All I Want for Christmas

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2021-12-20 04:32

In the lead-up to the introduction of the odious Traffic Lights System by the Jacinda Junta, New Zealand's plunge into full-blown totalitarianism—supported by every party in Parliament—proceeded at a bewildering pace. Comrade Ardern blithely ordered Kiwis not to talk to their neighbours but rather, dob them in, as one did in the Soviet Union or East Germany, and still does in Communist China. Not one drooling, fawning member of the sycophantic regime-bribed media pack, nor any (Pfizer-bribed?) politician, batted an eyelid. Apartheid Ardern smugly announced the purposeful creation of a new class of outcasts: The Unvaccinated.

The Bill of Rights?

10 Right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation

Every person has the right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation without that person's consent.

11 Right to refuse to undergo medical treatment

Everyone has the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment.

Not a mention!

The Nuremberg Code? What's that?!

1 The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.

Nope. Nothing about that from our Mengelian Marxists.

"The Nuremberg Code is the most important document in the history of the ethics of medical research.1-6 The Code was formulated 50 years ago, in August 1947, in Nuremberg, Germany, by American judges sitting in judgment of Nazi doctors accused of conducting murderous and torturous human experiments in the concentration camps (the so-called Doctors' Trial). It served as a blueprint for today's principles that ensure the rights of subjects in medical research."

Having had a somewhat dystopic disposition since reading Ayn Rand's astonishingly prescient Atlas Shrugged decades ago, and having compiled excerpts from George Orwell's 1984 designed to show how close we were getting to precisely such a dystopia ...

... I nonetheless found myself incredulous when realising we were not only close, but we were there. To be sure, Big Brother had morphed into Big Sister, the War against Eurasia had become War against the Climate and the Wuhan Virus, the screeching hysterics of the daily Two Minutes of Hate had become the 24/7 Woke-Fascist Twitter mob and sundry other snowflakes, the Memory Hole had become Cancel Culture, the fabricated Goldstein had been supplanted by the real Donald Trump as the object of mass hysteria; but our police had indeed become Thought Police and we were there. 1984 was no longer a cautionary tale; it was being used as a playbook by evil regimes all across the former Free World, with New Zealand leading the way.


People told me I damaged my case with such "hyperbole." They told me I should opt for words such as "concerning," "troubling," "disturbing," etc., so as not to frighten the horses or appear unhinged. I found myself seething with disgust at these weasel-worders just as much as I seethed against the evil they appeased. Not wanting to be seething with disgust all my waking hours, I took time out: watched handsome young tennis players in the various European tournaments with the sound off while glorious symphonies, concertos and other Western music boomed through my speakers; brushed up on Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde; educated myself somewhat about the history of art; immersed myself generally in the glory of the culture that the Ardern regime and its media lickspittles—not to mention academia, Soros, Schwab and other Davos globalists, the Chinese Communist Party, Islamo-terrorists, Woke-Fascists and Pfizer-Pfascists—are wantonly, systematically, diabolically destroying. I tried not to be disgusted by that wantonness and regard it as merely "concerning."

Then I was jolted back to reality—and I couldn't be more gratified. Cameron Slater wrote from the heart on his BFD site. He had earlier written an apologia for the failure of National and ACT to oppose vaccine passports, so I had written him off as just another appeaser. But read what he said in this sizzler and you'll see that all is redeemed. It speaks for itself:

Politicians, by their very nature, are narcissistic, self absorbed and sociopaths. ...

Most politicians enter politics stating all sorts of altruistic reasons why they entered parliament. Mostly they are lies, mouthing pithy sentimental tosh about making the world a better place. Parliament’s history is littered with MPs’ careers that achieved little other than enriching themselves at the taxpayers’ expense. ...

Despite all their foibles I sincerely believe that most are not evil: misguided maybe, but not evil. ...

Which brings me to the exception. Jacinda Ardern.

