Facebook finally being punished for censoring people on everything outside 'the narrative'?

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Fri, 2022-02-04 02:39

Mark Zuckerberg lost US$46 billion of net worth last night as Facebook - now called Meta Platforms - tanked by over 26% in one trading session.

The reason for the fall, quote (NZ Herald, sorry):

"One of the major reasons for the stock wipe-out was the revelation that for the first time since it was founded in 2004, Facebook's growth stalled – with the platform actually losing users.

It's the first time this has happened in its 18-year history, with more than half a million users deserting the site in the last three months of 2021."

Big Tech has proven to be an even greater censor of all opinion and thought than, if it were possible, governments. Or perhaps we'll put them on equal footing. Facebook may have been in big part responsible, with Twitter, for Trump's problems in the last campaign for presidency, leading to the formation of GETTR by Bannon.

Zuckerberg's little army of fascists ruthlessly delete anything that doesn't hold the Identity narrative, and most recently, Big Pharma's narrative that all must be jabbed with an inadequately tested vaccine (that I believe many will regret taking due to the long term health issues they will suffer from it).

It's probably way too much to think that these half a million users deserted in protest of Facebooks censorship; or perhaps not. Perhaps there is a tiny bit of hope.

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I think all the political

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I think all the political parties - if that makes any sense in our one party state - will be surprised at the size of New Zealand's freedom convoy.

Impressive: and across the country.

Of course, both Luxon and Seymor have refused to meet with the convoy as they believe in the mandates. Two things:

1. Even if you believe in mandates, how does that stop you talking to alternate view points? Especially on this scale. (As I said, we're a pathetic one party state, with no politician having a clue about free speech, or what there are there for; representation).

2. To believe in the harm of mandates on the science as we know it now about Omicron, and these leaky vaccines, is mindless.

... In some bad news, sadly Joe Rogan looks to be making the mistake of exposing his throat to cancel culture and he's buckling. He needs to stand his ground.

Reports of the death of

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Reports of the death of rational thinking are greatly exaggerated. As reported by the media.

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