they show a staggering chasm of ignorance about the world we currently enjoy, but their policies resulting from this ignorance are in many ways, criminal negligence. The government has no right to pick and choose winners, to force people out of their preferred jobs, to institute a system that in their eyes alone is their preferred social system. Where are the voices in Parliament that recognize the enormous benefits that we enjoy from a world created through the accumulated wealth of knowledge and capital that has been generated through the freedom of choice by our past and present producers. No government should be able to institute it’s own agenda, but should remain out of the personal affairs of citizens who have a right to live their own lives, to choose their own path, to make their own mistakes. No individual can do anything like the mass harm that a government can do through initiating a bad policy. I refer you back to my first point: EDUCATION. We can judge the society of the future by the education our youth are receiving today. By that, it looks even more grim than the one we’ve inherited from the past 40 years of socialist/welfare perversion. Our present PM is the living example of that outcome. No more needs to be said.

13. As for climate: I’m sending you links to a good discussion/presentation by: ALEX EPSTEIN (author of ‘The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels’) and MATT RIDLEY (author of: ‘The Rational Optimist’). I would hope you can find the time to listen to the presentation, and as well, read their publications. These two men alone, have a blue-print for prosperity that cannot be ignored, if we are to arrest and redirect the stupidity that is the present status quo on climate.

I would anticipate a politician who accepts the material efforts of those who work and vote, to take note of the kind of society those contributors wish to have advocated. Nothing less deserves respect.

Afterword: For further reading: Education, see: Leonard Peikoff - "Why Johnny Can't Think" (1984) The Objectivist Forum; George Reisman - "Education and the Racist Road to Barbarism" (1990) The Intellectual Activist, Vol. V, No. 4.

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No disagreement. Up until

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No disagreement. Up until December 2015 I kept an entire blog on the evils of the tax surveillance state:


And two weeks before this Christmas, I resigned from my professional body and started asking my remaining clients to find somewhere else.

I'm over it and out.

Had enough BS - follow-up

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To answer your question: predictably, and in true politician form - NO, MP Smith has not replied to my 13 points, not one word. What he did do was defer #7 to a staffer, and I have heard nothing from him/her either. Suffice to say that bothering to think is not one of Smith's strong points, along with taking anything seriously except his self-perceived status. He fits right in with the other highly-paid legalized expropriators we call parliamentarians.

Anti-dote: down-tools, stop paying taxes and starve them out. Producers know how to survive without politicians; politicians however would be at a loss to earn a genuine dollar. ?How could this be achieved: If business-owners refused to be the unpaid agents (slaves) of the government and refused to withhold PAYE from employees, refused to collect GST, refused to be regulated by expropriators, refused to have their incomes redistributed, refused to be the unpaid enforcers of anti-liberty mandates, we may have the beginning of a good start to revive (discover) the idea of personal sovereignty, responsibility and liberty.

Consider the cost for a business-owner to his 'profit' after everything the government pilfers is deducted: his company taxes, GST he collects for the government, PAYE he collects for the government from his employees, cost of employees dedicated solely to collect, maintain and provide info for the government, cost of accountants to provide info to the government, for legal fees to provide info to the government - all these paid for from the businessman's energy, intelligence, productivity; then he takes his minimum personal pay check home, has to fix his leaking roof and pays again GST to the roofer, the plumber, the hardware, etc etc. Thus, one man's business has to sustain an entire ecosystem of expropriated property to sustain a bunch of unworthy, dangerous, evil blighters. And to top it all off - the evil blighters penalize him and vilify him for his audacity to produce the goods and services they rely on. ?What evil is this. Had enough of this BS!

Excellent points Judi ...

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... especially, in my field of expertise, your point (6) on our overly complicated tax system (current government haven't even tried for the pretence of rational tax policy, connecting with your point they simply have no idea how the world works: example, the loss of interest deductibility for landlords is wrong on so many levels, there is no where to start other than to say their lack of a clue begins from such a fundamental level I am bemused, to say the least, at how it is possible to be this far removed from commercial reality. Even their much more serious nonsense around the gas and oil exploration ban hadn't prepared me for it).

As Stuart Smith is my MP in the Sounds, I'm interested to hear if he ever gave you a response?

Woke-Fascist Deception and Coercion

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Here's a good summary by one Henry Armstrong, on former MP Muriel Newman's site, of the atrocities Apartheid Ardern is attempting to perpetrate in her headlong lunge into tyranny. It is defective in that it leaves out the abolition of free speech, the proposed over-riding of Section 11 of the Bill of Rights that says everyone has the right to refuse medical treatment, and in that it calls Comrade Ardern and her fellow-Woke-Fascists mere "morons":

Once I was proud to call myself a “New Zealander”. Not any more. I have lost all respect for, and confidence in, the leadership of this country and the arrogant disregard it has for we, the people. We are governed by the most deceitful, dishonest and immoral government I can recall in my lifetime. One day, after I have gone, the people will rise up and claim back this beautiful country from the morons who are now in charge.

They are not morons; they are monsters. They are not moronic; they are evil.

However, the section on the media is flawlessly trenchant:

Politicisation of the media is now almost complete. In a disgraceful capitulation, the major media companies are almost totally committed to propping up this socialist regime, having been “sweetened” by a $55million fund to promote “public interest” journalism. Many New Zealanders are totally disgusted at the degree to which the New Zealand media has been captured by the Ardern government. The daily 1pm “Mork and Cindy” pantomime is puerile to say the least. Grant Robertson is on first name terms with the few “journalists” who attend these farcical “briefings”. That he continually confuses the names of the journos he invites questions from (“Mitch” is confused with “Zane”) demonstrates the infantile excuses for these “briefings”. And yes, he is not averse to providing a weather forecast at these briefings, either.


Haven't We All Had Enough BS?!

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It's unrelenting. And gets worse by the day. Woke-Fascist "narratives" replacing truth. Pure Hitlerian evil. "Two plus two equals five" if the government says so. I wonder, Judi, if this Stuart Smith, MP, has replied to you?

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