Convoy New Zealand 2022

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Submitted by Olivia on Sat, 2022-02-12 07:53

This massive, grass roots protest inspired by our Canadian fellow freedom lovers has warmed our hearts as patriots here in New Zealand.

God it’s been a success so far!

Police brutality and body-snatch tactics - trying to incite violence in a peaceful gathering. Dozens of arrests, broken ribs, cut faces and one woman in hospital with a broken sternum... a fat-bummed female cop allegedly did that to her.

Speaking of broken bones, Lindsay has suddenly found himself indisposed by being very careless, but he’s keen to keep abreast of the issues at hand in Parliament grounds, to which he remains finely tuned, albeit on one small device for now.

Please use this thread to update goings on as they happen. He’s fine and in excellent spirits. No, he hasn’t had the prick in his arm, he has other ideas. Smiling

If anyone has the speech delivered by ex-National MP of Northland, Matt King, who resigned from the party today and made his way to the protest, please feel free to post here.

Chantelle Baker’s live feed is gold. The evil worms running our government are using sound-propaganda on its own people, blaring out the Macarena over folks singing their national anthem, as well as Covid 19 quaccination propaganda. Mallard’s idea no doubt. What a twisted little goose!

Here’s the latest instalment:

Ding, Dong, The Witch Is Dead!

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Evil Comrade Jihadi Jacinda Podesta is finished. Her arrogant totalitarianism was, in the end, too much, even for distressingly ultra-compliant Kiwis. "Yep, yep, that's what this is," in militant assertion of her vaccine-based apartheid, got under the skin of humans, of whom, it seems, sufficient remain to do her in. She is a monster, a Narcissistic psychopath, who finally has been seen through.

Christopher Luxon and National have surged in the polls, not because they are admirable and principled and charismatic—they are not remotely any of the above—but because they are not Pfizer-Pfascist Ardern on a killing spree. Evil Seymour, who also took a deserved hit in this latest poll because of his abject compliance with all of the above, should take note.

One lesson to be learned from the last two years: politics should not be a paid profession. In its present form, it clearly attracts the lowest forms of life, interested only in power over the actual human beings whom they rob blind to pay for their inflated salaries and unconscionable perks. Ardern, Luxon, Shaw, Mallard and Seymour are all, equally, part of The Filth, and should have no say in our lives whatsoever. Whatever emerges from the recent street-populism of decent human beings, including the beautiful Freedom Village, whom all politicians ignored—be it a political party or a mere movement—one demand must be non-negotiable: No Pay for Politicians. They should go into the sphere as independently successful humans because they want to uphold the Bill Of Rights—including the right to refuse medical treatment—and their terms should be limited lest any of it should go to their heads.

Nobody Can Take This Away from Kiwi Culture

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By Olivia Pierson

We had Freedom Village for 23 glorious days and it was magnificent!

Its very existence made hearts glow all over this disillusioned country, even if many tried to be circumspect about their secret support of it, owing to ugly government extremism. We have been proud to stand up and say ‘No!' to state-sponsored discrimination and hate.

That moral grotesquerie, PM Ardern, distorts the truth as much as she distorts her mush in front of cameras, and she directed this torrent of violence toward peaceful citizens. She used our respected police force against us instead of respecting our democratic right to ask for a redress of grievances before police even needed to be involved. She refused to hear us to the bitter end preferring to unleash violence instead. She let it be known through such actions that she is completely done with democracy - and so are opposition leaders such as Luxon and Seymour. They are the proverbial men who do nothing so that evil triumphs.

Overt and hateful discrimination operating in our society, along with coerced medical injections have made people sick to their stomachs with pure moral revulsion. The NZ Convoy 22 in solidarity with Canada, and inspired by them, sounded a clarion call of opposition to such abhorrent apartheid - and from every corner of this nation thousands of Kiwis showed up with their actual physical presence.

People taking a unified stand for liberty and their existing egalitarian links to others genuinely shocked our leaders when Parliament grounds transformed into an audacious colourful camp-ground dotted with tents temporarily housing mums, dads, grandparents and children from every sector, race and religion of our country. One single theme was hollered in the most creative and multicultural ways imaginable for 23 days, “End the Mandates!”

