Guy Hatchard PhD Answers Questions From Keith Lynch at Stuff Newspaper

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Submitted by Olivia on Mon, 2022-03-14 03:32

By Olivia Pierson

The following is a riveting interchange between Stuff reporter, Keith Lynch, who is dubbed by Stuff to be their official “Science Explainer.”

Lynch emailed Dr. Guy Hatchard to ask him a series of questions for an upcoming piece that Lynch is writing on Hatchard.

Hatchard had the good sense to publish the actual written interview in advance as a press release. It’s the only way to keep journalists honest in these horrid days of mass media propaganda.

Press Release:

Guy Hatchard PhD Answers Questions From Keith Lynch at Stuff Newspaper

By Guy Hatchard

This morning I received an email from Keith Lynch, ‘Science Explainer’ at Stuff newspaper. Apparently Keith intends to write a ‘hit piece’ on me in Monday’s Stuff. Keith’s letter is below in black. Based on Stuff’s continuing approach to attack unvaccinated people in the public eye or in elected positions without offering them any ‘right of reply’, I am publishing my answer to his questions in full, so that you can make up your own mind.

My replies in blue.


Hello Guy

My name is Keith Lynch and I'm a reporter at Stuff.

I'm writing a piece about you and some of your writings on the Covid vaccine and i've some questions.

Can you tell me more about your professional background? You say you worked for Global ID. Can you tell me more about the nature of your work there?

Still breathing - against all odds apparently !

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?What can one expect from Massey U - echo-chamber of failed ideology and too remote from reality to notice.
Thank goodness for independent thinkers such as yourself Gregster. As you say, you 'only scratch the surface.' The battle for a little sanity and reason is an ongoing, relentless effort necessary to retain a semblance of respite in which to function. The day of reckoning must surely be soon as evidenced by (sadly) the pain of reality's truth - keep the faith!

Hatchard's article was great

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Thanks also Mark - I will look that up to see how they treat it.

Here's my response today to some outright rubbish from Suze Wilson, Senior Lecturer, Executive Development/School of Management, Massey University:

Human action is beyond Ms Ardern’s grasp. She appears unaware of the unintended consequences of regulation. Every regulation creates an opposite reaction such that the opposite effect to that intended occurs. We see this from bank loan rules which instead of attacking ‘loan sharks’ have made borrowing money more difficult. The RMA has made building costs prohibitive – another plan designed by Labour (Palmer). And of course actioned by National who are merely less of the same. The subsidising of electric vehicles will raise the cost of living and in typical short range fashion will end up by not lowering carbon emissions while creating greater environmental pollution due to the materials required in their manufacture. The WHO advice for handling of previous pandemics was cast aside. Mask wearing and lockdowns only delay the inevitable while weakening the fitness and general immunity of the population. A significantly higher number of deaths have and will continue to arise from government pandemic restrictions. It is rich to accuse critics of infantilising Ms Ardern. Ms Ardern has infantilised an entire nation by her matriarchal micromanagement. History demonstrates the folly and destruction resulting from those who believe in their own good intentions. The government must accept ALL criticism if it insists in micromanaging the economy. The attempted further socialisation of the population means that blame for failures in policy rightly are directed at government. She would rather the state controlled all aspects of the economy from education through to healthcare. That healthcare was not in private hands and working by natural competition has caused the catastrophic pandemic response. Ms Ardern believes the government owns each individual. And therefore she must take the blame for the parlous state of emergency care. This would not be a significant issue in a self-insured privately run health system. The raising of the minimum wage has long been known to have the opposite effect. Prices rise and spending power is subsequently reduced as a direct result. Only increased productivity can enable true rises in incomes. Instead the government has kneecapped business with taxes and regulation to combat wholly imaginary goblins such as “climate change.” EVERY prediction by environmentalists has been incorrect across many decades. I only scratch the surface here..

Journalism Is Dead

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Lynch is just a member of a Jacinda-bribed lynch mob. All beyond disgusting. But evident to anyone who reads Guy's reply to Comrade Keith's zombie talking points.

And Lynch's piece is disgusting.

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Stuff's piece by Lynch up this morning, in fact it's featured: disgusting.

Notable for lack of any journalism.

Unethically no referencing of Guy's answers, or linking to his response.

And Stuff really needs to answer to Guy's questioning of Keith Lynch: chief science writer for Stuff, with no science qualifications or credentials at all, and who sites his influences as Bill Gates and Helen Clark. How can he possibly be chief science writer?

Stuff has sunk below tabloid and become like those dreadful Reuters/Pfizer fact checkers that employ hacks with no experience in medicine or science writing hit jobs for big Pharma against fully qualified medical practitioners and academics who dare speak the truth. For example cancelled by the fact checkers Dr McCullough has over 680 peer reviewed publications pre-Covid, and now is silenced from MSM by hacks like Lynch.

I hate the MSM now, viscerally. And they are dangerous.

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