When I had that three hour lunch with her I came away thinking that this woman makes a lot of sound and thinks she sounds informed and interested about the world and politics. But on reflection, at the time, I said to David Farrar, who was also there, that she was just mouthing slogans and platitudes. Bumper sticker slogans and rehearsed lines. There was no depth there, and there still isn’t.

She is my exception, the one I believe is actually evil, and here is why I believe that.

She is fake, more fake than a $10 copy watch bought in the back alleys of Hong Kong. ...

Her lockdowns have cost people their lives, postponed life-saving operations and cancer treatment, destroyed businesses, wrecked careers and worst of all scared people into being irrationally afraid, especially the children. Even though that is evil, that isn’t the real evil of this woman.

The real evil was her politicisation of the Police force, coupled with her draconian lockdown rules, the creation of a Stasi-like snitch culture, creating a situation where mates are turned against mates, families are splintered and rent apart by the medical apartheid she has implemented; and her scapegoating, demonising and radicalising the unvaccinated and destroying social cohesion with her divisive, nasty, evil policies.

She said she never lies; she told us last year that Kiwis would not be penalised if they chose not to vaccinate, yet that is exactly what she has done: introduced social ostracism and punishments for daring to have free will. That is evil.

[Reporter: “So you’ve basically said, this is gonna be like, it’s almost, you probably don’t see it like this but two different classes of people, if you’re vaccinated or if you’re unvaccinated. You have all these rights if you are vaccinated.” PM: “That is what it is, so yip, yip.”]

She is manipulative in the most extreme manner, like all sociopaths. Why else would she use sustained propaganda and well-known brainwashing techniques to tell us that ‘They are Us’…except for the unvaccinated, then ‘They are Us’ is discarded. ‘Team of Five Million’ was a lie, because she has now separated New Zealand into ‘Us and Them’. What else can you call it other than manipulative to forbid the use of hairdressers unless you can prove you’d been vaccinated? That particular piece of nastiness was aimed solely at those naughty women who refuse to comply.

Removing freedoms from everyone, and then giving back the vaccinated some of those freedoms while callously using the media to help gaslight everyone into believing government permissions are freedoms, at the same time as creating two classes of citizen, is even nastier and evil. She’s convinced over 70% of people that this divisiveness and nastiness is perfectly alright. She’s said it is OK to discriminate. She’s not even passed any laws to push her mandates; she’s just let businesses become her brownshirts in ostracising and demonising the unvaccinated. She’s allowed Aucklanders to be scapegoated even as she wrecked their businesses, jobs, and dreams. It is never OK to discriminate. Yet that is what this evil woman has done.

The Kiwi ethos of egalitarianism was slaughtered on the altar of Covid, and the knife used to cut its throat was wielded by Jacinda Ardern.

Add to that the racial divisions she has fostered and extended through her government, and we as a nation are now on the cusp of the destruction of everything Kiwis once stood for. The Kiwi dream has become a dark and awful nightmare, where we live and exist only with the permission of the government.

We are more divided than ever before. We are meaner, harsher and nastier than before. Her actions did that. The evil is that she pretended it was kindness.

As I’ve elaborated, like never before, I’ve seen them all, from Muldoon to Ardern. Not even the excesses of Helen Clark or Robert Muldoon were this bad. The Ardern regime is exactly that, a regime. She is evil. She has systematically and deliberately destroyed this nation, and for that, she deserves to be run out of town on a rail.

Jacinda Ardern has done something no other politician has achieved in my estimation. She has made me despise her personally, simply because she is actually evil. I disliked Muldoon and Clark, but I actually despise Jacinda Ardern.

Her platitudes, her much-vaunted compassion, and her so-called sincerity are all fake. She is a very, very shallow, manipulative and insecure person drunk on the power voters handed her. She is desperate to be seen as a hero in the world’s eyes when in reality she has become a shabby, desperate despot, worse than Robert Muldoon and Helen Clark.

Jacinda Ardern is a black-hearted woman, not the caring persona she has cultivated.

She deserves nothing but opprobrium, and I will spend every waking moment working to remove her from office. It’s personal now.