The funny irreverence and spirit of humour was priceless from the beginning - the Poi E man expertly swinging his pois to the government loudspeakers repetitively blasting music from the balcony (including Barry Manilow!). “Lake Mallard.” “Mallard Creek.” “No Booster Lane.” “Freedom Drive.” The horse float smack bang in the middle with the words “Cindy’s Taxi.” These things served not only to make us laugh, they reminded us of more halcyon days when we had relentless political satire on our TV screens every week as a matter of normalcy: McPhail & Gadsby, Spitting Images, Not the 9 O’clock News etc. These shows took the piss out of politicians and celebrities for decades, serving the excellent public function of keeping those who looked at power with a longing eye a little bit more humble.

Freedom Village’s very existence was a powerful reproach to those seeking to smash our liberties and our way of life.

The ultimate goal of the protest was not fully attained, but it influenced some massive wins along the way: The high court ruling during the protest for police and military personnel that no jab, no job was in breach of our Bill of Rights, which is natural law.

By week two of the protest, some of our media started to change its tune - they began by calling the Convoy a bunch of fringe loons without a clue but were forced to cover a very long protest on principle that they had not seen the likes of before. It defied all previous definitions and they knew it well. These protesters were engineers, tradies, teachers, nurses, doctors, merchants, housewives, mothers, fathers, lawyers, students, salespeople, restauranteurs etc - all on the same side of an important moral issue. They’re ordinary people without any representation.

David Seymour, started to dial-back his hitherto constant mocking of protesters. He started to sing a slightly different tune when it was clear that the prevailing wind favoured by freedom lovers was now blowing in his face, especially after his former political mentor, Rodney Hide, joined in the protest boots and all. Just take that as an abject lesson that Seymour (and ACT) can never be trusted, he’s a stoat of a man and I noticed the protesters registered this clearly on the ground at Freedom Village. Seymour is done - he and true freedom are poles apart. Compared to Seymour, at least Ardern gives us her fucked up fascism somewhat straight.

There are so many heroes coming out of this cultural revolution in New Zealand, a revolution forced on us once more by Marxists, only now they are the establishment, as in Maoist China. We are resisting the grey totalitarian world lying in wait of their ambitions. We are the vanguards of our traditional country operating on the classic ethos of live-and-let-live, once upon a time the central tenet of this freedom loving democracy.

They have hurt us and will continue to do so.
They have smeared us and will continue to do so.
They have disenfranchised us and will continue to do so.

These are the only things that they’re good at. It’s what they do and we actually pay them to do it to us. The next fair rule of the people versus the government should be that politicians who want to serve this country are not paid a salary to lord it over us. America’s Founding Fathers took time out from their farms, families and businesses to serve as Presidents with no salary expected. We must return to measures like these which do not reward power-lust, but only sincere convictions fought out in the free market place of ideas.

But we are now all in contact with each other and we are a force of competence, passion, compassion, fair-mindedness and free-thought across this nation. They are going to call us “violent" even though it was not our protesters who started the fires, nor attacked the police. We knew aggressive false flag events were planted throughout this honourable protest, probably at the hands of a desperate government - and it’s now on record that these rioters showed up to bottom-feed on a confrontation with authorities... so many were masked, hiding their faces. Our protesters almost never cover their faces, we leave that to the police, bureaucrats and BLM/Antifa-style rioters, who are not proud of their actions.

Take heart that the news media here is so despised for lying and bias (at best) that the likes of Chantelle Baker, Papa Honez One Whanau at a Time, Mana News Live, the Daily Examiner and Free NZ live feeds show the truth of what took place at this critical juncture in our history. Needing to be verified by some tiny crumb that the mainstream media tosses out on occasion smacks of Stockholm Syndrome to me - they are utterly irrelevant to us now and have been for a long time. From here on in they either play windsock catch up over time (which is useless to us) or they do the bidding of the evil coming down the pipeline from Big Pharma/Techno-globalists that our government in its entirety serve (which is also useless to us).

We’ve been marginalised, and there it is.

