Objective Standard Institute vs. Ayn Rand Institute

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Submitted by Mark Hunter on Sat, 2022-02-05 05:01

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Kudos to Andrew Bernstein

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Kudos to Andrew Bernstein, who's been calling out both the Left AND the "TDS" of OrgOism.
But especially for his response to the Peikoff convoy support, in light of Peikoff's previous "fatwa" to vote "dem across the board" to stop religious right theocracy (while saying that anyone who doesn't vote so doesn't understand Objectivism).

Bernstein on FB, after being congratulated on being "vindictated" by the Peikoff video:

"Thank you. I appreciate it. Don’t get me wrong—I have ENORMOUS respect for LP. But these issues are decided by evidence, not by appeal to authority. I don’t need a genius like LP to show me that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent, that January 6th was a riot, not an insurrection, and that the Left is a vastly greater threat to individual rights than religious conservatives. The evidence shows me that. But I am very happy that LP is coming to see these things—and in contrast to the predictions of his own DIM Hypothesis."

Well said. "These issues are decided by evidence, not by appeal to authority." As they should be.


The new Objectivist schism: the Convoys

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If anyone is interested in seeing an example of this new schism of "Ivory Tower" anti-convoy protest O'ists and "real world", pro-convoy O'ists, and are on the Ayn Rand page on Facebook, check out this topic thread in the link below. You can see it happening in real time.



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Thanks for the Rumble link.

Besides supporting the truckers, near the beginning Peikoff says in so many words that the 2020 election was a fraud. He's rather late in going public with that but better late than never.

Of course Yaron Brook claims there was "no evidence, zero evidence" of election fraud. So that is a third major difference between Brook and Peikoff.

ADDED: He also spoke out against Big Tech for making it difficult for people to protest what is happening. Brook on the other hand worships Big Tech. So that is a fourth major difference. He also supports Snowden and knows the 2020 election was stolen. So make that six major differences.

You beat me to it Joe

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That was another fine contribution by Leonard. We have a similar situation here. Academics are worthless, and the workers are revolting.

The nose ring sidekick was a nervous wreck. He must’ve been overwrought by the occasion.

Peikoff goes Pro Convoy contra Bwook and co

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I don't know the full story about why Peikoff continues to trust "Fifth Columnist" Brook (who I cannot stand, along with Binswanger, and the shmucks at ARIUK like Jonathan Hoenig and Rucka who, in their TDS, continue to side with the left in order not to be seen as supporting Trump). But to his credit, Peikoff just come out in support of the convoys...(courtesy of Amy "Stop the Mandates" Peikoff...methinks a schism is brewing regarding O'ists on this that will make the Rand/Branden split look like...well, like the lover's spat that it was...)



The Lord of the Rings, why not Atlas Shrugged?

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I don’t have any inside information about why Peikoff’s will bequeaths all the copyrights of Rand’s work to ARI . Why not just take him at his word? He thinks Yaron Brook’s ARI is doing an excellent job of representing Rand’s ideas to the public. The fact that his letter emphasizes “only” insinuates that Craig Biddle’s and Carl Barney’s OSI is doing a poor job. (I would say the two “institutes” are at about the same level of rottenness.)

Peikoff could have placed Rand’s work in the public domain. Obviously the purpose of giving it to ARI was to finance ARI.

The point of “on his 109th birthday” eludes me. It was on Peikoff’s 87th birthday, in 2020, that he said he was voting for Trump. For details see the article advertised in the first post of this thread.

Leonard's Ultimate Betrayal

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So why did he do this? Carl Barney's money? Soros's? Koch's?

Leonard, on his 109th birthday, naughtily revealed that he had voted for Trump. That told me he had redeemed himself. Clearly not. Yawon Bwook, the epitome of evil, weigns supweme still in the Ayn Wand Institute. This is not "something is rotten if the state of Denmark"; rather, everything is rotten in the state of Denmark.

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