Bravo! Jackboot Jacinda is one horse that ought to be frightened!

All I want for Xmas is for Cam and all the other freedom fighters (such as Voices for Freedom) who have stepped forth in this, our Darkest Hour, to succeed. Preferably this Christmas!

When thousands of humans descended on Parliament to protest against lock-downs, mandates and the whole edifice of Wuhanysteria a couple of weeks ago, not one politician—not one Narcissistic, self-absorbed sociopath—came out to address them or even meet them. The cowards cowered behind locked doors and windows. When the same thing happened again last Thursday, the cowards ran away; or rather, they had already run away, ending Parliament for the year a day early to avoid the righteous wrath of humans who pay their inflated salaries.

This is a battle between the human and the anti-human. It is a battle between good and evil. Removing not just Jacinda Jackboots but every single current MP, given that the "opposition" is controlled and we are effectively a one-party state at this point, would be a useful start. Raucus applause to Cameron Slater for his courageous clarion call.

Because election fraud

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The comments on her post are really great.
As little as six months ago the dominant answer would be: "Because they are stupid, lefty sheep."
No more. By far the most common answer in her comments is: Election fraud.

How in the world did New Zealand elect a tranny?

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Arizona State Senator and retired Air Force pilot, lieutenant colonel, Wendy Rogers has a question for you Kiwis:

"How in the world did New Zealand elect a tranny? How does that happen?"

Caro Bruno

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Your "mysticism" is always welcome here. Ti amo sempre.

Who actually said, "I give people Ayn Rand with trappings"?

I'd love for nothing more than to join you in worship at the Duomo.

And no, I have not allowed the Soros vaccine to pollute my body. Funny, all the people who have are Trump Derangement Syndromers. Trump's Operation Warp Speed is what enabled a "vaccine" to be developed in record time. But, contrary to the last-remaining Very PC cultist Gregster, Trump does not advocate mandating the "vaccine." Unlike Gregster's pin-ups, Scum-Seymour and Very, Trump is not remotely a coward.


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An interesting way to cover the bases, just in case we are thought entirely 'godless.'
The realm of original 'origins' is still in my 'unanswerable' basket - and man-made stories remain that.
To me, evidently, the form that the 'god' answer takes is a personal choice/experience/desire.
Existence exists. With all that entails, make the best of it. J.

Reason and (true) Faith, no conflict but perfect harmony

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Why Does It Take a Priest? Because the Catholic Church literally worships the Logos incarnate.
It's always great to see a good a priest who has not been corrupted by the modern world and its "thinking" (or unthinking rather).
Lies are condemned by the church and any good christian, because there is no un-truth that comes from God.

In fact, it is precisely the enormity of the lies of the world which opened my eyes to true religion:
What is evil in fact, in its essence, if not a lie; a rejection of truth, in thought or in action.

There is and cannot be any contradiction between Faith and reason. And it is the Catholic Church, and only and exclusively the catholic religion, that holds this basic truth.
If one is to blather on about "irrational" catholics, suffice it to present to him Saint Thomas Aquinas, the greatest Doctor of the Church; the case is easily put to rest.
Reason is in fact a gift of God, whether you know it or not. It is the disgusting, evil, hideous, absurd, ridiculous Martin Luther and his ilk which hold reason in contempt.

May all of you, with or without the gift of Faith, hold on to true reason: you will need it to get past this disgusting, evil, hideous, absurd, ridiculous, global coup d' état.
I hope you will not surrender your bodies to the filth, and especially do not surrender your minds to them.

The Ayn Wand Institute has long since abandonded true reason and is clearly in full communion and perfect "harmony" with the evil of the world.
You will know them by their fruits, what are the fruits of the Ayn Wand Institute?

PS. "I give people Ayn Rand with trappings", that's what the founder of satanism said. Make of that what you will; I know what conclusion I've come to.

Best wishes for a happy and THINKING new year of 2022, Happy Resistance!
And thanks for putting up with this "mystic" posting in an objectivist forum.

