Justin Trudeau's teenage- I- hate- Deplorables- Tantrum

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Submitted by Graham Hill on Wed, 2022-02-16 20:19

The Australian Spectator carries an excellent analysis of the PM's overreach. (https://spectator.com.au/2022/...)

The overreach into a donor to the Trucker's Convoy by private citizens- treating them akin to terrorist enablers- is fetched as it is disturbing. Then to threaten to nationalise the tow truck industry.

The Canadian Charter of Rights, as with our Bill of Rights Act 1990, has a justified limitations clause. The limitation has to be measured against the rights and freedoms in a Democratic Society. The invoking of the emergency powers, in my opinion, falls foul because the limitation of and suspension of civil rights are contrary to the norms of a Democratic society.

The incursion into banking of private citizens and reporting them to the police and secret service are ominous and perhaps designed to intimidate the public; and as has been said here in NZ, "to change behaviours." Again this is an incursion into economic rights.

Certain Canadian Civil Liberties organisations have spoken out against the invoking of emergencies powers as the predicate for them does not exist. So far, of course, we have not a peep out of eh Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Two clips are worth attention. First from Laura Ingram: https://youtu.be/fEA6f9pcCAM. She has a portion of a 2020 address by a UN Human Rights Commissioner, Michelle Bachelet, who sets out the tests, or framework for an incursion into civil liberties (at 16 seconds ff.) She says that in the limitation of human rights there must be (1) a clear need; (2) the measure must be proportionate to the need; and (3) there must be a time limit. The shrinking of civil society must otherwise be avoided.

Secondly, Jordan Peterson on the Trudeau teenage- I- hate deplorables-tantrum and related childish default thinking, which may also be a problem here in NZ (Kindness and empathy aka therapeutic Socialism) and with liberals/leftists in general: https://youtu.be/qfDGAvQhd6o.