This is how to get a lifetime Twitter ban ...

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Wed, 2022-08-03 03:11

You simply put up the following question:

The Covid alpha and delta spike proteins created deliberately in a lab in Wuhan were definitely very harmful: although they were best combated with the early treatments and your innate immune system, not an experimental new technology, which I'm not going to dignify by calling a vaccine, brought to market in under a year when 'vaccines' require at least seven years of trials and safety testing; however, that all said, citing the cancelled doctors and so many Phd's on Rumble, Bitchute and the sites of freedom, why would you even conceive of taking a Pfizer/Monderna booster to make the alpha spike in your body - and there's no genetic off switch to creating that spike in yourself - in order to protect yourself only from the heavily mutated and basically harmless Omicron spike which is literally just a cold?

And then of course there's the reality in the data, very clear, that the vaccines now allow via ADE and imprinting Covid to track down and get the vaccinated. We are started on a decades long health crisis for the vaccinated, and yet governments still insist you take that toxin.

Anyway, life time ban.

Twitter asked me if I wanted to appeal: I sent some scatological words back to the effect that if I was to bend my knee to an illiberal, free speech hating monster such as Twitter then I would be complicit in that platform's evil.

I wish only the worst for that shitty piece of software, operating somehow out of the USSR.

As I said we won't agree.Re

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As I said we won't agree.

Re the Twitter Russian accounts, they were excrement from the same gutter Putin dragged himself out from: one of them was directly out of the KGB, he must have spent hours and hours going through my entire timeline trying to find some type of moral impurity he could hang me on, while insisting there was no war, and civilians weren't being slaughtered.

Mind I only started blocking when the Russian bots who were also insisting men have never set foot on the moon, the moon landings were all a conspiracy, nutters came along lol Smiling

But what set those accounts apart was their total lack of humanity: they had no empathy with the Ukrainians being slaughtered, and who've had their lives forever gutted socially and economically. People sitting in their cushy houses in New Zealand unable to put themselves in the shoes of a mother who was an accountant before the invasion, and a normal life like all of us, and had just had her foot blown off and baby killed by a missile, in Europe, in 2022.

Saturday night, and speaking of cushy, that means martini night at the Hubbards'. Have a great weekend, Olivia (and Linz).


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I wouldn’t take "Liberty Scott’s" opinion on anything to be accurate, nor any other person still waving the tatty little flag of ‘Libertarian’ as if it’s some morally superior position on the affairs of men: these idiots think open borders are moral. Ponder the enormity of that right now.

Edit: I do not understand all the pro-Putin Twitter accounts that I ultimately blocked - never yours though

Be careful not to label those who have pointed out from the beginning the mass media psy-op going on, which sainted Zelensky in the halls of every parliament round the world, as “pro-Putin.” If Zelensky is in Kiev doing all that, with Hollywood celebs & the Boris Johnsons of this world flying in to make his acquaintance every five minutes, with full infrastructure from broadband to electricity and cell phone coverage, open airports, doesn’t sound like a city “being bombed” or “missiled.” Someone’s lying mightily - and it might not be Putin.

We will never agree on this

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We will never agree on this one Olivia Smiling Well not fully.

My point regarding Putin is he is a psychotic (deeply paranoid and dangerous) butcher with no conscience (that's why he joined the KGB). I do not understand all the pro-Putin Twitter accounts that I ultimately blocked - never yours though - who think somehow that a country ruled by a ruthless tyrant who kills his enemies - in and outside Russia - is any better than the WEF plan for us (it's actually worse; we do still have room to move in the West). And NATO was designed as a defence pact to control just such people and defend liberal democracies (yes, our liberal democracies are largely no more). No matter what, Putin is firing missiles into cities and killing innocents: he's a war criminal. The supposed libertarian accounts who love a ruthless strong leader to save them from that effeminate Klaus Schwab, outright stupid virtue signalling dolt, Trudeau, Ardern and co, as evil as they are, well, save me! What's that all about?

This does not mean I want the WEF plan: Anything but. I fight that.

This does not mean I like the idiot who rules the Ukraine: I don't.

I'm prepared to take LibertyScott's opinion - pretty sure he's done a Phd on the area, or some such - that all the supposed Nazi-Ukrainian 'stuff' around Dombas is largely bullshit, and even if it has some truth, that doesn't justify sending missiles into big populated cities such as Odessa and Kiev, and cynically using the planned starvation of the developing world for Putin to achieve his self-serving goal of Power.

Badda boom Smiling

PS: Xi Jinping is probably the most evil man on Earth right now. Good on what's left of a senile US for sticking up for Taiwan: Jinping's total destruction of the two systems and freedoms of Hong Kong, making every word said on the changeover lies, shows what is in store for the Taiwanese.

Bro Hubbard

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Wear your ban from Twitter as a badge of honour. Twit-Witter is, along with Faecesbook, a prime repository for The Filth.

Here is a prime source of the repository, Soros, as newly (but not for the first time) exposed by Tucker Carlson. Soros distinguished himself in the 90s on American TV by recollecting the days of his youth when he turned in fellow-Jews to the Nazis as the happiest days of his life. Soros was a sociopathic, Narcissistic moronnial before his time. Soros-worshippers include RINO Republicans, Democrats, all New Zealand political parties, the Ayn Rand Institute and its lackeys, the "mainstream" media whom he bribes, academia, Globalist "think tanks" such as NZ Initiative, Pfizer, et al, etc.


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I wish only the worst for that shitty piece of software, operating somehow out of the USSR.

That shitty piece of software (which is true) is the product of the once-glorious West... the same ilk of people who goaded the former-USSR into war with Ukraine last year (by thumbing their noses at Russia’s multiple requests for security guarantees that have been consistent over the years), and the same people who are currently goading China into war, with drunken bat-shit mental Pelosi suddenly running off to Taiwan to stir things up. Will the people of Taiwan thank her do you think?

I hope you can see it now. The goading of nuclear-armed super powers, I mean.

These globalist deformities are literally begging for multiple war on all fronts. I wonder why? Serious question.

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