My Submission to Health Committee COVID-19 Public Health Response Amendment Bill (No 2)

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Submitted by Olivia on Fri, 2021-10-08 02:58

By Olivia Pierson

Fellow New Zealanders,

You have only three days left to make a submission to the Health Committee Covid-19 Public Health Response Amendment Bill, which curtails our freedoms even more in this new Age of Health Dictatorship.

Here is the process if you wish to make your own.

I’m publishing mine in order to encourage others to get off their chuffs and act.

Here’s the actual Bill.


Submission of Olivia Pierson

COVID-19 Public Health Response Amendment Bill (No 2)

My/our comments

I'm a third generation NZ citizen watching this titanic advance of dictatorial powers ruin our entire civilisation over a human-engineered virus unleashed upon us, and the whole world, by our largest trading partner, China.

Rather than smashing the NZ economy and stripping Kiwis of their most basic freedoms enshrined in our Bill of Rights, our government leaders need to condemn with one strong voice the Chinese Communist Party, their outright deceit in lockstep with the W.H.O over what transpired at the BSL-4 lab in Wuhan, and make serious attempts to decouple our economy from China's tainted, manipulative and now malign economic engine.

I understand this to be a very hard road which the CCP will punish us for, as they have done to Australia and Australian businesses, but it needs to be done in the name of civilised principles, i.e: value for value trade with a trustworthy partner, sound human rights mutually respected, goodwill toward each other's wellbeing, good faith through transparency.

China, under the CCP, is now clearly aberrant regarding these principles and no longer worthy of our trust.

What they have done, in effect, is an act of bioterrorism.

Even if initially an 'accidental leak,' the CCP's denial of human-to-human transmission and subsequent, continued flights from China, including from the province of Wuhan, into Europe, India, America, Australia, Africa, the U.S and New Zealand AFTER they knew that human-to-human transmission was a fact back in November of 2019, shows their intentions were far from innocent. While implementing a total domestic lockdown by February 2020, China assured the world that the situation was not serious and fully under control.

It was not.

My/our recommendations

The Pfizer/BioNtech/Comirnaty vaccines are undeniably experimental - novel and gene-based mRNA therapies which provide very short-lived antibodies to only the Spike protein, which they are coded to mount an immune response against. They do not stop infection or transmission. They are also not a "safe and effective" vaccine - and the many many horrible and serious adverse reactions which have become a daily feature all over media and social media are testament to that (including our PM's Facebook page).

Our Bill of Rights states clearly in Section 11: Everyone has the right to refuse medical treatment.

This important human right is backed by the monumental weight of the Nuremberg Code and the Declaration of Helsinki, both of which NZ is a signatory of.

Your proposing of Section 11 in this Bill states:
report for and undergo a medical examination or testing of any kind, and at any place or time, specified and in any specified way or specified circumstances:

This is an absolute affront and abuse of our natural rights as free citizens, in fact it is a crime against humanity and will be remembered by many as such. A vaccine is a medical treatment and in the case of these mRNA vaccines, they're being forced upon us and our children & grandchildren through propaganda, pressure and coercive manipulation without 3,5 & 7 year clinical data analyses, which usual scientific rigour requires of any new drug or vaccine before they are given to humans through the pharmaceutical markets.

Also an affront to our precious natural rights are the Bill's new laws limiting, curtailing and harshly restricting our freedom of movement to halt the spread of a virus which is undoubtedly infectious, but does not kill 99.7% of people who contract it. Good prophylactics and early treatments are the best options for Covid-19, unless one is highly vulnerable through age, being immunocompromised or morbidly obese. Why did you restrict Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine? Where are our monoclonal antibody treatments, which are freely provided for all over the United States? Your only push 24/7 are lockdowns and the vaxx, the vaxx, the vaxx ad nauseam!

You, our government, are manipulating an overblown, propagandized "health emergency" in order to take upon yourselves dictatorial powers previously unseen in this country.

If you really believe that Covid-19 is such a terrible, omnipotent and killer threat to all of us, including our children, that the Declaration of Helsinki, the Nuremberg Code and our Bill of Rights must now be so egregiously over-ridden, where the hell is your loud, unequivocal condemnation of the CCP and the biological agent that they deployed? Why do you keep genuflecting to a trading partner this malevolent?

Stop coercing people into an experimental medical treatment.

Stop throttling our economy.

Stop dividing citizens and pitting them against each other over lockdowns vs vaccines: a false dichotomy.

Stop forcing our country into an economic crash from which we will not see a recovery anytime soon.

Stop lying that the vaccines carry no serious harm.

Stop brutally sweeping aside our natural liberties as if they are yours to grant to us if we do what you want.

Stop pretending that China, under the CCP, is not a malign power.

Stop turning New Zealand into a chronically low-trust society which needs such meddlesome micromanagement.

Stop the disgusting propaganda so you can pull off a techno-communist-green Great Reset.

Stop persecuting our farmers and food growers when we need them most for our own supply chains

Stop the outright tyranny.

This is heroic!

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And we live at a time when cowardice is the norm! Lady Olivia, you are the bravest man in New Zealand. And just about the only man in New Zealand!

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