So it’s time now to get skilled at the part of the two-tier system they have thrust upon us: trading with gold coins, silver coins, cash, no banks, bartering, farmers’ markets, self-defense, food-growing communities, home-schooling, private medical hubs, private banks only and new natural law-courts to honour the good faith of contracts and individual rights. We don’t need their corrupt system and must now act on that principle.

Our pioneer ancestors once did all this with the help of the English government, we can now do this on our own without them if we must. They’re going to involve us in a NATO-initiated war against Russia - Putin responded. This is more mass formation psychosis in real time and we’re done. There are no good guys in this war. Until the Free World has an American president once more who only takes up the causes integral to the Free World remaining the Free World, none of us should ever fight for any other country except for our own. Pick your battles.

We are human beings and will continue to live as upright citizens who see flourishing as our natural right, regardless of what soulless government breathes down our necks. Moral law is on our side, to say nothing of the whole trajectory of Western Civilisation. From Aristotle, Cicero and St. Augustine to St. Thomas Aquinas, Shakespeare and Elizabeth the First then the Founding Fathers, we have an enormously rich heritage of enlightened minds instructing us that liberty of conscience is the organising principle of all our governments, jurisprudence and human rights.

Continue to hold the line in the best things that make us human: thoughts, words and deeds. Nothing else matters. Freedom Village was a concrete testament that our attention needs to stay focused on these things, no matter what chaos is conjured up around us.

Told you Joey was the champ

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Joey obtained and released and Gateway Pundit promptly got on board and helped spread officer cam video of the arrest of Dominion Voting Systems' Eric Coomer in Colorado last September.
It shows Coomer is a drunken liar, he lies to the officers about his drunken car accident and they laugh at him for his stupidity. It is quite funny. You can find it at Joey's Gab timeline here:

Joey explains the significance here:


"For those asking about the value of the Eric Coomer material:

The documents and videos show the integrity and character of Eric Coomer of Dominion Voting Systems. Both Coomer and Dominion are suing everyone ( ) for billions of dollars with Coomer being the "star witness". If Dominion and Coomer lose they have to pay sanctions equitable to what they are suing for. Dominion's financial filings indicate they don't have more than a couple hundred million (liquid and assets) which is far less than the equitable amount they would be sanctioned (per defendant) and thus if they lose they pay out and are forced into bankruptcy."

Joey Camp

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Joey Camp is an independent journalist in the US. He has done a great job against BLM, Antifa and even the child rapist Denver school board member Tay Anderson (in the school district my daughters attend!) Joey's the champ.

He is doing a great job covering all the trucker convoys worldwide, including in NZ.

Joseph A. Camp


New Zealand has several Convoys coming from multiple locations to add to those already at Wellington.

The Kiwis are amazing!


parents screaming at Ardern

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Heart-warming reception of Jack Ardern during a recent school visit.
Eventually he will not be able to appear in public.
(Hopefully you can follow the link, I wasn't able to post the video directly.)

The Freedom Movement in New Zealand has Truly Begun

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By Olivia Pierson

From Bluff to Cape Reinga, thousands of freedom loving Kiwis have now met, made friends, laughed, hugged, cried together and exchanged contact details - their kids are now childhood mates, maybe even for life.

A freedom movement has truly begun in this country at last.

Our PM likes to call it an “imported” and "illegal” protest, but the actual term that a Marxist Woke Fascista such as she is trying so hard to avoid is the term “a movement.”

I’ve just spent a week in Freedom Village on parliament grounds in Wellington. As many have said before me, the unity among people who ordinarily would not mingle together is something extraordinary to experience.

This unity is an organic, living thing, wrought from the shared personal experience of being horrifically abused by a government and media without conscience. It will not be extinguished.

Sleeping in the back of a small hatchback on a foam mattress is not exactly glamping, but I had it good compared to the gutsy, gentle, young Maori mother parked in front of me sleeping in her car with three small children. I honestly don’t know how she did it, but from dawn to dusk, she was nothing but sweet, patient, vigilant over her babies and happy to be there with people who get her. After her first night someone gave her a spare tent or two for more space and comfort, and she was even happier.

