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Raising my 2022 glass to: BITCOIN

I can't resist this article by way of endorsing the middle finger to the mandate-promoting ignoramuses who have nothing better to do than believe they are worthy of the time of day. Please judge for oneself:

Excerpts: "No masks. No jab. No job. No problem. No. No. A thousand times, No."

"And it’s plain as day to anyone whose mind is still free."

"From ridiculous lockdowns to vaccine mandates it was clear that what we were watching was a pre-planned script of second-rate screenwriters. It was a constant barrage of micromanaging public opinion via complicit media, stoking fear to create division to rob people of something far worse than their reason, their reason for living."

If we must play any game at all, I vote for the adventure of watching the burgeoning BITCOIN story emerge as the technology that will redeem the misery of 2020-2021 and remind us that freedom is a choice of personal courage to think and to act on one's own independent judgement.

To Life!!

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One great thing (one of many) about Bitcoin is that it is solely up to the individual to decide if he/she will participate, and then follow through or not. There is no coercion possible, only an individual assessing personal risk/reward/benefit and making a judgement. I can appreciate why such an option would be scary for a lot of people - total responsibility for one's financial wellbeing. The bottom line is that only the individual can win/lose, whereas with governments, millions of people can potentially lose (their very lives in many cases) with the BS that governments force on populations. Bitcoin offers an opportunity to not be affected by bureaucrats. Stay the course!


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The trouble with them in terms of the value of the token is that, unlike Bitcoin, none are immutable. The value of ETH might rise to phenomenal heights (you could say it is already) or it could plummet to zero. Unlike Bitcoin, none of them are sound money. Bitcoin is incredibly exciting. It's likely to do more for liberty than a million libertarian movements could ever hope to achieve, and it will do it without trying to convince a soul. One day the enemies of liberty are simply going to find that the potential to fund their vile schemes is gone. Every freedom lover should be studying Bitcoin.

El Salvador

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Is the most exciting adventure taking place on the planet at this time. It is the former 'Laissez-faire City' (cyberspace via Costa Rica 1998-2001) manifested. While LFC was the 'missionary' undertaking, El Salvador appears to be advancing with the benefit of past errors surmounted, and real tools (Bitcoin) designed by genius, doing the hard yards, guided by a courageous man heading up a growing society of individuals who respect sovereignty. I'm optimistic it has the grunt to overcome the hurdles, of which there will be many as the old regime doubles-down on their efforts to annihilate its existence. ?How do you catch a lightning bolt released. Again, I'm optimistic.

Another Bitcoiner I tipped

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Another Bitcoiner Smiling

I tipped all my ADA - don't think that platform is going anywhere - into BTC before Xmas, so I'm just BTC, ETH (worried about that platform) and ALGO (big hopes for that).

Plus hold physical gold via PaxGold.

Crypto has a lot of hurdles ahead however, and one of us should write a post about the importance of El Salvador right now Smiling

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