Edinburgh University is learning the hard way that there's a price to pay for going woke.

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Mon, 2022-07-25 01:42

Welcome back Linz, hope the ankle and health get back to 100% soon. When SOLO goes into maintenance I look about once a week to see if you're back Smiling

Busy times for me, so don't have time to write about all that is now wrong with the world from the ludicrous policies effectively banning agricultural nitrogen (which are policies on starvation) that has seen Sri Lankan politicians manage to destroy their economy and quality of life in just a single growing season, but policies still being implemented around the world, for example nitrogen restrictions in Canada just this week by the Woke's Chief Idiot, Trudeau, and they will be in New Zealand with vengeance soon enough, to the continuing ignorning of science on Covid to hide the huge failings of the state, so given I'm currently on a one week ban from Twitter, I'll put this Douglas Murray piece up here: every now and then a minor victory as we hurtle to our serfdom.

'Weak, pusillanimous and ignorant officials thought it would be easy to spit on the memory of David Hume. They were wrong ...'