Why Does It Take a Priest?

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An apostle of irrationality speaks the language of reason re Wuhan hysteria, while such supposed apostles of reason as the Ayn Rand Institute and its paid butt-lickers have utterly abandoned reason:

Dear Galt!

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I had no idea Very PC had descended to this level of delinquency. A complete Jacindanista. "Don't talk to your neighbours; dob them in in, if they're so 'unhygienic' (deplorable and irredeemable) as to refuse a government-mandated injection that does not save lives but rather destroys them." [Edit—Perhaps it would be nearer the truth to say: it's not clear if the vaccine saves lives; it is clear that it does not bestow immunity or non-transmissiveness, and so is not actually a vaccine; it is clear that natural immunity is stronger and longer-lasting than that acquired via the "vaccine"; it is clear that we don't know the longterm effects of this "vaccine," particularly if indefinite boosting is required; it is clear that the "vaccine" has already killed some people and seriously inured others; it is clear that catching Wuhan is nowhere near fatal in the overwhelming majority of cases and all the hysteria has been whipped up by tyrants of the kind Very used to despise.] Never mind the Bill of Rights or any of those other pesky complications.

No doubt Very PC is now the toast of the multi-jabbed Remuera set, especially since his every second word is "fucking." Very cool in Remuera right now. "Bomber Bradbury is one of my closest fucking friends, did you fucking know, darling?" Except, I gather, even Bomber has shown a moral compass on this issue, unlike Very and his moral twin Seymour.

Pfollow the Pfucking money, I tell you, if you want to know why there's so much Pfizer-Pfascism abroad.

Mr. Cuttance

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Have you seen Peter Cresswell's take on this?

No I hadn’t, but just took a look at his wanky sophistry over the word “force.” What an ethical disgrace the man has become to liberty in this nation.
Through pure intellectual vanity (behold his advertisement of his summer reading list), he has shown himself to be nothing more than the moral twin of David Seymour:

Consider: Are you being forced to take a life-saving vaccine? No, but there are consequences for you (for employment; for your living situation; for being able to visit a bar without risking the health of others; and possibly -- the primary reason to choose to be vaccinated -- for your own fucking health) if you make the stupid* choice not to.

Is this "akin" to rape (as the fucking stupid poster at BFD went on to say)? No, it's "akin" to being asked to fuck off from politic company if you elect not to wash. Or if you've soiled yourself. Or of you're just demonstrably fucking stupid. In other words, because those who do practice basic hygiene don't, quite simply, want you around.

Life-saving vaccine?? That’s absurdity number one (and against all the data), the rest is just mentally adolescent grunting.

Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.

LOL. No disagreement Linz.

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LOL. No disagreement Linz.

Bro Hubbard 3

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It would appear you need not despair re restaurants. Any number of "cool" (ugh!) venues apparently are defying the Ardern/Seymour mandates (ugh!):

Naturally I supported Seymour's euthanasia bill. One is the owner of one's life, and death. But I became concerned when he supported all of the Mengelian Marxist Jacinda's baby-killing legislation whereby killing up to the point of birth and even beyond was legalised. I think Seymour, every bit as much as Jihadi Jacinda, is a Narcissistic self-absorbed sociopath in the exact mode described by Cam Slater. He's much more interested in murder than life. He could not care less about individual liberty. He's a globalist, and is no doubt being rewarded by globalists, just as the rest of the controlled opposition is. Globalists want drastically to reduce the number of humans (as opposed to sub-human, anti-human zombies such as themselves) on the planet. Vax mandates are their perfect weapon.

Just look at the Walking Dead, masked and expressionless, walking around the streets right now, staring into their Orwellian sow-phones. Hollywood could not improve on this!

Yes, worse places to hole up.

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Yes, worse places to hole up. I do miss restaurants though: love them.