My car was parked inside the now blocked-off end of Lambton Quay close to where the bus depot starts near Bowen Street. I was immediately embraced by down-to-earth whanau who looked out for me and kept an eye on my car when I wasn’t there. They offered me friendship, prayers, coffee in the morning, hugs and loads of jokes, teasing me often for my ghastly pronunciation of their native tongue. I loved it.

The protesters are organised - feeding thousands of people three meals per day is not done without high-level competence. The toilets are clean, there’s cold running water at several points, there’s both hot and cold showers thrown together in makeshift shelters. There’s security provided by the Maori Wardens and also from protesters who well-understand these needs and are thoughtful, skilful and deadly serious about it, like patriot Brad Flutey from the North. In summary, the whole camp is a micro city with a strong community spirit sprawled out in front of Parliament’s big, disapproving snout.

Many people camping here have had their hearts broken - and I mean really broken. Many have lost everything, from their jobs and houses to their marriages and family relationships - even if people haven’t lost everything, they’ve lost a lot and stand to lose even more if this government isn’t humbled soon. Vaccine mandates have traumatised the people of our country and not a single politician who holds office will come down and talk to these humans whose lives they’ve shredded.

What arrogance! The kind of autocratic arrogance that triggers open revolt and always should.

The media coverage of this event is so deceptive and editorialised that they’ve proven themselves to be nothing but an enemy of the people. They truly are “fake news” and are now despised for very deep reasons; people know that the control of information can do worse damage to a citizenry than guns and bombs.

The camp itself is wonderful and there are all sorts from across every single socio-economic, religious, ethnic, tribal divide in our society, including some undesirables who are a pain in the arse. Grassroots movements can be messy.

What I noticed was that people around these pests were swift to rein them in lest their negativity or brainlessness or aggression ruin the whole cause.

​Many folks have been there since Day 1. They’ve sacrificed the little they have left and weathered cyclones, mocking propaganda from repetitive music to wilful flooding, and all the rest. They reminded me of our early pioneers - eager to get on by their own lights: gritty, un-snobbish, strong-hearted and practical. We watched them tough it out through a cyclone and government hostilities to ask for just the dignity of being granted the most essential freedom of them all - the right to say what goes into our body as it is written in our laws and rights. These people are acting like lambs, taking the hits, but they have the hearts of lions.

When some idiot let off a Roman candle that made everybody jump out of their skins, the Maori seniors and his fellow protesters screamed at him, grabbed him and shunted him forward into the hands of police. They don’t want loose cannons like that - it’s not a chaos-loving Black Lives Matter protest inside CHOP or CHAZ or whatever. This is a protest that takes it as a bloody given that all lives matter, including the un-vaccinated and un-boosted from every sector of NZ life.

Our protesters want the police involved as a protective force and are not calling to defund them or anything insane. They want the police to allow them their right to peaceably assemble for as long as it takes to petition our government for a redress of grievances. Our government has refused. People are hurt. People are offended and disgusted. The media only drive a oneway narrative that the protesters are offensive and disgusting instead.

What worries me more than anything is an orchestrated false flag event.

That would be a tactic that a government as corrupt as ours would employ in a heartbeat, and perhaps already has in small doses, as the balance of power begins to shift back to the people, where it rightly belongs. The government want violence to be seen to erupt so that they can shut the protest down by overwhelming force. They could do this so easily with a media as complicit and cowardly as ours.

Police and military plants have infiltrated the protest environment, evidenced by people whom nobody else knows suddenly showing up with high tech ear-pieces in one ear, but dressed like rabble. They’ve also been recognised by ex-colleagues who are protesting in Wellington because they’ve been mandated out of their police or military personnel jobs.

Remember, there are between 3 to 7-thousand people every day who walk around with cell phones. Very little happens during dramatic moments in a crowd without being recorded by hundreds of witnesses.

Nobody flung shit at the police. That’s a lie so they could use riot shields (which they did the very next morning). Demand to see the footage.

Nobody squirted cops with an acidic substance. That’s a lie and the footage taken shows they were actually pepper sprayed by another policeman.

