Linz's Buddy James Valliant Attacks the Concept "Obleftivism" (Linz's greatest Put Down)

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Submitted by Neil Parille on Wed, 2022-03-09 01:52

Obleftivists' usual baseless assertions

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"Obleftivism is a smear" - Oh, really? Or is it a proper description of an "objectivist" who holds to equalism?

The most fundamental characteristic of a leftist is his belief in both Equalism and the political corollary of Egalitarianism. Equalism is the belief that there are no biological (pre-moral) differences between individuals and groups that give rise to different abilities or moral outcome. Those differences that do exist are ascribed to either moral fault on the part of some "oppressor" or to undeserved luck. This belief leads equalists to hold Egalitarianism as a political corollary. The link between Equalism and Egalitarianism is well exemplified by Rawls, the modern egalitarian par excellence.

Briefly, since individuals and groups differ in ability through neither fault nor merit (!) of their own, the state may properly enforce equalizing measures through coercion.

The Obleftivists' Equalism and Egalitarianism shines bright when they labor to use the blank slate theory (tabula rasa) in conjuncture with the free will theory to justify the rejection of all selective standards an immigration policy based on the national self-interest inherently demands.

Since differences in ability or moral outcome are held to have no pre-moral basis, they must exclusively be moral in nature. Since morality is chosen, and since the free(er) system into which they labor to enter is morally superior to that of their origin, each new arrival will be "induced" into choosing to cherish the principles of freedom. To deny this, according to Obleftivists, is to deny free will; likewise to deny that there are inherent pre-moral barriers to achieving a proper free-willed choice is to deny tabula rasa.

A careful observer will see that the argument from free will is here contradicted by the assumption of the phenomenon I labeled as "inducement". Obleftivists don't seem to be bothered by this contradiction.

To be fair, instead of openly espousing this "inducement" process, one of the Open Borders Obleftivists takes the route of baseless assertion: "Immigrants are self-selected for their virtues". Since they are, by assertion, inherently self-selected, the need for them to be "induced" into virtue is disingenously tossed aside.

-Obleftivism's Egalitarianism, Objectivism's Selectivity

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