Re my worry, it's waning pretty quick: the data coming through now makes me very confident we're done the right thing by the science (I know we've always been on the right side philosophically, that's always the easy one for me). I believe now the real damage from Covid will be the ongoing health issues, for all of their lives, for the vaccinated: especially around coronary, circulatory, internal organ complications, and all things to do with compromised immune systems, particularly the cancers. Omicron is the virus blowing itself out: the only reason for governments of the West to be keeping it out is the game's up, they will have no reason to hold onto the vast new powers they've taken for themselves once Covid is merely endemic (noting with a 99.7% average survival rate, it never was a pandemic to justify what governments have done and are doing). I'm hopeful once it has done the rounds of the northern hemisphere then we're on the other side of all this lunacy in perhaps three months (where South Africa is now).

And your words mean a lot, Olivia. Thank you.

(By the by, Guy Hatchard's open letter on your blog months ago regarding the fraudulent counting of covid versus vaccine deaths and injuries unlocked a few things for me. You never know when you put something up who is going to read it at some stage).


Olivia's picture

Glad you found your way back via my blog regarding this exceptional piece of writing from Linz.

I read your link today - although long, you’ve done an incredible job laying everything out clearly to explain your position, not that you owe anybody that. Sorry to know you worry about Mrs. H with a compromised immune system, but I really think both you and she have made a better choice based on your own lights. Good for you both and all the very best from me.

P.S - how envious I am that you are isolated down in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds. I couldn’t think of anywhere better to be right now. We’re hating Auckland so very much!

I put time into the

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I put time into the euthanasia debate to get Seymour's Bill through. Fighting bloody Catholics day after day. And thankfully it made it to law albeit I'd like to see the circumstances of being able to take the choice widened considerably.

I'm worried, Jon, seeing the anti-euthanasia camp now using, dishonestly, Covid to attack the Dying with Dignity Act. They're really pushing it in social media.

What happened was, a prominent anti-euthanasia bully called Simon Caldwell (spelling?) put a loaded question up to the appropriate authority on whether a person with terminal covid could use the act. Well the act gives the choice to those terminally ill within six months of death, so technically of course the answer is yes.

But that's not a reason to attack the Act. That conflation is a fraud Smiling

And that's apart from the fact of whatever terminal covid would be. Most die with covid (ie, some other over-arching cause) not of covid. And no one even dies of Omicron (less than 10 world wide currently). So it's a non-issue. Just part of the dirty campaign against choice on how we die; a choice which harms no one else.

No visiting, you'll have the body on Monday

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NZ Ministry of Health recently made clear that "covid patients" who "may not survive" are eligible for euthanasia.
Combined with no visitation how exactly would a family know the truth when told their loved one is miserable, medically hopeless and begging to die?
When you accept that they want you dead all their previously curious behavior starts to make sense.

Bro Hubbard

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I imagine you're referring to Doug Bandler, long since departed—not because I banned him; he flounced of his own accord. There is complete freedom of speech here, which means the odd lunatic will inevitably enter in. The disinfectant of the sunshine of rationality will always expose them, if allowed. "I disagree with what you say, but defend to the death your right to say it—while stating my reasons for disagreeing with you." [Exit snowflakes Stage Left.]

"Friends" who say the unvaccinated are not welcome in their house can scarcely be friends. They'll be dobbing you in, as Soros did his fellow-Jews to the Nazis. This is the enormity of the evil we're up against yet again right now. Jihadi Jacinda's snitch culture has galvanised the congenitally humourless and natural born scolds into a frenzy of sanctimonious virtue-signalling. I'll see you in the Gulag!

Oh wait, the whole country is already a Gulag.

LOL. No I didn't flounce

Mark Hubbard's picture

LOL. No I didn't flounce because of Trump, that would've been the last reason. I flounced because there were a couple of actual antisemitic Nazis commenting regularly, particularly against Israel, which you allow due to total free speech on here - I get it - and I got sick of batting my head against them all the time. Dog and bone: I can never let something go. Perhaps they're still here, I don't know.