Nobody has physically attacked the police, but the police have used wicked brutality when we line up to protect toilets, cars, tents and temporary territory under extraordinary circumstances.

The car driving recklessly toward the crowd was not one of us and he was quickly carted off by police and has now become somewhat of a mystery. Theories abound on social media as to his identity.

The man who lit a Roman candle firecracker in the stand-off was handed over to the police by the protesters who did not know him. Was he one of them playing secret squirrels at a corrupt commissioner's direction? Possibly, maybe even probably, and the same goes for the guy driving the car.

Jacinda Ardern, Trevor Mallard, the Police Commissioner and the rest of our corrupt, deceitful leaders are disoriented and nervous at the success of our protest thus far, and hoping like hell we’ll all give up and go home and stay there. (How Jacinda must wish she could suddenly lock us all down again.) They are totally capable of using violence without the bat of an eyelash, as they already have (that they use lies is a given), to undermine the coming together of thousands of Kiwis in peaceable unification against this government’s disgusting vaccine mandates, which I believe most Kiwis do not want.

We are watching Canada descend into totalitarian rule in front of our very eyes and after such a heroic pushback in mid-winter that ignited the entire world in solidarity. They’ll rise again simply because they are going down fighting like a free people should.

While the British troops were almost hopelessly lost on the beaches of Dunkirk, Winston Churchill said to his Cabinet, "Nations that went down fighting rose again, but those which surrendered tamely were finished.’

We were born into the Free World in a free country called New Zealand and we will die fighting for its continuity for our children and grandchildren. We are many and we are strong and we are not going to surrender our beautiful country to this unworthy totalitarian fascism within our own corridors of power.

Hold the line!

Tucker Carlson sums up today...

Olivia's picture

So Justin Trudeau has declared a dictatorship in Canada by declaring Emergency Powers and martial law.
Hillary Clinton is seen as the crook we know she is from Durham’s findings.

Thanks Joe...

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I just spoke with him and he’s OK, but out of action for a few more days yet. Smiling

Get better, Linz

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Get better, Linz. Hope it's not too serious.

Incredible footage out of Canberra today...

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ex National MP Matt King speaks:

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Matt King speaks to the protesters.

And we won’t forget this glorious moment...

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from Thursday, when police retreated after a day of aggression toward our people.
An extraordinary turn of events.

And on came the Hakas!

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This war dance once chilled our pioneer ancestors (who made friends anyway), then the Turks at Gallipoli, now have it in your face NZ political parasites 2022, including posing Iwi corporate/political leaders who have betrayed their own people on fundamental principles of liberty.

I wrote this a few days ago about Chantelle’s coverage...

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A Star is Born
by Olivia Pierson

Chantelle Baker is not a stranger to me. During this insane time of Covid hysteria this bright young woman stepped up as a smart, grass roots, independent citizen-journalist worth her salt.

After delivering us full livestream coverage of the NZ Convoy Protest outside our parliament which is into its fifth day, Chantelle is fast becoming a national treasure.

Not only does she manage to cover the historic events happening in this country in real time, she does so in a manner which is highly true to herself; she’s thoughtful, curious, compassionate and finely focused - all in what comes across as a natural, sensible easy stride. When her heart breaks for this country, she speaks in tears and says so. When she’s horrified at the police brutality happening in front of her eyes, she cries out for them to stop.

Ms. Baker just gave New Zealand’s Facebook users a concrete lesson in how irrelevant our cabal of self-important media shows are - because our politicians choose to ignore the NZ Convoy for Freedom 2022, they also give our media permission to treat a large population of this nation as second-class citizens by just belittling them. They think they owe us nothing.

But they do. They owe us transparency. They owe us representation.

​When We the People gather outside parliament and cry out for a redress of grievances, our government and fourth estate owe us the courtesy of actively hearing that sincere objection.

Instead they mock us.

Maybe we have lucked in. The more our countrymen & women are ignored in this hostile-to-democracy trend, the more Kiwis witness it and true patriots such as Chantelle are called to sally forth. Folks like this will not lie down and be silent as the destruction of their beloved country takes place and neither will I.

This is the first live feed from this morning starting early when police surged in: [From Thursday]

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