Leonard Peikoff's Evolving Politics

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Submitted by Neil Parille on Wed, 2022-02-23 15:08

Interesting discussion by The Ayn Rand Fan Club.


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I mistakenly typed "Hillary" in my introduction to the quote. I corrected it and indicated the correction, thanks.

Scott or maybe some one else makes much of the fact that Peikoff said Obama winning the second time was a monumental disaster. If so, why didn't he speak out strongly and at length before the election? This is an example of the general tendency, which the do mention, of official Objectivists waiting until after an occurrance to talk about it.


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Doesn't your quote indicate that Harry voted for H. Clinton?

Binswanger’s vote in 2016

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Scott, I think it was (it wasn’t William) suggests that in 2016 Binswanger ended up voting for Trump [corrected from Hillary]. This is mistaken. The following is from “The American Spirit”:

Back in June [2016] Harry Binswanger published on his website the article “Contra Trump,” proclaiming to his followers “I will either not vote, or vote for Hillary.” At some point he made up his mind which of the two because the evening before the election (held November 8th) he posted to his “Harry Binswanger Letter” (HBL) a last minute plea for everyone to vote for Hillary.

Near the end of March of next year [2017] Mr. Binswanger posted a comment about the election to the blog of Robert Paul Wolff, professor emeritus at the University of Massachusetts. Because he knew Rand personally he feels he can speak in her name (he has done this repeatedly – see his entry in “Who’s Who” on this website for another example). In fact probably Rand would have liked much about Trump, especially compared to Hillary. Here is what Mr. Binswanger posted, and recall that this is after Trump had nominated a conservative Supreme Court justice:

“Rand (whom I knew well personally) would have loathed Trump. All the leading Objectivist intellectuals do. I voted for Hillary.”

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