Re Fizzer, the data coming out over this last three weeks is stunning: for those lining up to jab there poor sod children, I just don't get it. Almost a criminally negligent decision now, on the data, to be vaccinating a healthy child: it's all risk for no reward.

In other news just had our first friends say we're welcome to ring them, but unvaccinated aren't welcome at their house. I just sent them my blog post on how deluded that decision is, and said we won't be ringing.

Good speaking with you again Linz.

Bro Hubbard

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Glad to see you back. Can't remember why you left. Trump, I expect. No retraction from me on any of that. Greatest President ever. Beijing Biden the Bastard the worst.

Congratulations to you and others here on your courageous resistance to Wuhanysteria and insistence on your bodily sovereignty. No surprise to see Obleftivists and the Woke-Fascist Left generally melting down over that and pushing Mengelian Marxism. They're beyond evil. They are Ayn Rand's "drooling beast" with whom we became familiar in lock-down:

“What's the most horrible experience you can imagine? To me—it's being left, unarmed, in a sealed cell with a drooling beast of prey or a maniac who's had some disease that's eaten his brain out. You'd have nothing then but your voice—your voice and your thought. You'd scream to that creature why it should not touch you, you'd have the most eloquent words, the unanswerable words, you'd become the vessel of the absolute truth. And you'd see living eyes watching you and you'd know that the thing can't hear you, that it can't be reached, not reached, not in any way, yet it's breathing and moving there before you with a purpose of its own. That's horror. Well, that's what's hanging over the world, prowling somewhere through mankind, that same thing, something closed, mindless, utterly wanton, but something with an aim and a cunning of its own.”

That's Jihadi Jacinda Podesta. That's David Seymour, born-again totalitarian, demanding Mr. Whippy vax vans go door to door blindsiding innocents with toxic jabs. Piece of excrement! That's Beijing Biden the Bastard. That's the Free Speech Union and other controlled/bribed opposition deflecting attention away from the Big Picture to fixate on their self-serving litigation projects. That's Yawon Bwook, hystewic extwaordianaire, turning the Ayn Rand Institute into a Woke grotesquerie. That's Soros, Dorsey, Zuckerberg, Pfizer and the Chinese Communist Party, who write all their cheques.

A tsunami of evil.


I especially commend Pauline for wearing the Voices for Freedom T-shirts. Do not try to talk her out of it!!

You're back.

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I've been trying to get back into Solo for months off and on: just noticed this piece and the link working again from Olivia's blog.

Good piece, Linz, as was Cam's: I was ultimately banned from Whale Oil so I've been reassessing life and friendships: guess that's why I went looking for the solopassion link again. We - that's Pauline and I - have been sheering off old friendships also.

These are extraordinary times.

If you, or anyone, is interested, at the start of this month I put up a Life Behind the IRon Drape blog II, first blog post since December 2015, rationalising why Pauline and I are unvaccinated - I'd put it up here, but there are so many links, vids, etc, I can't remember how that all works on the platform, so I'll just provide the link, and the last paragraphs Smiling But even the data that continues to come out on these poorly designed, transient, unsafe vaccines since my piece is more and more damning of these insane and reckless mass vaccination programs; the fact they are about to move to healthy children who have nothing at all to fear from Covid, but a lot to fear from Pfizers shoddy experimental gloop, is a horror story unfolding.

But thank God for the old reliables: you (now I read this Smiling ), Olivia, and then the new comers on the scene: Voices for Freedom (Pauline wears the t-shirt everywhere; I often wish she wouldn't), Doctors Speaking Out with Science. Albeit for me a lot of huge Libertarian disappointments starting with David Seymour who in the blink of an eye went with shoddy science and fear over philosophy, dumping civil liberties and rights and threw his lot in with the Authoritarians ensuring I have no home in Parliament again.

Anyways: my post is here: https://lifebehindtheirondrape...

