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Submitted by Jody Gomez on Wed, 2005-12-07 20:40

Well that did not work, lets try this.  There's plenty of nice viewing material at  I'm not sure how much more you get to see if you sign up for a premium memebership, but what you get for free aint bad. 

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Best porn link ever!

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"Search for the Snow

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"Search for the Snow Leopard" is indeed one of the better films, and Asia Carraras is dandy in it...

Jason-Can't believe I

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Can't believe I missed that one! Thanks for the post, as it does illuminate the perfect sense of life for Thrust. Now if you can just point me in the direction of that gathering, I'll be happy to teach the main thrust of sense-of-life objectivism!


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Jody -- good suggestion on that website. I think I found the perfect "sense of life" pictures for SOLO Thrust.

- Jason

The Inner Self

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Again, I would like to thank Jody for Start from the homepage and select Igor's Picks. You will find about two to four weeks' worth of daily shots, typically three to five of the each model -- some models more than once -- easily 100 frames in all.

Some of these dolls are real hotties. Others are a challenge to appreciate. Some present themselves in scenery that may or may not resonate with you. A few are in the bath or shower. More than a few wear fashion lingerie.

Some of these women look put upon. They are doing this to humor their men. They perhaps do not feel that attractive naked. In other cases, they may not want their tits and slits posted to the internet. Whatever the lack of motivation, it is apparent through the unfelt smiles.

Some of them like this, I believe, because they like themselves. Therefore, they have no qualms about being seen naked by the world. If a woman has a body that is close to the cultural ideals, that makes the shooting easier. However, more than a few of these women are just plain normal. Even so, they like being naked. The woman in the snow, her fur coat open, with the A-frame chalet and stuffed moose in the background comes to mind -- and then she's out on the road hitchhiking. I thought that was cute. She was just a naked lady, but she had a good sense of life. Other good shots are to be found in Flashing. I smile and laugh at the breasts and labia revealed in the aisles of grocery stores. "Brava!"

The most embarrassing revelation is not the cajoled display of skin and flesh, but the cheap furniture, beds without frames, white sheetrock walls with posters thumbtacked to them -- and the realization that I, too, lived like that for most of my life.
"I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth
and danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings."

This needs no further

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This needs no further words.

Porn qua Art and anonymity

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I see how the anonymous thing might be of value. So far I've not weighed in due to (besides the insane lack of internet access) the fact that especially since encountering the internet my tastes tend to run very specific and change from time to time, and going to deep into detail about them gives too many people information they don't need about me. I learned my lesson about that one in my Late teens/early 20's.

A few abstract principles I tend to go by though are some by which you could judge any film... how well is it shot, how well do the scenes develop along the lines of the authors' intentions (writer/dirrector and the respective participants).

More specifically though I usually seek out films with exquisitly beautiful women (smooth, symetrical and that psychological it factor) who are capable of treating their performance as a work of art, controling their motions, speech, and emotions to create a truly enrapturing experience. Some partcularly exceptional peroformers in this field who come to mind are Asia Carrerra, Tera Patrick, and Aurora Snow.

Ok I should probably know I've watched too much when I start formulating a theory as porn qua art.


It all basically comes back to fight or flight.

Jason-I'm with you there,

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Jason-I'm with you there, give me a woman that does not beat around her bush about what she wants, but rather goes for it and takes it.

As for the first part of your comment, I envisioned this as being more than SOLO Porn. I want Solo Y-chromosome. This little thread is one that I hope we venture beyond. The problem I'm finding so far(with starting serious discussion) is that given the nature of the subject, people are hesitant to post. I'm trying to come up with some way I can propose to Julian that would allow people to post anonymously. In the meantime though, I see nothing wrong with naked women!

Yes, why beat around the bush?

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Why even call it "Solo Thrust"? It seems that the proper name for this group ought to be "Solo Porno".

Of course our task should be to come up with an Objective standard for judging porn. I suspect Rand would very much approve of the whole bondage scene. She would consider "rational masculine dominance" as one of the key components of her ideal porno. Though I must say that I rather like it the other way around Smiling

- Jason

Well, it didn't take long to

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Well, it didn't take long to find the juicy meat in the SOLO Thrust sandwich, did it? Smiling


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For those of you with a true amateur bent, this is a good site(sometimes). You'll encounter all sizes and looks, but it's free, and no pop-ups. Sift through the posts, you'll find some hot numbers among the not-so-hot.

She's not skinny, just tall.

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Graybosch: The girls at Hegre Archives are a bit skinny for my taste, but the rest of you might enjoy it.

Granted that: they are ectomorphs. I was somewhat put off by the skin and bones, but, persevered and found many nice images. More that mere boobs and buns, it is the aesthetic style that compels and that is why I appreciated your citation to the punk-goth site. Despite my Jurassic age, I am more of an 'Eighties person than a 60s person. Blondie, Cyndi Lauper, U2, Police, that whole matrix, including cyberpunk and Erte posters.

Googling around for heroic nudes and similar terms, I found these sites:

Mythic Naturalism

Draw You Nude

"I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth
and danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings."

The girls are a bit skinny...

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The girls at Hegre Archives are a bit skinny for my taste, but the rest of you might enjoy it. I prefer girls with nice round asses and breasts that overflow my hands.

Jody,these are  Good Side

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Jody,these are  Good Side effects from drinking Sangiovese!

 there is an Italian liquor, which causes greeeeeeeeeeater  side effects, it is an herbal liquor

 drink it after a nice big meal, it helps you with your digestion also. It's called Amaro Averna. Try it


From the old Solo, a

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From the old Solo, a recommendation for Suicide Girls

and I found this:
On this site, on the homepage at the left, you will see links for Entertainment.
"I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth
and danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings."

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