Novax Wins ... but The Filth Has Something up Its Sleeve

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2022-01-10 08:16

Just as Trump won the election in a landslide, but was undone by The Filth's filthiness, so too Novax has won his court case against Woke-Fascist hysteria ... but the federal government is reserving its "right" to overturn the court's ruling regardless. This is, indeed, fascism. Aided and abetted by such other elements of The Filth as the media, Academia, Labour, National, Greens and ACT.

Utterly despicable...

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"Hatred of the good for being the good" is right - nobody knew the collectivist mindset and all its anti-human pathways quite like Ayn.

Novax is a hero in the eyes of his own countrymen and president, thank god, but the depressing spectacle of a sporting god being slain by the Filth in Australia simply for denying an experimental injection is beyond anything I could’ve imagined 2 years ago.
Something wicked this way comes.

And So The Filth Have Duly Won

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There is no more to be said. It's all over. Western Civilisation just rolled over with nary a bang or a whimper. Deranged flocks of crazed sheeple demanding a burnt offering. Ayn Rand's "hatred of the good for being the good" was never more starkly or repulsively exemplified than by this. The world's greatest tennis player memory-holed for Thought Crime, with the support of every Western politician and "journalist" and "academic" who knows better but whose bank account has been swelled by Pfizer. Inexpressibly loathsome.

"Everyone has the right to refuse medical treatment." Yeah, right.

I think the government will

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I think the government will be stupid enough to overturn it at ministerial level. I hope not.

If they do, the only silver lining is it will serve to lay bare the ruthless power and pettiness of government.

Also, given he has antigens from infection, and that natural immunity is superior to the leaky, transient mRNA gloop, how the claim that governments are following the science is by this stage utterly absurd.

It's always about jabbing entire populations and proving the brute force of state for all we plebs to behold and fear (lol).

Part of me is fascinated to find out the real why over time.

I've never felt so certain about not taking this particular vaccine at this time in what is one of the most peculiar periods of human history. Forget the 99.9887% survival rate - I've never seen it as a pandemic - it is 'the' protest against the whole concept of the big brother state right now.

Oh, biggest take out: one man backing himself and his liberty can change the world: go No-vax.

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