It ends like this - the inferences made to Pauline's chances of surviving Covid are down to she has little immune system left (or so it appears), although watching Dr. Jessica Rose this week on what the C19 vaccines are doing to human immune systems, the vaccines may well have been the bigger menace, even for her:

'Pauline and I might be wrong in this: although as time and data go on, I am more and more convinced we are not. But if so, I’ve missed years of restaurant meals - and that will hurt - and inevitably we will be more and more isolated from our friends and families. Worst case Pauline’s dead. To face brutal facts, if she contracts C19 before it blows its virulence out. Albeit Pfizer may have brought that forward for Pauline, it has killed many people, and it may have made no difference anyway. However, if we are right, then we have dodged having to play Russian Roulette with our hearts and circulatory systems every six months, or will it be every three months, with the odds narrowing every booster as a heart can’t repair itself. And we have missed the possible shorter lives long term from nuking our immune systems over time, and all the future afflictions from micro-blood clotting.

Just to cheer you all up.

But forget all that. If nothing else, when put to the test, in the face of this brutal state bullying and scapegoating of the unvaccinated the likes of which none of us have seen in our lifetimes to conform to what politicians tell us to do on pain of very real penalties to even live a human life, and the demand that the majority, the vaccinated, somehow have a right to determine what we do or put into our bodies, in the face of that, Pauline and I have both said sod off. And although it looks like we are the pair who are restricted and unable to live full and social lives from this point, it was actually us, in the end, who chose free lives from a thug state, whether we’re right on the facts or not. We will never be proverbially checking granny’s ID papers before she could come and break bread with us. And it is you who are showing government mandated digital identification papers, just like in China, to buy a $4.50 cup of coffee. It’s going to get really interesting when you have to be quadruple vaxxed, wear full PPE, swear an affidavit, and pass a health science exam plus have a full body scan and internal investigation before you can order that coffee. And in the end we don’t reside, for now anyway, where the vaccinated do, which is that stifling prison of each other.'

yay, he's back

J Cuttance's picture

Good to see you posting again. Have you seen Peter Creswell's take on this? It's all very disappointing. I'll probably lose my job over the clot shot early next year.
1st pig: "Have you had the jab yet?"...2nd pig: "No way! They haven't finished testing it on people yet."

Unvaccinated = "Thinking Individuals"

Judi McFarland's picture

Ardern recognizes she cannot tolerate anyone who doesn't conform to her view of the world and her agenda to 'transform,' 'reset' return to the primitive. Unbelievably to most of us, she believes she's doing something good for the planet - making it impossible for human beings to live and thrive. She is most welcome to her mosquitos and bullfrogs - she can have plenty of them in Venezuela along with poverty and despotism - all her dreams come true. ?So why does she stay here in NZ and choose to railroad all of us. Her lust for power knows no limits. Breaking a few eggs for her utopia is just a walk in the park for her. Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao - they all tried the same murderous policies and disregard for human beings - Ardern has the arrogance to believe she can do it better. She has a 'responsibility' as she is fond of saying!!!! In her mind she represents the highest integrity, righteousness and 'leadership' - because she above all, knows better than all of us lesser mortals.

I am reminded of 'comeuppance' - one of my favorite words denoting the fact that reality will prevail. It can't happen soon enough.

Merry xmas season everyone and let's have an outstanding 2022 devoted resolutely to restoring freedom to a New Freeland.

Immaculate Reading

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John Ansell delivers an immaculate reading of my article here:

Wendy gets it

Jon Letendre's picture

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers gets it.
Posted an hour ago:
Wendy Rogers (PRO)
Wendy Rogers

Jacinda Ardern is an evil communist witch with a big Adams apple.


They worship Baphomet

Jon Letendre's picture

Ardern is a man. He is in a cult that worships Baphomet, a dual-gendered god. That's why Tranny Reading Hour in kindergartens and all the rest of the demented filth being foist upon us.
And the others are not cowards exactly, which would imply they know better in their hearts. They don't. They're in the same cult working for the same ends.
No amount of talking or voting is going to save us, anywhere in the world.
When you accept that they want you dead all their curious behavior makes perfect sense. It's a fight to the end.

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