The Woke Elites have enabled a disaster in Ukraine

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Submitted by Graham Hill on Sat, 2022-02-26 20:16

Brendan O'Neil on Spiked has written an excellent piece to explain Russia's invasion of Ukraine. He writes:

In the West, institutions are riddled with political correctness, incapacitated by wokeness, and increasingly incapable of being serious about almost any issue, including geopolitics. And in Russia, there is a leader who is a keen observer of this Western ‘decay’, as he sees it. The West is beset by ‘sociocultural disturbances’, Putin recently said. Where Russia under Putin is reviving pride and nostalgia for Russian history – at least the version of history that the Putin regime prefers – in the West, they pursue ‘the aggressive deletion of whole pages of their own history’, Putin says. The West is too busy ‘[teaching] that a boy can become a girl and vice versa' to be able to defend its own traditions and truths, Putin chastises. And now we have British security bosses obsessing over pronouns...

The President of Ukraine (the name doesn't have the definite article as with the definite article it refers to the state under the USSR according to Michael Tyramand) according to Bannon and Eric Prince, who were both then lambasted by MSNBC's Joy Reid for repeating the comments Putin makes (set out above), and both argued that President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people were led up the 'primrose path' that they would be joining the EU and potentially NATO. The promises were reckless.

Professor John Mearsheimer of Chicago University has argued that Ukrainian neutrality was a better option for Ukrainians than having their country wrecked, which is what is now occurring. As Rebekkah Koffler has stated the EU and NATO used to be 1000 miles from St Petersburg now it is 100.

Russia does not necessarily see the world through western "rules and processes" in international relations which the post-world; war 2 order has unravelled. The west is clamouring for causes. bannon's primrose path is one. Dennis Prager has opined that it is the secular obsession with climate change in Germany and Europe generally that has made the western world weak. John Kerry hopes the Ukraine does not distract from his agenda. Germany and Italy still will need Russian gas. And as O'Neill says, from another angle, Putin watched the self deconstruction of western culture which has first and second-order consequences when confronted with macht und realpolitik.

Thucydides' Melian dialogue is most instructive at this juncture.

The Youtube videos of the recruitment adverts, which did the rounds last year, for the Russian military and the US one, exemplify the serious issue of decay, immaturity, imbecility and being off purpose and mission.

President Zelensky on Friday in a video address asked where was the EU, NATO and President Biden? Ukraine has been hung out to dry. But not before the Clinton Foundation and the Bidens made money out of Ukraine, and where they have been Mr Soros has been before them.

In tragedy there is a fatal flaw: President Zelensky's was to trust the fickle and feckless Woke opportunists. All optics and words (e.g. NATO's US$1B glass cathedral in Brusells) but no substance or deeds.


Putin is doing God's work

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Since their 2014 coup in Ukraine the NWO gloablists have built dozens of research biolabs like they did in Wuhan. They have been bleeding the country dry. Not just the Biden crime family. Also the Pelosi, Kerry and Romney crime families. Following their coup, suddenly these families have Hunter Biden and other flunkies on the governing boards of some of the largest energy companies in the world.

Putin is on our side and has been working with Trump for many years. Putin is taking their toys away from them.

Notice that every corrupt entity on the planet "stands with Ukraine." All the media outlets that have been lying to us our entire lives "stand with Ukraine." George Soros "stands with Ukraine." Even High Satanic Witch Marina Abromovich "stands with Ukraine."

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